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Kershaw Leek Review Facts

Pocket knives are a dime a dozen, there are just so many on the market. From small zero reputation companies to some of the largest known companies in the world, there are just far too many to pick from, and that’s just counting the companies. The number of models of different pocket knives is even more immense. Picking the right one is nearly impossible, so many people just end up picking the first knife that really catches their eye without a single clue if the knife is what they need or want. Perhaps this article will help some pick this knife as the proper one for them.

When looking through the Kershaw’s vast library of pocket knives available, we found one, in particular, we wanted to look at. The Leek is a beautiful and sleek blade that obviously caught more than our attention and has a lot good to say from all those who own one. So, what can it offer you? Read on to see what we found.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Sandvik 14C28N Stainless Steel blade

410 Stainless Steel handle

Speed safe assist for quick opening

Tip lock for safety

Great warranty

Several variants


Tip snaps off easily

Primary Use

This quality knife is great for just about anything a person would carry a pocket knife for. Due to the Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel blade, the edge will remain pretty sharp while being used. As long as a three-inch blade can do the job, this knife can easily do it.
This pocket knife has variants to the blade style as well, including different tips as well as a serrated section near the base.

Depending on what you are looking for, there is undoubtedly a particular model that will suit your needs. Of course, the most popular model remains to be the standard one which is full silver, no serrated section, and a nice sharp tip, this is 1660.

Our main discussion point will be on the original, but we will cover some of the other options. The Leek is one of the knives that hit the best-selling areas of the EDC knives, and that is what brought it to our attention from the start. A great knife that’s dependability continues to rival even the newer blades offered today.
Most have found that you want to stick to certain material use for this blade due to its flimsy tip. The suggestion is to only use it with lighter materials such as boxes and envelopes, and at most to carve softer woods. Using it on harder surfaces may actually lead to snapping the tip-off and needing to have the blade replaced.


Again, this blade is made of Sandvik 14C28N Stainless steel. What does this mean, exactly? Well, Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel is top-quality stainless steel that was designed for knife blades. Due to this, the edge retains an edge for longer than most other steels do.

That is not all that this kind of steel has for attributes, it also has a high hardness which makes it far more resistant from damage than ‘lesser’ stainless steel. Add in that it has a high resistance to corrosion and this knife is great for just about any work and at any location. The blade is three inches in length, which is great when considering a pocket knife.

This particular design also comes in multiple variants including black carbon, a pearlescent appearance, darker steel color, and dual looking shine. This choice to offer the Leek in different colors as well as styles has led to it being as much of a collector’s knife as it is an EDC. This was a great marketing method, in all truth, since each model offers something for someone.

The blade itself even has variants in the way the edge and tip are designed. With the original having a smooth rounded back and a slightly rounded sharp edge meeting at a single sharp tip, it is the standard for purchase in design. However, they offer a serrated edge near the handle as well as a sharp-angled tip as well for those looking for that little bit extra.

The only downside to the sharp tip is that is also very narrow and thin. This kind of needle-sharp tip means its fragile and can snap off with very little pressure on it. The good news is that with a company that has the reputation Kershaw does, you are covered by its warranty.


Really there is only one available accessory for this knife, as it comes with everything that a person will need when selecting a pocket knife. It has a belt/pocket clip, which is all a everyday carry knife of this size could possibly need. Of course, the position of the belt clip is reversible, as long as the owner has the proper tools to remove and reattach it. Frankly, having even one customization option is always a good thing.

The alternative to using the belt clip is to purchase a sheath, which you can find through the company or one of the affiliates they sell-through. The sheath has a keychain-like attachment and only covers about one-third of the knife, but it can be handy if you prefer not to try and tangle with the clip or don’t have the proper tools to change its location.


Due to the materials used in the construction of this knife, it is highly durable. Between the handle and the blade, both made of varying kinds of stainless steel, this knife is definitely strong and will hold up to the stress obtained from rigorous use or work. And even if it ends up breaking, just send it back to Kershaw and for a price, they will fix it and send it back.

Unfortunately, this knife does have its setbacks. While, for the most part, it is rugged and durable, the tip has a bad reputation when used on harder or difficult surfaces of snapping. This is due to the needle-sharp tip being so thin in order to give it that added sharpness. Fortunately, the company is aware of this flaw and does offer to replace the blade should it snap off.

Of course, that does mean you have to take extra care when sharpening the blade as well, and it is actually recommended that you take up the company’s offer to sharpen your blade for you, rather than attempting to do so yourself which is likely to lead to it breaking.


A pocket knife is never any good if it is heavy, no one wants to carry something like that in their pocket for obvious reasons. This knife is not something to worry about, as it weighs only three ounces. Considering that this is made of steel, both in the blade and the handle, which makes this knife better than some knives we have encountered.

When you are considering and EDC like the Leek, it is one of the most important thoughts in your mind. Any everyday carry knife should be lightweight and easily handled, and this is one of the better ones out there. If you needed proof that weight doesn’t always equal quality, this one is it, despite its single flaw.


The model of this knife that we were mainly focused on, 1660, has a standard finish, making it smooth and slightly shiny. Therefore, we hope anyone who buys this model of the knife likes the natural color of steel. If you don’t like this particular look, however, there are different variant’s and they are all just as beautiful.

The harder part is locating one of the variants that are actually for sale. There is a carbon variant which is both handle and blade, as well as having it be either-or. There is a pearlescent look, and again, you can have it for just the blade or handle, or you could go with both. Finally, there is a Damascus steel version which has the same options.

No matter which version you go with, though, you are likely to find yourself loving your knife, and the company that sells them.


Here is something that should be paid attention to. Safety is important when looking to buy a knife, especially a pocket knife. This particular model has one major safety precaution, and that is the tip lock that is installed. This is simply a small sliding bolt that slips up over the tip when the knife is folded up.

Seeing as the knife has a spring-assisted opening mechanism, a person could easily open the knife accidentally and seriously hurt themselves. With the tip lock engaged, though, a person cannot accidentally open the knife and possibly cut themselves. This makes it a perfect locking system, though it does bring up the issues involving the tip itself.

The SpeedSafe opening mechanism that also serves as part of the lock and safety aspects does cause a few people to cringe, however, and that is understandable. With how quickly this assist opens the blade it is almost to the point where you might feel you could get cut. This can be safely removed, however, without voiding the warranty.
Another thing to note is the safety concern of the blade sliding closed while in use. This is something that most knife owners wonder about when checking out their newest purchase. When held correctly, however, this knife has a thumb support area where you can hook your thumb in the safety of the handle and give the blade extra support to stay open without fear of it closing or harming you.


A price for something like this could run a long-range. When a person takes into consideration the facts about this knife, one could easily wonder just how high the price could be. Before we get into throwing out what this knife can be bought for, there are a few more things we feel is important for a consumer to note.

All of these things, mind, are part of the warranty that comes with this knife. Kershaw’s warranty allows a person to send this knife back to them to sharpen it for free for the rest of their life. This is never a bad thing, but they also like to make sure that a few other things are known and taken into account.

First things first, if the knife’s blade breaks in any way, it can be sent back to the company for them to replace it. This costs about $10.00, truthfully. If anything else breaks on this knife, Kershaw will fix whatever is wrong with it, at a price. Of course, this is at different prices mattering on what is wrong. So, what is something like this worth?
Well, at the time this article was written, is selling it for $37.04 with free shipping. Such a knife is definitely worth the price. Given that the company backs your purchase so well between sharpening it and/or replacing the blade, this company has you covered and then some. Most other companies we have seen want at least ten to twenty dollars more and even then do not cover you as well as this one does.

Key Features

-Blade flipper for quick opening
-Durable (except tip)
-Variants to blade and color
-Great Reputation

Bottom Line

And so, there it is, all a person needs to know about this knife. From the steel construction to the safety precautions, and all the way to the warranty, it is definitely something that should be heavily considered for the low price that it is offered for. Truthfully speaking, we cannot find any reason that this knife should be tossed aside for a different brand or model.

The only real downside to this knife is the fact that it is not offered in any other color than steel grey.
If that is the deciding factor on whether this knife is worth it or not, though, there is nothing anybody can do to change their minds and one must wonder if they really care about the quality of their knives. This particular one is definitely worth the price, in our minds.