Benchmade Adamas

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Editor's Pros & Cons

Perfect for survivalist use

D2 Steel, very tough

Stay sharp for a long time

Good for cutting and piercing

Exceptional blade lock system

Impressive grip

Very smooth-quick opening and closing




Some say a tad heavy (depends on preference)

Blade: not stainless steel, keep it dry

A challenge to sharpen but worth the effort

Higher price tag (for quality)

Benchmade Adamas Drop Point Blade Knife,

Quick snapshot specifications/features

Handle: G10
Blade:Steel Drop Point
Steel Quality:D2 (60-62 HRC)
Blade Thickness: 0.160"
Blade Length: 3.78"
Opened Length: 8.70"
Closed Length: 4.88"
Overall Weight: 7.68 oz.

When looking at the specs/features, this is clearly a very good knife.

Deployment and Lockup

Lock-up systems on knives do vary, they range from loose and sloppy up to safe and impressive. A knife can be packed with all the best performance features. But, if lock-up is flimsy it defeats using the knife effectively and safely.

This model has a fiber-glass handle which is light and certainly durable. An axis mechanism has been built into the handle and it does guarantee a highly effective lock. This system is tough and can take knocks up to seven hundred pounds.

Ambidextrous thumb studs give you total control making the knife seriously easy and fast to flick-open or to close. For an impressive smoothness, the thumb studs work together with large phosphorous bronze washers. This is where the smooth operation comes from and it works efficiently in all types of weather.

Cutting power

The blade is D2 steel, users do point out this level of quality steel is a challenge to sharpen, however when it is sharp it keeps sharp a lot longer. It will take a lot of heavy duty use before the blade starts to feel dull.

Though impressive for slicing it is not perfect. But keep in mind that nothing is. The drop-point blade shape has a sharp edge and a sharp tip. The blade thickness makes it great for cutting or carving wood, a cutting performance that survivalists tend to go for.

Yes, you can slice fruits, vegetables, and meat but not with the finesse given by a thinner blade. The sharp tip is good and gives the blade piercing power. For outdoor requirements, the designers have built the knife with specific performance capabilities for cutting and piercing, it works.

Designed for military and survivalist purposes, the blade is securely centered and great when used for design and purpose. This is a military-grade tactical knife and works within design context for all situations.

The features are impressive

G10 is a trusted material when it comes to making a strong grip-able knife handle. This is laminated high-pressure fiberglass with top durability. This means resistive to the wet, non-flammable, great for grip, and non-conductive.

At 7.7 ounces with a 3.82-inches blade, this is a weighty knife for taking on extra tough tasks.

For a solid bulky knife, this opens very smoothly and locks nicely. With jimping features placed exactly where they are needed, grip capability is at a maximum. For Ergonomic design, this model is shaped and contoured to ensure 100% grip and feels like holding a fixed blade knife. You are in full control.

You get even more control via the smartly designed thumb ramp and texturing for the knifeā€™s choil works to prevent fingers from slipping. In reverse or forward grip you still have the same high level of control.

All great products tend to have a slight-downside

User feedback when this first went onto the market pointed out that the clip could be larger, It felt small for a weighty knife but it did do the job. The good news is that Benchmade picked up on the feedback and updated the clip. If you buy one now, it has a larger clip. If you have the older clip, think about replacing it.

A slight con is that D2 steel though seriously tough is often prone to corrosion because it is not stainless steel. This just means take care of the blade, clean it, oil it, keep it dry or go for the option of having a durable black coating applied to the blade by Benchmade.

This blade stays sharp for a long time, even when regularly used. It takes some work to re-sharpen it but the effort is worthwhile.

Some users comment that the knife is a tad heavy, especially in a pocket. A counter to this con is that the weight is acceptable for a multi-tasking survival knife.

A closer look at the lock-system

Folding knives often have vulnerability in the lock system, unlike fixed blades which can take a lot of pressure. The Adamas takes the Greek meaning for its name literally (invincible). This knife does appear to have the strongest lock system when compared to other foldable knives. The AXIS lock feeds a spring-loaded feature right through the blade of the knife to lock it into place. This feature suggests that even if you needed to break the lock, you can't, an impressive safety lock design.

Final word

This knife fits perfectly for all outdoor survival needs. The price is higher and it should be. This is one of the best foldable knives around. If the American military favors it, then it must be a very good piece of survival kit.


When comparing the price to other folding knives, this has a price that reflects the performance quality and durability.

You can buy a cheap knife that looks almost similar, but I would be surprised if you'll get the same quality and performance as the Adamas.

For comparative purposes, there are other options for you which are specific survival knives and they are good. Here are their features, If you prefer any of them in comparison to the Adamas, give them a try.

The Kershaw Blur Folding Survival Knife, certainly works, it is an exceptional tool. This has a fast and sharp deployment. A built-in Speedsafe system for opening. The blade is wide and good for a lot of tasks and has a good secure blade lock. A light knife and very durable.

The Outdoor Edge Razor-Lite Replaceable Blade Tactical Hunting EDC Folding Survival Knife is an acquired preference. The blades are razor sharp and you can get replacement blades. This is a hunting knife and needs a finely focused cutting ability, which this knife has and the Adamas does not have. It is compact and light, very easy to carry. However, it cannot tackle a number of heavy-duty tasks.

The Elk Ridge ER-A003 Series Spring Assist Folding Knife is comparable, it's a good model. With spring-loaded deployment, a stainless steel blade, a sleek easy design, and high durability.

The SOG Tactical Folding Knife offers an alternative blade feature in the form of a Serrated stainless-steel blade. This one is also super easy to open with one hand. The grip is good and the knife is light. For durability, it is on a slightly lower level than the Adamas.

The Smith & Wesson SWMP4L Folding Knife is packed with enough performance features to keep any user well equipped for tasks. It compares favorably to all knives simply because of their durability, ease of use, and an array of useful features.


When you look for an exceptional survival/tactical knife, which can take on heavy-duty tasks, the Adamas has to be one of your considerations.

The fact that it is a preferred choice by law enforcement and the military is just about the best endorsement possible. With some searching, you can find good comparable alternatives which offer similar or close performance and durability. But this model is clearly up there as a favored choice.

This is a long-term investment with a price tag that reflects performance, quality, safety, and durability and will always be a very useful survivalist choice.