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Leatherman Tread Review Facts

Think all multi-tools have to be the same? Since when does the multi-tool have to focus mainly and almost solely on being a pocket knife? If you are tired of the same old, same old, you may want to check out this new product in our inventory, after all, it is a pretty unique looking idea, and it takes the boredom out of the ‘I got it’ type of person.

Rather than presenting us with yet another swiss army knife or pocket knife with extra tools shoved inside, Leatherman decided to get creative yet again and grab our attention with an innovative way to be ready for anything while on the go. Don’t let the name fool you (like I nearly did us) this is not meant to be put on your shoes as a way of gaining traction, it’s a multi-tool the likes of which are not commonly seen.

So, why would we get it? Let’s dive in and check it out!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Easily worn/carried
  • 29 tools
  • Stylish
  • Has a watch option
  • Great leverage
  • 25-year warranty
  • Tools labeled
  • Watch replaces some tools
  • Tiny tools
  • Clasp can invert


At its most basic this “tread line of tools” is a very nice and highly functional piece of jewelry. It’s easy to take on and off, and you can pick and choose between the 29 links as to which ones will serve you best when your out and on the go. If you are tired f having to carry more than one version of pocket knife multitools ‘Just in case’ then this may actually be your perfect answer. You can look good and be prepared all in one go.

The purpose of any multitool though is to have multiple tool functionality, and that is definitely what this ‘jewelry’ has. Each link has a label to tell you what the tools on that link are, and which side. This is a lot easier than what most multitools offer, where you have to guess and pull the item out to see if you found the right one. You can already tell if it’s the right tool simply by readying what is there.

Instead of pulling it out, though, as the knife version, you take the tool you want, fold the bracelet to make that tool lift out, then use the rest of the bracelet as the main handle while grasping the extended tool with your thumb and forefinger. It’s not the most perfect or efficient use, but most have found it is more stable than most pocket tools.

So, what are the available tools? Nearly every form of screwdriver or hex driver you can imagine, several box wrenches, a glass breaker, a sim card tool, cutting hook a ¼” socket drive, bottle opener, a #2 square drive, and a watch! The tools are small, of course, which means they are mostly good for quick fixes that you’ll have to go back over later, but then so are most multitools.


A high-quality metal tool, this jewelry made multi-tool is likely to last a good long time in your inventory. With it having such high functionality purpose it's also likely to be something you will want to keep around. The product doesn’t bend or break easily, and the separate links are fastened sturdily in place so that you don’t have to worry about them pulling apart as you work.

While it may be annoying, you also don’t have to worry about the links when they get caught or snagged either. They may actually need to be unscrewed at points when they get caught on each other during use, but they won't bend or break even then. While you can add and remove tools at your leisure, once you have it all ready to go, you don’t have to worry about losing anything.

Even more so, if something does actually happen and your tool breaks, bends, or otherwise malfunctions, this product carries a 25-year warranty with it from the company. Where other warranties may not leave you with a peace of mind, Leatherman’s reputation is a good one, and most people are happy with the response time on the warranties for their products. Quality and reliability are terms that seem to be pushed by this company to be synonymous with their brand name.

As anyone will tell you, the brand is very important in any kind of product. With tools and workmanship though, they are especially important because an unreliable tool could cause problems to both the user and the company supplying them. It is important to check both for good reputation and for reliability no matter what.


Saying the design of this particular multitool is beautiful, is an understatement. Although the original has a shining stainless-steel finish like most Leatherman tools there is also a black carbon steel version available as well. The finish is definitely eye-catching and will call attention to the ‘jewelry’ you are wearing. The fact you’re your bracelet/wrist band has more use than others is an added bonus when someone asks you where you got it.

The look is likely to be one of the first things that pull a buyer to be interested, but it is the overall design as tools as a wrist band or a watch band that makes this unique invention making itself worth the going price. Knowing you can look good and do good all at once is something designers do not always consider.

The ease of design use is especially appealing once you get to the nitty-gritty though. Initially, we were wondering if you had to pull the band apart somehow to use each tool. While you could do this, it would be a pain and would not be as useful to those looking for quick use tools since you would have to unscrew it, remove the piece, use it and then put it back in and screw it back on. Thankfully the designer thought ahead, and all you have to do is flex the band to the right tool.

But what if having all the pieces make it slide too much, or you just don’t need all the links? That’s easy- it is adjustable by adding or removing links with the tools you want on them. If you prefer having a watch attached, that is also possible and comes in different shapes and sizes. Granted they have what is considered a more masculine appearance to them, but so does the tread itself. In our humble opinion, we simply don’t know who decided that bands and watches are better for one over the other anyway.


Learning how this inventive creation came to be was actually rather interesting. When someone who liked to have the ability to quickly fix or work on something found himself in a bit of a situation while traveling he decided the problem needed to be solved permanently. Many laws have changed over the years regarding multitools and traveling with a swiss knife is now an impossibility by plane.

To give both himself and any other would-be tinkerers and handymen the ability to safely travel, while still meeting the TSA specifications, He came up with an alternative to the usual multitools and tool packs. He created this band to be used as a way to keep all the tools he usually needed on him and not have to worry about having them taken or told he couldn’t have them.

This was compounded by the ease that such use gave in the fact it was also easy to wear and use in an instant. Since it’s a piece of jewelry, you can wear it as such, or take it off and use the tools available on it. With the links being interchangeable and removable, you can assure that you have the right tools for what you need and not just what someone else would give you. It’s as simple as taking it off and folding it to your tool and grasping it in your fingers to put it to work.

Originally all that it was going to have were the different styles of wrenches, screwdrivers and other tools for working connecting pieces loose or tight. With so many people commenting and finding it easily used as a watchband, eventually, Leatherman saw the usefulness in adding different styles of faces and reselling the band with quality watch pieces that could be interchanged with the tools.

There is a downside though, according to the customers, even satisfied ones. The links themselves can become entangled to the point of needing to be undone to fix them. This comes from grasping the band too tightly or bunching it up too much in your grip. It isn’t bad enough of an issue, however, to have become the main point in discussions. The simple fact that fixing it is easy, and that you can take it easily everywhere, overrules this issue by a long shot.


When talking about comfort, you have to take in everything from the material, to how it moves, its weight and even if you feel ok wearing it visibly in public. All of these things contribute to the comfort level of anything that you can wear, from headphones to jewelry and especially clothing. So where does this piece sit on the comfort level? Well, let us start out with the material.

This is a high-grade stainless-steel band which is worn on the wrist. The band itself weighs about as much as most bands that are attached to high-quality men’s wristwatches, maybe even a little lighter (unless you have the watch attachment connected) at about 5.9 ounces. This is not a bad weight and is not likely to add enough to be uncomfortable.

The way it sits on the arm may make you think that the tools on it might actually dig in, but from everything we’ve heard this isn’t true. The tools remain flat against the arm and don’t cause any kind of rubbing or scratching, it literally feels as if you are wearing a metal watchband. The fact it is metal may have an effect depending on if you have a reaction to stainless steel or not.

Finally, when looking at how it appears, it won’t make you feel odd having it on. It looks good and is not likely to be noticed as a mini-tool belt unless studied carefully, or you on it if out to someone who asks. The fact that they make a watch face for it also makes this a good-looking piece of jewelry if you decide you only need a few of the attachments on it wherever you decide to go. So you can be comfortable even with how good it looks.

With multiple styles of watches, you are bound to find something you like to attach to it. Not to mention you can actually purchase the version that comes with the watch piece- though it will cost you a pretty penny more.


The actual version we are talking about is just the band, and unfortunately, there are a lot of fakes out there already trying to mimic the Leatherman brand of its design. If you aren’t careful you could end up paying a lot more, or simply get ripped off, by someone claiming to be selling you the genuine article when they really aren’t. The actual band goes for about $174 from the company that makes it, so, if someone has it set at a different price you may want to be wary of the product being sold.

This band also comes with a 25-year warranty, which a fake is not likely to really give you. Between the warranty, the versatility of the band and the reputation you know you can stand by, this is worth every penny in the end. You know you will have a good to go tool band that you can take with you anywhere you need to go.

Key Features

-Meets TSA requirements
-Stainless steel
-29 interchangeable tools
-Reputable company
-25-year warranty

Bottom Line

If you want tools that can go anywhere with you and are reliable, quality materials from a company you can trust, you need not look any further. This jewelry style tool-based wrist band will keep you covered no matter what you are in need of. With a 25-year warranty to aid in your ease of mind, you can simply enjoy being ready when no one else is.