Damascus Pocket Knife

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Damascus Pocket Knife Review Facts

Perkin, the UK-based knife maker, we did not know a whole lot about them until we started researching this particular product, and we are ashamed of ourselves for not knowing of them prior to this. The reason for this is the fact that Perkin offers an amazing setup if a person is willing to pay for what they are trying to attain. There is so much to discuss, such as how they are a hard company to focus on a particular product, as most of their work is custom. They do have various blades, and we’re going to talk a bit about them.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Sharp right out of the package

Strong materials

Folding blade



Price varies on build

Primary Use

There are so many things that this blade can do. Skinning an animal is quite easy, as easy as carefully slicing open a box. With no real primary reason for owning one of these knives, it falls down to whatever the consumer needs a good sharp knife for. Even then, we would like to add, this particular brand of knives is perfect to be a family heirloom, custom made or not.


The blades of these knives are made of Damascus steel, which some people would know, but some will not. So what is Damascus steel? It is a type of steel that is most noted by the wavy lines in the metal that marks how the iron and steel combination were welded together by a hammer and constantly heated and forged. It is considered that this process began in

Damascus during the medieval period of our history. So what does this mean? It means that the steel is stronger, though slightly heavier than most full steel blades, and gives the blade an eye-catching appearance that makes the blade look older than it is. Basically, in the end, Damascus steel is no joke, it has the strength of iron and resists corrosion like steel.

This type of metal retains a good edge, which is always needed when looking at a knife that is being sold for almost any amount of money. With the one we are bringing you, the price is actually amazing considering the type of steel it is.


Accessories for knives have always been something that is interesting. Considering the idea of a knife, people have to stop to think about accessories and what kind of items they will need. Really, there are two different accessories that a person could possibly need. One is a sheath (For non-folding blades), and the other thing a person definitely will need is a sharpener. Be it a whetstone or some other type of knife sharpener.

The particular knife we are looking at, there is no need for a sheath as it is a folding knife, and does not seem to come with a sharpener. This means anyone who buys this knife will have to pay a little extra for a good sharpener. Otherwise, there is nothing that a person will really need or want for this knife.

The idea behind their builds, however, is that the entire knife is in itself an accessory. In other words, every single knife is available as a custom build from start to finish. You choose the size, shape, and metal for your blade. You also choose size, shape, and material for the handle and the sheath, if you need one. All of these factor into the eventual cost, and they can get expensive.

The knife we are bringing you today, however, is a custom build that they sell in massive numbers. So, how is it still custom, you might ask? This goes back to the appearance of the metal, for while you can pick the overall design, if its rounded or sharp-edged waves, in the end, each blade will be unique in how it looks. This is what makes a Damascus blade so appealing to so many, beyond its durability of course.


As was said before, Damascus steel is quite strong, and therefore there should be little concern about the blade’s strength. The handle, from everything we’ve found, should have just as little concern about its durability. From everything that we have found, this company really knows what they are doing in constructing a truly long-lasting knife. If it is taken care of, a person will find that this knife will survive a good long while.

A major concern with most buyers is in how long the knife can stay sharp. With Damascus steel, you get the comfort of knowing you do not have to sacrifice sharpness of blade for corrosive protection. This is what makes it such a covetable type of metal, especially when dealing with weapons of any sort.

What is its comparison to other metals? It all depends upon the company making them in the end. True Damascus steel is no longer made and hasn’t been for centuries. The closest we have today is actually using modern steel folding and heating process to produce a stronger and more resilient piece of work.

The reason we know this particular company produces highly durable and sharp knives that last is due to its reputation and their process likely differs from others. They are the most well known and popular, however, in the UK and if you want something you can rely on for a good price, you buy from Perkin.


The idea that weight can be a concern is a logical one. A knife needs to weigh appropriately for accurate use. If a knife is too heavy or unbalanced, a person will find that the knife is not what they are looking for. Perkin, being the most popular knife producer in the UK, realizes this fact and that knowledge is shown in the craftsmanship of this blade.

The fact is, the particular knife we’re showing has a shipping weight of 7.8 ounces or 0.48 pounds (rounded up). That means that the knife is light and most likely quite balanced, which is something no person can argue. After all, it is important for both comfort and safety that any knife be well balanced or keeping your grip on it will be much more difficult as will directing it.


The finish on a Damascus steel blade is really something interesting, as it is both dull and shiny at the same time. The appearance of iron in the steel creates darker areas on the steel, while that same steel gives off the gleam that is so commonly thought of when blades are concerned.

The handle’s finish, is a standard wood varnish, really giving that outdoorsmen-like feel. Overall, the entire knife looks like it belongs in the hands of someone who is extremely comfortable in the outdoors. A hunter or camper would look even more at home with this knife at their side.

So the look and shine of this blade vary from one to the next simply because of how it is made and that the pattern changes based on where the hammer came to hit the metal. It also depends upon how the metal mixed while it was heated. Your finish will still have the same telltale signs, but not the exact same pattern since this is not a process where the waves can be exactly predicted and directed.


A good folding knife needs little where safety is concerned. It is up to the consumer to know how to use one properly and keep themselves from getting seriously hurt. In the end, most people will consider the locking mechanism as a serious safety concern. Truth be told, there is no such really locking mechanism on this knife.
Instead, it has a slip joint mechanism. And so, what is a slip joint mechanism? Simply put, it is a spring that attempts to keep a folding knife closed until the blade is passed a ninety-degree angle from the handle. The spring then changes its operation and begins putting its force into keeping the blade open.
This means that the spring will help keep the knife from accidentally opening and potentially cutting its owner, and will also help keep the knife from shutting onto the user’s fingers. Truthfully, this mechanism is in place due to the fact that it is illegal to own a locking-blade knife in the UK. So, there is little else that can be said about this knife’s safety.


This is something that is much needed in this discussion. Simply put, for the price, quality, and reputation, Perkin’s is where you go to in the UK for any knife. They don’t tend to deal in mass production in the way most knife companies do.

What sets each knife apart is that there are many ways for each blade to be put together, and especially anything with Damascus or folded metal being used. The unique traits make these knives highly desirable, but it isn’t on looks alone that a company makes a name for itself like this one. It has a lot to do with quality and reliability.

A continuing number of those wanting to own one of their knives displays that these knives don’t leave the buyer needing more, but rather wanting more. Unfortunately, if you are looking for more information on the company, it is hard to come by. The most we could find was on their site, and it wasn’t a lot.

We know they are supposedly “handcrafted”, based out of the UK, but a lot of their knives are actually made utilizing styles from other countries. One thing we were able to find out was that their Damascus Steel seems to be a folding process of three different types of metal in a Japanese-esc style in order to create the Damascus look, feel and strength. Is this different from other brands?

Yes and no. Most modern-day Damascus steel is done through folding the metals and the technique is very close to what you would find in a Japanese blade, however, the number of folds and the gauge of the materials and blade differ. So it is up to you to define what you think is closest to the original since the original method was truly lost in the early 1600s and all we can do now is to guess and mimic.


Price is always something that people have a right to be concerned about. We have found far too many products out there that are overpriced with all the lack of quality. This is not something we have found in Perkin and their knives. In fact, really, it seems to be completely the opposite. This is a knife of amazing quality and made of great materials, and people can buy one from Amazon.com for $48.00, while supplies last. Of course, mattering on when a person actually comes across this article, the price may change, as well as if they actually still have any left in stock.

The truth is that this is just one version of this knife, and it is mainly based upon the build design and handle. If you go to their site or search for a knife of any kind with their name, you will likely find many different types and each one goes for a different price.

Key Features

-Slipjoint mechanism
-Perkin reputation
-Damascus steel

Bottom Line

So here it is, the end of the trip through the realm of Perkin and their wondrous knives. Looking at everything there is to talk about, from the quality of their materials to the amazing appearance of their work, and finally, to the unbelievably low price that this amazing company offers their hard work for, there is little anyone can complain about.

This particular knife would do any person well, really. It looks great and works just as amazing, so there is little doubt as to why Perkin is the most popular knife company in the UK. That alone should make a difference in a consumer’s mind, to be the most popular in a country means that the quality of the work and the price a person must pay for that quality has to be completely in the right scale.

Everyone should think about this fact when considering whether to buy this knife or not.