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Victorinox Tinker Review Facts

We are all used to the sight of a single tool in the hands of our grandparents and parents, and as such usually, have one ourselves when we get older. This is the swiss army knife, and as a multi-tool, it often proves one of the most valuable things we can own. It is the ‘cool’ item for teens who as they get to be an adult realize that it is more than simple decoration or sign of station in life.

From your first piece of furniture to the new apartment and eventually a possible privately-owned home, the swiss tool has become a must-have for those situations where the tools you need are unowned or simply out of reach. No one doubts you will eventually come to use or want to own one, but everyone has a differing opinion as to what is the best version. We plan to cover everyone that comes into focus, and this article will cover the Victorinox Swiss Army Tinker Pocket Knife.

So, let us get started and see what this particular version has to offer, both good and bad. Read on to find out what we discovered for you to decide whether this particular model has all of your needs on its agenda.

Editor's Pros & Cons

11 tools


Stainless steel

Key ring


Be careful of counterfeits

Primary Use

When you purchase a multi-tool there are only a few that, in truth, are the tools that every owner looks for. The tools often sought are the main blade, a screwdriver, and scissors. This is due to the fact that most small projects can be done with these three tools in play.

To say that these are truly the primary use for this or any multi-tool, however, is not the full truth. All products like this have the design intent to get you from beginning to the end of any and/or all small home projects and even to help in some larger-scale projects when you can’t get to the tools you need quickly enough. They are basically meant to be an every day, all day tool that you can take with you into any project.

The most interesting part is that this particular tool actually holds different types of the two most used tools, the blade, and the screwdriver. There are two sizes for the blades, the larger which is 2 and ½ inches and the smaller one which is 1 and ½ inches. There are two types of screwdrivers as well, a flat head and a Philips screwdriver.


There are two blades for this knife, a small blade, and a large blade. They are useful for different types of tasks allowing you to go between depending on what you need to accomplish. So, let us go into what each entail.

The larger of the blades is the 2 and ½ inch blade which is designed as you might expect your usual pocket knife blade to be and is made of quality steel. It has a pointed tip and a hollow grind like most of its kind which is ideal for carving. This one is non-locking and depends upon a slip joint for functionality, which means you have to be careful and knowledgeable when using it.

A big thing we warned about in the cons, is that there are a lot of fakes out there, this main blade is a good way to try and decipher if what you purchased is the real thing. Stamped on one side of the blade near the handle is ‘OFFICIER SUISSE’ and on the flip side is ‘VICTORIONOX SWISS MADE STAINLESS’. If you do not see these particular markings it is very likely you have purchased a lesser grade counterfeit.

The smaller blade is actually designed to be exactly like the larger one. It has the same edge and tip, and even the same grind and materials. The intention with this was to deal with more minor tasks like opening plastic packaging or even prying something open with less fear of bending the blade since the length is shorter.


Really, as with any tool of this type, there are very few accessories offered, at least outside of the extra items provided as part of the product itself. You may want to get something to sharpen your knife, or if you feel the need, a sheath to slip it into instead of your pocket. This one, however, has a keyring and is truly intended to slip into your pocket for quick use.

We would like to point out the other tools available as part of this one, however, to give you an idea as to what to expect when you buy it. We will start with the main Philips head screwdriver since it is rather impressive in its make. Unlike most, this particular screwdriver has the same shaft size as an actual Philips head, which means it works exactly as your normal Philips would.
The flathead is actually multifunctional on a single piece. This screwdriver functions also like the bottle opener and the wire stripper. It works fairly decently for a stripper, but, in the end, most who purchased this particular mode ended up using the screwdriver and bottle opener and switching to one of the knives for stripping. It just did not feel as useful in this single category.

Smartly, there is a smaller flathead hidden with the next tool- the can opener. Along with opening cans which have no tab, however, many have found it to be entirely useful for packaging. This makes it something worth noting even with other items available since plastic is dangerous opening when cutting with a knife but would be easier and safer when pride with this tool.

The auger is an interesting addition to a tool that already has many other uses. This is especially useful for emergency situations which require getting glass or a splinter out of your skin or sewing. The placement is a little odd, but in the end, it also doesn’t really hold anything up.

There are two more tools, and these are removable as well as easily replaceable. One is a set of decently built tweezers, and the other is a toothpick. Both are useful in their own way, but out of everything offered are probably not likely to be used as often as the rest.

Finally, the last part of this tool that is worth mentioning, is the keyring. While this isn’t exactly a tool, it is highly useful when you consider where it is intended to be- your pocket. With this connected to your keys, if you have one you will have the other and that means in an emergency you are likely to have your tools with you.


This particular model is made out of stainless steel with a high-quality plastic casing. Like you would expect from this particular brand, it is also as durable as it is useful. Given that stainless steel is resistant to most wear, including damage caused by liquids and use, and the fact it is easy to sharpen, you can depend on it to be able and ready to go.
Unfortunately, we could not find a lot of information on the metal or plastic, but we did note the fact that everyone who talked about it said that none of the parts were loose or easily bent on the tool. Loose hold with the main bolts can make a lot of difference in how long something lasts as well as how reliable it is. A notable issue that a loose hold would definitely have would be in the fact that this particular tool does not have a lock.
Durability with a non-locking pocket tool can be the difference between safety and getting hurt or being completely useless. Thankfully, the tightness of this tool does not seem to disappear after a decent amount of use, so as long as you use it appropriately, and are careful, this is one you won’t have to worry about.


The biggest thing you have to consider when looking into this particular model is the fact that you are going for what is the equivalent of a mini-tool. What does that mean? Well, it means this version is actually even smaller than most multi-tools, which can be detrimental if you are thinking to use this for bigger and longer jobs.

This is a go-to, which means it is lighter weight and that’s what it was meant to be- something to use when in a scrape for larger jobs or as a medial tool for smaller jobs. This specific tool weighs in at only 4.3 ounces which is extremely light for anything you tend to use for working. Since the intentions were small jobs, it’s perfectly weighted for everyday carry and is comfortable enough to not add discomfort to your pockets.


One might wonder when looking at the description for this knife what it means to have a ‘satin coated’ finish. What this essentially means is both the handle and the tools have a protective coating placed onto them when they are in the final stage to be packaged and shipped. This is what gives the handle its shinier look, but what does it do for the metal really?

Well, unlike an uncoated tool, this protective coating not only gives it a shine but also further protects it against wear and rust. While this is a great thing, this particular way of doing things means that it will eventually wear off through use. It is a coating, which means it is a layer that goes on top of the surface and not through the entire thing.

Of course, if you know how to reapply this coating, or can find out how to do so, you can reapply it later to continue gaining the benefits it offers. There is nothing noting that this particular finish is anything but the basic satin coating, but if it is diamond satin then you will not be able to reapply it, or have it reapplied by anyone other than the manufacturer.


The unfortunate truth of this specific tool is that it has no real locking mechanism to keep any of the tools from closing while in use except for being careful and responsible in their use. Of course, for those of us who have used swiss knives before this is rather typical when using one. Most of them slide to a semi-stable hold, with the knife being the one tool that seems to have a slip grip style hold.

Enough pressure can cause any of the tools to close, but if held properly you aren’t likely to have that issue at all. This knife shouldn’t be used for things that would really require enough pressure to end up causing it to close, especially when held properly for its size.


Despite the fact that this multi-tool has so much to offer, from its build quality to the materials, it really won’t break you and is worth every penny asked for it. For this everyday tool, you only have to pay a little more than you would for a plain pocket knife of similar quality, $21 USD and a little change plush shipping. Add to that, you get the same lifetime warranty as you get with the upgraded or alternate versions offered in the line.

For both quality and peace of mind, as well as a set of 11 tools to carry with you this is a great purchase for either yourself or as a gift for someone you know wants or needs their first swiss knife.

Key Features

-Stainless steel
-Lifetime Warranty

Bottom Line

If you are looking for that great quality, lightweight and manageable multi-tool, this is definitely worth looking into. We really have very little we can say to the downside for this multi-tool as a purchase, The biggest thing you should keep in mind, as with any purchase you may make online, is to check the seller and make sure what you are getting is the real deal and not a fake.