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Victorinox Outrider Review Facts

When most people think of necessary camping items, most overlook something like a good multi-tool/knife. While things like a tent, a backpack, a sleeping bag, or even a good cooler or other food storage container are important and always will be, a good multitool is also very important. Carrying larger versions of all the tools such an item carries on it can weigh a person down quite a bit and take up a lot of space that can otherwise be used for other more needed items.

Victorinox has the type of tools needed for camping and other physical activities, and this particular model of their multi-tool is made to offer backup as well as everyday use. When looking for the multi-tool which best suits your needs, it is a good idea to know what the one you are looking for can and cannot do. So, let’s take a look and see what exactly the Outrider offers.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Locking blade

Multiple tools


Ready for use

Lanyard/Keyring holder

Compact design

Includes a wire stripper

Lifetime warranty


Great grip


Knife blade is only locking tool

Requires slightly more room to carry

Have to open scissors to reach screwdriver

Primary Use

While talking about something like a Swiss Army knife, the primary use for it is hard to explain. There are so many things that can be done with this tool, which is never a bad thing. Be it sawing smaller-sized pieces of wood, cutting cords, opening cans or bottles, or even screwing something together, this knife has the tools a person will need to easily get them through their trip.

This is, however, intended to be an E.D.C. or everyday carry tool. What does that mean exactly for a multi-tool? Well, some are built specifically to handle larger projects and are heavier and take up more space, often requiring a sheath rather than simply slipping it into your pocket and heading out.

An EDC is intended to be easily carried, and so the tools inside it are smaller and may not be able to handle much larger projects. They are great for a pinch or for smaller needs, but as the projects get bigger and the call for full-sized tools becomes apparent and EDC just might not cut the bill.

At the same time, if you are heading out into the woods and want to be prepared, this is a perfect carry-along tool. It is also one of the mainstays for every day in the office, home or on the go since it fits in your pocket and won’t weigh you down. Full-sized tools are often unnecessary in day to day activities, but having that backup becomes extremely useful over time.


With a 3.06-inch blade that locks, this knife is smartly designed and made. The blade is made for work and not show; therefore, it is strong and able to carry a good edge to it. After all, what good is a knife meant for camping if it can’t cut when it is needed?

The lock for this blade is found on the side of the handle. Once the blade is open, the sliding lock slips into place and the blade remains tightly in place. To unlock the blade, all a person needs to do is take their thumb and push the slider down and the blade can now be closed. Of course, something to note is that this particular blade cannot be opened one-handed easily. It is possible, but it takes some practice and works to get the job done one-handed.

You also get small wood saw with this particular multi-tool which is great for use when camping or hiking if you end up needing to get through a branch or need a cut of rope. This little saw has been surprisingly useful for those who have bought it, and many will attest to how strong it actually is and how well it can do despite its size. The saw is not a tool to overlook.

When you are considering the blades, however, a couple of good things to take note of are its material, in this case, stainless steel, and how to sharpen it properly. While it is fairly simple to keep your main blade sharp, it takes true know-how to keep your serrated saw blade sharp as well. There are several places to learn how to best do this, but if you don’t want to risk voiding the warranty, a good idea is to have it done by a professional.


While most people would not expect there to be any unattached accessories for a knife like this, there is one that we were able to find. There is an attachment for the corkscrew that gives the user an extra screwdriver that offers a little more reach than the one that is already built into the knife. This can be of help in many circumstances, and we are sure that any camper will find such an accessory to be something that can really help their lives.

As with most multi-tools, the accessories are in the blade itself and offer quite a few additions for its small size. This is mainly considered an E.D.C. or every day carry tool, which means it was built so that is as useful to have in your pocket daily as it is when you are planning to work on a project. This is the kind of tool people carry for the ‘just in case’ moment where you need something and might not otherwise have it.

So, what are the tools it has? Well, beyond the blade most of the will notice the can opener next, and likely will start hunting down the screwdrivers to see how useful the multi-tool will be. With this model, we have three screwdrivers, with one being at the end of the bottle opener which is another tool that tends to grab our eyes.

It has the normal flathead screwdriver which works fairly well as well as a smaller flathead which is what we find at the end of the bottle opener. It also has the traditional Philips head screwdriver which sits independently from the other tools. You will also find the usual set of small scissors expected with a good multi-tool.

Beyond this we get a corkscrew, toothpick, wire stripper, wood saw a prime with needle eye and a set of tweezers. Of course, due to the fact it is meant to be an EDC pocket tool you also will find a keyring to help keep it easily located and drawn out of your pocket. This definitely has a lot of tools that could and likely would find good use throughout your day.


Victorinox has a lot of great tools, and as far as we can tell, they are known as great tools. Of course, to have the Swiss Army logo on your product, it has to be strong and durable. Swiss Army has been known exactly for that, strength and quality. Any person who knows the name of the Swiss Army knows that this product will easily survive and excel at aiding them while hiking or camping.

If you are still concerned after testing your product, then you also get the satisfaction of their lifetime guarantee against manufacturer defects. This means if anything seems to lose you can send it in for repair or replacement right away. The good news is that we didn’t find anything to suggest you would have such issues from any of the owners out there.

This little blade comes with heavy-duty scaled casing for its shell and the tools themselves are sturdy when used properly. If you are finding you have issues when you receive the blade, you may have purchased a counterfeit unfortunately and that can have many issues of its own. Always make sure the seller is reputable if you decide not to purchase directly from the company- which does sell their items through Amazon as well.


This multitool is definitely lightweight, weighing in at only 4.66 ounces. When a person considers that they are getting fourteen different tools at such a weight, how can someone go wrong for that? Again, there are fourteen tools on it, including a knife, a saw, a can opener, a bottle opener, both types of screwdriver, awl, scissors, tweezers, toothpick and more.

Fourteen different functions with a weight of less than one pound and can fit into a person’s pocket effortlessly. How can a person argue with that when many others weigh more that serve the same functions?


The blade has a standard finish that resists damage. That means this knife and all of its other tools are shiny and will resist wear and tear for a long time to come. If you want to have added protection to your knife there are finishes available to coat the blade, but it likely isn’t to give you much more protection than you get right out of the box.

You would also want to check that adding further protection would not void the warranty.


With the locking blade, the knife aspect of this multitool is focused on safety. Add in the fact that the other tools have no sharp edges or points sticking out at odd angles, a person will not have to worry about hurting themselves. On top of it all, the other tools do not easily pull open, making it harder for accidental injury to happen. That makes this multitool something to seriously look at.

If your biggest concern is that the other tools don’t lock, however, you may want to consider a different sort of tool. Most multitools only have a lock for the main blade and require you to have cautious and careful use of the other tools available and this one is no different.

One feature that can be overlooked when thinking of safety, however, is the actual casing of the blade itself and its grip. This one has a polyamide scale cover and an ergonomically styled grip which means it is less likely to slip in your hands when in use. Make no mistake, as pretty as a shiny exterior might be, one with textured grip is often easier to keep hold of while working.


How much would something like this possibly go for? With fourteen tools all in a pocket-sized knife weighing less than a pound. With quality and multiple functions, most would think that this tool should probably cost around $100, except this one doesn’t go for such a price. At the time of this article being written, is selling it for $53.99 brand new.

While there may be other EDC multi-tools which are sold for less, this one has a great brand backing it, a lifetime warranty and heavy durability going into its build which makes it worth just that little bit more. Those who have chosen this tool over others have stated that this price is well worth it for the quality craftsmanship they received. Again, however, because it is a Victorinox you have to be aware there are quite a few counterfeits out there, so it is best to purchase this knife from a verified seller.

Key Features

-Swiss Army brand
-Quality strength
-Easy to use
-Lifetime warranty
-14 functions
-Great grip

Bottom Line

How much more is there to say about this multi-tool? With names like Victorinox and Swiss Army attached to it, it has to be worth what is spent on obtaining it. A multitool needs to be able to hold up to the demands of the job it was designed for, and this one does exactly that. As has been said before, it carries fourteen different tools and weighs less than half a pound, which is always good.

A person can carry larger versions of these same fourteen tools and lose a lot of space and add to their carrying weight by a lot more than what this tool is. Between the weight, the size, and the quality there is no doubt that this is worth the price that a person can obtain it for. This is something that can be easily recommended.