Spyderco Endela Lightweight Folder

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Spyderco Endela is available as a middle-of-the-road option to Spyderco's Endura 4  and the popular Delica 4. So, the Endela is designed and built with already tested features. This means a good performing EDC knife and more.

With a combination of good features taken from other knives, that means this knife is capable of taking on light and heavy tasks.

The handle scales are made from FRN and the blade is K390 steel, this gives a good solid grip and a durable blade. The weight is so minimal but it has so many good uses. This is a knife that takes the best features of other knives and brings them all together.

We regularly see or hear clichés about small light knives capable of heavyweight tasks, in this case, this knife may well fit this description.
Editor's Pros & Cons

Good for light and heavy-duty tasks

K390 steel blade

Stays sharp

FRN handle-Bi-Directional Texturing

Easy deployment


A few users suggest hot spots when using the knife for pro-longed tasks

Key Features

The Blade

With a blade built from Bohler’s K390 steel, it's clear this is good for all types of heavy-duty tasks. This standard of steel has a very high level of tough durability and an ability to retain high sharpness. This is the type of blade that gives leverage without snapping.

The blade has impressive sharpness retention which means you won't let down by a dull blade while doing tough tasks. This is semi-stainless steel and has decent resistance to corrosion.

K390 steel is very tough and able to be used for camping, survival, and even industrial tasks, this blade can take the shock and knocks without any problems. The blended alloy construction is ideal for tough multi-tasking challenges.

Though this blade has a large belly to take on heavy work, the sharpness allows for very precise slicing. The final touch for blade design is the black satin finish which not only looks good, it also protects against corrosion.


The grippy FRN handle scales are made from fiber-glass which is reinforced with durable nylon polymer. This is a tough but inexpensive material that allows a solid grip. The lower cost handle material allowed more investment in steel quality for the blade and to keep the price in a mid-range.

FRN is durable and lights and known not to be prone to breaking or cracking and the handle surface is textured to prevent grip-slip. The spine of the handle has an elongated curve and a row of jimping that runs halfway. This gives that extra grip when you most want it and for safety, this has a good-sized finger guard.

Length, weight and features

The large belly knife blade is 3.41 long which is standard for this knife range.

The handle is 4.69 inches and with the blade, this makes it 8.1 inches long and it sits comfortably in the hand for tricky and tough tasks. This is a little larger than many other mid-range pocket knives.

Spyderco has included that hole in the blade just like they do with their other folders. The hole is large, and actually has some functionality to it. It makes it easy to open one-handed while in an awkward position. The back-lock mechanism firmly holds the blade and the thumb ramp gives more control and safety while working with the blade.

The handle is fitted with 4 different mountings for the pocket clip. This will let a user carry the 3.1 ounces knife in a choice of comfortable positions.

User feedback has pointed out only one slight con with the handle. The grip factor is good but while working on pro-longed heavy-duty tasks, some say the handle has hot spots.

Spyderco has come up with a really light knife, with a blade quality that is good to use for tasks out in the wilds or even in an industrial setting. It is a good multi-purpose tool.

When comparing the Endela we see a knife that has taken selective good features and use of materials from the Endura and Delica knives. Comparatively, they all have a similar level of durability, safety, ease of use, and versatility. The difference is that the Endura is versatile and even good for industrial use along with all manner of outdoor tasks.


The two nearest comparable knives are the Spyderco Endura 4 and the range of Delica 4 lightweight knives.

The Endura offers a choice of blade steels, edge configurations, and grinds and is also a multi-purpose good all-around EDC knife. Surprisingly, the Endura is available at a lower price.

The Delica 4 range of knives come with many different options, different weights, stainless steel handles, longer and shorter blades. These popular folders range in price, as the little differences in steel quality, grips, and other features do tend to change the price point.


If you're looking for a budget knife, the Endela might not quite come in under your price line. But, if you want a knife that will last, and has the guarantee of a premium knife brand then you should weigh the price vs what you'll get.

This knife is something that will appeal to Spyderco knife fans. It takes great performance features from other models and blends those into one knife.

If you're looking for a good solid folder to carry every day and isn't insanely expensive, we say go for it.