Best Winter Running Hats Reviewed & Rated for Quality

For the most avid runners, it is important to have a quality running hat.   Hats can be very important when running. They can help to keep your body warm, as heat can escape from your head on those cold winter days.  If it is the right color, it can help to warn oncoming vehicles that you are present on the roadway. And, if it is made out of a moisture wicking material, it can help draw moisture away from your face, which helps you avoid sweat running down your skin.

Fortunately, we’re here to help with our reviews of the best winter running hats, from those beanies best for shoulder season and warmer winter days all the way to hats that’ll work for you in even the most brutal winter conditions.

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The buying guide has been recently updated to relfect the newest information regarding running hats. The top three running hats have remained the same. however their review ratings have changed. Additional links have been added throughout the article to better assist the reader in finding other resources of their interest.

Featured Recommendations

Tough Headwear
  • Tough Headwear
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Price: See Here
The North Face Bones
  • The North Face Bones
  • 4.4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Fleece Lined Brim
  • Price: See Here
Under Armour ColdGear
  • Under Armour ColdGear
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Form-fitting
  • Price: See Here

Check out our ten favorites for ensuring you get your miles and stay comfortably warm this winter in the list below!


15 Best Winter Running Hats


1. Tough Headwear

1. Tough Headwear
In addition to a lifetime warranty, Tough Headwear’s running beanie stretchy and breathable polyester is one-size fit all. Lightweight and comfy, it’s performance wicking fabric keeps you warm while keeping your sweat away. Because of its close fit, it can be worn on its own, or under another layer, making it a fall-spring beanie.
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The polyester-spandex blend (89%-11%, respectively) guarantees wicking without losing thermal insulation, meaning you stay warm and dry no matter how hard you work.


Because of the cozy fit, you can wear this beanie in any condition. -30 outside? Just layer up. The snug fit makes it easy to forget you’re wearing it, which is perfect for a performance beanie.

Cost and Value

Though Tough Hardware’s running beanie is already a great price, the lifetime warranty means you can rest assured that you’re getting your money’s worth. This beanie lasts—and you’ll never have to pay to replace it.
  • Three-season versatility
  • One-size fits all
  • Wicking performance
  • Slim profile
  • Lifetime warranty
  • May be loose-fitting for small heads
  •  Can cause static when wearing earbuds

2. The North Face Bones

2. The North Face Bones
The Bones Beanie brings the same quality you’ve come to love and expect from The North Face to a fleece-lined winter running cap. The synthetic blend helps ensure great wicking, and the fleece-lined rim helps ensure ears stay warm no matter how chilly it gets. Additionally, the slim profile ensures a snug and cozy fit, making this a great choice for those cold winter morning runs.
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Wicking performance

Much like many other North Face performance gear, the synthetic wicking helps ensure you stay dry and warm, no matter how hard you’re working.

Fleece-lined rim

The fleece-lined rim and snug, cozy fit help ensure your ears stay warm, no matter what the windchill is out there.

Cost and value

Like many North Face products, the cost and value can range widely depending on the retailer you use. Careful shopping, however, can make this a great value buy, as you know exactly what quality you’re getting.
  • Fleece liner
  • Snug fit keeps ears warm
  • Synthetic materials wicks and keeps you dry
  • Slim profile helps prevent slippage
  • Fit can be a bit variable, depending on retailer used
  •  The fleece liner may be too warm for some winter running conditions

3. Under Armour ColdGear

3. Under Armour ColdGear
This form-fitting balaclava from Under Armour offers protection in the fiercest of conditions for your whole face. For additional versatility, the chin can be dropped and worn as a neck gaiter on those days when you need the extra ventilation more than you need the extra coverage. The trademark ColdGear Evo fabric additionally offers 4-way stretch fabrication, both molding to your face and helping retain your natural heat.
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ColdGear Evo fabric

With 4-way stretch fabrication, the thermo-conductive liner and shell both mold to your face and help you retain your own body heat—while also wicking as needed, so you don’t overheat.

Versatility and coverage

While offering full facial protection in the worst winter conditions, the chin can also be dropped and worn as a neck gaiter on those days when it just isn’t quite as cold, or when you need greater ventilation.

Cost and Value

Considering this balaclava covers significantly more of your head than a simple beanie, you might expect it to cost significantly more than other hats on this list—but it can be frequently found for less than $30.
  • 4-way stretch fabrication molds to your face
  •  Offers protection on the coldest days
  •  Cold be modified to offer better ventilation
  • Retains your body heat to keep you warm
  • Balaclavas aren’t for everyone, as some people find them claustrophobic
  •  Only comes in “desert sand” color

4. Turtle Fur Midweight

4. Turtle Fur Midweight
Turtle Fur’s polyester blend is a perfect three-season beanie, guaranteed to keep you warm enough in all but the most brutal winter conditions, but still light enough to work on cool fall or spring mornings as well. The double-layered rim helps ensure your ears stay warm, and the slim profile helps prevent slippage for a snug and comfortable fit. The water-resistant polyester also helps ensure you stay warm and dry, no matter the weather.
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Slim profile

While many of these beanies offer a slim profile, Turtle Fur offers one of the coziest fits, and the extra ear protection is warm without risking being too warm, which can be a problem with other rim linings.

True three-season fit

With many multi-season beanies, you risk being too warm in the spring and fall, and then too cold in the winter. Not so with this beanie, with the exception of the kind of cold in which you are more likely to want a balaclava than a beanie.

Cost and Value

Turtle Fur is almost always a great value, and this versatile beanie is certainly no exception.
  • Midweight Chelonia 150 fleece offers a soft and snug fit
  • True multi-season versatility
  • Slim profile ensures no slippage
  • Double-layered ears ensure they stay warm
  • One size fits most doesn’t always offer the best fit
  • Doesn’t offer enough protection in the most bitter winter cold

5. Trailheads Ponytail

5. Trailheads Ponytail
Sometimes you don’t want to feel your ponytail squished against your head uncomfortably in a winter running beanie. With Trailheads Ponytail Beanie, you don’t have to. An integrated ponytail loop allows you to stay warm and comfortable on cold winter runs, and the soft polyester fleece helps ensure the rest of your head stays warm and cozy. Moisture-wicking properties ensure you stay warm and dry, no matter how hard you’re working, and the beanie comes in a wide-range of colors, to best match your style.
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Ponytail compatible

If you’ve ever run with a ponytail scrunched under your running beanie, you know how uncomfortable it can be. With this ponytail beanie, that’s no longer an issue, as the integrated loop allows your ponytail out without sacrificing warmth.

Poly/spandex binding

The stretchy polyester fleece helps ensure your beanie stays snug without being uncomfortable, and the wicking properties of the blend ensure you stay dry, too.

Cost and Value

While Trailheads’ ponytail beanie is a little more expensive than some ponytail beanies, it’s also the only ponytail beanie to get such consistently good reviews. In this case, you pay a little more than you might otherwise for a beanie—but it’s worth the extra comfort.
  • No more ponytail discomfort
  •  Soft polyester fleece is warm and snug, and stretches for a perfect fit
  • Moisture-wicking ensures you stay dry
  • Trailheads offers a customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Variety of colors ensures you can fit a style that suits you
  • More expensive than other ponytail beanies
  •  Depending on fit, may not offer enough ear coverage

6. Pearl Izumi Transfer

6. Pearl Izumi Transfer
Pearl Izumi may have roots as a cycling company, but their running gear is just as top-notch, and the Transfer Hat is no exception. Of the hats we looked at, the Transfer Hat offers some of the best moisture wicking and odor absorption, and the reflective elements offer a nice touch on those dark winter mornings. Additionally, the polyester blend has just enough stretchiness to contour to your head nicely, ensuring a great cozy fit.
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P.R.O. Transfer Dry fabric

Not only does this hat wick better than the vast majority of beanies out there, its Minerale™ patented polyester blend eats odor better than any running hat we’ve ever seen.

Reflective elements

Be seen on those dark winter mornings, courtesy your hat. This is another thing PI brings to its cycling roots: Visibility.

Cost and Value

Pearl Izumi has a bit of a reputation as a pricey brand, but that isn’t the case with this beanie, which can sometimes be found for no more than the knock-off brands that aren’t nearly as good.
  • Odor absorption
  • Wicking ability and P.R.O. Transfer Dry fabric; Reflective elements
  • Stretchability for a perfect fit
  • Pull loop for easy removal no matter how sweaty you got on the run
  • When truly dark, the reflective elements are pretty minimal
  •  Wicking can leave the hat pretty wet at the end of a run, even if you’re still dry

7. SLS3 Reflective

7. SLS3 Reflective
While not a name brand, SLS3 has been making great gear for years, and this reflective beanie is no exception. Flat seams ensure a comfortable fit, and their Moisture Transport System ensures great wicking so you stay warm and dry. Reflective accents help ensure you’re seen on dark winter mornings and evenings, and the micro fleece used is one of the lightest we’ve seen.
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Micro fleece and flat seams for perfect comfort

Soft and thin microfleece combined with the flat seams help ensure you can put this beanie on and forget you’re wearing it, so cozy and comfortable is the fit.

Reflective accents

Reflective accents on the beanie help ensure you’re seen, which can be key on those cold and dark mornings and evenings.

Cost and Value

Perhaps because SLS3 isn’t a well-known brand, their gear tends to be remarkably affordable, and this beanie is no exception to that rule, as it can be found for less than $15.
  • Micro fleece offers lightweight and soft comfort
  •  Flat seams ensure this beanie won’t itch
  • Moisture transport system helps ensure you stay dry
  • Reflective accents help ensure you’re seen
  • One size fits most sizing is too big for those with smaller heads
  •  Micro fleece isn’t warm enough in the coldest conditions

8. Trailheads Power

8. Trailheads Power
Like other Trailheads beanies, this hat comes with a customer satisfaction guarantee—that seemingly never gets used, because runners love this cap. The reflective accents are better spaced than on many of the other reflective caps, meaning you’re more likely to be seen, and the fit ensures it can work either as a layer or on its own. Water resistance, a stretchy polyester/spandex blend, and brushed finish all lead to a great performance and fit.
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This is one of the more reflective beanies on the market, as the accents run down both sides of the beanie, rather than in just a few scattered spots. The increased coverage makes it far more effective than many other comparable beanies.

Low profile

While warmer than many similar polyester/spandex blends, this beanie keeps the slim profile that makes it easy to use as a liner beanie or stow away in a pocket on those days when you warm up and don’t need the beanie anymore.

Cost and Value

Trailheads are one of those brands still finding its place in the market, and as a result, this is one of those beanies that can be more difficult to locate. Prices tend to reflect that, so cost and value may vary depending on where you find it.
  • Reflective accents offer great reflective coverage
  •  Water resistance helps keep you dry in most weather
  • Slim profile makes it easy to stash mid-run if you warm up
  • Breathable stretch blend helps ensure sweat wicks away from your skin
  • Isn’t warm enough for the coldest weather unless worn as a liner layer
  •  Can be difficult to find

9. Nova Sport Balaclava

9. Nova Sport Balaclava
When it’s really nasty out there, but you’re still going to get your miles, this fleece balaclava might be the option you need. The drawstring closure and warm fleece mean you can protect as much of your face from the elements as you need, and the ability to drop the chin mask means you can ventilate as needed, too.
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Protection from the nastiest weather

On those days when it’s so cold, you need to vaseline your face to get out there, this fleece balaclava might be just the extra protection you need to keep your planned 10-miler from turning into a 5-miler.


The drawstring closure and ability to wear it in different ways means this balaclava can be adjusted as conditions change and warrant it—which can be a game-changer when running in the nastiest conditions.

Cost and Value

This isn’t the sort of gear most runners will need, but for those that do, it’s nice to know that it’s affordable, too—one of the cheaper quality balaclavas we’ve seen.
  • Stands up against absolutely awful weather
  •  Drawstring and fleece help protect your face
  • Versatility means you can adjust fit and warmth as needed
  • Soft fleece won’t irritate sensitive facial skin
  • May be too warm for all but the worst weather
  •  Balaclavas aren’t for everyone, as some people find them claustrophobic

10. TrailHeads Reflective

10. TrailHeads Reflective
While we already noted an excellent ponytail beanie for most runners, what this Trailheads beanie offers that the other doesn’t is key for those who need it: Fully 360 degrees of reflectivity. If you’re someone who regularly runs in the dark, that extra reflection can be a lifesaver, in addition to all the other benefits of a quality ponytail beanie. The wicking and soft polyester fleece has the added advantage of being made in the United States, too, so you can feel good about buying American.
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Full 360 degree reflectivity

Of the hats in this list, this beanie offers the most reflective coverage, which for winter running can be a serious consideration if you run in the dark on a regular basis.


Not only is the soft fleece cap made in Massachusetts, it was also designed and tested in Connecticut, where it was put up against harsh Northeast winters. Having thrived in those conditions, you can bet it will work well for you, too.

Cost and Value

While more expensive than many ponytail beanies, it’s also better, and the added reflective elements mean you can run with peace of mind, too, knowing that cars are far more likely to see you in the dark.
  • Integrated ponytail loop helps you run comfortably without the ponytail bunching or discomfort
  • Polyester fleece blend wicks moisture to keep you warm and dry
  •  You can sleep well knowing you bought American
  • Double layered earband keeps your ears nice and toasty
  • A little pricier than most ponytail beanies
  • Isn’t warm enough for the coldest winter runs

11. Tough Headwear

11. Tough Headwear
Here is a running beanie style hat that is perfect for running in winter weather. The hat wicks away moisture from your head so that you do not feel hot and sweaty, yet it will keep you insulated and warm while you are running in jogging in the cold weather. It is tough, lightweight, and offers a "one size fits all" so that anyone can wear this hat.
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Moisture Wicking

This hat is made out of a highly breathable blend of polyester and spandex so that it breathes well and wicks away moisture from your head. This allows your head to stay dry because it won't build up body sweat from running.

One size fits all

Anyone can wear this hat thanks to the one size fits all sizing. The hat is designed to stretch with your head and feel tight so anyone who has small or even large heads can wear this hat to stay warm.

Cost and Value

This hat is sold at a price that is lower than the average price for winter running hats which makes it into an excellent value. You can take advantage of the warmth and moisture wicking offered by this hat without having to spend a lot.
  • This is designed to be both lightweight and comfortable so that you won't notice it while running.
  • The fabric of the hat is designed to provide you with a snug fit that stretches to fit your head.
  • You won't have to worry about sweat building up on your head since this hat is moisture wicking.
  • There is a brushed lining inside of the hat which helps you retain heat in the cold.
  • This hat is sold with a lifetime warranty so you can trust it to be long-lasting.
  • Some reviewers have reported that the hat is made out of material that is too thin.
  • Other reviewers have said that the hat is either too large or too small for them.

12. Self Pro Balaclava

12. Self Pro Balaclava
Sometimes you need to protect more than just the top of your head while you are running or jogging. This balaclava made by Self Pro will protect your head, face, and your neck. The material is hypo-allergenic so that you can breathe through it while running and it is also moisture wicking so that you can feel warm without having a pool of sweat build up on your face.
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You can wear this balaclava as a full mask, hat, scarf, face mask, or any other way that you can think of. The flexibility of this balaclava is an excellent feature because you can adjust it to your running conditions.

UV Protection

Even in cold weather you still need to protect your skin against UV radiation so that you do not get sunburned. This balaclava offers natural UV protection for your head because it covers your entire face and blocks the sun.

Cost and Value

You will see this item sold at a price that is slightly below the average price for winter running hats. It is an excellent value because you can adjust it to fit your needs depending on the outdoor conditions.
  • This balaclava is made with CoolMax TM polyester so that it keeps your face feeling great.
  • The neck is extra long in the front so that you can tuck it into your jacket.
  • It is hypo-allergenic so that you do not end up sneezing while wearing it over your face.
  • The product is made out of a four-way stretch fabric so that it fits snuggly.
  • You can wear it in six different ways so that you can adjust it for conditions.
  • Some reviewers have experienced issues with this balaclava blocking their peripheral vision due to shifting around.
  • If you have thick hair it can be hard to put this hat on properly over your hair.

13. Halo Headbands

13. Halo Headbands
This running skullcap is great for winter and cold weather running. It has a dryline fabric which causes moisture to quickly evaporate away from your head. This prevents you from feeling hot and sweaty while you are running because sweat won't build up under the hat. The hat also has features that prevent your sweat from running down your face and getting into your eyes while you are running.
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This hat has a proprietary SweatBlock Seal which is designed to channel sweat away from your eyes and your face. The feature helps you feel more comfortable because you won't have sweat dripping down into your face or your eyes.

Grip Technology

You won't need to worry about this hat shifting or moving around while you are running or jogging thanks to the grip technology. This hat is designed to stay in place once you have positioned it on your head.

Cost and Value

You should plan on spending a higher than the average price for this hat due to its advanced features. The hat justifies it's higher price by offering features such as moisture wicking, sweat protection, and gripping technology which makes it a great running hat.
  • You will not have to worry about sweat burning your eyes because of the SweatBlock Seal.
  • The hat has dryline fabric which allows moisture to evaporate from your head by wicking it and absorbing it.
  • It won't shift around on your head or bounce around because of the grip technology included in this hat.
  • The four-way stretch fabric makes sure that it can fit on just about anyone's head.
  • The hat is designed to hold its shape so you won't have to worry about it stretching out.
  • The headband is made out of silicon rubber which many reviewers find to be uncomfortable.
  • Other reviewers have reported that the hat doesn't offer adequate sun protection for their heads.

14. C.C. Beanie Tail

14. C.C. Beanie Tail
People who have long hair can have trouble finding a running hat that works with their hair. This ponytail hat solves the problem by providing an opening in the back of the hat for a ponytail. You won't have to worry about this hat slipping off of your head while you are running since it is designed for people who have long hair.
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Ponytail Opening

There is an opening in the back of this hat where you can slide a ponytail through the opening. This allows people who have long hair to wear this hat without having to worry about it slipping off due to long hair.

Stretchable Material

The hat features a stretchy material that wraps around the circumference of the head. This improves your warmth while running because it makes it more likely that the hat will stay on and comfortable throughout your entire run.

Cost and Value

You should plan on paying a price that is higher than the average for this hat. It gets its value by being made out of a high-quality knit material that keeps your head warm while wicking away moisture.
  • There is an opening in the back of the hat that you can slide a ponytail through.
  • There are two seperate holes that allow you to have a high or low pony
  • There is a double layer ear band which helps your ears stay warm in cold winter weather.
  • This hat is one size fits most so that just about anyone is able to wear it.
  • Some reviewers have said that the hat is too small for their head and did not cover their ears.
  • Other reviewers have said that the ponytail hole isn't positioned properly making it hard to put the hat on.

15. Rotibox

15. Rotibox
If you are someone who loves to listen to music while you are running or jogging then you will love this hat by Rotibox. This hat features Bluetooth speakers that are built right into the hot so that you can pair your Bluetooth device with the hat and listen to music. There is no need to try and tuck headphones underneath the hat while you are running in the morning.
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The hat includes a pair of Bluetooth enabled speakers around the ears. This allows you to listen to your Bluetooth enabled device while you are exercising without having to worry about headphones slipping out from under the hat while you run.

Fully Washable

You can wash this hat like you would any other hat once you have removed the electronic controls from the hat. The electronic components fit into pouches that make them easily accessible so that you can take them out quickly.

Cost and Value

You should plan on paying a price that is well above the average for a running hat thanks to the Bluetooth controls. The speakers, battery, and control panel are an added value considering that you can use this hat instead of headphones.
  • This hat is a double knitted beanie style hat that is made out of 100% acrylic fabric.
  • It has Bluetooth speakers built into the hat so that you can listen to music while wearing it.
  • There is a control panel on the hat that lets you change the volume or skip songs.
  • You can wash this hat like any other hat after removing the electronic pieces from it.
  • The hat has a wireless range of up to 33 feet so you can keep your device safe.
  • Some reviewers have experienced trouble with connecting their iPhone or Android phone to the hat.
  • Other reviewers have reported that the hat has a strong chemical smell when it is brand new.

Depending on where you do your winter running, you may not need a winter running hat all winter—or if you live in the upper midwest, northeast, or other extreme winter climates, you may need some of the heavier-duty hats (like the two balaclavas) off this list. Regardless the winter conditions, though, you’ll need the right gear to keep running all winter long.

Fortunately for you, we’re here for you. We’ve been there. And we can’t imagine a better resource when it comes to picking the right winter running hats than the list we’ve collated for you above.

So good luck this winter. We know that with the hats above you’ll stay warm and comfortable out there!

Criteria for Choosing the Best Winter Running Hat


A winter running hat needs to fit properly in order to be useful. Running hats that do not fit will cause all kinds of trouble while you are running. You can experience issues with the hat slipping off of your head or not cover your ears properly. The hat may even fall down on your face and because of a nuisance. For these reasons, you will want to make sure that the hat fits your head properly prior to purchasing the hat.

Most winter running hats come in a one size fits all or one size fits most style hat. These hats are meant to stretch across your head and have a snug fit while you are wearing the hat. The idea is so that the hat doesn’t move around on your head while you are running or jogging. Running is an activity that causes your head and neck to move around a lot so you want to make sure that your hat fits your head properly. If the hat does not maintain a snug fit, then you will experience a couple of different issues. For one thing, the hat could end up sliding off your head completely either from running or from blowing wind. This could cause the hat to land in cold water or snow which could soak it. You could even lose the hat completely in such a situation.

Even if the hat does not fall off of your head completely, it could still move around on your head. You may experience problems with the hat that could include issues such as the hat falling down into your eyes or onto your face. It may even fall the other direction and start moving back on your head. Running hats that are too tight will start to scrunch up on your head and keep sliding off of your ears. Since you need your ears to stay protected while you are running in cold weather, you don’t want your hat to keep moving up on your head. If the hat is too long, then it can start to fall down on your face and block your vision. Any of these issues with the hat can turn into a distraction while you are running and cause you not to perform as well as you could.

It is important that the hat covers your ears while you are running cold weather. Cold weather can cause your skin to freeze which is known as frostbite. Since your ears do not get a lot of blood flow and are positioned away from your head, they are susceptible to frostbite. You should always make sure that your ears are protected by covering them up which is why it is important that the hat is long enough to reach your ears. If you find that the hat does not cover your ears properly, then you should consider wearing a different hat when you are running in cold weather. A hat is not worth damaging your ears over.

You should also expect that the hat maintains its shape and continues to fit your head properly while you are wearing it. Many hats have a stretch fit that allows them to fit different people’s heads. You will want to make sure that the hat maintains its elasticity over time and continues to return to its original shape when you are not wearing it. When running hats start to lose their elasticity, they will no longer fit your head properly. A hat that cannot maintain a snug fit will end up sliding around on your head just as if the hat was too big for your head. Once again, the hat ends up becoming a distraction because of it no longer able to stay in its place while you are running.

If you are a person who has long hair, then you will want to make sure that the hat is able to stay over the top of your hair. Many people with long hair may need a hat that is larger than what they would normally get so that there is enough room for their hair. Alternatively, you can always look for hats that have a port for a ponytail so that you can put your ponytail through the port and have the hat fit your head better than what it could otherwise. It is also important to make sure that the hat still covers your ears if you have long hair since your hair could keep the hat from properly insulating your ears.

When you are picking out a hat for running, you will always want to make sure that the hat fits properly. A hat that does not fit you properly can end up becoming a lot of trouble. Such hats could scrunch up on your head or move around while you are running. They may even fail to protect important areas of your head such as your ears. If you need a hat for running in cold or winter weather, then it is best that you make sure it fits great.

Heat Retention

When we are running in the outdoors during cool or cold weather, we need a hat that can retain heat properly. Hats that are unable to keep our heads warm during such weather do not have a lot of value. Instead, we need a hat that will create a thermal barrier around our heads so that we do not lose our body heat to the atmosphere. We also need to make sure that our hats can protect our ears properly since they can easily get frostbite. How well a hat protects our head can depend on a number of different factors which include how the hat fits, what area of the head is covered by the hat, and finally what kind of material the hat is made from.

You should always make sure that the hat fits your head properly. It should have a snug fit against your head since that will help it to create a thermal barrier which will help retain your body heat around your head. Furthermore, the hat should be long enough to protect cover your ears completely but it should not be so long that it starts falling down into your eyes. If the hat is too big, then it will slide around your head and it will not stay where you need it to stay. Likewise, a hat that is too tight will start to slip off of your head and will fail to keep you warm. You should always check that the hat has the proper length and that it fits well around your head.

It is also important that you check to see what areas of your head are covered by your head. Some hats only cover the top of your head and your ears. If you are looking for additional protection then you may want to look for hats that function as full face masks such as balaclava style hat. These hats can cover your head, face, ears, and your neck which makes them great for winter weather. They will fully protect your head from wind and keep most of your skin from getting exposed to the cold air. These hats are great from the extreme cold but once again you should make sure they fit your head properly or you could end up having them slide over your eyes.

The material the hat is made out of will also play an important factor when you are picking out a hat for running. Many running hats are made out of thin polyester or nylon. These hats will offer plenty of moisture wicking but they may not be very warm. Neither polyester or nylon is great for heat retention which means that such hats are suitable for cool weather but they may fail to protect you from temperatures that are around freezing or below freezing. For colder weather, you will most likely want to find a dual-layered hat that has a fleece interior layer or an acrylic hat.

Fleece is a great insulator material that still breathes well. The fabric is made from polyester, but it spun in a way that allows it retain more heat than flat polyester might. Lots of winter gear is made out of fleece because fleece retains heat and is still moisture wicking. This makes it into a great material for a winter running hat. You can look for hats that are made entirely out of fleece, or you can look for a running hat that has a fleece interior. Both kinds of hats will help protect yours in cold weather.

Most people consider acrylic hats to be wool caps because these hats are knitted. Acrylic is an artificial fiber that is spun into yarn and looks like wool. However, the fabric is still moisture wicking so it works well as a winter running hat. Natural wool will retain moisture which causes it to be more insulating. However, since you will most likely sweat a lot as a runner, natural wool hats may not be the best kind of hat to wear when running in the winter. You should always look for materials that are moisture wicking rather than retaining moisture.

The thickness of the hat will also affect how much heat it retains while you are running. Some hats are made out of thin material. These hats will help pull moisture away from your head while you are running. This can be advantageous until you start running freezing or below freezing temperatures. If you are running in the extreme cold, then you should look for hats that are thicker. Thicker hats provide additional insulation around your head and will keep you from losing body heat while you are running such weather. Some of these hats will even feature extra insulation around the ears which will provide your ears with extra protection.

When you are picking out a winter running hat, you should always make sure that it can retain heat. Several different factors play into how well a running hat retains heat. You will want to consider how well the hat fits and what areas of your head it protects. You should also check and see what kind of material the hat is made from and the thickness of the hat. The best hats will keep your head warm while pulling moisture away from your head.

Moisture Wicking

Evaporation from sweat is our body’s natural way of keeping our body temperatures regulated. The hot we get while running, the more sweat our body will produce. As the sweat is evaporated from our skin, heat energy is removed with the sweat which cools our body. When we are picking out hats for running in the winter, we should always be mindful of looking for hats that work with our body’s cooling mechanisms rather than against it. For this reason, you should always try and find winter running hats that are breathable and wick away moisture.

Many winter hats are made out of natural fibers such as cotton or wool. These fibers are great for the winter because they provide insulation and retain moisture. A thermal barrier is created as the hats soak up moisture which helps the hat retain heat. While this is a good thing if you are not exercising, it can lead to your head feeling like a swamp if you are running in the winter. You will feel much more comfortable when you are wearing a winter running hat that is moisture wicking rather than water retaining. Having a hat that pulls moisture away from your head will keep your hair from getting soaked with your sweat while you are working out.

Synthetic materials tend to provide better moisture wicking than natural fibers. Some examples of such materials are nylon, spandex, polyester, and fleece. The fibers in these materials are polymer based and therefore do not retain water like natural fibers will. This provides you with better moisture wicking and breathability that what you may experience with natural fibers. If you are running in cool weather than you should feel ok when wearing a running hat that is made out of nylon, spandex, or polyester. However, if you are planning on running freezing or below freezing temperatures, then you should consider finding a fleece hat or at least a hat with a fleece liner. That is because fleece is a great insulator that is also moisture wicking. There are many different types of winter apparel that are made out of fleece for that reason.

You may also want to check out acrylic hats as a winter running hat. Many people mistake these hats for wool hats since they are usually knitted hats. However, acrylic is a synthetic fiber and so it will not retain moisture the same way that wool does. Hats made out of acrylic are still warm but they are also breathable and moisture wicking. This allows you to continue to feel warm without having to worry about feeling swampy or sweaty while you are running in these hats.

It is also possible to find hats that are made out of a blend of natural and synthetic fibers. These hats tend to feel warmer while are running in cold weather but they also do not wick away moisture as well as a hat that does not have natural fibers. Nevertheless, many people are happy with the performance of hats that are made from blended fabrics because they offer a middle ground between warmth and moisture control. You may find such hats to be beneficial if you are not willing to wear a hat that is made completely from artificial fibers.

Although the materials that the hat is made from will go a long way with wicking moisture, you will also want to consider the construction of the hat as well. A thinner running hat will allow moisture from sweat to permeate through the hat and evaporate faster than a thicker hat will. You should keep in mind that thinner hats will also provide your head with less insulation, so you will want to consider the outside temperature prior to wearing a thin hat for running. If you are planning on running in cool but not cold temperatures then a thinner hat is appropriate and preferable because it will help pull moisture away from your head faster than a thick hat will allow. If you are running in freezing or below freezing temperatures, then you should probably consider being cautious and wearing a thicker hat for running even though that means you are giving up some of the moisture wicking ability.

Some running winter hats also have built-in sweatbands that help keep moisture away from your face. These hats are great for runners because you will not have to worry about having the sweat from your head run down into your eyes and irritate them. If your hat has such as sweatband, then you should still make sure that the materials for the sweatband are moisture wicking. You do not want the sweatband to become waterlogged because then it will no longer be able to keep sweat from falling down on your face. Instead, it should help move moisture away from your head which will help you stay comfortable and dry while you are running.


Whenever you are running outdoors, you should take some time and consider your safety. Running and jogging is not a dangerous sport, but anytime you are exposed to cold weather, the sun, or are running near traffic, you are exposing yourself to hazards. You should always take the time to address these hazards so that you can return home safely after running. Failing to address outdoor hazards can lead to issues that are mildly irritating all of the ways to lifelong injuries. However, when you take the time to address any safety concerns, then your run will not only be safe, but it will also be enjoyable as well.

If you are someone who plans on running anywhere near traffic, then you should always look for running hats that help make you visible to the drivers of cars and trucks. Even in broad daylight, a motorist can have trouble spotting a runner or a jogger on the side of the road or in the crosswalk. The more visible you are, the more likely they will see you while you are running and are therefore less likely to hit you. Visibility is even more important when you are running in low light conditions such as when you run in the morning, evening, or after dark. Many people like to run during these times of the day because it is cooler, but it also means that there is less light for drivers to see you. Even if you run during the day in the winter because it’s warmer out, the winter months tend to have less light so you need to stand out to motorists.

You can pick out hats that will make you more visible. One way to make yourself more visible is to purchase a hat that has a reflective band or even LED lights. A reflective band in the hat will reflect the light from a car or truck’s headlights back into the eyes of a driver. This naturally draws their eyes to the source of the light and makes them notice you while they are driving. Having a LED light in the hat takes this one step further by creating a light source for the driver to see rather than depending on the chance that another source of light will reflect towards the driver. In both cases, you are more likely to be spotted by the driver and are therefore less likely to get hit by a motorist while you are running.

The color of the hat can also make a difference in your visibility. If you pick out hats that have bright colors, you are more likely to be noticed by a motorist. The converse is also true as well. Dark color or grey hats make you less visible to runners because you are more likely to blend into your background rather than get spotted by a motorist. If you need some suggestions as to what colors to pick so that you are visible to a motorist, then you should take a look at the same colors that are used for traffic signs. Traffic signs are designed to be visible to motorist and therefore use colors and reflective material that make them easy to spot while driving. It stands to reason that clothing of similar colors will also be seen by motorist. Therefore, you should try and pick out colors such as bright red, yellow, or green. If you are running in the winter where there is snow, then you should try and avoid wearing white since it could cause you to blend into the background.

Visibility isn’t the only safety factor that you should think about when picking out a running hat. You will also need to consider warmth and UV protection. When you are running in the winter, you will lose body heat to the outdoor weather. Some areas of your head are prone to get damaged by the cold. This would include your ears and your nose so you should always make sure that the hat at least protects your ears. If your nose and cheeks are getting cold, then you may want to look for a hat that also has a face mask to help protect your face from the cold weather as well. A cold blast from winter wind can be uncomfortable and cause your face to feel cold and chap the skin on your face. If you are running in such conditions, then you should make sure that your entire head is protected.

Even in cold weather, the UV radiation from the sun can also damage your skin and cause a sunburn. Wearing a hat while running will block sunlight from the covered areas of your head and protect your skin from UV radiation. Once again, you should make sure that your ears are covered to protect them from getting sunburned. If you are having trouble with other areas of your face getting sunburned, then you may want to buy a hat that has a face mask as well.

Safety is important to consider when you are running outdoors. Running outside means that you are exposing yourself to hazards such as traffic, cold, and the sun. You should always look for running hats that help you stay visible to cars, protect you from the cold and the sun. Addressing these hazards means that you will remain safe while running and they will make you’re run more enjoyable.


Running caps come in a few different styles. You should consider the style of the running hat when you are purchasing a running hat since the style of the hat will dictate how the hat fits, feels, and performs. Some styles of running hats are better suited for certain conditions than others so it is worthwhile to pick out the style of running hat that best fits the area where you plan on running or jogging. When you pick the right style of hat for running, you will feel more comfortable and will also find the hat to be more enjoyable to wear. There are a few different styles of running hats which include beanie hats, skull caps, and balaclava. Each style of hat has different features and benefits which helps make them ideal for different running environments.

Beanie hats are common winter hat and are worn from situations besides running. These hats are usually made out of knitting yarn and stretch to fit your head which makes them great for running because you can trust that the hat will stay secure to your head and will not fall off while you are running. Beanie hats also cover your ears so that your ears are protected from cold weather. You can purchase beanie hats in different thicknesses so that you can get thinner hats if you are running in cool or slightly cold temperatures or thick hats if you are running in cold or extremely cold temperatures. When you are purchasing a beanie hat for running, you should always pay attention to the material that the hat is made from. You should avoid beanie hats that are made out of wool since wool will retain moisture and will not breathe well. Instead, you should look for beanie hats that are made from acrylic since this is a synthetic fiber that will help remove moisture from your head while you are running.

Another kind of running hat that is popular is a skull cap. Skull caps fit tightly against your head and are made from thin material. Most of the time, these hats are made from materials such as polyester, nylon, or spandex which makes them great for runners since such materials are breathable and wick away moisture. Since skull caps are thin and made out of material that isn’t insulting, you should consider wearing skull caps for running when it is cool out or slightly cold. Since skull caps do not retain heat as well as other hats, they aren’t suitable for cold or extremely cold temperatures and they will fail to keep you warm while you are running. The main advantage of wearing a skull cap for winter running is that these hats keep your head dry from sweat because they are lightweight and moisture wicking. Skull caps are also thin enough to be worn over or underneath other headgear which makes them great for layering.

Balaclava is the most versatile for running and jogging in the winter. This style of headgear can function as a hat, face mask, scarf, or some combination of the three. They allow you to fully protect your head, neck, and face at the same time which makes them perfect for running in the winter time. The less skin that you expose to the cold air and the sun, the less likely you are going to experience sunburns on your face or frostbite. This is crucially important for your safety while running in the cold weather. Furthermore, balaclavas can help protect your face from cold winds, dust, or other environmental debris that can impact your ability to run.

Balaclavas are normally made of thin synthetic materials such as polyester or spandex. This allows them to stay thin while also remaining breathable and moisture wicking. If you are running in cool or cold weather, then wearing a Balaclava on its own should be sufficiently warm to protect your head, but you can also combine it with another hat such as a beanie or a skull cap for additional warmth. When you are purchasing a Balaclava for running, you should make sure that it has the proper fit around your head. If it doesn’t fit properly, then you can experience problems such having the fabric fall down in front of your eyes and blocking your vision. It can also fall down from your face and fail to stay put while you are running, which can turn it into a nuisance.

You will also need to make sure that you can breathe well while you are wearing a balaclava over your mouth. If the balaclava is too thick, then you will not be able to inhale or exhale while you have it covering your mouth. It is also important to make sure that the balaclava is hypo-allergenic since you do not want to breathe in organisms or allergens while you are running with it over your mouth. So while balaclavas are great for running in the winter time, they also need a little more attention than other headgear due to the nature of the garment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best way to wash my running hat?
A: Most running hats will have tags on the hat that provide you with directions on how to wash the hat. If the hat does not have a tag, then you should machine wash it in cold water with mild laundry detergent. When the hat has finished washing you should always hang it up and let it air dry. This will help keep the hat from getting damaged by the heat in the drier and make it last longer.

Q: Should I worry about my hat shrinking?
A: Most running hats have a one size fits all or one size fits most fit which allows them to stretch with your head and maintain a snug fit. Running hats are normally made out of synthetic fibers that are already shrunk so you should not have to worry about them shirking anymore after your wash and wear them. It is also best to follow the hat’s care instructions so that it continues to fit properly.

Q: Will my running hat cause me to feel sweaty?
A: As long as your running hat is moisture wicking and breathable, then you should not feel a lot of sweat build up in the running hat. Thinner running hats will allow the hat to help remove moisture faster than thicker hats, but you should also keep in mind that thin running hats are not as warm as thick hats. It is up to you to find the proper balance between moisture wicking and thermal retention while purchasing a running hat.

Q: How can I keep sweat from running down my face?
A: There are few different strategies that you can use to keep sweat from dripping into your face. You can always look for a running hat that has a built-in sweatband. The sweatband will absorb sweat before it runs down your face and into your eyes. You should also make sure that the hat fits your properly and that it is moisture wicking. A good fit will stop sweat from running into your face while moisture-wicking will remove the sweat.

Q: What is the best style of running hat?
A: The best style of running hat will depend on your conditions and your situation. Beanie and skull caps are the most popular kinds of running hats because you can get them in a thin material which helps your head breath and removes moisture. If you are running in cold weather, then you should consider thick beanie hats or even a balance so that you are properly protected against the cold weather while you are running or jogging.

Q: Some of the hats have a reflective band, why would I need something like this for running?

A:  The reflective band makes you more visible to oncoming motorists. Some hats are also equipped with an LED light, that can be turned on in the dark to make yourself more visible.For some runners, this reflective band could be considered very important for their safety.  If you are an individual that does not run on roadways, and primarily stays on running paths, maybe you would not necessarily need it, however, it is not a feature to just rule out.


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