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Leatherman Charge TTi Review Review Facts

Multitools are one of the greatest inventions a person could ever have made in the realm of ready-to-go items. The simple fact that anyone can have almost every tool they could possibly need in a few moments makes this obvious, especially when a surprise pops up where those without are left in need. Sure, there are tools that a multitool doesn’t have, but that is to be expected. So, which one should a person buy?

Frankly speaking, not all multitools are made equally, some just give you a feeling of false security that becomes apparent at the wrong moment. The Leatherman Charge TTI is definitely one to pay attention to because it won't let you down. As usual, we dug into all the good and bad to bring you what you need to decide for yourself if, like us, you think this tool is up to par with Leatherman's quality products.

Let us fill you in, after all, you came to us for your reviews, and we try to make sure you are never left wanting.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Metal construction

Locking tools

Titanium handle

19 tools and 43 features



Hard to open at first

Primary Use

This multitool is ready for almost any circumstances that might come up. A box needs to be cut open or sliced up to go into the trash? It has an excellent sharp knife that locks into place.

Need to cut some branches up? It has a saw blade that, like the knife, locks into place. It has a bit driver that comes with a reversible bit that has a flat-head and Phillips head on it, a crimper, wire cutters, pliers, a file with either side having a different grade. There is a serrated knife blade that has a small hook on the back of the blade, which is also very useful for this particular activity.

The standard can opener is also in attendance on this multitool, as is a ruler and a pair of small scissors. A small flat ‘blade’ is also present, we presume that this is something that can easily be used as a small pry-bar. Understandably, though, using this to try to pry something needing a lot of force will probably end up breaking the blade.

Finally, included as well is an eyeglass screwdriver that also has a bit that can be flipped open. So, if there is a job that needs one of these tools, this is what the Charge TTI is made for. Of course, given what we have already handed you, what can we say but ‘primary use’ is not exactly going to cover a multi-tool with this kind of versatility.


The main knife blade measures 2.9 inches in length and retains sharpness really well. It is made of S30V stainless steel, which is a hardened powder-made stainless steel that focuses on being wear and corrosion-resistant. Ultimately, that is why this blade holds an edge really well. The better the composition of the metal, the better that knife will hold an edge.

As usual, though, Leatherman doesn’t just hand you a single blade on their multi-tools, you can almost guarantee you’ll at least have two. With this particular model, you actually have a serrated blade, a hook blade, and a saw. Needless to say, if it is a sharp edge you need, this tool likely has it ready for you to pull out and use instantly.


There are several accessories that this multitool has. The first one to note is the belt pouch that can be purchased for it. This pouch has a main pocket that has a flap that snaps shut in the front and has elastic pockets on the sides for different items. Truly, that makes this pouch something to seriously consider. The next item to note is an extender for the bit driver.

The bit driver is rather short, which means that a person is probably going to have a limited reach with which this driver will be able to work on. This extender changes this fact, giving the bit driver several inches of extra reach. To use it is simple, remove the bit from the tool, slip the extender into the slot, then slide the bit into the end of the extender. Definitely, this accessory is a ‘must-have’ for those who find themselves constantly need screwdrivers of various lengths.

The next accessory we want to talk about is interesting, a pocket clip. There is no worry of having to take the multitool apart to use it. Instead, what one does is slide the back end of the clip, which has a U-joint notched into it, around the bar that holds one set of tools and it locks into place. Like all the tools save for the pliers, all one needs to do to unlock and remove the clip is press the locking mechanism button in and hold it while pulling the clip out and it comes free easily.

Of course, the clip does not have any way to carry other accessories on it, and therefore a person may need to take up even more pocket space if they want or need the other ones. Lastly, there is a bit-kit. It is host to several different bit types for the bit driver, opening up the range of jobs that the bit driver might be able to work on.


In truth, the Charge TTI is mostly made of metal, and therefore pretty durable. It can be broken if misused, the flat blade, for instance, can be used to open a can of paint easily, but if the job requires a lot more torque, it could end up breaking the tool. Otherwise, this tool was made for quality and strength. It is one of the best models on the market, showing why Leatherman is a worthwhile company.

So, what kind of metal does it use, you may ask? Well, we won’t leave you hanging on that now any more than we ever have. The handles are titanium steel, the main blade is a 420HC stainless steel blade, with your secondary blade being made of top quality S30V steel. No matter what part of this tool you look at, you’ll only find the best that the market has to offer; after all, look at the company that is supplying it.


Being made of metal and carrying as many tools as it does, what would a multitool like this weigh? Would anyone believe that this particular model weighs 12.8 ounces? A multi-tool like this weighing less than one pound is definitely a good thing. Especially since we have looked into and reviewed several others with even less to offer which have weighed quite a bit more.

Though not your average EDC style of multi-tool, with the right sheath and clip, your likely to find you would prefer a little extra weight to have the number of tools this one offers at the snap of your fingers.


There is only one type of finish for this particular multitool, and that is polished steel. Honestly, though, a multitool doesn’t need to be flashy. It has its jobs and needs only be able to do those jobs with little to no difficulty.

We even took the time to dig out those who have had theirs for years to see if time made the tool wear out and look less dependable. The answer to this was that it looks the same after years of use as it does the day you get it. Even the powder made steel blade which is likely to tarnish and show under heavy usage looked just as sleek. We were actually pretty amazed.


The problem with most mass-produced multitools is the fact that nothing locks into place and that means that there is a lot of chances to get hurt by the tools that are being used. To us, that is something that should have been realized and dealt with a long time ago. It doesn’t matter the grade of a multitool, the user’s safety should be a primary consideration of the company manufacturing the tool. Leatherman did consider this and did something about it.

All the tools that are housed within the handles lock once they are pulled out. To unlock the particular tool, there is a tab that is ridged to give some traction, pressed the ridged end in and the tool (or the belt clip) will unlock and can be closed. In light of this, it is obvious that safety was a major thought in the designer’s mind.

The only thing we feel could truthfully be added to give the Charge TTI more safety, is simply if they would oil the tool before sending it out. While it can help to make it safer to use if you have stiff pull, it can also cause problems with safety when opening it up for the first time. A lot of people pointed out it took a great deal more effort than it should have to open it up. The fact is, though, that its sturdy build provides enough safety on its own to not need any extra to make it worth noting.


So, what would an amazing multitool like this cost? It is not a multitool that is found in a gas station or corner store that can be purchased for ten dollars. Instead, due to its quality and the materials, it is made of, expect to pay over $100.00. In fact, this particular model is being sold on Amazon.com for the reasonable price of $156.54 and comes with free shipping.

Is such a price worth spending that kind of money? Well, that is up for debate among some and has caused it to lose ground as the best value for its price. Truth is, however, that even those who gave it a lower rating due to the hefty price tag even went back and forth on whether it was being treated fairly.

If you are honest about the quality of its design, how durable it is and just how much you will come to use this particular multi-tool, the price is actually a rather fair one. Just in the quality grade and the number of tools alone you would be paying well over double or triple its cost to get the same in the actual tools they are designed after. Add to that, you can carry this with you where the same number of tools would cause you to need a decently sized toolbox to have the same uses outside.

We feel that the price reflects perfectly what you are getting, and would not hold that against it in how we rate it. We feel that, combined with the lifetime warranty offered on all Leatherman products, you get more than your money’s worth in the end. It's nice to not have to worry about replacing it or getting it repaired out of pocket.

Key Features

Stainless steel build
Strong construction
19 tools
Titanium handles

Bottom Line

What more can be said that hasn’t been said before? The Leatherman Charge TTI was made strong and capable, able to handle most any job. With a multitude of different tasks that can be handled safely, what is there to think about? That is something that really sticks out to us, the fact that the various tools built into this multitool actually lock in their open position. No need to worry about it closing on the user’s hands and wounding them.

Add in the fact that this particular multitool has things like a bit driver extender, and that draws even more attention. It’s something that makes this stick out as an item of interest. Then there is the manufacturer - Leatherman. This means that this product is strong and capable. One last thing to note is the warranty given when its bought.

While limited, almost any problem with this multitool will be handled by the company and all that needs to be done is that it be sent back to Leatherman for them to either fix or replace. How can anyone argue with something like that? We’d like to say that there is no real reason to think about it, this is a multitool that can safely do almost anything that needs to be done.