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Leatherman Rebar Review Facts

When you are looking for the best multi-tool for the job, it can often get confusing because if the many choices. There are full size, half size and mini’s, and there are multi-tools with seven or eight tools and even some with upwards of 20. Some are light-weight and others are not so much, and what they are made of can often change both the weight and durability.

The hardest though is when you have a tool picked out and you know what it has, but you go to purchase it and you find out there are two by the same exact name. So, you want to know which is better? Which one did you do the research on and found out you liked and wanted it?

Such is the case with the Leatherman Rebar, and we are here to tell you about which one we liked, as well as to explain the difference. We’ll point it out right here in the introduction: one has knives, one doesn’t. Our choice was the one with the knives- so if you go looking, know which one you are after right away by reading on!

Editor's Pros & Cons

17 tools


Reputable company

Easy to use in tight places

Easy deployment

Good locking mechanism


Knives on the inside

File is small

No interchangeable bit driver

Primary Use

Saying that a multi-tool has a primary use may seem a little silly or even redundant- as its use is to be your everything, every day, carry in your pocket tool. While this is true, some multi-tools are better than others in this department, and, as mentioned earlier, this one has two variants. While both have tools you will need, the one we are looking at includes the knives and that makes it stand out a little more.

So, what is this tool’s primary function? Does it even have one? Well, to be honest, the Rebar is intended to be a go-to when you are working on a bigger project and need to be able to work in tighter spaces where the full-size tool may not fit. All of the tools in this particular model are full size in that they are the correct size where it counts most.

Instead of coming to a Philips head screw and finding out your mini driver’s head simply will not fit into the opening, this one will grip the same as a full-size Philips head screwdriver without the extended length, making it easier to get into those tight spots and still get the job done. The same goes for the other seventeen tools on this particular model and it will make you glad you have it on hand. So, what are the tools this product has ready to go for you?

This model includes a total of seventeen ‘tools’ which are needle nose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutters, hard-wire cutters, crimpers, a smooth blade, a serrated blade, a saw, one Philips head, two flat heads, a wire stripper, a can opener, a bottle opener, an awl, a file, and a ruler. With this kind of selection, you are likely to have most anything you need on hand.

The only downside to the layout, according to those who have purchased it, is that the knives are not accessible from the outside, everything is kept inside the handles for safety.


There are three blade types in this particular pair, though most only count two of them as actually being part of the blade selection. The three available are the smooth blade, the serrated blade, and the saw. The one most commonly viewed as not being part of the trio, of course, is the saw.

All three blades come sharp enough to use right out of the package, which is a major must for many of those who decide to purchase any multi-tool. The two blades which are usually counted as the knives are made of quality 420HC steel and are fairly easy to sharpen if you know how and don’t dull out easily either. If you don’t know how to sharpen a serrated blade, however, it is suggested you take it to a qualified place to sharpen a Leatherman product so that you don’t void the warranty.

The saw as well as the rest of this tool is made of quality stainless steel and is more reliable than most other similar products on the market. The only complaint we have seen is that nothing opens, including the knives, without opening the entire multi-tool. These are also the tools that change which version of the Rebar you are actually looking at- since the alternate version does not have them.


The accessories for a multi-tool are not always in the abundant areas, and there aren’t many in genera. That is unless you get one that has interchangeable tool heads for the screwdrivers or have the ability to interchange what tools they have on the base. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t offer either as a flexibility issue. The closest to such is in your initial choice of having the knives or not having them, which is a version choice. There are two things, however, you may want to consider when purchasing this tool, and those are the sheath and some oil.

Leatherman sells both, and if you pay attention during your purchase, you can actually get the sheath with your tool for only a little more than the tool goes for itself. Since this one doesn’t have a belt clip, this is something you may want to have if you don’t want to slide it directly into your pocket. The sheath is meant to protect both you and the tool itself, so it is always a great addition when you go to buy a product like this one.

Why mention oil? Because this is a stainless-steel multi-tool, and after some use, or even perhaps when you first get it, the tools may not move as easily or as nicely as you would like. Oiling is usually a good idea anyway to help prevent wear and tear by the constant opening and closing of the tools in your grip. This company has you covered even there with their own oil that works great with all of their products.


Everyone who has gotten the Rebar has stated that they are highly durable and that even the blades don’t dull out as quickly as others they have owned. Between most of this tool being made of quality stainless steel and the knives being 420HC, you are bound to find yourself just as impressed and pleased with the sturdiness of your item. As always, we want to share with you what we know about the quality of steel or metal of your product before you go out and grab it up for yourself.

So, what is 420HC and what can you expect out of it? This is a high quality, high carbon count steel and what this means is that your knives are stronger and more durable as well as easy to sharpen and they stay sharp longer. What else does this mean, aside from the edge? Well, 420HC metal is also extremely rust resistant and stays this way even more so when in constant use.

420HC is used in many products, though most of them are knives and tools, and this is due to just how durable the metal is. In fact, blades and items made from it are incredibly easy to care for, and when or if you fear the possibility of rust or corrosion it only takes an easy wipe and dry to assure your blade stays in top shape.

The rest of this tool is made of 154cm stainless steel, so you have resistance to damage and corrosion even when you're looking at the rest of your tool- which includes the saw. This steel is considered to be one of the better on the market and holds out to the three main tests with good standings. The entire tool is given black oxide treatment to further prevent damage even and it cuts down on the reflective qualities so you don’t feel like you might blind yourself while working.


This is considered a full-size multi-tool, s weight on this is going to be a little more than what your standard smaller EDC would be, however, it is also sturdier and can handle more jobs overall. Weighing in at 6.7 oz it still weighs less than other tools that are considered full-size which had a lot of owners happy.

Given it is a full steel multi-tool and closed sits at about 4 inches in length, it is still pretty impressive to note it doesn’t weigh you down as much as you would think.


This particular model actually comes in more than one standard-issue color. Though the one we looked at had a polished silver look to it that most steel does and had the black oxide treatment to cut down on reflection, there are two other color finishes as well. A black steel finish and a coyote brown with a slate gray finish.

All three of these are given the same treatments and made with the same metals but are given different color finishes to the metal which may have those looking to own one now having a third choice to ponder. Blades, no blades, and what color do I want? In our humble opinion, we think all the options are beautiful for this tool, and it is definitely not an easy decision.


The safety of this particular tool is amazing according to everyone who has had the pleasure of checking it out and using it. While having the knives inside may sound a bit on the annoying side, the safety you have, because of it, won’t be. The blades do click easily into place and the fact that they can’t close on you when in use makes it even better.

The alternate version is where you will find an answer to a different kind of safety precaution. Most multi-tools have blades, and because of this, you can’t travel long distances through public transit with them on you. If your planning to take a flight, ride a train or hop a greyhound, you’ll find that any bladed multi-tool is not going to be allowed past security. So if you want to have your other tools on hand, and don’t mind losing the blade, this is where the other version came into play.

The Rebar without the blades can stay your traveling companion this way so you are never without your to-go tools, and who knows when you might need them?


At the time when we wrote this article, both versions of this tool could be found on Amazon for $70 USD but had recently been available for $10 less. This particular item has sales on it quite frequently and you may be able to find it for less over time if you feel like waiting on it. There is also the question of getting the leather sheath as well when you purchase it, and that can likely add a few dollars, but save you in the long run.

With a 25-year warranty on all of their products, however, you can be assured that even if your tool has an issue, your covered. When buying anything you want to last, having that extra padding from the company helps- and Leatherman has proven to be a company you can rely on to stand by their products.

Key Features

- 17 tools
- Non-bladed variant
- Three finishes
- 25-year warranty
- Quality steel
- Easy to use
- Safe to use
- Full-size tool

Bottom Line

If you want reliability, durability, and quality in your purchase and don’t want to have to worry if something goes wrong, this multi-tool is definitely the one you’ll want to grab for your everyday peace of mind. No matter whether you just want to have something ready for those odd life moments, or if you need tools on the job always, this one isn’t likely to let you down. Leatherman tools have a polished reputation, and as always, they are worth every cent.