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Meet The Gear Hunt Team

The great outdoors is our life, so we take pride in offering gear reviews that take a close look at the things that matter most and how that gear performs versus how it is intended. From trekking, camping, fishing, boating, and even hunting, this is what we love.
More About TheGearHunt
  • We review products based on the information that is most important to us before setting out on a trip, putting a lot of trust into something, hoping it works right. Rather that sell, we're more interested in peeling back the hype to see what each piece of gear is really all about.
  • Since we are all involved is one outdoor activity or another, the reviews and blog articles we share are all based on experience. If something lives up to its hype, we'll gladly let you all know. Likewise, if a product doesn't hold up like it's intended, we'll share that in detail as well.
  • Our blog articles and hunting tips are as close to post-hunt reports as we can get them, so check back often during the seasons for constant updates.