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Ravin R10 Review Facts

Anyone who is a serious hunter knows that there are lots of criteria that go into finding the perfect weapon. If you’re someone who doesn’t quite want to use a rifle, a crossbow is a good option for you. It’s obviously just as dangerous, but crossbows tend to be lighter and easier to use. That is absolutely the case with the Ravin R10 crossbow.

The biggest thing with this crossbow is that it’s extremely versatile. It doesn’t really matter what environment you prefer to hunt in and what animals you prefer to hunt; this crossbow will work great for anything. You can go hunting larger animals in a heavily forested landscape and you will still be able to get a great hunting trip out of the deal. This is mostly thanks to the 100 yard illuminated scope that comes with the crossbow; you will be able to see what’s out there even in darker environments for up to 100 yards. And if you’re a hunter, you know that it’s not necessarily possible to be able to shoot game 100 yards away. But that’s certainly not the case with this crossbow. It also has immense kinetic energy and you will be able to shoot arrows at fast speeds, which makes this crossbow much easier to use. It’s easy to cock and to de-cock, and the crossbow is extremely light at only 6.8 pounds. There is a lot to like about the crossbow, and if you’re someone who needs a piece of equipment that is easy to handle and to use, then you’ve certainly found your match.

The only problem that a lot of people had with the crossbow is the fact that it is so expensive. The crossbow itself along with the accessories it comes with cost $1,599, which is not necessarily in a lot of people’s budgets. And if you choose to get some of the accessories that it is compatible with separately, you’re looking at spending close to $2,000. However, considering all the positive features that the Ravin crossbow comes with, you know that you’re making a great investment that will last you for years to come.

In this review, we will talk about all the great features of the crossbow and reasons why people think it’s something you should buy- if you can afford the investment.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • A lot of people liked how the crossbow is very lightweight and compact, making it much easier to handle and to use
  • The crossbow is versatile and you can definitely hunt down any type of game with it
  • The 100 yards illuminated scope that the crossbow comes with is made out of high-quality materials
  • The removable Versa Draw cocking system does not take much effort to use and it makes the crossbow much easier to handle overall
  • The crossbow is a bit expensive, and many people found that better deals could be found elsewhere
  • Some people did not like how the cocking handle worked from time to time

Primary Use

The crossbow is mainly used for hunting game, and thanks to all of its great features, you will be able to hunt any game you want, no matter what the size. The crossbow will guarantee an accurate and clean shot.

Weight and Size

People were pleased with the fact that this crossbow is light and compact, which is not necessarily true for a lot of weapons. The weight of the crossbow itself is 6.8 pounds, which will make it a lot easier for you to use and to carry with you. It is 33 inches long. The draw weight of the crossbow is 270 pounds, and the cocking draw weight is 12 pounds. A great feature of the crossbow is how much kinetic energy it can wield; 142 pounds of kinetic energy along with shooting speeds of 400 FPS. This is not too common for a crossbow that is as small as this one, but it means that you will be able to shoot any game you want to.


Once you purchase this crossbow, there are quite a few things that you will also get along with it. For one, you will be getting the crossbow itself, as well as an illuminated scope that can see to 100 yards, 400-grain bolts, a removable cocking handle, and 100-grain practice field points. These are all the accessories that are included with the crossbow upon purchase. As far as accessories that are not included with the crossbow and that need to be purchased separately, there are a few that a lot of people recommend. For one, most agree that you need to have a case for your crossbow to keep it protected, as it is a large investment. It is recommended by many that you purchase the hard case that was made for the R10. This case might be expensive, but it is so durable and water resistant that it is totally worth the price. This might as well be the only case that you will ever purchase for your crossbow. You can even put your fully assembled crossbow in the case. A less expensive option would be the soft shell case, which is also great for keeping your crossbow safe.


The design of this crossbow is very high-quality and it comes in either black or in predator camouflage. A lot of people were pleased with the high-quality and professional design of the crossbow and how it looked a lot like a regular rifle. You get the 100 yards illuminated scope, which goes on top of the crossbow, it has a versa-draw cocking mechanism, a safety switch, and a shorter guide. The serial number of the crossbow is on the inner part of the rail.


One of the greatest features of this crossbow is the speed of its shots. Having faster shots is important because it helps to ensure the accuracy of your shots, thus making your experience a much better one. And since the crossbow itself is very lightweight, you will be able to handle the crossbow much easier, thus your shots will be much more accurate. Overall, the Ravin R10 delivers 400 FPS with 142 pounds of kinetic energy, which many people agree is a lot for a crossbow. Considering how much power this crossbow wields, it is a very attractive option for lots of people, despite its price. You will be able to hunt down virtually anything you want to thanks to the amount of speed and kinetic energy the crossbow offers. And since it wields so much power, anything that you shoot will be a clean kill.


This crossbow is known for how safe it is. You won’t have to worry about accidentally putting your fingers near or above the flight deck because of the safety wings that have been strategically placed by the foregrip. You can also use this foregrip to help you to hold the crossbow and to keep your fingers in a safe spot. It is also important to mention that, when you put the bolt inside of the crossbow, you must listen for the dull clicking noise that it will make. Your bolt at this point is seated inside of the flight track and you can already launch it. This is important to note so that you don’t accidentally dry fire. The crossbow’s automatic safety also has Anti-Dry Fire, making the crossbow much safer to use.


If you plan on getting any type of weapon, you should know that you are making a pretty large investment. Any weapon that is worth purchasing costs several hundred or even thousands of dollars, and is not something for the faint of heart. If you are just starting out, you certainly do not need to purchase something that is as expensive and meant for the best of professionals. However, you certainly do want to get something that you will be getting a lot of use out of. You never want to compromise on durability and safety of something that could be as potentially dangerous as a weapon, even a crossbow, which is not a gun. If you are looking at crossbows and guns that are much more durable and made out of higher-quality materials, and that offer a lot more features, you might be looking at spending close to a thousand dollars.

One area where some people were not so pleased with the Ravin R10 crossbow, however, was when it came to how much the crossbow costs. The crossbow retails for $1,599- so you are spending about $1,600. And if you decide to get the cases that come with it and the shoulder sling, you’re looking at spending close to $2,000. Of course, if this is something that is not a problem for you, and you’re prepared to make such an investment, then the crossbow is totally worth the price. It does not have any bad features that people were not pleased with, so it’s not as if you’re spending money on a faulty product. However, a lot of people agreed that there are other crossbows on the market that are just as good that are available for a cheaper price. With this one, you are paying for the high quality of the build and all the features that come with it.

Key Features

-The crossbow weighs 6.8 pounds, which makes it rather light for a weapon of its type
-The Ravin crossbow is 33 inches long
-The HeliCoil technology of the crossbow allows you to use a lot of kinetic energy while using a small amount of space
-The 100 yards illuminated scope allows you to see clearly for up to 100 yards and is made out of high-quality materials
-The Versa Draw cocking system makes the crossbow a lot easier to use and is very efficient
-The crossbow overall is very easy to use and to figure out and you will have a great time using it
-This crossbow has a frictionless flight system
-While people don’t usually attempt to hunt 100 yards at a time, this crossbow makes that seemingly impossible feat possible
-The crossbow can shoot an arrow at 400 feet per second, which is very fast

Bottom Line

If you don’t mind shelling out close to $2,000 to get a high-quality crossbow, then the Ravin R10 is definitely a great investment for you. The crossbow also comes with high-quality accessories, especially the 100 yards illuminated scope, and many people were pleased with the performance of these accessories. Besides that, there are several accessories sold separately which are compatible with the crossbow, including the hard shell case, which many people agree is the only case that you’ll ever need. Overall, you do get a lot of bang for your buck and you know that you’re getting a great quality product for your money.

The crossbow is versatile enough for you to be able to hunt all game, and it makes the impossible seem possible when you go hunting 100-yard distances; this is usually not recommended for hunters, but thanks to the accurate scope, you’ll now be able to do so. The crossbow can shoot arrows at 400 feet per second, and thanks to the HeliCoil technology, the crossbow uses a lot of kinetic energy while only taking up a small amount of space. The crossbow has 142 pounds of kinetic energy, 12 pounds of cocking draw, and 270 pounds of draw weight. A bonus is that the crossbow is very easy to cock and to de-cock. You can easily go and shoot any size game you want to, including geese, turkeys, and more. And there will be a clean kill because the crossbow almost guarantees an accurate shot, which will cause less suffering for the animal.

This crossbow is also small and compact, so if you prefer to have something lighter, then this is a good choice for you. Its light weight of only 6.8 pounds will allow you to shoot much more accurately.

Overall, many people who used the crossbow agree that, if you can afford to make such an investment, there really is not much reason for you to not consider purchasing it.