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Savage 93r17 Review Facts

If you are doing some small varmint hunting or looking for a great starter rifle the Savage 93r17 is the rifle to have. For shot after shot placement the AccuTrigger eliminates the creep in your trigger. The easy to adjust trigger can be set t your pound preference. For quick reload it has a detachable magazine. The rifle is a 5+1 round capacity. This inexpensive priced rifle makes it a perfect pick for hunting small species.

The durable finish of the rifle gives it a quality feel and look. The bolt action rifle comes in standard a heavy metal or standard contour barrels, with a variety of stocks from camo, wood grain and synthetic. They all have sling swivel bases that are detachable. Users with even and impressive firearm collections own this gun and it remains one of their favorites.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Adjustable Trigger

Durable Quality finish

Cameo or wood like finish



Feeding issues with the magazine to start out

Double hand magazine release

Primary Use

It serves as a dual purpose for being a small game or pest control rifle and for plinking shooting. It can be a great training rifle for those that are not familiar with firearms or for learning the basics of of firearm safety. The extreme ease of use and the little to almost no recoil is a nice feature when just starting out. Those with a smaller frame find it easy to carry and maneuver the rifle. Use on small game, rodents and up to foxes, if you shoot in the right spot. Many users enjoy using the 93r17 for plinking, it is just reliable and fun.

The accuracy of the Savage rifle is very accurate, at 100 yards this can shoot many bullets in .75” groupings. Hitting 90% of the rounds fired at 50 yards small game and pests don’t have a chance. Set up a few targets with your friends and put it to the test for yourself.


The length of the barrel varies depending on the style but most are a 21” with a standard contour or a heavy barrel. The appearance of the rifle looks dependable and robust. It has a sturdy feel, durable and is easy to clean. The heavy barrel can take plenty of shots before it starts to heat up. A bipod is recommended and most users referred method for use with this rifle.

Cleaning your rifle will keep it accurate, dependable and add to the longevity of the rifle. When cleaning the barrel remove the bolt. Lay the rifle with the ejection port facing down horizontally. Using a brush and a small amount of powder solvent push the cleaning rod through the barrel several times. Place a patch tip on the rod to run through the bore and run it out the muzzle. Once doing that several times use a new patch saturated in gun oil and repeat. Put a dry new patch through to remove any excess oil.

To keep the exterior metal barrel looking great and remaining rust free you it is recommended to clean it as well. Simply remove the bolt, and with a dry cloth remove the debris. Apply a light coat of gun oil on all the surfaces. Rubbing any areas needed to remove any signs of rust. A recommendation is to wipe your rifle down after using in moist weather to keep it from rusting. Also carrying it in a secure case will help as well.

Stock Options

There are stock options depending on which rifle style you choose. There is black synthetic, cameo and thumb hole wood grain stock. The thumb hole stock offers an added level of stability to your firing position. The thumb hole is in a comfortable position that gives you a comfortable grip and feels secure in the shoulder. It is positioned for anyone to use from smaller hands to larger hands without making your hand feel stretched.

The 93r17 HMR has the Accu Trigger feature. This allows the shooter to have some flexibility to set the trigger to their preference. It will eliminate the creep some experience with other guns. It gives you the crisp, clean trigger pull. It does have a fail safe position if you try to set the trigger to light. This gives an accurate and precise shot every time.

The synthetic stock has a little lighter feel but is very durable and easy to clean. The cameo version has a plastic stock. The wood grain stocks have a smooth durable finish with a rich look. No matter what your style of stock you choose they are easy to maintain and clean to remain looking like new. Most have a checkering on the forend for a nice grip while the stocks remain smooth. Depending on your stock and barrel the rifle weight will be different. There is a style or version to fit every users comfort.


The 93r17 ranges in weight depending on which style you choose. The lighter style is 5 pounds for the F, Fss and Camo models. The BRVS and BCVSS are approx 6 pounds and the heaviest model being 7.5 pounds. This rifle with quality materials and durablity in mind is pretty light. Even with the heaviest model it is still light enough that if you have a younger or smaller framed person starting out with this rifle, it is easy to maneuver. Most users recommend and prefer to use a bipod with the 93r17 as well.


The 93r17 is a pretty basic rifle that doesn’t need many extras but there are options available. As I mentioned before one of the main accessories users purchase right away is a bipod. Great for using on a range or an open field for small game hunting. Slings come in a variety of material and some have extra pockets, for ease of carrying your rifle. Cheek pads can be ordered however this is more for cosmetic reasons. There is such little to no recoil you do not need it for comfort. Some come with a little pocket which is nice to put our license in it to always have on hand when using the rifle.

Scopes are a primary accessory that most will put on the rifle. It is extremely accurate at distances of 100 yards out but having a scope just zeros it in for quick aim. The rifle does have a pre-installed scope base which makes mounting a scope even easier. Most retailers will sell the rifle and scope as a package which is even better, all you have to do is zero it in and start using.

It comes with a 5 + 1 round capacity for quick reload however many users state go ahead and purchase the 10 round box magazines. Especially when using the rifle for plinking the 10 round just saves time from load and reloading.


As with any firearm, your choice of ammunition depends on what you are using the rifle for that day. The cost of most 17 HMR is higher than that of a 22 calibur but usually easier to find. In general the most preferred by almost all users is the Hornady 17 V Max. These are quick and accurate however on a windy day they will be effected. You will have to adjust for that on those windy days. The other benefit of using this ammo is that there was no misfires. It is a perfect match for loading, accuracy and dependability.

The A17 is the cheap ammo that is less than accurate however when used with the 93r17 it turns these least accurate to probably the most accurate these cartridges will get. These are not the preferred by any means but it if you are just plinkng around they are an inexpensive day at the range. There is a lot of misfire and errors in discharging fired cartridges.

A selling feature about this 93r17 it is accurate and fun to use. Set up ta variety of items like tomatoes, water filled balloons at different distances and purchase a few different types of ammo to test out. Even those that have been shooting for years enjoy this one.


The easy use of the Savage 93r17 is nice when you just want to pick it up for a little pest control. It is quick, dependable and accurate. As with any firearm loading it should only be done when in a field, at the range or in the area you are ready to shoot. Check that the firearm is on safe and that there is nothing in the chamber area or obstructing the barrel. Load your box magazine with ammunition. There is a small tab at the rear of the magazine that helps guide it in. Once loaded and in a safe location insert the magazine into the stock until you feel or hear the latch click into place. Next you would move the bolt handle forward and down. This pushes the first cartridge from the magazine into the chamber.

Once you are in the firing position and the area is clear you can roll the safety forward to the off position. You will see a red dot, this means the rifle is live and ready to fire. Once you have fired your round pull he bolt handle up and all the way to the rear. This opens the bolt to extract the fired case. If you are firing again you will push the bold forward to push the next cartridge forward. Once you are done firing place the safety to the on position by rolling it back. You will no longer see the red dot when in the safety on position.


Depending on what style you have the black synthetic stock with a blued matte barrrel the finish gives it disguise from small prey. The wood grain thumb hole stock has a rich yet rugged look. The smooth finish gives a comfortable feel and a firm grip. The wood grain with the heavy silvered stock has an impressive look that makes you want to take it out of the cabinet and just use it. The cameo stock does just that camouflages the rifle into your surroundings. It has a matte finish and textured stock for a traction grip.


Safety is always a concern while using a firearm. The 93r17 has a rolling two position safety. Roll the level forward to have the safety off. Yo will see a red dot which means it is live and ready to fire. Roll the lever to the rear and the safety is on. As with any gun the Savage Arms Co recommends trigger locks. The purpose is to minimize the risks of unintentional death or accidental firing of the gun.


The Savage 93r17 is considered an inexpensive gun. The quality of materials used and the performance don’t reflect the lower price point. The accuracy of this dependable rifle makes this a go to for rodent and small game hunting. Owners go back to this rifle for plinking repeatedly. The price point makes this a great rifle to give to a younger person just getting into using firearms. It has a great classic bolt action rifle to have in your collection.

Key features

Accu Trigger for personalized trigger pull
Button-rifled 21” carbon steel barrel
5-round detachable box magazines
Durable and reliable rifle
Thumb hole stock in wood grain finish

Bottom Line

You can’t go wrong with the Savage 93r17 HMR. The price is inexpensive with the quality and accuracy of those in a higher price range. The Savage Arms Co was started in 1894 and have been on top of the market in the full range of rifles, pistols and ammunition. The classic bolt lever action with the Accu Trigger gives a crisp, personalized trigger pull. The Savage 93r17 is sure to be one of your favorites in your collection.