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An in depth review of the best tactical folding knives of 2017 Buying Guide
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Best Tactical Folding Knives Reviewed & Rated
These days, the word “tactical” is placed on pretty much everything. Tactical cups, tactical wallets, even tactical diaper bags. Make something black and put a carabiner on it. BOOM! It's tactical. For something to truly be tactical it has to offer something more. It must be an object that you can re...
we tested the best multi-tool knives Buying Guide
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Best Multi-Tool Knives Reviewed and Tested
Multi tool knives are used indoors and outdoors for a variety of tasks, even ones that are high level. That means a quality multi-tool can be used by hobbyists and professionals in the most efficient way possible. To make the most of a buying decision, users have looked for key criteria in their sear...
we tested the best fishing knives out there Buying Guide
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Best Fishing Knives Reviewed and Rated
When we think of fishing/filleting knives, we immediately think of stainless steel. For any metal that’s going to continually come into contact with water and blood; and that may not get a good wash immediately after every use – stainless steel is a must. And for saltwater applications, there’s no ot...
best skinning knives rated Buying Guide
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Best Skinning Knives Reviewed and Rated
Once the animal is down the hunter has their work cut out. Skinning game can make many people balk, but having the right equipment on hand makes the job that much easier. A good quality, sharp skinning knife puts the hunter in control and gets the job done neatly. Our Top 3 Picks Best Brands A f...
best tactical knives for 2017 reviewed Buying Guide
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Best Tactical Knife Reviewed & Tested
  Choosing the best tactical knife to fit your needs can seem complicated. There are different lengths, styles, blade and handle materials, and even different edges. Each one is tailor made to fill a unique role. In order to pick the right tactical knife it’s important to think about what...
we rated the best foding knives ont he market Buying Guide
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Best Folding Knives Reviewed and Compared
Folding knives tend to be weaker than fixed blade knives when it comes to tough tasks. With some advanced in technology, a good folding knife can be just as effective. Some of the top choices on the list can even best their fixed blade counterpart, with a chance to even beat them in longevity. Bes...
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