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Leatherman Wingman Review Facts

We enjoy bringing you as many options as we can with each and every article we write. With this particular article, we are bringing into focus another pocket knife, or rather a multi-tool, to either add to your collection, complete it, or perhaps become your very first. Whatever the case may be, you will not find yourself disappointed in the knowledge we choose to provide you with so that you can make an informed decision as to whether or not you want to purchase this particular item.

There are a lot of options out there for what you can choose to carry, however, some are better at particular tasks than others. So, what is it this knife does best, and what is the task it might just not hold up to par comparatively? Let us dive into research for you and pull out the nitty-gritty so you don’t have to seek out every available note to have it all right at your fingertips.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Full size

Well designed


14 tools



Primary Use

As with any pocket knife or multi-tool, your primary use is with the knife. However, this is a multi-tool, so while the knife is the first tool you’ll note, it is not the only one that can be reached without truly opening it. The other tool that is automatically accessible are the scissors.
As far as pocket knives go, even multi-tool versions, many bought this one and found they weren’t sure what to make of it. After having thought they might want a full-sized multi-tool, most would end up setting it aside and feeling it was too heavy or clunky to carry around. This is where they felt it lacked- until they realized that it was not meant as a ‘daily’.

This multi-tool is built for heavier jobs, such as construction. That means it is not intended for the day to day small jobs and may seem oversized for them, but when you finally need a full-sized tool to work on bigger scale projects it may quickly become your go-to tool. Most found this to be the case in the end and have since begun carrying it around like it is an everyday tool.

Once this particular tool is in play with your bigger projects, however, you may find that it is worth the extra size and weight to have around. Unlike smaller versions of the multi-tools, it had better grip and more room to work, which is what makes it stand out among the rest.


This model’s blade is made of good steel, and honestly, like most of this company’s items, is high quality and durable. However, unlike some of their other offered knives, those who have used it noted that it needs to be sharpened on arrival to be at its best. This could put a damper on your plans to purchase, but in truth, the edge holds for a good while after it is sharpened to your desired edge.

Overall it is definitely a good blade though, and the tool itself is sturdy, so you don’t have to be concerned that it will lose its value after only a few uses. One of the notable aspects of anything this company chooses to produce is the fact that its blades are listed among the best money can buy. Of course, if you are not used to, or do not have the knowledge on how you may want to have someone else work on the serrated edge of the knife.

Serrated edges can’t simply be sharpened without knowing how, or you could end up either harming yourself or damaging the blade. There are many ways to learn how to do this, and there are places that can do it for you, so even this is a temporary issue and easily resolved.


What else does this wonderful tool have? Well as we mentioned you do get a pair of sharp scissors which are accessible without having to pull the rest of the tool open to get to them. This is a great aspect since both a blade and scissors are usually the most commonly needed items even on big projects.

Along with these two tools, this great product offers other needed items for quick access when you may not be able to get to your toolbox right away. For instance, these have a pair of spring-loaded pliers, which means better grip and pressure for using them, just like with your toolbox set. The pliers supplied in most multi-tools do not come spring-loaded and this can decrease their usefulness.

They also offer a pair of wire cutters, which for using around the house or garage can seem pointless at first, until you hit that point where you realize that you absolutely cannot do without them. Many of us have run across this issue with numerous tools, only realizing why you’d need them after you do, and then seemingly needing them every time you can’t get to them. This multi-tool would have you covered quickly.

Other tools that this particular model has includes both a flat and Philips head screwdriver, can opener, bottle opener, file, ruler and even a clamshell opener. While a few of these may not seem useful, several of them are incredibly useful. We all know that we will end up calling on both screwdrivers, after all, you always seem to run into the screw you don’t have the right tool for-or is that just us?


The metal on this particular tool is made of solid steel, the press-made pieces, and what that means is you can bet on it lasting. The construction itself is notably solid, and there isn’t a lot in the way of ‘give’ when you are holding it. This tool doesn’t feel like its parts are going to push and bend or snap apart after only a few uses, like other products we have seen. They are well put together and the bolts hold with enough strength to not even have much of a ‘wobble’ during use.

Once you have sharpened the edges for your knife, these two also prove durable and long-lasting. It holds an edge for weeks at a time without truly needing to be sharpened again, which is a quality very few multi-tools seem to carry outside of this particular company. Not only do the edges hold, but even if you do note some wear in the blade after a while, most have stated that it is easily buffed and sharpened back to perfection without having to sacrifice on anything.

The screwdrivers also seem to hold up under pressure and don’t slide as easily as some, making it easy to use them without having to constantly fight them staying out and ready as you work. They are also built so they fit into every screw head you may come across, and if the usual flathead is too wide, there is a smaller one at the top of the ruler/file combination tool. This means you will have what you need on hand regardless.

The only downside to any of the tools is the clip. It simply does not hold up to the weight of the tool it is on and most found they had to switch to a sheath if they wanted to keep it on their belt instead of in their pocket. Considering the weight and size of the tool, however, this wasn’t all that surprising.


Most people are looking for lightweight when they are purchasing a multitool, but considering that this one is considered full-size, you can’t really expect it to be entirely light. You do get the benefit, however, of not carrying the weight of every single useful tool that it hands you, which is very beneficial. To put it in perspective, this tool weighs 7 oz, and the combined weight of both screwdrivers, the knife, a pair of scissors and a wire cutter is about 20oz altogether.

You are basically cutting your tool weight to about one third just on those tools alone, and all of them are high-quality steel, so they will work as good if not better than trying to hull all of them separately. This isn’t ‘lightweight’ but is it an advantage when you really bring it into the point with what you would otherwise be looking at for full-size tools.


This particular model only has one finish, but it is not one to flinch at. Instead of trying to impress with a varying shade of colors, the steel is all but polished to a fine silver shine. The way this tool looks gives it both something you can be proud of and have it feel professional as well.

The beauty doesn’t falter from one tool to the next, either. The tool goes together and holds its shine no matter which part of it you are taking in, and its build only makes it look that much more sleek than you could think a bare steel tool could be. The only real ‘color’ comes in when or if you decide to add on a sheath for your tool.

If you do decide to add this accessory onto the price tag, it can be ordered with a black leather sheath that is just as well crafted as the tool itself. Given that the clip doesn’t tend to work well, the professional-looking leather sheath may just become your ‘finishing touch’ to this great tool.


Most multi-tools and pocket knives offer some kind of safety lock for the cutting aspect of the tool. With this one, you have a liner lock for both the knife and the scissors which are a great feature according to those who have used this tool. In our research, we couldn’t find anyone who said they had an issue with this who have used any knife or cutting tool before and uses them correctly.

So, what is a ‘liner lock’, and what makes it something that may or may not be up for your tasks? This type of lock is a springboard style locking mechanism which can be operated one-handed both when locking and unlocking- at least of it is done right. When you pull the knife (or scissors) open on this tool a springing metal piece snaps into place which prevents the tool from closing.

When this is made correctly, it will hold your tool open and keep it from closing on you while you are working. As expected, this company has this lock done perfectly, and even to where the rough part comes in with others, closing it. No one has had an issue so far with using a single hand to press the bar back out of the way and slipping the tool closed again.

Knowing your tool is well put together with the bolts and how tightly everything is secured is most important in the safe side of things. If the pieces seem insecure and wobble where they are secured, chances are any security mechanism is likely to fail. Thankfully if you are buying Leatherman, you can be literally guaranteed that this won’t be an issue.


This multi-tool runs at a slightly higher cost than some, but given the quality assurance, durability and reliability of the brand, along with it being a full-sized multi-tool, it’s not too much by a long shot. When we looked into it while researching, this tool cost about $60 USD and came with a flashlight. This was a nice extra for purchasing the knife since you may need it while working with your tool, and its small enough to slip easily into your pocket with your keys.

This particular tool also comes with the company’s standard 25-year limited warranty so you can be assured that if there is a defect, they’ll take care of it for you.

Key Features

-14 tools
-Great quality
-Great reputation
-Easy to use
-25-year limited warranty

Bottom Line

If you want a full-size multi-tool and want to be sure you are getting something that lasts and has a great reputation backing it, this is definitely the one for you. If, however, you were wanting not just lighter weight quick tool carrying but wanted the tool itself to fall under ‘lightweight’ for its area, this may not be what you want. This isn’t really for the small jobs, after all, this was built to take on the heavier tasks quickly.