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Spyderco Dragonfly 2 Review Facts

Whether you are looking for a decent pocket knife with a nice edge, or need something more befitting camping, carving, or hunting, this particular blade has caught the attention of everyone who has come across it. Both urban knife users and those more country have found that this particular knife has quite a few surprising features that make it better than many other competitors. From the shape to the material and even its size draws attention to just how much time and quality went into producing them so that they are reliable to the user. Not every pocket knife needs to have multiple tools to be worthy of checking out, and this one definitely proves it. We wanted to be sure, as always. That this blade got its fair shake on good and bad, and through our research, we have found that it actually has very little said to warrant much negativity at all. In fact, most of those who have handled it could find nothing negative to say at all. That being said we always list what we do find of note for both at the very beginning, so take a look and then check out all the information on the blade below to see if it will meet what you need.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Blade is sharp
  • Great grip
  • Lightweight
  • Belt clip
  • Great shape
  • Legal to carry
  • One handed deployment a little rough
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  • This s a great little blade. The steel is really well made. It is tiny and gets little cuts done so I don't have to look like a crazy person with a large pocket knife. It clips to the pocket nicely. I use it daily and highly recommend.
  • Super sharp and great quality. It is small and super convenient. Although it is small it still feels good in the hand. I also feel if need be, this would make a perfect little self defense weapon.
  • Not a fan of the wiggly clip so I took it off. I just carry it deep in the pocket, no worries. I love this little thing and it is easy to open. I have arthritic hands so everything is hard for these old bones. Great knife.
  • Standard to the Spyderco name. Great steel. It is small and light duty for sure but great quality. It is centered for easy opening and closing. I also am a huge fan of the bidirectional surface of the grip, works really well.
  • I like that Spyderco made this small enough to not be seen in the pocket. It is really close to perfect. I have large hands but that isn't a problem the grio is really well made and holds secure. It works for boxes and food if I need it too, super versatile. The clip seems really secure and isn't difficult so slide on sand off. I wish it was just a bit smoother on the pivot to open with one hand. Other than that, it is a great EDC knife.
  • The steel and the size make this my fave! It came in really sharp and hasn’t dulled. I honestly thought it was going to be brittle but that is not the case. It fits nice in the 5th pocket in my jeans. This one really holds it own against my other knives and holds the edge well.
  • I removed the clip and use my 5th pocket to carry it. It is super small and light but do not be fooled, it is super sharp and holds it. The handle is genius and grips really well for it size. The blade is really tight and great for cutting. I wouldn't use any knife to pry with.
  • The steel is great and it is super light. It fits great in the jean pockets and the clip is reversible. I really like the grip too. It is a really great knife.
  • I have had it for four months and I love it. It is such a small little thing with a killer edge. I was able to cut cardboard and rope super easy when I was helping my buddy move. The handle is genius, like most have said, it is easy to hold and grip.
  • I am amazed at how light this thing is, weightless almost. But, it is extremely tough and sharp! Be careful, it is like a razor and holds its edge really well. Supr thing too and fits great in your little pocket. The overall feel of the knife is really nice and I am just in awe of the grip. The pocket clip is a bit flimsy ad the knife is tight. I ended up loosening it a bit after failing with some WD40.
  • I like carrying this one when i am in a suit. Works much better than my Benchmade, it is a bit bulky. Super great EDC knife and super sharp. I would suggest wiping it with some corrosion oil just to be safe. Perfect for cutting boxes. I now carry it more than my others. Super light and small.
  • The 189 steel is fantastic. It is super small knife but do not underestimate it. It pretty much is invisible in my front shirt pocket. I use it for the mail and for boxes and what not. Very cool little knife and damn sharp too. The grip feels real solid in the hand too.
  • Stays sharp for a long, long time. It also sharpens really easily when it does need a touchup. I haven't had any oxidation issues. The clip holds well and deep. The grip is really aggressively textured making it really sturdy in the hand. Perfect light small fold up knife. I recommend it.
  • I tend to forget I have this on me it is so light and small. The steel is great and the retention is really tight. The knife is so sharp out of the box. I have many EDCs and this is my go too. The clip is rally deep as well and holds in the pocket well. Great value for a great little knife.
  • Great tool. It cuts so easily and is super light and discreet. It is made very ergonomically and the grip holds well. It is a perfect little knife really. The steel is known for its toughness. I recommend it.
  • Like, I am so enamored with this. I love the grip material and design and the lightweight carry is ridiculous, like a feather. The back lock is better than the liner lock I think. I haven't had to get it sharpened yet and it was razor sharp when I got it. I am really happy with this thing.
  • Couple years after buying it I sent it in to get sharpened and a new clip, such a great freaking knife. Well spent money, that is for sure. I am able to grip it well even though it is so tiny. I mean it is a well thought out design and made to cut. Great EDC option for sure. I highly recommend it.
  • I own a lot of Spyderco and I have to say this is my fave. It is so light and sharp and fits right in my pocket without being visible. The steel is fantastic, as always. The thing stays sharp for virtually ever. The green is so dark it is almost black. I have zero complaints with this little beast.
  • I have not been disappointed with the performance of this little knife. The steel is the real deal and it is razor sharp. It is a tough little knife, for sure.
  • This fit my needs perfectly.I usually carry a bit bigger of a knife but needed a more discreet one for work. Man is it tiny and sharp. It holds a edge really well. I now wear it all the time. I sue it for everything. I honestly can't think of a day I haven't used it for something and it still cuts nice. Best knife in its size category for sure.
  • I wanted to take it apart to clean it and holy cow that wasn't happening. I tried for days and it finally popped. Ow, it will not go back together. I ended up having to throw it away. It also went dull real fast. A waste of money.
  • I thought it was going to be bigger by the photos. I sent it back it was WAY too small.
  • It looks so cheap and is ridiculously small. The steel is questionable and super thin. It is stiff to open. I feel like I got ripped off. I can get better knives for $10.
  • The tip broke after a week of just using it to cut boxes and what not. It i so brittle. I was really shocked. It is sharp but no good if it is going to break so easily.
  • Well, that was a waste. The clip snapped off and the knife got lost. I mean rally. I only had it for a week or so. I am super disappointed. Flimsy made crap.
  • The knife got dul too fast and I couldn't get it sharp again. It is super small too and didn't really work well for me.
  • I love the company and own many of their knives. However, this thing here was not good at all. It want that sharp and then it got dirty way to easy, like oxidation. The pocket clip broke off. I must have got a dud.
  • The clip got caught and just snapped right off. It is made really cheap and made me almost lose the knife. They need to fix that.
  • I was expecting something larger. I thought I was getting a bigger knife. For the money this is way too little and not that great really.
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Primary Use

This little knife is handy in near every situation where you need a sharp edge to get your work done. It is Japanese style quality material and solid allowing for you to get the sharpest edge and easiest grind you are likely to find in any pocket-sized knife. It can literally be used for just about any task you might want it for. Great for cutting into most materials, carving and even skinning your catch when hunting. Perfect for camping gear and working with wood. It is solidly built and has several unique features that make it stand out, mainly its size. The small size of only 5&7/16” from the tip of the blade to the end of the handle often has big knife users skeptical at first glance, but after each person has gotten their hands on it to use, not a single one has found themselves disappointed. Where most people, including us, have a hard time saying something is flawless, this one seems to hold as close to that as one can get.


The blade to this knife is at first a very unimpressive 2&5/16” in length, but combined with its grip, and its quality, the opinion is quick to change. Unlike most smaller knives and even some larger ones, these ones handle actually has a place for your pinky to rest on the grip making it one of the most steady knives you will hold. The blade itself is made with a flat grind and has the VG-10 grade steel which makes it super grade quality for anyone who wants to get the best they can for a lower price. One of the finer features is that the blade is upgradeable with a little extra saving. You can choose to get the same knife with ZSP-189 quality grade as well. The shape is the same either way and holds a beautiful arrow-like look that appeals to many. Most have found that VG-10, however, is good enough for the task, and it can be sharpened again if needed. In fact, that was one of the things a lot of users found amazing, just how easy it was to keep sharp enough for their tasks without needing to go overboard on it. This knife has taken the title ‘perfect’ in some people’s opinions, and the fact that a few have found it hard to one hand deploy has been the only thing we could find- though there is a chance that those may have been counterfeit- so be cautious where you buy and who from.


While there are not any accessories per se, there is a choice between one grade of metal for the blade and another. There is also a choice in color for the handle. Both options may or may not cost a little extra to change and are not really accessories in the way that we normally call them. This knife really does not require extra things, however, since it is a pocket-based knife and closes up with its clip already on the handle itself. It is so light-weight that it does not need a pouch to carry it, you can slip it into your pocket easily and it won’t go sliding back out easily. It is a perfect knife for those who want to have something handy that does not require a lot of extra work, money, or accessories to take care of.


This has been praised to be one of the most durable small and lightweight blades available on the market. At only about 1.2 oz. many felt it would not be able to hold up to the tasks they might have it for, however, this pretty knife got everything done without dulling and without falling apart on the user, it holds up to tasks that most would normally use a larger knife for and did a fantastic job. In fact, it did so well on the tasks given that some customers swapped out carrying their usual big knife and pocket knife altogether and prefer to simply carry this one wherever they go instead. If that does not say something about how good you can expect this knife to perform, and how well it holds up, there probably is not much that will convince you to check it out. We found it to be eye-catching to say the least, after all, most who have a preference will not do a double take even after they try something out and it proves better than expected. So, to have a small knife kick out the larger knife on its performance and durability alone has us nodding in approval and agreeing that you may not be able to find something else this close to perfect. However, we have seen a few complaints on buyers who have said that they bought what appeared to be this knife but turned out to be a counterfeit- and on that note, they even gave a way to tell the two apart so that you can know you have the real thing and can expect the level of durability we are talking. The biggest way to tell Is by looking at the lettering on the blade, if it Is authentic it will be stamped into the steel, if it is a fake, it will be acid etched into the blade. So, there you go, if you have the real thing, you can’t get better.


At only 1.2 oz. this is one of the lightest blades you can carry, which makes its high performance and durability something that can truly inspire. Even most smaller knives have a much heavier weight and often cannot stand up to the tasks this one can. It is sharp and can be easily used for multiple style tasks without wearing out and will not make you feel like you are carrying a grenade in your pocket. Instead, many have said they can slide it into their pockets and almost forget it is there until it is needed, or they go to change clothing. In a world where the heavier the blade, the more you expect it to last, and the lighter it is the more fragile it seems, this one cuts out all the preconceived notions that we have. It simply stands out from all others to create a new standard when thinking of a smaller lightweight blade you can easily carry with you.


The blade has an unbelievably good finish for the material it is made from and gives off the feeling of something that has had a great deal more care put into that one would expect. It practically shines and yet has that burnished look that keeps it from being overly jeweled in appearance. With the company name stamped into each piece signifying its authenticity as a Spyderco blade, people have warned that you must check your purchase for the proper marking. The finish along with the stamp will assure you that what you have is the real deal since all copycats seem to have the logo acid etched into the metal rather than in the company’s true style. By doing so, the blade itself will be weaker and likely not look as good as the one truly produced by Spyderco. This blade also offers several colors for the handle, but all of them are sturdy and have a beautiful look to the knife as a whole So, no matter what you decide on, your blade should be perfect when it arrives, if not, check the seller and make sure that what they are selling is the authentic Dragonfly 2 and not a knock off version,


The lock on this particular blade is on the back end of the handle, which makes it easy to slide open with a single hand for most. It appears loose, but like the rest of the knife it is surprisingly sturdy and will not let your knife accidentally open and is easy to put away at the same time unlike may other knives with similar locks. We have found that often it is in putting a knife blade back that the lock is the part that ends up making it difficult, however, everyone seems quite pleased with the ease of this one. It does exactly what it should, make it easy to use. There is an upside as well that often does not seem to be considered when it comes to knives like this- it is easily ambidextrous. What we mean is, right or left handed, you will find it easy to open and close no matter which hand you use.


Ranging between $50 to $70 depending on the metal grade you want for the blade, you will get a much higher price attached. Though it seems pricey for a pocket knife, between the expert craftsmanship and the quality of the product, you aren’t likely to find something as good for the same or lesser price range. With all of the findings, we have come across we simply could not find anyone who was disappointed who actually got the real thing. It got ‘perfect’ across the board for most and it surprised us to see anything with such a word connected to it. We are very careful when we consider each and every product to the board, and we have to say, we find it very, very close. So. What we will say is that we find it to be a great fit for almost everyone and in the customer satisfaction with this one, we feel it is worth every cent spent and then some.

Key Features

-Small size
-Works great for both right and left hand
-Has groves for all of your fingers
-Beautiful authentic look
-Works for nearly any task you could put it to

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a pocket knife that covers every ground it can with flying colors then you are checking out the right piece of equipment. This particular one has all its bases covered and then some. You will find it hard to find any real complaints from those who have checked it out if anything you will only come across a multitude of satisfied customers. The brand itself has a great reputation for good blades, but even those who follow them for all needs in the area have said that by far this is the best one they have designed yet and should be considered by anyone looking to have a reliable blade on them. The only thing we have seen is mention of a slight wiggle to the lock, but it does not affect the blade at all. It still stays put until drawn for use, and the slight give actually makes it easier to put away. All-in-all this pocket knife simply has quality and craftsmanship written all over every single inch.