Leatherman Super Tool 300 Review

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Leatherman Super Tool 300 Review Review Facts

With multitools, there is always one name that can be trusted to have a level of quality that has rarely been matched. That name is Leatherman, an American-made multitool that has proven itself since 1983. We decided to take a small look at this multitool and give our feelings and opinions about this product. Of course, these feelings and opinions are based on carefully studied facts about this particular item.

While there are many to choose from, there are several who find just one Leatherman knife that stands out above the others that fits them best. The Super Tool 300 is one with a lot of popularity, so we felt it would be a great idea to cover this tool as well just in case you find it outplays the others on our lists. What makes the 300 unique? Let’s find out!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Full metal construction

Tools lock in place

Durable design


Proprietary mounts makes fixing an issue

Primary Use

Beyond the normal blades that are always equipped on a multitool, you have many other items to consider. Each multi-tool is unique in its build and offers different tools with varying sizes and sometimes even extra parts. We dove into this multi-tool to see what it had to offer.

The pliers work as several tools in one, when you really dig deep, which can be confusing when you are attempting to count out the tools themselves. They work as both the regular and the needle nose variety, the premium hard and normal wire cutters, the stranded wire cutters, and the electrical crimper all without changing which tool is out. It’s actually pretty amazing when you note that all of these tools are built into the pliers alone.

Another thing to note when it comes to the wire cutters is that Leatherman has made them replaceable so that your cutters don’t get dulled out and unusable! This is definitely a feature that you may want to keep in mind before looking at something else since many similar tools do not have the option to replace these parts once they lose their edge and become difficult to use.

Also, there is a small awl that can be used to punch holes into your belts or other materials that you made need to have a way to hang or attach things to. On the same side as the awl, you will find a ruler, your wood and metal file, your large screwdriver, the medium screwdriver, and one of your blades.

On the opposite side you will find another arrangement of tools including the serrated knife, the saw the can opener, the bottle opener, your Philips screwdriver, and your small size screwdriver.

All-in-all you get a very well-rounded multi-tool which should have you covered with its 19-tool count, and amazingly the only tool outside of the pliers which calls to it more than one use is the file!


There are three blades to note on the Leatherman Super Tool 300 - the normal straight-edge blade, a serrated edge, and a saw. All three blades are made of 420HC Stainless steel, while the rest of the multitool is made of 154CM Stainless steel. The biggest difference in this being that the 420HC stainless steel can hold an edge longer and is stronger in the ways you would want a blade to be stronger.

The straight-edge blade is about 3.2 inches long and is beautiful in its design. The 420HC stainless steel also means that this blade and the other two are resistant to corrosive damage as much as to simple wear and tear damage which is extremely important to your blades. It is a high-quality steel used in most of Leatherman’s products as well as many other manufacturers due to its extremely good reputation among knife owners.


This is a full-size model tool, and that means that it is not entirely intended to be used as an EDC, though it still can be. The closed length of the tool is 4.5 inches which isn’t bad, but again, it is not the best for carrying around everywhere you go. This length is perfect, however when you need to worry about grip on the tool you are using and want to make sure it won’t slide around.

Most multi-tools that are intended for carrying every day are sized smaller than the actual tool they resemble. They are still useful in a pinch but are not practical when you have a real size job you need them to perform. This one can get you through when you need it most for larger projects, and that was its intended use from the start.


There is a belt sleeve you can order with this tool that actually only bumps the price up by about $10 USD which is really quite impressive. Like most multi-tools that are meant for heavier work, you may not find much else that can be directly tied to this specific tool. That doesn’t mean, of course, that there are no items offered that are well worth getting when it comes to any knife or multi-tool.

One thing any tool owner will tell you is that it is a good idea to get at least a simple care kit put together to make sure your tools are ready when you need them. The most valuable item for any such kit is the oil to keep everything moving without a hitch, and Leatherman even has its own brand of that.


The Leatherman Super Tool 300 is made of steel and by a company that is well known for its quality. This particular multitool can handle long-term usage, as we have heard stories of people using this exact model for over five years and really did not need to replace it. This brings up the only real flaw that is worth noting, and that is the proprietary mounts that are used to hold this multitool together.

The big reason this is something worth bringing up is that, over time, these mounts will loosen up and make it so that the handles will flop around. The pliers will also twist slightly, not allowing them to grip onto things properly which can cause a lot of issues when you are working. This also makes the cutters work less than adequately, and that is not something that should go without a good deal of thought.

Thankfully, Leatherman guarantees all its products with a 25-year warranty, and since this the only issue is a manufacturing issue, it can be resolved with a call to the company for getting them replaced or repaired. Not a lot of companies will offer to take care of things like this after a certain amount of time, a few months or maybe a year, but Leatherman has a great reputation for holding to their warranties and supplying you with fixes to any issues in the design.

Knowing you are buying from a company that won’t let you go without working tools is an awesome feeling, and it means you can trust in your purchase, and that when or if the time comes, your tool still won’t let you down.


The Super Tool 300 weighs about 9.6 ounces according to the official site, which is why we stated that it is not officially touted as an EDC. It is meant for the heavier and harder tasks which your average smaller multi-tool can’t handle.

Despite this, many of us still do not see the weight or size as a reason to not keep it on hand, as having a full-size tool is just worth it overall.


This has a standard appearance to its finish and is comparable to most of its competition when based solely on looks alone. However, it actually has a black oxide finish to help further protect your entire tool against corrosion and wear. This is a great thing to note especially since this is likely a tool you will want to use for years to come, like most of those who already have purchased it for their needs.

Why is this something you may want to keep in mind? Because out of all the corrosion and abrasion-resistant treatments that are available for metal tools and equipment, this is one of the best you can get and most effective. It is even used for outdoor equipment to help keep it working longer even with the weather and other natural elements.


Like most multitools, the handles for this tool are blocky and anything but ergonomic. Of course, the tools that are built into the handles are the reason for this blocky shape. Truthfully, though, other than the shape of the handles, they are pretty easy to hold.

Most of those who have purchased this particular tool has found it easy to handle and work with. Until the tool wears down, as mentioned earlier, it works easily, and the tools are sturdy.

Of course, we also mentioned that the company will work with you when your tool needs repair based on anything that is due to a manufacturing problem which means it will remain easy to use for as long as you choose to keep it.


As we have seen with other models made by Leatherman, there is a definite focus on the safety of the Super Tool 300. The tools that are built into the handle all lock into place, which makes this one of the safest that a person can have. All the tools lock with the same mechanism, which is nothing more than a simple button that has ridges to make life just that much easier.


So, what is the worth of a strong multitool like this? Truthfully speaking, if you are looking to spend less than $100.00, this is the right option.

Amazon.com is currently selling the Leatherman Super Tool 300 for $89.95, which we think is definitely a steal. The fact that this product can withstand years of use and abuse with little to no damage is definitely something to think about. On top of all that, it comes with a 25-year limited warranty, just in case it is needed.

What does that warranty cover? Any and all manufacturing issues are covered with this tool as well as wear and tear, which is especially good with any multi-tool. However, it won’t cover you if you make an alteration, purposely damage it, take it apart, theft or loss of your tool. It also does not cover the tools if they are purchased for anything outside of personal use, such as a bulk order for resale or use by a company.

Key Features

Made from 420HC and 154CM steel
25-year limited warranty
Can be ordered with its sheath
Black Oxide coat for protection
Easy to use
Replaceable wire cutters

Bottom Line

And so, that is the sum of everything we found out about the Leatherman Super Tool 300. Frankly, we have found that this is a multitool that should really be considered. Sure, the blades will need maintenance, as will the file, but that should be expected on any multitool.

Other than that, and the proprietary mounts that are used, there is nothing that can really be said in a negative light about this multitool, as it works well in pretty much any situation a person can find themselves in. If any multitool can do the job, then this one will most definitely get the job done.

The only reason you might want to go for something else, in the end, is if you are looking for either something that covers a company purchase with its warranty, or it is missing a tool you need for the job you are working on. Leatherman offers quite a variety of products in their varying lines, some even with interchanging bits or parts, so if this one doesn’t have it, they probably have one that does.

It really is hard to find something that outdoes this brand, so when we see one hovering out there, we will be sure to bring you every detail so you can pick the best fit for you.