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When you want to be ready while on the move, or simply want to make sure you have the right tool when working, having a good multi-tool is definitely a plus. Even better yet, finding one that you know won’t bust and will actually have something useful on it. We have all had the experience of purchasing multi-tools that ended up having nothing noteworthy folded up inside of it beyond the usual main knife, or one that folded closed every time you tried to use it. That is why we look out for the tools that are worth carrying in your pocket as much as those that go in your toolbox. The Leatherman Wave Plus has our eyes right now, and we want to make sure that it is not just another shiny object to attract attention, but actually meets the standard. Just to make sure, we took a look at what is inside, and just how good the tools are.

As always, we want to bring you the good and the not so good, that way when you go looking you know exactly what to expect from the items we bring to your attention. We do try to make sure each one we introduce, however, is worth your time to be considering from the start. After all, we want your time with us to be well spent. That being said, we already feel this one will satisfy anyone looking for a great multi-tool, and most everything we have researched on it is turning up good. Leatherman is known for bringing great products to the table, after all. For those of us who already enjoy the original version, you may be wondering why the plus? What could they possibly do to make what many consider an already perfect tool better? Well, the plus has some new additions to the tool count, as well as an improved case. When designing the Wave Plus, Leatherman took into consideration what those who already love the Wave had to say. Without further delay, we bring you all the qualities that you asked for and what to expect with this new addition to the Leatherman arsenal of tools!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Improved durable Velcro case

  • Durable multi-tool
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Great company
  • Good for outdoor exploration
  • Great for home use
  • Can be used one handed
  • 25-year limited warranty

Black coating can wear easily

Primary Use

Obviously, this is a multi-tool, so its main function is to act as such, however, there is a great focus on what tools on this particular line can be used one-handed. The outside tools are accessed one-handed, and these are the main bladed knife, the saw, the file, and the bottle opener/wire stripper. Though a bottle opener may not be on the forefront of things you might immediately be “oh wow” about, the fact that the wire stripper is part of it makes this a handy thing to have on the ready in the end. The only real complaint among the four is the saw or serrated blade. The reason being is that it is not as sturdy as other things, and since you already have the stronger blade available, it almost seems redundant. Of course, there are a few that do not feel this way, but it is the overall opinion we saw.
The other items are a ruler, screwdriver, a bit driver, pliers, and scissors. The latter two of these seems to be where the other complaints arise. The pliers, if the seller is unreliable, tend to have a gap where the wire cutter section is. This can make the tool inefficient to use. The scissors, on the other hand, appear to cause problems with pinching the user’s hand when squeezed. Of course, both of these complaints are not true testaments to the Wave Plus itself, but rather the reliability of the source and the user being used to the design of the tool. That being said, even these complaints did not seem to be common and very few people actually seemed to have the issues.


Depending on which blade of this tool you are looking at, you will have differing results on the opinion. With the serrated and saw blade you have the issue of the blades seeming to be a bit less reliable- and the fact that the main straight edge blade Is quite capable of accomplishing the same tasks as the other two because of just how sharp, durable and steady it is in use. The main straight edge blade actually has high praises being given by those who use Leatherman products, and even those who usually purchase other brands. It is simply reliable and with it being so easily accessed with just one hand, it is extremely useful no matter where you end up needing it.


With this multi-tool, the manufacturers went above and beyond, just as they did with the first in its line. Not only do you already have the multiple tools that are on the tool itself, but it comes with additional interchangeable pieces as well as a durable, easy to use protection sheath. Even the sheath is one-handed this time- instead of using a snap, they switched out for Velcro. Need it out and ready in a second? No problem now- and it is just as easy to put back for the same reason! The additional pieces allow you to switch out screwdriver ends.
Optional accessories are also available, though a few have pointed out that one of the ‘options’ would have been better coming as part of the overall original package. The three options are the lanyard, an additional bit slide holder for extra bits and the belt clip. We do agree that the belt clip might have been a great addition to the original build, but it isn’t something we would say is a necessity when looking at the value of this product. The entire thing is just wonderfully made and the options already there are all wonderfully thought out. The case that comes with it is extremely sturdy and personally, it fits in the pocket, so it is not that big of a deal if we can’t hang it from a belt loop where it could more easily get knocked free or lost.


Made from stainless steel, you are not likely to find a multi-tool that is any more durable than this one. Though there are some questions when it comes to a specific blade due to how thin it is. In truth, the material of this blade means it will last for years if used properly. Another addition to the durability is the warranty it comes with which Leatherman promises to fix anything if it does somehow come to you in disrepair, or somehow ends up not holding up to their quality standards. Not only is the tool itself durable, however, but they chose to make the case of materials that also hold up better and last longer overall.
The only consideration that is not seeming to be all that durable is the black coating. Not just the fact that it appears to come off with very little use, but that often times it seems to have flaws to it from the time it arrives. If a coating is not a necessity to the buyer, and really, it seems to be more of an aesthetic preference to us, then this single flaw doesn’t really change our minds about the quality of the product either. Even with the coating, the tool itself functions perfectly and lasts just as long. Because of the fact this tool is so overly reliable, we would simply suggest going for the quality product in stainless steel and ignoring the ‘flair’ option just to have something worthwhile in our pockets.


This tool sits in the middle to high weight range for a multitool, but given all it has and can do, that’s a bit to be expected. Comparatively, it doesn’t weigh as much as some others that offer similar numbers in tool uses and still is light when thinking of what it does have. The stainless-steel build is what both adds to and also makes it lighter overall. There are lighter materials that could likely have been used, but in the end, if you are looking for quality and high endurance for use, you can’t get those without having a material that can hold up, which means it will weigh more. When you look at what you can do with it, the 223 g is not really too much to take on, and still will not make it worth any less. You will get all you need and still have something you can slip into your pocket without worrying about how heavy it is getting.


There are two distinct finishes for this tool, one that you would expect, and one that you may want to consider the downsides to before electing it as what you want. The main finish is a silver stainless steel appearance. It is a beautiful multi-tool with this look alone and really looks fantastic with it. While you may not find it to be something that will immediately draw most eyes, it is not there to be an accessory for flash and bang appearance. However, it is shiny, and we do like our tools to look official, which this definitely fits the bill with the stainless-steel look. It also does not tend to look worn out very quickly because the whole tool is actually made of the stuff.
The other option is a black coating finish. For those who just want to look good, this may be an immediate bandwagon they think they want to hop onto. The black finish does not really offer anything extra beyond just ‘looking cool’ and in the end, unfortunately, it does not seem to offer that for long either. Whatever the reason, the black finish seems to often come with its own flaws in the box- often having some sort of wear to it before you even pull it out. It also comes off the stainless steel easily through normal use. For us this is an obvious expectation- after all, it is stainless steel, and the black is not actually part of the metal- it is just a coating. With that said, we feel the stainless-steel look is better anyway and brings common sense to the table when discussing a tool not meant for display- but for actual use.


The Leatherman Wave plus is priced rather well for a multi-tool of its high quality. The plus runs at about $100 and compared to other tools has more to offer at the same price range. When considering that it comes with so many tools and that it has several that are needed which only require a single hand to bring to ready use, you really do get a bargain with this one. The quality of this particular item is also much higher than what most that you can get for cheaper would have. Most of those even at its price level are not as durable nor do they offer the same number of at hand tools that the wave plus does. This is where we will always say that the price does not match the value- and in a good way. This tool is worth every penny and more.

Key Features

-4 one-handed tools
-Stainless steel
-Reliable brands
-Durable case
-Several tools most do not have
-Changeable bits
-Durable build
-25-year limited warranty
-Good price
-Needle nose pliers
-Quality blades

Bottom Line

If you want reliability. Quality, durability, and affordability all in one multi-tool, you can’t get much better than the Leatherman Wave +. This upgrade to the original Wave is definitely worth every penny asked for it. While there are some downsides, most of them do not go from one buyer to the next, and when you are looking for a tool that works and does not just go for the look, you can rely on Leatherman to provide such. We came into this expecting to find equal negatives to positives but found ourselves once again discovering that sometimes you just plain get quality where it is expected. This tool deserves every ounce of praise it has gotten.