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Leatherman Surge Review Facts

The Leatherman Surge is an impressive tool to have when tackling your to-do lists and projects that just come up. Being compact for easy carrying but having full size main tools like the pliers, scissors and knife allows for getting bigger repairs done on the go without having to lug around a large toolbox. The Surge has 21 tools that are made of quality materials with function and durability in mind to be your go to tool for years.

The Surge is a versatile multi-tool that can stand a lot of use. Loaded with pliers, scissors, knives, screwdrivers and wire cutters to name only a few of the tools this powerhouse has built in. Once you start using this tool, you will not stop pulling the Surge out because the uses are limitless. The company has a 25 year warranty to back up this heavy-duty multi-tool to assure you have continued quality with years of use.

If you have used other brands of multi-tools before the Surge, you will wish you switched years ago. This tool is solid as a rock and works like a tank. Virtually indestructible while compact enough to carry with you everywhere. You will pass this down to a family member, or not want to part with it and purchase them one of their own.

Editor's Pros & Cons


Quality blade

Tools lock into place

Convenient carrying sheath

25 Year Warranty


Heavier and Bigger

Higher Price than other multi-tools

Primary Use

With the Leatherman Surge having 21 tools all packed into this one handy piece that are heavy-duty to get the job done there is no limit to the uses. Whether you are a tradesman, mechanic, handyman or someone that likes to fix things yourself this multi-tool is the top rated choice. It is also highly recommended for those that are hikers, campers, and sportsman. Easy to throw in a backpack to take on your trip because when you are least expecting it is when you need a dependable tool that can help in any situation.

Emergency personal such as firefighters, law enforcement and first responders carry the Leatherman Surge for a reason. In professions that you never know what you are going to come across having a tool that can do it all can save time and lives. Other users have purchased it to have in their vehicles and even when sending off a child to college or a new home owner just starting out.

Tools such as a saw, three types of wire cutters, screw drivers, metal/wood files and two types of pliers only start off the long list you can use. The list will continue with a wire stripper, Awl with a thread loop, ruler, electrical crimper, and bottle opener for a few more options. The multi-tool is considered heavy duty not only for the design but the jobs it can take one.


The Leatherman Surge has two (2) full size blades that can be accessed with just one hand. One handed opening is a feature that users rave about. While holding an item in place with one hand, you can use the other to access the blade, never missing a beat. The Surge is equipped with both a straight and serrated blade. What is the difference between the blades, and how do they affect usage? A straight blade is used when a push cut is needed. This allows for better precision and control. A serrated blade is used when a slice, cut, or drag of the edge is preferred. Both blades lock into place, which gives it an extra safety feature and a firm gripping handle for a comfortable feel.

The 420HC blade is made from stainless steel that is heat treated, giving it durability with the ease of cleaning. The high carbon steel material is one of the hardest and most preferred metal for blades. It can be sharpened to a precise edge, giving it a sharp edge with resistance to wear that other grades cannot provide. When choosing a knife, the material is something to consider for longevity of your investment.


With all the features of this tool you don’t need much for additional accessories however there are some that can help to make this easier to carry and a little customization if needed. It does have a carrying sheath that comes with the tool. The sheath has a slit for putting on a belt or on a bag strap or tool carrier. An additional option is a pocket clip for those that don’t like to have items hanging off a belt.

All the tools open individually to access them one at a time. The pliers don’t get better than the ones in the Surge multi-tool. The pointed nose for finer work, the standard for clamp something together and nut grippers with easy access. You can cut, slice, bend and crimp with all the wire cutters. Don’t worry if you use the wrong cutter for the job the cutters are replaceable.

The blade driver you are able to put in either the metal/ wood file or the diamond-coated file. The blade exchanger cover slides sideways at the base to insert the blade and slide the cover back into place to secure the blade. Standard blades work best in one direction compared to the diamond-coated which works in the multi-direction or circular motion.

The knives that come in the multi-tool are of high quality, durable carbon steel that most users are pleased with their performance. There is the option to change the blade for your individual needs. If choosing a different blade, check the size of the new blade to match the dimensions. It is important for the safety feature and that the one handed access will work the way the multi-tool is designed. The four tools that are on the exterior of the handle make it convenient for easy access and one handed opening.

The sturdy small and large screwdriver are exactly what you would expect. The bit exchanger holds the reversible flat head and Phillips screwdriver bit. Bit kits that come in a 9 or 21 piece set and a bit driver extender is also available. If using the sheath to carry the multi-tool one row of bits fits in the sheath if there are certain bits you continually use.

Using the awl with thread loop for when you need a sharp tip and do not want to risk your knife comes in handy. The ruler, can and bottle opener are just additional nice touches to have readily available all packed into the handles.


The Surge is made of 100% stainless steel material giving it strength and durability. The company believes in the product and has the reputation for the quality tools it creates that it has a 25 year warranty. The blades and tools all constructed to tackle tough jobs without showing wear. The material is easy to clean and will not rust, making this tool a heavy-duty winner in the multi-tool category.

The Leatherman Surge has been tested by all types of users from the handyman to the industrial construction professional with the same amazing results. A high recommendation is to own this tool from the first day on the job. It has been dropped, heavy items have fallen on it and even dropped in mud puddles with only a few scratches, all the tools still worked.


The weight of the Leatherman Surge is 12.5 ounces with a closed length of 4.5 inches the name heavy-duty isn’t just for the projects it can take on. The weight of this multi-tool is much heavier than other brands but what sets it apart is the variety and quality of the tools in includes. Loyal users stated they noticed the weight when carrying it the first few days but completely forgot about its weight once they started using it and became part of their daily use. Still lighter than a tool box full of tools to carry around and find somewhere to put or worse yet that tools don’t make it back inside the tool box, you will find yourself always having the multi-tool in close range.

The weight is just over 20% heavier than other multi-tools in the category however the tool assortment make up for the difference. The full size versions of the two knives, spring loaded scissors and pliers add to the overall weight. That being said they are also some of the most used on the multi-tool.


The Surge is available in a smooth stainless steel or black oxide finish. Both are easy to clean and do not rust. There is no difference if one is stronger or more durable than another it is just a preference of color. The holding handles have a nice slight rounded finished edge to them so that they are a comfortable grip and does not dig into your hands when griping during use. The individual tools also are designed and formed for both purpose and comfort. When using the scissors or the pliers the ergonomic shape of the extension gives you the firm grip and leverage needed.


The Leatherman Surge is engineered with safety in mind. The easy to use locking unit keeps the tool in place when extended to provide safety and strength. To use the locking mechanism, you will disengage the locking system by squeezing the padlock symbol tool toward the handle. The blade will slide past the lock and secure into place. The foldaway scissors have a spring mechanism that will activate once you lock to the usable position which is also a safety feature. The locking system works the same way to fold away the tool by pressing the padlock symbol. If you have ever used a multi-tool or a knife that did not have this feature you know the value of this. It protects you from crushing your fingers while folding tools away and possibly cutting your fingers when using the blades.


The price is a little higher than others in the category but is worth every cent with the heavy-duty variety of tools it offers. There is also a 25 year warranty, that overall owners have said the service from the company matches the level expected from a trusted company like Leatherman. Purchasing the multi-tool that will last you for years compared to those you have to replace more often is just a smart choice. You won’t be sorry when you are using the dependable, sturdy tool that others would not be able to stand up to.

Key Features

Durable Stainless Steel full size blades
Full size pliers and scissors
21 tools total
All locking features
Outside access features
One hand operating tools
Heavy-Duty design
Carrying sheath
25 year warranty

Bottom Line

The old saying of use the right tool for the right job is made easier when you have them all in one multi-tool at your fingertips. Creating tools since 1983, Leatherman Tool Group Inc has remained on top of the market in this category. They continually test and make adjustments as new technology is available while keeping the integrity of the brand. The Surge has set the bar high by having full size tools with a full assortment to use on any project.

With all the tool options it might seem complicated which is further than the truth. The one handed tool opening options with the compact build make using and carrying the Surge easy. Longtime users in both the private and commercial industry recommend the Leatherman Surge as an all time favorite. Most owners will tell you they have purchased one to give to a friend or family member. Invest in a great tool to get great results.