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Saucony Omni 15 Review Facts

Having a hard time choosing the right running shoe with so many on the market? If you are looking for a solid running shoe that, works with your stride, has a comfortable fit and gives your energy return with each step the Saucony Omni is the shoe recommended by many owners. The Omni shoe has plenty of room in the toe area for increased comfort and is rated high in the stability category. Runners with overpronated foot motion and those with plantar fasciitis are referred to the Omni for the support they provide.

The Saucony Omni has evolved from the original release of the stability shoe in 1999. Using testing and current technology available the current shoe has features including Sauc-Fit, Everun, and Triflex. They have a variety of colors and for visibility a reflective detail. All of these features while remaining light weight and flexible, take the guesswork out of picking the Omni as your running shoe. Go ahead, lace these up and hit the road, gym or flats for a solid ride in comfort.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Sauc-Fit system supports

Everun Topsole construction




Lacing system takes some getting used to

Fits a bit wide


Made with a flexible rubber sole created with Tri-Flex, for firm ground placement. Paired with the Everun Topsole, the Omini is created for optimal traction, flexibility, and greater surface dispersing. The rubber sole provides protection from the elements such as rain and snow for the runners that don’t take weather delays. The rubber sole provides protection and durability for the internal components of the sole. With all of these materials packed into the sole, you might think the shoe would feel clunky. Some owners stated the sole is a little thicker than other brands but have an extreme amount of comfort and support with a sporty feel.


Saucony engineered the soles with the new technology using Everun combined with TriFlex. This has allowed for an increase in comfort of shock absorption with foot landing and giving an instant bouncy return. Everun can be described like a tennis ball hitting a racket, when your heel hits the ground it gives you a nice bounce return and rolls you through the toe-off. The 3mm layer is placed on top of the sole which allows for continuous contact with your foot.

What is the benefit of all of this? It distributes pressure and force over a larger surface area. Think of a body laying on a memory foam mattress getting the support in the areas needed. It also adds durability, lasting three times longer than traditional EVA materials. The materials used are not sensitive to temperature, this means it does change in the different elements giving you more consistent results. Your shoes should not be your excuse for different results or comfort due to the weather.

There is a strobel board of EVA foam rubber sheet that holds the upper to the midsole. It is glued onto the midsole and then the upper is stitched to it. This offers a secure connection of the midsole to the upper, which with most other shoes it floats.


Saucony Omni has an upper made of synthetic fabric and is available in a variety of colors to fit your style. The Flexfilm material used to give the show a more seamless and breathable feel. The material adapts to your feet giving you flexibility with a free feeling. They have a lace up shoe with padded tongue and collar. The padded tongue gives extra cushioning and protection of the upper foot when lacing up. The lacing system has a more streamline look that makes adjusting to your fit preference easy and quick. This is where some users have said it takes a little getting used to but once you use it they like it.

A recommendation is to use a waterproof protective spray on the shoe. The material is breathable and does dry quickly but if you like to keep your shoes looking nice and add to the longevity of your shoe, spray them. This allows for the rain or puddle splashes to repel off them while on your run helping to keep your socks dry. This will also help with keeping stains from absorbing into the fabric and maintain their sharp look. The spray should be applied several times as needed.


The Omni is packed with features while engineered to be only 10.8 ounces. Any runner will tell you the weight of your shoe does matter. For elite runners the difference of wearing a shoe 10 oz lighter than normal in a marathon can shave off 57 seconds. Granted that is to the extreme and most runners that run for health and stress relief reasons, speed is not a concern. The weight of the shoe does still matter for energy used especially over a longer distance run. The Omni only being 10.8 ounces and packed with the support features leave this shoe feeling light even at the end of a double-digit run.


The Flexfilm material used on the Omni allows for airflow with the ease of movement. Having a material that is durable, lightweight yet remains breathable are part of what makes the Flexfilm unique. The melded overlays save weight and add comfort features however allow airflow to keep feet at a moderate temperature. This is important not only for moisture build up but also for smell. Everyone knows that once your shoes have a smell to them, it is hard to get it out. The fabric has holes throughout the side support area and a weave pattern in the toe area that allow for the heat to escape out during use. A tip to help with keeping your shoes smell free is to fully open the laces and pull the tongue open toward the toe area. Place them in a sunny spot or next to a register to completely dry out between uses.


The shoe is designed for stability which provides support and comfort where it is needed. The Omni has the Sauc Fit System, it is designed to lock the midfoot into place giving support to the medial arch and give a snug feel. This system allows for less friction in the shoe that can create blisters and rubbing. They are comfortable from day one right out of the box and continue to provide the comfort and support after many miles.


The design of the Omni gives it a seamless sleek look. The shoes have a breathable mesh that forms to your foot and is light giving it a sporty feel. Most runners have separate shoes designated just for running. If you need to run a quick errand or are going casual that day the Omni 15 can be worn without looking like you are about to run laps. If you work somewhere that you can dress casual these shoes are great for the extra support to make standing all day more comfortably.


Flexfilm used on the upper of the shoe provides durability and flexibility. While they are not water proof you can run in the rain and they will dry quickly for your next run. The material breathable material allows for airflow which prevents smell, so you don’t have to throw them away due to a smelly shoe issue. The reinforced eyelets of the lacing system allow for a tight fit without pulling the material causing a gap that other types of lacing can. Don’t be afraid to put these to the mileage test, you will keep these longer than some other pairs you may have owned.


Runners know the importance of support in a shoe to prevent injury. Saucony has developed a support system to help keep you out on the road. The support of the arches is important to avoid shin splints, knee pain, and aching muscles. Locking your heal into place with the extra frame built into the heal and the tying system the show has a glove-like feel for your foot. The Omni has been recommended to runners that have plantar fasciitis for the extra cushion and support it can provide.


Ideally created for road and track terrain the Omni can be used for short fast runs to the longer runs on the road. Depending on your comfort level of the traction you can run grassy hills or gravel trails depending on what your plan is for that days run. They do not have an overly aggressive tread so they are not ideal for a trail run or mountain run for the extreme training.


The Omni would be considered a midrange priced shoe in this category. The amount of support, comfort and the durability of the shoe make the price worth it. The Sauc Fit, Tri-Flex. and seamless style put this as a top choice of runners. The Saucony brand is known for innovative concepts and have true and tested results. This means that as testers continually use the shoe and give feedback the company listens and makes adjustments to stay a customers favorite. The Omni is worth the investment in a top quality shoe with the support that accommodates all types of runners needs.


The Triflex material gives the Omni line a high amount of tread. The flexibility of the shoe allows for the distribution of force that is needed yet gives you a firm placement on contact. It is designed for heavy responsiveness and traction. Hit the road without worry of the weather as everyone knows we can’t control what mother nature throws our way. The traction level has been used in rain, through light snow covered areas with the same results of feeling in control the entire time. This gives the shoe a safe secure feel even if take off the typical pavement


If you have ever put on a pair of shoes that are stiff you know the feeling of walking with 2 x 4’s on the bottom of your feet. The Omni shoes have so much flexibility they are like running on a foam mattress. Even after a long run, you're feet feel amazing. The flexibility in the sole paired with the upper material give it the ability to move with the natural pattern of your foot. This flexibility provides support from the heel strike to the roll through and push off of the toe. This can be felt on flat surfaces but is more apparent on an incline where your ankle angle is in the hinged position and you have more dig in the toe. The flowthrough is seamless and you don’t have the arch pressure like you would with other shoes.


The Omni line is known for being a stability shoe. A stability shoe is designed to work with your natural movement of the foot. Those that overpronate (when the foot rolls inward more than a normal 15 percent) should consider the Omni 15 a shoe to try. Underpronate is when you roll outward more than 15 percent. Both of these require a shoe that can support the foot upon impact to distribute the weight over a large area to take the pressure off the strike zone.


The unique 8mm drop is considered low on the scale. It creates a firm placement with a natural forward push feels faster. The drop on a running shoe can make the difference in feel, force, and alignment. That being said a low drop like the 8mm of the Omni gives a more level foot placement and leaves the knee to ankle alignment in a natural position to avoid injury and soreness. The slight drop does give the toe push a faster feel to your step.

Key Features

Sauc Fit System
Tri Flex support
FlexFilm upper build
8mm Drop

Bottom Line

The Saucony Brand started in 1898 and has created running shoes used by elite athletes to the everyday person that just likes to kick up their endorphins. The long-standing brand created the Omni to provide the stability and support while staying comfortable. The lightweight design paired with the materials is durable to last the miles you decide to take on. The breathable glove like fit provides you the individual support you need to keep you coming back for more. The mid-level price point is outweighed by the technology and care-engineered with you the end user in mind. Lace them up and take them for a spin, you will be amazed by the responsiveness and comfort.