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Spyderco Tenacious Review Facts

The Spyderco Tenacious ticks a lot of boxes for those looking for a good-sized everyday carry knife. It has a pillar construction. G10 handle scales, a large plain edge, and a full flat grind plus more for a price tag of about $45. The knife is made in China. The pillar construction of the handle makes cleaning the knife easy. It consists of steel layers with G10 scales. To reduce weight, steel is milled. It is an excellent touch for a less expensive knife.

As Spyderco thinks beyond the established practices of the knife industry has caused the introduction of innovations such as a clip that attaches the knife to a pocket, serrations on a folder, and one-handed opening. A group of testers rated the Spyderco Tenacious in the following categories on a scale of one to ten: Edge and Blade Integrity (8), Ergonomics (9), Portability (5), Construction Quality (8), Other Features (0).

They reported the Spyderco Tenacious G10 to be a solid performer that is edged out only by more sophisticated products that cost much more. In a crowded field of knives, the solid simple, and ready for application makes the model stand out.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Blade is extremely sharp on arrival
  • Easy one-handed opening with oversized thumb hole
  • Four-way pocket clip permits multiple draw and carry options
  • Large
  • Rugged
  • Utility use for outdoor tasks such as cutting rope
  • Challenging ‘flick’ opening
  • Coated blade is not bare, stainless steel
  • No assisted opening
  • Stiff action

Primary Use

The knife rides low in the pocket. Deploying the knife is nicely done. The thumb hole, known as the ‘Spyderhole,’ makes accessing the blade with gloves or bare hands easy come rain or shine. It has smooth action due in part to bushings made of phosphor bronze.

The bushings are thin, but the knife flicks open for months and continues to deploy smoothly. The lock of the knife is solid. It has a thick liner. Zero up or down movement is detected as the liner bites into the blade. There is a bit of action from side to side.

The Tenacious is recommended for those seeking a hearty utility knife or a more substantial, affordable EDC knife. It can be used for difficult task guilt-free. A rugged handle, quality metal, and a strong precision blade combine to make accomplishing tasks whether the knife is used occasionally or every day.

There are countless uses for a Spyderco designed knife. They include: outdoors, survival, tactical, in the kitchen, EDC, and collecting. Outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing use blades made of durable materials ideal for rugged and rough use. Knives are vital tools for adventures deep into wilderness environments, woods, and mountains. The handles of Spyderco knives are sturdy as the blades. They are perfect for cutting through branches and rope.

Spyderco makes reliable, practical cutlery for the kitchen for slicing, cutting, and chopping. The EDC can be taken nearly anywhere. The Spyderco knife in a pocket is available when a tool is needed for an unexpected task, to open a package, or cut a string. A knife enthusiast is likely to have the Spyderco Tenacious because of the sleek, durable blade and high-quality handle.


It is 7¾ inches in length with a blade that is 3⅜ inches long. Not only is the blade ling, but it is also relatively wide from spine to edge. The Tenacious leaf-shaped blade is made for 8CR13MOV stainless steel. That steel is not as expensive as Aus 8. Spyderco did an excellent job of heat treating the steel. The 8CR13MOV steel sharpens well. It holds a good edge. The blade does have to be sharpened more frequently than more expensive steel.

The full flat grind of the knife is like a kitchen knife. It is excellent for slicing, especially through cardboard. It has a relatively generic shape. There is sufficient belly for EDC. The blade is available in two options - drop point or straight/serrated hybrid. When assessing the edge and blade integrity, a range of attributes is considered. Initial knife sharpness is considered first.

The Tenacious arrives exceptionally sharp. No knife passes scrutiny if it is dull when taken out of the box. The materials used in the blade affect its sharpening characteristics and integrity. The 8CR13MOV steel used in the Spyderco Tenacious is highly regarded but is not the best steel in the business. 8CR13MOV is a Chinese interpretation of AUS8 steel.

The blade performance is affected by the process used to harden it. Steel that is hardened poorly or unhardened is useless. When poor steel is hardened well, it will perform quite nicely. Manufacturers are tight-lipped about the process used to harden the blade.

Only die-hard reviewers and users with special instruments can deduce the worthiness of the hardening process. Spyderco uses a heat treating process to harden the blade. The hardness of the blade occupies a position in the middle of the test roster.


The pocket clip is a handy feature for the popular folding model. It clips easily over the pocket for easy access and secure carry. The clip can be mounted on the four corners of the knife. It can be carried tip down, tip up, in the right pocket, or left pocket. Left-handed users like the feature. The Spyderco Tenacious has no other accessories.


The Tenacious has an impressive quality build when the price is taken into consideration. Collectors do not claim the knife has the best finish. Minor quibbles include a bit of sloppy grind on the bevels and a little too much milling on the G10 scale near the lock bar.

It is tireless and tough until the job is done. The black F10 laminate handle was milled with fatigue-free, prolonged cutting in mind. Skeletonized steel liners are tucked inside to increase the strength and rigidity without adding bulky thickness or non-functioning weight

Coupled with the blade’s shape, and textured spine jimping and an oversized Spyderco Round Hole the thumb can be positioned and the blade opened in slip-proof confidence. The draw and carry preference is set with a four-way pocket clip and a jimped Walker Liner.

Spyderco remains dedicated to developing and researching better performing materials with reliability and functions. The unique cutlery line is due to designing functional, ergonomic tools. The company conducts rigorous product testing. A CATRA machine is used to examine edge retention. Q-FOG is used to detect the development of rust. The force necessary to open and close the knife is checked. Numerous technical details are analyzed.


The knife weighs four ounces.


The Spyderco Tenacious has a utilitarian form. The ergonomics of the Tenacious makes for a well-designed knife with a relatively big handle. The handle is squared off. Corners have been slightly rounded, and the knife fits nicely in the palm. There is a stigma regarding the knife being made in China.

The advent of high-end manufacturing has made it less of a concern, but it has not entirely dissipated. One tester says he was pleased with the finish and fit regardless of who manufactured it. The back edges of the blade are also squared off and clean. Screws are used in the construction of the knife. The pivots and screws are blackened. The full-size knife is optimized for big hands and heavy tasks. The best ergonomic attribute is the pocket clip that can be configured in four ways.

The blade opens with the right or left thumb in any configuration. The customizability of the knife is welcomed by those who have no strong carrying orientation preference or have a choice and looking for a knife that can be customized.


The lightly textured handle feels good. It is not so abrasive that it will damage pockets, but offers pleasant tactile feedback. The ergonomics prevent the knife from slipping out of hand. It is comfortable and easy to use. The design of the knife provides excellent traction, which is essential for mid-sized folding EDC knives. The jimping and thumb ramp helps maintain control and help keep the thumb in place when power is put behind the blade.

‘Tenacious’ is an appropriate name for a knife that keeps on ticking. It is long=lasting and doesn’t quit until the user does. There are problems with pocket clips on expensive knives. Cheap ones are even more problematic. Fortunately, the clip of the Tenacious provides quality pocket retention without causing the pocket to shred. A signature Spyderco Hourglass shape is responsible

The blade hole is an innovative feature. It is must-have because it makes it safer and easier to use. The blade is forged with alloys that make it strong and durable for performing intended tasks. When sharp knives are being used a reliable grip is needed for precision. Spyderco handles have grooves and curves that feel comfortable when holding and coatings and textures for slip-resistant handling.

The locking mechanism secures the knife in place and makes it easy to operate. Spyderco folding knives, like the Tenacious, feature an original brand design that includes a user-friendly blade hole. It fits into the handles neatly and securely when not in use.

The blade hole is an innovative feature. It is a must-have for a folding knife because it makes it safer and easier to use. The blade is forged with alloys that make it strong and durable for performing intended tasks. When sharp knives are being used, a reliable grip is needed for precision.

Spyderco handles have grooves and curves that feel comfortable when handling and coatings and textures for slip-resistance. The pocket clip is a handy feature for the popular folding model. It clips easily over the top of the pocket for easy access and secure carry. The locking mechanism secures the knife in place and makes it easy to operate.


As for the value of the Tenacious, testers say the knife is well-priced at approximately $45. The consumer gets a lot of knife for the price. The finish, fit, and materials are adequate. It is a well-designed knife.

Testers say they would not likely pay more for the knife. They think is it appropriately priced. Spyderco knives carry a limited warranty against workmanship and materials. The knife’s closest competition is the Kershaw Leek. Leek is a bit more expensive.

It offers a better-assisted opening function and blade. The Leek edge is a better value. Tenacious is one of the least costly. For users with heavy tasks to handle, big pockets, and big hands, the Spyderco Tenacious is an excellent value in the full-size form. The Tenacious is a reasonably priced, exceptional, full-size pocket knife.

Key Features

* 3⅜-inch blade
* 0.125-inch thickness
* 0.5-inch diameter hole
* 7¾-inch overall length
* 8CR13MOV steel used in the blade
* G10 handle material
* Imported
* Weighs four ounces

Bottom Line

The Tenacious is an affordable knife that nicely rounds out the Spyderco line. It has all the features and design elements for which Spyderco is known. Those who purchase a Spyderco knife get a high-quality, reliable tool manufactured and designed for ergonomic comfort and peak performance.

Testers described the knife as a basic, large, and well-made for those with large hands and space in the pockets. The full-size utilitarian blade of the Spyderco Tenacious G10 has some unique features worthy of attention. The testers place the Tenacious in the middle of the performance category. The Spyderco is no exception to the fact that full-sized knives are bulky. Its dimensions put it among the ‘average’ full-size knives.

It is a bit thinner than others, but its depth is more significant. The knife is relatively low-profile in the pocket. The clip ensures the user can carry the knife in a preferred manner, but bulk always hamstrings the portability. The materials will last a long time for day-to-day tasks. It is recommended for EDC, provided there is space to carry it. Tenacious means cohesive and persistent. It is tireless and tough in achieving the best performance. That is a worthy description of a hard-use knife. It is sharp from hilt to tip. The knife offers the greatest cutting edge possible.