Best Schrade Knives Reviewed & Rated for Quality

We can all agree that summer is one of the best times of the year. And, according to the infamous snowman, Olaf, not Frosty – summer is about “all things fun”. Now, if you are like us, the thought that summertime is coming upon us is a sign that you have to start planning your next road trip, summer vacation plans, and the annual camping trip! Don’t you get the excitement and thrill of remembering roasting marshmallows under the summer stars, hanging out with family and friends, having great laughs and conversations, and enjoying the camping experience? Well, just like there is no better time to plan – there is no better time than to start preparing and making sure that all of your gear is in tip-top shape. One piece of gear in particular that we want to talk about today is more in regards to survival, protection, and safety. Do you know what we are talking about?

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Schrade SCHF9 12.1in
  • Schrade SCHF9 12.1in
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Durability
  • Price: See Here
Schrade SCHF36 10.4in
  • Schrade SCHF36 10.4in
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • High Carbon Stainless Steel
  • Price: See Here
Schrade SCHF57 6.3
  • Schrade SCHF57 6.3
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 65Mn High Carbon S.S.
  • Price: See Here

If you guessed the first-aid kit – you are close. What we really walk to talk about is knives. Now, whether you are new to camping or not, it’s incredibly important that you have a high-quality knife with you at all times. Whether its to protect from dangerous animals or perhaps for simple use, like cutting wires, sticks, or perhaps unboxing boxes. Whatever the need may be, we are incredibly excited to share with you our next buying guide, introducing the absolute best Schrade Knives.  For those who might not know, there is nothing that a Schrade Knife can’t do. For veteran campers, hunters, and even fisherman a Schrade knife is a true outdoors companion. With that being said, we took the time to comb through the many different knives offered by this brand and are bringing today the pinnacle of this brand. Aren’t you excited?

Let’s begin!

10 Best Schrade Knives


1. Schrade SCHF9 12.1in

1. Schrade SCHF9 12.1in
When we find a brand that we believe could add a value to the lives of our readers, we are eager and excited to share them. With that said, we are especially excited to share the first product from this particular manufacturer and what the benefits are of opting for this particular product. We are eager to share with you the very first knife on our list, the Schrade SCHF9 12.1in Stainless Steel Fixed Blade Knife, a great piece of innovation that is sharp, worth it, and easy to use. Let’s look at two important points!
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When it comes to knives, individuals have different uses and also knives have different purposes. However, one thing is common about knives, they all need to be durable and withstand the test of time. Since this brand is particularly known for creating great outdoor items, this knife is known as one of the best outdoor survival camping knives, because you never know when an emergency will call for it. With that said, the durability of this knife is high due to the 1095 High Carbon material the knife is made out off. Thanks to this material an individual can rest assured that they will be receiving a high-quality knife.

Lanyard Hole
For ease of use, this brand focused on one unique design element that makes it one of the best knife designs of our modern day. This brand has included a knife where at the end of the holding end, there is a lanyard hole that is reinforced with a carbon frame. Therefore, an individual can carry their hunting knife for however long they want and attach it to their hip without worry for easy access.

Cost And Value
As far as cost and value are considered, individuals need to take into consideration that they are looking at a saturated industry where the options are plenty. However, there are a few brands that exceed above all and this is one of them. This hunting knife is known as one of the best because of the value, the build quality, the durability, and the design. The price may shock a lot of people because it is considered slightly high. However, the real question is, does a person want a quality knife that can withstand the test of time or something that will break while you are fighting a bear in the woods? We think the first one!

  • A trusted brand with years in the knife industry.
  • The well-built knife that is great to carry.
  • Users feel confident when carrying this knife.
  • Meant for outdoor environments where users need knives.
  • Everyday carry knife that is high quality.
  • Users have mentioned that the handle can be a bit large for people with small hands.

2. Schrade SCHF36 10.4in

2. Schrade SCHF36 10.4in
Another phenomenally built product from this expert knife manufacturer, we are eager to share the smaller baby of the previous knife. This one is known as the Schrade SCHF36 10.4in Stainless Steel Fixed Blade Knife, a great piece of craftsmanship for outdoor lovers. Now, there are two great points that are worth notating when it comes to this particular knife. Let’s begin with the first one!
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High Carbon Stainless Steel

When it comes to quality knives, the material design of the knife may be the most important aspect of the knife. No user wants a knife where they will feel that they cannot protect themselves due to the durability or design. Therefore, this brand focused on quality. This knife is made from a powder coated stainless steel high carbon material in the blade. This level of craftsmanship is designed to make the knife stronger, more durable, easier to use, and of course, sharper and stronger. Individuals will feel especially secure when using this knife.

Smaller Frame Size

Users mentioned about the last knife, the first one on the list, that it is somewhat big for their hand. Therefore, we threw this knife into the mix to give users more options. This knife, in particular, is 10.4in stainless steel and a 5 in drop point blade so users with smaller hands can still feel the same amount of security and strength. For the smaller frame size, the brand was not stingy on quality. This is still considered one of the best knives in the industry for the quality.

Cost And Value

As we take cost and value into consideration, users will notice that this particular knife cost less than the last knife. Now, this is only due to the size of the knife. The size of the knife will determine the cost. However, the value is still the same. This is a high-quality knife that is intended for multiple outdoor uses and it is perfect for people that love to camp and want an added layer of security. With that in mind, this knife is completely worth the cost due to the brand's reputation for producing quality items.
  • Expert brand with many users in the camping and outdoor community.
  • Quality knife perfect for people with small hands.
  • The carbon material is durable and perfect for different emergency situations.
  • The blade is reliable and people will feel secure.
  • The TPE handle is ring textured for added grip support.
  • Users have mentioned the tip of the knife is very thin and may chip after a lot of use.

3. Schrade SCHF57 6.3in

3. Schrade SCHF57 6.3in
Let’s talk about one of the babies of this knife family. This knife is intended for use in emergency situations or camping needs. However, the small frame is not to be used like larger knives are. This knife is made from some of the best materials that have made this one of the most trusted brands out there today. Let’s talk about the Schrade SCHF57 6.3inc Steel Knife and two important notes that make it a great knife.
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Thumb Rest

The way a knife is held is as important as the quality of the knife. Therefore, this brand produced a mini-knife that includes a handle slab with a thumb rest that allows for better grip. Individuals, when using this knife, can rest assured that their hand will get perfect traction and grip during any situation. More so, the thumb rest is for added support. Other than that, users have mentioned that they feel an added layer of confidence because of this design element.

Two Security Measures

Another great aspect of this particular hunting and outdoor camping knife is the lanyard hole. For individuals that plan to be outside often, a lanyard hole is a great measure of security to ensure they never lose the knife or it falls out of their pocket of the belt sheath. Oh, did we mention that this knife includes a thermoplastic belt sheath? Yup! That too. The belt sheath is made from a high-grade plastic material and it is designed to withstand high and low temperatures for maximum protection. Individuals can rest assured with these two secure elements that the knife is going to be safe and secured.

Cost And Value

When we evaluated cost and value into consideration for this knife, we were pleasantly surprised by the price of this knife considering the brand’s phenomenal track history. This knife, in particular, is priced fairly low and it may be due to the size of the knife. The small frame means the knife is less. However, the value that has made this brand one of the best today is still there. What we can say is that this may be one of the best starter knives for individuals to use and it is also a perfect small knife for easy carry.
  • Great starter knife with the same quality as other bigger knives.
  • A multi-carry belt sheath that is made from some of the best materials today.
  • The knife is made from a high carbon steel material that will not rust or wear and tear easily.
  • The knife is designed so individuals can grip easily.
  • The trusted brand with a great track history of knife craftsmanship.
  • Users have mentioned that the sheath can be somewhat uncomfortable to use depending on the situation at hand.

4. Schrade SCHF3N

4. Schrade SCHF3N
Is a zombie apocalypse coming or are you worried about camping alone? Well, no matter the case, the worry, or the situation at hand, this next knife from this particular manufacturer is known as one of the best quality extreme survival knives out there. Let’s talk about the Schrade SCHF3N Extreme Survival Knife that includes one nifty feature that the other ones above do not. With a quality design and expert craftsmanship, we are eager to share with you this particular knife. Let’s begin!
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The Handle Design

Some manufacturers will focus primarily on the quality of the knife blade. However, this manufacturer not only cares about the knife quality, but also they take the handle into deep consideration. With that in mind, we believe that this may be one of the best-designed handles in the industry today. For example, the handle design includes a deep finger pattern that allows for maximum gripping. More so, the jimping on the spine gives individual a secure grip so they can handle and wear the handle easily and effortlessly.

The Sheath

Another important aspect of this particular knife that the manufacturer took into consideration is how individuals would be wearing or carrying the knife. With that, this manufacturer has included a sheath that is designed from some of the best materials in the industry today. The sheath is made from a heavy during black nylon material that includes a tempered plastic insert. With that, individuals can carry the knife securely and safely to ensure it does not get chipped or the individual accidentally hurts him or herself while carrying it. Safety first!

Cost And Value

It’s time to talk about cost and value when it comes to this knife. Now, what makes this knife incredibly durable and great for all type of situations is the design and the quality of the knife. This brand is known for producing some of the best knives in the industry and this one is no different. However, what makes this knife even better is that it is made from a heavy-duty black carbon stainless steel that looks pretty epic. Think Resident Evil meets Terminator! We believe, the price heavily reflects the quality.
  • A high-quality knife designed with an easy to carry handle.
  • The black carbon look is very appealing.
  • The Micarta handle is high quality.
  • The length of the knife is perfect for both small hands and large hands.
  • The knife includes a large storage pouch.
  • Lanyard hole for an added layer of security if individuals want to attach it to their pants or carry it easily around their hand while in use.
  • Users can say this knife may be somewhat expensive.

5. Schrade SCHF52

5. Schrade SCHF52
Known as the strong performing companion that every outdoor lover needs, this knife brand has focused their career on creating some of the best and most trusted quality knives out there. This next knife that we will discuss includes a more traditional knife look and it may be one of the best on this list as far as easy to carry and easy to use. Let’s talk about the Schrade SCHF52 Frontier knife and what makes it one of the best available knives in the industry today. Here are two important points worth talking about.
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Dependable Build

When an individual wants a high-quality outdoor knife, they are primarily looking for dependability and design. With that said, this brand has created just that in this knife. The build is made from some of the best materials and the dependable knife includes a stealthy looking and convenient to use black polyester sheath that can be attached to the belt. With that, it is safe to say that no design element is overlooked when each individual knife is designed. Let’s look at point number two of this particular knife.


As far as durability, it is safe to say that all of the knives we are talking about are high quality. Now, what makes this one especially durable and great to use is that it is made from a high carbon steel that is both reliable and extremely strong. More so, the brand has included a sharpening stone so individuals receive the traditional sharpening element that makes having an outdoor knife so enduring. Continuing on reliability, the reliability of this knife extends to the handle thanks to the perfect texture TPE handle that includes texture rings for great grip.

Cost And Value

As we take cost and value into consideration or this particular knife, it is important to say that this knife includes a more traditional knife design that has put this brand on the map. More so, this particular knife is made from high-grade steel that adds an extra layer of durability and functionality so users can feel that they can use the knife all year long. With that, the cost is standard to other knives on the list and users will not be surprised by the price. However, they will be surprised by what a great quality knife this is.
  • The dependable knife that many users love and appreciate.
  • High-quality steel material that can withstand wear and tear.
  • Perfect for all different outdoor environments and situations.
  • Users gain confidence when using this knife.
  • The lanyard hole makes it easy for individuals to carry the knife.
  • This spin includes grip jimping so individuals can grip and grab the knife easily.
  • Users have mentioned the quality of the sheath does not match the quality of the knife.

6. Schrade SCHF45

6. Schrade SCHF45
It is time to talk about a different kind of knife when it comes to build materials and design. This next knife includes a large blade and a firmer smaller handle. From one of the top quality brands in the outdoor survival knife industry, this next knife is perfect for outdoor use and users will love the feel and grip of it. Let’s talk about the Schrade SCHF45 Leroy Stainless Steel Full Range outdoor knife. Here are two important points worth notating. Let’s begin!
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Durable Blade

Now, the blade of his particular knife is somewhat different than many of the other knives on this list. However, it does not mean it is any less durable. It is perfect for cutting wood, or in the case of emergencies, fighting off zombies and bears. What we can say, is that this knife is high quality. The durable blade is made from a Stainless-Steel material that is High Carbon and Titanium Coated. What does this mean? Essentially, it is one of the strongest knives an individual can buy today!

Trusted Brand

What makes this knife particularly unique is that it is created from a brand that is known for manufacturing and designing some of the best outdoor knives in the industry today. More so, this brand focuses on giving consumers what they desire the most, reliability and strength. This knife, in particular, is designed to withstand the test of time and it is known as one of the best knifes an individual can purchase for outside purposes.

Cost And Value

As we take cost and value into consideration for this knife, we have to include that this knife is made from one of the industry’s leading experts in the knife game. Now, as far as this knife goes, it is designed with a bowie blade and one of the best handles out there. As far as cost, the knife is standard to many other knives. However, the design is very different, so individuals should take their time when considering this knife. It all depends on what an individual will be using the knife for and from there, they can better decide what knife is best suited for him or her.
  • The dimensions of the knife make it easy to carry and easy to use.
  • The titanium handle is really high quality.
  • The TPE handle slabs makes it a high-grade knife to use.
  • Users have mentioned that this knife includes a finger guard and a non-slip design handle.
  • The knife is also incredibly appealing.
  • Users have mentioned that out of the box, the blade is not as sharp as they hoped for.

7. Schrade SCHF30

7. Schrade SCHF30
We are coming towards the end of this list and we had to include this specialty knife in here somewhere. This next knife from this manufacturer is designed with quality in mind and good grip. In fact, there are two features we will mention that make it one of the best knives if individuals want a lightweight, traditional style knife that had a point fixed blade. Let’s talk about the Schrade SCHF30 Full Tang Clip Point Fixed Blade Knife and what makes it so special in this industry.
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The Grip

One of the most important aspects of an outdoor knife that this manufacturer focuses on is the grip. Why is the grip so important? Well, without a steady and clean grip an individual won’t be able to use the knife effectively. With that said, this knife includes a full grip design that includes a thumb ramp for better thumb grip and movement, as well as a jimping and finger guard handle slab. Now, this grip design is only enhanced by the quality of the grip, which includes ridges for added support.

The Blade

Another great aspect of this particular knife is the blade. The blade of this knife is made from one of the most quality materials in the knife industry, a trademark for this excellent manufacturer. The knife is made from a high carbon stainless steel material that also includes a steel clip point blade that is extra sharp. This design allows for the knife to easily cut through anything. Use wisely!

Cost And Value

As far as cost and value, this particular knife is somewhat low compared to other knives on this list. With that in mind, users can expect the same quality value as far as design, materials, and durability from this brand that one would get from other knives by this company. Therefore, the low cost should not be a worrisome thought as to the quality. In fact, most of the cost is determined by the size of the knife and this one is perfectly sized for individuals of all hand sizes.
  • The quality knife designed with maximum comfort grip.
  • The stainless steel body is durable and can withstand the test of time.
  • One of the best knife manufacturers in the industry.
  • High-quality materials were used in the creation process.
  • The length is perfect for various hand sizes.
  • The sheath is included for added knife protection.
  • Users have mentioned the sheath makes it hard for individuals to remove the knife.

8. Shcrade SCHF28

8. Shcrade SCHF28
It is time to talk about another baby of the family with the cost and value of the big game players. This next knife is known for its small size with big impact. With a re-curved design, this fixed blade knife is known as the Schrade SCHF28 Little Ricky Full Tang Drop Point knife, one of the best for an awesome looking knife straight out of a Game of Thrones episode. Let’s talk about why people call it this unusual but fun name and what makes it one of the best for individuals looking for a particular outdoor knife.

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The Size

Known for its unique name, individuals will quickly realize that this is one small knife that can pack a punch. However, this manufacturer designed it this way for users that wanted an inconspicuous looking knife that was easy to hold, little, and packed a lot of value. Now, the size makes it very easy to store and hold in one hand. With a great and powerfully steady grip design, users will not feel little, they will feel big amounts of confidence with this particular outdoor knife.

The Blade

One of the best elemental designs of this particular knife is the blade. The blade includes a recurve drop point design that makes it easy to slice through things in a back and forth motion, unlike the knives that are only sharp on one end. This design makes it easy for individuals to easily use the knife and for individuals to trust the blade whenever it is in motion. However, this type of design means individuals need to be particularly careful when using the knife. More so, the blade is made from an incredibly strong high carbon stainless steel that can pretty much cut through anything.

Cost And Value

When talking about cost and value of this particular item, what brings up the price is the design of the knife. The cost is actually close to that of knives that are double the size. However, it is the fact that it is small, fits perfectly anywhere, and includes the same strength-design as another premium quality knives from the same brand that brings up the cost and the value. If one is considered about the cost, take into consideration the amazing materials that this brand has used to create this quality knife.
  • Leading edge brand with plenty of years experience.
  • The quality knife designed for expert use.
  • A small compact knife that is easy to store.
  • The lanyard hole means individuals can easily carry the knife.
  • Nylon fiber sheath is included so users can connect it to their belt.
  • Users have mentioned that the knife came out of the box somewhat dull.

9. Schrade SCHA3BS

9. Schrade SCHA3BS
As we come to closer towards the end of this list, we think we are introducing some of the coolest knives individuals can buy from this brand. This next knife is actually designed completely different than many other knives on this list. This is the first folding knife from this brand. Finally, right? Well, here it is, the Schrade SCHA3BS MAGIC Assisted Folding Knife. There are some really cool features that make this knife one of the best available knives in the industry. Let’s begin!
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It Folds

So, what if we told you that you can get the same quality knife that we have talked about above, but it folds? That is essentially what this knife is, this is one high-quality knife that includes a foldable design that makes it incredibly easy to store. More so, the foldable design is used as a safety concern and security measure. But, the awesome design elements do not end there! This brand has even included a safety lock design so individuals can lock the knife in the case they are around children or other individuals.

The Quality Build

The build of this knife is known as one of the best for this brand, and overall the foldable knife industry. This knife, in particular, is made from a black stainless-steel blade that is also partially serrated tanto. Now, we will not bore you with the specifics of what that means, but essentially it is extremely strong, durable, and amazingly sharp if an individual keeps it sharp. This is beneficial for individuals that need it for emergency situations or outdoor use.

Cost And Value

When taking cost and value into consideration, we were pleasantly surprised by how low priced this knife actually is. It is higher than smaller knives, but lower than bigger knives, considering that it includes add-on features. Now, the value cannot price cannot compete with the value. We could spend a lot of time talking about the benefits of this knife and we believe if an individual wants locking durability, this is it!
  • Black stainless steel knife that is incredibly appealing and easy to use.
  • Easy to store due to the size.
  • The knife is made from high-grade materials.
  • The grip is easy to carry and easy to handle.
  • The safety lock is very useful to prevent accidents.
  • This brand has included a pocket clip with this knife.
  • Users have mentioned that a couple of the pieces of this knife are plastic, which they wish were metal.

10. Schrade Old Timer

10. Schrade Old Timer
As the last quality knife on this list, we are eager to share this knife which is very different than the knife's above. With a traditional pocket knife flair, this is known as the man’s carving knife. Let’s talk about the Schrade Old Timer 24OT Splinter Carvin' Traditional Pocket Knife and what makes it one of the best knifes an individual can purchase from this manufacturer today. Let’s begin with two important points users should take into consideration.
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Traditional Pocket Knife

When individuals think of a pocket knife, they tend to think of the small multi-use knives that were made famous by shows like Walker Texas Ranger or other authentic old shows. Well, that is exactly what this knife is! This knife is known as the traditional pocket knife. However, this brand has included modern and high-quality grade materials in the creation process. As far as what a traditional knife means, is that it includes the multi-use design with multiple tools. These multiple tools are a detail blade, a straight gouge, gouge score blade, a hook blade, and a v-score blade.

Multi-Use Design

Now, one of the best features of this knife is the multi-use functional design. In fact, with this knife users can carve a turkey, chisel any item, and straight gouge a zombie. With that, individuals should be very careful when using this knife because all of the tools are sharp.

Cost And Value

As far as cost and value go, we can say that individuals will love the quality of this traditional pocket knife. With an authentic look alongside the modern high-quality material, we can say that the cost is definitely worth it. In fact, considering that it is made by one of the highest rater knife companies out there, the cost of this knife is relatively low. Compared to the competition. However, for the value, we say, go with this one!
  • A high-quality knife that is perfect for multi-use.
  • The blades are made from a high carbon steel material that can cut through anything.
  • Sharp and easy to use.
  • Compact design can easily be stored in the pocket.
  • Heat treated springs in the back add to the quality design elements.
  • Users have mentioned that it could be a bit sharper.

Now, before you just purchase any Schrade Knife, it’s important that you are prepared for what it means to own one of these knives. In truth, knives can not only be incredibly helpful – they can also be dangerous. With that being said, we highly advise that, if anyone is interested in owning one of these knives, it’s vital to understand what it means to take care of, maintain, and use the knife. Moreover, we also suggest that interested readers and consumers should get clear about why they might need a Schrade knife. Since these knives are probably one of the best products in the knife market today – you want to make sure that you are purchasing the right product for your every need, which is why we are here for you – which was the purpose of this very article!

Our genuine goal with today’s guide was to share with you the very best of products from this brand and hopefully help you find the product that matches your needs. In addition, we wanted to answer all of your questions and offer the solutions you are looking for. We spent a wealth of time, as you will learn below, evaluating products, ensuring the highest-quality, safest, and most secure knives on the market. So, whether you are camping, fishing, hunting, or simply hiking through the woods, you know that you are safe with a Schrade Knife from whatever is happening in Nature’s backyard. With that being said, we want to ask one last question before we share some more information regarding our product selection process:

What product on our list today spoke to your needs and wishes?

Criteria Used to Evaluate Schrade Knives

After spending the amount of time that we have studying the Schrade Knife market, we can say, with confidence, that it can be challenging for consumers, such as yourself, to figure out what type of knife is best suited for your needs. Whether you are looking for a knife for security, protection, hunting, or even fishing, consumers are bound to find a style and design from Schrade. Given the vast number of options, styles, and designs, it’s understandable how some consumers might be overwhelmed. With that being said, our goal with this article was to help make your decision process much, much easier. Now, you might be wondering, how can we ensure that the products you read about today are the absolute best from Schrade?

Well, prior to even doing any research for this buying guide, we took our time in creating our evaluation process. We wanted to ensure each consumer that whatever product made our list – it made it for a reason. In this, we established and created a list of the most important criteria and standards that consumers are most interested in when it comes to Schrade Knives. Using this, it helped us weed through a wealth of different products and select only the very best for readers today. Without further ado, if you want to learn more about our selection process, keep on reading!

Type of Material

As we started off this buying guide, the first standard or piece of criteria that we thought was important was the type of material used in constructing the specific knife. Now, you should know, when it comes to Schrade, you are investing in some of the best materials used in this industry. Even though we did know this, we wanted to make sure that our readers that are hunters, fishers, or even regular knife-aficionados knew that, whatever product we shared today was made from only the very best materials. In this, for each product that we evaluated, we first started off by scanning how the product was constructed. This included scanning the materials used, not only for the blade, but also the handle, grip, and any other applicable parts of the knife.


Have you ever purchased a knife before, or any product for this purpose, and after a few uses, all the sudden it breaks or shows signs of wear and tear? This is a common case and scenario for consumers that really don’t pay attention to the durability aspect, which is why it was one of the major pieces of criteria that we used to evaluate each Schrade Knife. With that being said, as we look at each knife, we carefully looked at different aspects of the product, including its coating, resistances, quality of materials, and how the manufacturer ensured consumers on the durability of their product. Now, Schrade made this part of our research incredibly easy. Every single one of their knives is constructed with the same precision and durability. In this, every product is very durable and can withstand extensive use, as long as the owner takes care of the knife. Whether you are a hunter, fisherman, or simply looking for a knife – this brand is known for durability and longevity. Does over 100 years’ in business help justify that?

Size and Weight

As we have discussed throughout this article, the size and weight of a knife is a crucial aspect for consumers. In reality, who wants to purchase a heavy-weight and bulky knife? No one! However, for some reason, there are still producers that are making these types of knives. Now, when we looked at Schrade Knives, we knew that whatever products we picked needed to boast in lightweight features – and offer a unique and concealing design. Whether you are looking for a knife for camping, hunting, or simply protection – we can say that each product on today’s list offers the perfect small size to fit in concealed places – while also lightweight properties so that you don’t feel as if are bearing more weight.

Cost and Value

When it comes to picking out the best product – you need to always consider the price tag. While it may seem like common sense, consumers are not looking at price tags the way they should. Think about it! When you are purchasing a product, are you looking at a price tag based on what you can afford or what that price tag actually represents? Its when an individual takes the time to understand the price and the value of a product can an individual know, for sure, that they are getting their money’s worth. In light of this, as we started to evaluate each product for this article, we measured the price as far as what the price range was for this brand. Once we were able to track what products were the most expensive, and the cheapest, we were able to draw conclusions regarding the best-priced knives. Now, we did not stop there. We also looked at each knife and what value they offered consumers. Did it have a special resistance? Was the knife lightweight? Did it have a unique safety feature? These are questions that we tried to answer when picking out products.

Security and Safety

It goes without saying that knives can be dangerous. With that being said, it’s important that manufacturers take security and safety into consideration when constructing their product. When it comes to Schrade, it’s evident that security and safety are at the forefront of their minds when building their knife. Furthermore, when we were evaluating each knife for our list, we really looked at each product and the safety features it offered each consumer. In addition to this, we checked with previous customer reviews to see what people were saying regarding the security and safety of the knife.

Design and Appeal

One of the last parts of our research that we conducted had to do with the idea of the design and appeal of the knife. Now, when we did this buying guide, we really tried to focus more on the actual knife itself as far as quality, rather than appeal. However, we understand that we as consumers really like to have appealing products. Doesn’t fishing sound better when you have a nicer, visually appealing knife? Anywho, after we started to select the best products from Schrade based on quality – we started to evaluate the final contenders based on their design. What you will find on today’s list are the best knives from this brand, alongside the best aesthetically pleasing as well.


The last aspect that we want to talk about with our readers today is regarding functionality. What this means is – how functional is the knife? Can the knife be used on multiple different occasions or uses? Now, studying the knife market, we learned that there are an assortment of knives for varying uses: hunters, campers, fisherman, hikers, law enforcement, and even protection or security. With that in mind – as we evaluated each knife on our list today, we wanted to share with consumers a wealth of options that provided the functionality for whatever you might need. To figure this out, we looked at dozens upon dozens of knives and read their product descriptions. In this, the manufacturer typically shared with consumers the many uses for the knife. As always, we checked with the reviews to ensure that people had noticed or mentioned the functionality of the product before it could secure a spot on our list.


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Q: Why should someone buy a Schrade Knife?
A: When it comes to the knife market, there are not many brands out there like Schrade. With well over 100 years’ experience in manufacturing and producing knives, this brand is easily one of the most respected companies out there. In fact, most knife experts can agree that Schrade is easily one of the top 5 brands of knife producers in the history of knife production. This brand has built their reputation based off of their unique and patented designs, alongside some of the best grips, durability, and functionality. Whether you are a hunter, fisher, or simply looking for a secure knife, Schrade is most certainly a brand worth your consideration.

Q: How durable are Schrade knives?
A: As far as knives are concerned, there are not many that can compete with the durability of Schrade. These knives are designed to last. This can be seen by the very materials used to construct the knives, the coating and resistant properties of the product, and even the handle and grip. If you have any doubts about durability, Schrade can alleviate that easy very quickly.

Q: Can Schrade Knives Rust?
A: Evidently, Schrade Knives are not designed to rust. If you purchase a product from this brand, you are really investing in a high-quality knife built to withstand much of nature’s elements. With that being said, there is a risk that these knives can rust. As many previous consumers have said, it’s incredibly important that owners take care of their knives. If you are not careful after getting the blade or grips wet – you are increasing the likelihood of wearing the coating down. With that being said, the advice that many people share is that, once the blade is wet, be sure to dry it immediately with a soft cloth.

Q: How do you clean a Schrade Knife?
A: If you are a first-time knife owner, you should know, taking care of a knife is incredibly important. In truth, whether it’s dirt or perhaps everyday bacteria – any of these can damage your knife and actually do more damage than you think. With that being said, it’s crucial that you, as a responsible Schrade Knife owner, do your part in caring for your new product. With that being said, we obviously suggest that, before using any specific chemicals or products, always check the company’s product description and instructions upon receiving the product. They will most likely share a maintenance and caring plan for your new knife. In the event that you do not have any information on cleaning, it’s highly suggested to use as minimal chemicals as possible. It’s best to stick with softer materials and rags, water, and mild soaps.

Q: What is a coating?
A: If you noticed, throughout today’s article, there were many times that we talked about the coating of the knife. Now, this is an incredibly important facet of every single type of knife on the market. Evidently, the better the brand and quality of knife, the better the type of coating. If you are a beginner, a coating is simply a type of resistant material that is infused onto the blade itself. Chances are, you have seen this before visually – like in pictures. For example, have you ever seen a picture of a blade and it was black? Chances are, that product has a coating. A coating is meant to help protect the blade from any potential corrosion damage.

Q: Is it easy to sharpen a Schrade knife?
A: As an owner of a Schrade Knife, it’s your responsibility to care for the blade. One of the biggest responsibilities of any owner is to sharpen the blade. Otherwise, you risk it getting dull, which is probably, and arguably, the worst thing that an owner can do. Now, if we can be honest, sharpening a Schrade knife will take some practice, as will sharpening any knife. With this, after an individual reads the instructions that come with the knife, or with a sharpening, it is relatively easy. However, it’s vital that an individual is careful when sharpening their knife, especially when it’s their first time. Be sure to read the instructions carefully and practice slowly.


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