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Browning Cynergy Review Facts

The Browning Arms Co. has put another winner on the market. The company was founded in 1878 and has the reputation for manufacturing high-quality firearms. The Browning Cynergy is most advanced over-under shotgun available. Experience the control, reliability, and speed with this low profile firearm. This shotgun is just fun to use with the performance and the technology like no other over under on the market. It is a treasure to use and have in your firearm collection.

The beauty of the low profile makes you want to pick this up and just use it. With the Reverse Striker Ignition System, Monolock Hinge and Impact Ejectors all features you will appreciate. It only takes one time to use on the range and you will add the Cynergy to your collection. It comes in a 12, 20, 28, .410 gauge. This is a shot gun used for clay shooting to small game hunting. With the crisp trigger, speed and accuracy your targets will not have a chance. Owners agree that this revolutionary shotgun is something you have to experience for yourself.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Limited recoil

Built for Speed


Accurate Aim


Higher price point

Trigger is to heavy

Primary Use

The Cynergy is designed for small game but can be used for more. The day at the range to shoot some clay is just plain fun. The clean trigger and speed of the gun give pheasant, grouse or moving targets a run for their money. The low recoil pad built into the gun allows for repeated firing at the range, without feeling it in your shoulder. Take it on a trip where you are using it daily for hunting and after the third day, your shoulder will still feel good. Pigeons on the wing or clay targets at the range, take your pick and take your aim because the Cynergy is ready when you are.

It is designed with the 60/40 pattern that target shooters are demanding. This is 60% pattern shoot above the point of aim with 40% on or below it. This gives you accuracy while on the move with your target. The trigger pull is just under 6 pounds making it clean and quick. The trigger mechanism paired with the pattern gives you an advantage over your friend on a day out trap shooting.


The Cynergy has a double barrel made of matte blued metal. There are options of length available within the over-under category. The standard 12 gauge has a barrel of 28 inches in matte blued metal. The most commonly sold is the matte blued metal however some do come with cameo or other finishes. There are other lengths of barrel depending on the gun as well. The durable material is made to be rust-resistant and easy to clean to give you longevity of the shotgun. The variety allows for you to find the right gun you are comfortable with.

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The length of a barrel has a few factors to choose your length. Those with longer arms can usually hold the grip of the gun further down the forearm. This means a longer barrel might work better for them as it leaves the gun balances while they hold it in the firing position. Another factor could be what you are using the shotgun for. If you are going for grouse and rabbits when the thick cover comes into play a shorter barrel length can be beneficial. There isn’t a right or wrong way to choosing just be comfortable with the gun.

Stock Options

The stock options of the Cynergy comes in a wood finish and a composite finish. The wood stock is a pistol grip with a walnut checkered finish. The wood stock has the checkered finish to add texture for a secure grip. The checkering both on the stock and forend add an appeal to the shotgun gets noticed right away. The stock is easy to maintain and keeps it quality look even after years of use.

The long travel recoil is built right into the stock. It reduces the recoil by 25%. First time users stated after shooting off a full box of shells they don’t even feel like they shot at all. The low profile also adds to the sleek design of the gun.

The metal receiver that has beautiful engraving designed in it is made for durability. The receiver has a silver-nitride finish that is durable and easy to clean. The receiver is what houses the internal components of the firing mechanisms. It keeps the components protected from the elements or dirt that might interfere with the function of the parts.


The average weight is 7 lb 13 oz for a 12 gauge with a 28” barrel. Because you can choose the 26” or 28” length so your weight can change as well as what stock you choose. The weight is light enough the younger person or a smaller framed female would have no problem using the Cynergy. It is light enough that the movement of the target and swing are still easy and fluid. The weight of the gun is balanced so even from loading to aiming you doing feel in control of the gun.


Browning does have some accessories for the Cynergy. Slings are available in a wide variety of styles, colors and materials for your comfort preference. There are Cynergy spacers available to extend the length of pull of the shotgun. Harnesses and vests are recommended if you are field hunting or trap shooting. They hold your ammunition and most have a back pocket slot for placing your prey in. This allows your hands-free to carry your gun and move through the field with ease. Most vests also have some orange of coloring to them for safety purposes as well.


Ammunition choice is sometimes the preference of the shooter. Depending on what gauge gun you choose obviously will change which ammunition you use. Monarch makes a solid high velocity 12 gauge cartridge that have a nice response from users for using during a hunt. If you are trap shooting just for fun then a lower cost bulk cartridge will work just fine. The other benefit is you will go through a box easily when playing with the gun so can save a little money that way.

The Winchester PDX1.410 Defender has high reviews for using with the .410 gauge. Again it is really a preference of what you are using the gun for as to what brand and type of ammunition you choose. Once you use a brand and are lucky with it you tend to stay with it.


The Monolock Hinge is a feature that other 12 gauge shotguns can not offer. They provide 300-400% more surface area which means less wear and tear on the gun. It is the lowest profile over-under shotgun on the market. Use of the Cynergy is simple even first-time shooters have no problem with getting comfortable with this one. With the safety on you will press the top lever with your thumb to release while opening the Monolock hinge. Once open place two (2) rounds into the barrel slots close the gun and take off of safety. You are ready to fire. The Cynergy does have a mechanical trigger which acts like a riffle trigger, very crisp and clean. Another amazing feature is the Impact Ejectors that aid in your already fired rounds that punch the round out. The rounds that are not fired are elevated out of the barrel. This makes it very easy to remove the unused shells even with gloves on or when your fingers are cold.

The Browning Co got it right on the Cynergy with the innovative firing mechanisms it introduced back in 2004. The coil mainsprings act directly on the firing pins via levers. Working on these levers is the sears, this allows the gun to have a lock time that is incredibly fast. The single, selective trigger mechanically switches to the second barrel instead of by recoil. To prevent a double discharge there is a recoil mechanism in place. You have to use it to believe that there is only 1.8 milliseconds from the trigger release to the cartridge ignition.


The Browning Cynergy has detailed lines with a low profile that just draws you into the gun. The look says, "you need to pick me up and take me out the range." The double barrel of the Cynergy has a blued matte finish that is durable and clean. The silver-nitride receiver that has an engraved detailed design provides both function and durability.

The stock finishes there is a variety from composite to wood grain depending on the style you choose. The wood grain is the most sold style. The stock and forend have a walnut finish that is a rich color. Both have a checkered grid pattern for grip but also add a classic look. The entire gun is built for durability that is easy to clean and maintain. This allows your shotgun to be a treasure that you will want to pass down to the next generation.


Firearm safety is a priority for the Browning Company as well as with its users. There is a safety lever on the gun which should be on the safe position unless firing is imminent. The safety is a tang-mounted thumb-operated lever to easily be used while holding the gun. The gun is in the safe position when you are able to see the S. This is done by pulling the lever toward the stock of the gun. It is an easy slide motion that is visual as well.

As with all Browning guns, it does come with a trigger lock for storage and transport purposes. Proper handling and storage of any gun is important. Every gun in your gun safe should have a trigger lock on it. A trigger lock is used so that an accidental discharge doesn’t happen. It can also ward off unauthorized users from accessing your weapon.

Another recommendation is to wear safety eye and ear wear. You only get one set of eyes and ears so you should invest in yourself to have a good set of each for target shooting. Glasses can be clear or tinted for sunny days. The polarized option is a favorite for definition even in the bright sun.


The Browning Cynergy is a higher price point than some other brands however with good reason. The Cynergy has the innovation of the Monolock Hinge, Reverse Striker and the Impact Ejectors that are not like any other over-under on the market. The detailed design for beauty with the durability make this a conversation piece. All of these features with the ease of use make this shotgun worth the investment.

Key Features

Monolock Hinge
Reverse Striker Mechanical Trigger
Long Travel Recoil pad
60/40 Point of Aim
Checking on handle and forearm
Lowest Profile over under on the market

Bottom Line

Browning is a trusted company for a reason, they have been around a long time and know that quality products and innovation get you great results. They Cynergy is packed with innovation like the Monolock Hinge, Mechanical Triggers and Impact Ejectors all bundled into the over under shotgun. It is easy to use, quick and light for any age range and body build. It cups the shoulder well, shoots well and is built for speed. The best way to describe firing this shotgun, it feels like an extension of your body.

Not many firearm companies can say their gun is sexy. The Cynergy is just that you will be drawn to the lines and balance of it. With the long travel recoil pad, there is virtually no kick or cheek slap. Take it to the range to clay trap for a fun day of competition that will make you want to keep shooting. Being lightweight and having a clean trigger lets you move with your target for accurate shots. The old saying of give a man one gun and he will use it for everything, it is true with the Cynergy. This is one to have on your list and own in your collection.