Best Running Compression Socks Reviewed & Rated for Quality

What is it exactly that compression socks do? Well simply put they improve blood flow, they can lessen pain an swelling in your legs and they can cut the changes that you’ll end up with potentially deadly deep vein thrombosis. Those are reasons enough to consider adding them to your running or flying, or any kind of regimen that is putting pressure on and forcing blood deep into your legs. So, we’re sold! And we’re not the only ones.

Compression socks have become incredibly important and required for most athletes over the last several years. The high riding and snug fitting compression socks offer up plenty of benefits for the runner.  Running can be hard on the body, feet, and legs. Finding ways to make running more successful starts here, with compression socks. Reviewing this list will give you an in-depth look into the best compression socks on the market, today!

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Featured Recommendations

Physix Gear Sport
  • Physix Gear Sport
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Padded Sole
  • Price: See Here
VitalSox-Italy Compression
  • VitalSox-Italy Compression
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Quick Drying
  • Price: See Here
Blitzu Compression Socks
  • Blitzu Compression Socks
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Moisture Wicking Material
  • Price: See Here

 The main benefit to compression socks is circulation. Being able to have a constant circulation in your legs and feet not only boosts performance but speeds up the recovery process from a long and hard workout. The tight socks will boost the circulation and assist in controlling the lactic acids, allowing your muscles to hear in a healthier and quicker environment. With the benefits of compression socks, you have the ability to train, rest, and re-train a lot quicker than an athlete that does not use the compression sock. There are also many other benefits added to these socks including padded comfort, moisture wicking, no slide, and elasticity. Soon, you will review a number of items that are highly sought after compression socks that have so many benefits, running will be made a lot easier. There is no need to wait, time to boost your performance.


15 Best Running Compression Socks


1. Physix Gear Sport

1. Physix Gear Sport
The Physix Gear Sport Compression Socks are one of a kind for running. With you in mind, these compression socks were designed to create a healthy environment and a comfortable atmosphere. Being the highest rated compression sock, the Physix Gear Sport Compression Socks gets the job done. With so many added features, you can't go wrong with this purchase.
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The Physix Gear Sport Compression Socks has a specialized fabric that is in place to help keep your feet and legs incredibly healthy. Anti-bacterial properties are entwined in this pair of compression socks to allow a constant, disease-free atmosphere. Along with that, the Physic Gear Sport Compression socks have no seams to bother you while on your run or wearing your shoes! Talk about comfort.


The Physix Gear Sport Compression Socks offer great comfort for swollen legs varicose veins. Not only do they allow comfort, but they allow your legs to have constant circulation, allowing for a quick, painless recovery from a hard workout. Removing the lactic acid that is built up with also speed up the painless recovery that the Physix Gear Sport Compression Socks have to offer.

Cost and Value

The Physix Gear Sport Compression Socks is a great compression sock and allows you to get in the zone with maximum comfort. With the ability to be washed, these socks are made durable and will last for several workouts. Anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking properties keep your feet and legs healthy the entire time! Don't miss out on such a great compression sock!
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Machine Washable
  • Increases Circulation
  • Can Cause Itchy Skin

2. VitalSox Italy Compression

2. VitalSox Italy Compression
The VitalSox-Italy Compression Socks has so much to offer the feet and legs. These compression socks are incredible for good circulation and healing properties after a long morning run or a day-long marathon. Added technologies keep your feet and legs healthy and disease free. Moisture-wicking, these socks will keep your feet dry, during and after your run. Don't miss out on the VitalSox-Italy Compression Socks.
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Quick Drying

The VitalSox-Italy Compression Socks have an excellent technology that allows your feet to remain dry during your daily running activities. The quick drying polypropylene allows for a constant airflow to circulate throughout the sock, keeping these compression socks dry at all times.

4 Way Stretch

Compression socks are designed to help maintain a healthy circulation of blood. The VitalSox-Italy Compression Socks have a 4 way stretch that gives added circulation and great blood flow to the lower extremities. The 4 way stretch also allows for easy on and off of the compression sock, making life a little easier, too!

Cost and Value

The VitalSox-Italy Compression Socks are amazing for you and your feet. Keeping constant circulation will allow for a quick healing process by keeping fresh blood consistently flowing to damaged tissues. The VitalSox-Italy Compression Socks is a one of a kind product that will carry you for miles.
  • Quick Drying Material
  • 4 Way Stretch
  • Keeps Constant Circulation
  • Holds Arch Support
  • Run Large

3. Blitzu Compression

3. Blitzu Compression
The Blitzu Compression Socks are an all-around amazing compression sock that offers great compression and support to sore or healing legs. Made to stabilize and comfort, these socks have a natural feel and flexible feel that will keep you on your toes all day. Maximum muscle recovery comes with these compression socks as they are designed to pump oxygen and pull out lactic acid.
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Everyday Use

The Blitzu Compression Socks are used for a wide variety of health related diseases. Also, these socks are well known for their popularity while working out or running. With the flexibility in these socks, and a comfortable feel, these socks are made for everyday use. Talk about major durability!


The Blitzu Compression Socks have been made to be versatile so that you can use them before, during or, after a long run. Once the Blitzu Compression Socks go on, they are sure to stay on and be comfortable, all day long. Why miss out on such a versatile compression sock?

Cost and Value

The Blitzu Compression Socks offer outstanding relief from everyday pains of running. Having a pair of these compression socks, you can be sure to feel a quick and painless recovery from every workout. Flexibility and support, the Blitzu Compression Socks are top-rated for one reason, great compression.
  • Natural Feel
  • Breathable Material
  • Stability in Arch and Toe
  • Made for Everyday Use
  • Very Long

15. Rockay Blaze

15. Rockay Blaze
A great alternative to socks, these sleeves are an excellent choice for running and general use, as they are much faster to put on and take off. Made from the finest materials, these are both comfortable and extremely long-lasting. The fabric is moisture wicking which helps you keep cool and dry. In addition, they're treated with Polygeine, which actively inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria. All in all, these sleeves are designed to provide you with all-day comfort and support while offering you health benefits such as reduced swelling and additional blood circulation.
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Any sort of athletic endeavor necessarily entails sweat and stench and a shower afterward. There's no cure-all for any of that. However, these sleeves have been treated with relatively new technology--called Polygeine--which works actively to inhibit the growth of any odor-causing bacteria. It'll help you stay smelling fresh even as you're sweating.


Lots of companies claim that their products are state-of-the-art; lots of them make bold claims. Rockay has taken it a step further. They've actually included documented proof with every purchase--via Swisslastic--of the superiority of the compression of their sleeve.

Cost and Value

If you're looking for a sleeve to get the job done well, then these are it. They are admittedly more expensive than other options out there on the market, but the phrase "you get what you pay for" is particularly apt here. Our verdict? Worth it.

Guaranteed for life

Extremely breathable



Fun color options


A bit pricey

4. SB Sox Compression

4. SB Sox Compression
The SB Sox Compression Socks are one of a kind socks that will keep your legs and feet feeling comfortable all day. Available in four different sizes, anyone can slide into these socks and feel the comfort that they offer. Lightweight and breathable, the SB Sox Compression Socks will add to comfort while maximum durability will make these socks last a lifetime. Why wait any longer for a good set of compression socks? Get into the comfort, today!
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The SB Sox Compression Socks offer an excellent breathable material that assists in wicking away moisture and keeps a constant airflow. The properties in this moisture wick material allow sweat and other moisture to turn into vapors and move out of the sock with ventilation. These socks will protect against sweat and moisture build-up, keeping the feet comfortable all day.

Reinforced Heel and Toe Cushion

The SB Sox Compression Socks are an all-around safe sock that has been designed to maintain stability and comfort. These socks are designed to relieve all discomfort without affecting natural movements. That being said, the SB Sox Compression Socks are truly one of a kind. Stability has never been more rewarding!

Cost and Value

With so many added benefits to the SB Sox Compression Socks, you are bound to stay comfortable and have outstanding circulation. With the moisture-wicking properties that the SB Sox Compression Socks have to offer, you can be sure that your feet will stay healthy and dry throughout your entire day. At an amazing price, you can't pass up the SB Sox Compression Socks.
  • Flexible Comfort
  • Reinforced Heel
  • Moisture WIcking Material
  • Several Sizing Options
  • Runs Small
  • May Run

5. A-Swift Compression

5. A-Swift Compression
The A-Swift Compression Socks were made to keep a healthy blood flow to all lower extremities. By reducing lactic acid, these socks will assist in a healthy recovery of your long marathons. Specialized properties allow disease-free environments that keep your feet at a healthy level and prevent foul odors and moisture build up. As a top-rated sock, the A-Swift Compression Socks have it all.
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The A-Swift Compression Socks have materials that are both moisture wicking and prevent odors. Moisture is beaded away with small ventilation holes within the compression sock itself. With the odor prevention, you can be sure your feet, socks, and shoes have no smell.

Anti-Bacteria Fabric

With the anti-bacterial fabrics, these compression socks are made to keep your feet healthy, at all times. The A-Swift Compression Socks are well known for their ability to maintain a disease free foot and keep bacteria out. These added benefits allow you to run in comfort and cleanliness, all at an affordable price!

Cost and Value

With the ability to prevent bacteria and moisture build-up, these socks not only help maintain foot health, but also help maintain healthy circulation. With the healthy circulation, a constant blood flow goes into the damaged tissues, repairing any and all aches and pains that running may cause on the feet. The A-Swift Compression Socks are in the top for several reasons.
  • Anti-Bacterial Properties
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Odor Free
  • Natural Flexibility
  • Made for Slim Fitting

6. Mojo Compression

6. Mojo Compression
The MOJO Compression Socks are made with a thicker material that will allow a constant oxygen flow to the damaged tissues. These compression socks have an ability to give your legs an elevated feel, reducing lactic acid and supporting natural repairs to the tissues. These socks are incredibly fashionable and made to last, for miles on your feet.
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Thick Material

The MOJO Compression Socks offer a thicker material that allows the boost of circulation to the legs and feet. Having a constant flow of oxygen will help maintain the natural balance and reduce the lactic acid build up.

Reinforced Heel and Toe

The MOJO Compression Socks offers extra materials that reinforce the stability of the heel and toe. What this does is help reduce pain areas cause by plantar fasciitis and other foot diseases that cause incredible pain. Why suffer the pain and pressure points any longer when you could have been alleviating it this whole time!

Cost and Value

With comfort and protection this good, the MOJO Compression Socks were made to keep you comfortable where ever you may go. With the ability to reduce stress on the heel and toe, the MOJO Compression Socks are made to reduce pain and keep a constant oxygen flow to these damaged tissues as well as others that are damaged by long workouts. Maintain your healthy foot style, buy the MOJO Compression Socks today!
  • Thick Materials Maintain Blood Flow
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Added Stability
  • Natural and Flexible Feel
  • Longer Fit
  • May Roll Down

7. GO2 Compression

7. GO2 Compression
The GO2 Compression Socks are excellent socks that are designed to withstand maximum use. Made for running, the GO2 Compression Socks have amazing features that wick away odors and moisture. The materials also have anti-bacterial properties that keep away disease while giving you the ultimate circulation. Padded features will allow you to avoid pain while adding extra support to keep everything in place. The GO2 Compression Socks have so many benefits, they are incredibly hard to pass up.
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The GO2 Compression Socks give you an amazing material that offers a few different technologies that are made to benefit you. Moisture wicking, the GO2 Compression Socks are also odor proof and maintain constant breathability keeping these socks cool and clean.


The extra cushioned sole in the GO2 Compression Socks has added stability. This sock is designed to stay firm and tight, maintaining constant circulation and comfort in the sole. The GO2 Compression Socks has the tighter grip on the foot, keeping a stance of stability. Stay upright with this compression sock!

Cost and Value

The GO2 Compression Socks has many benefits to the runner as they are stable, firm, anti-bacterial, and breathable. Maintaining good blood flow, the GO2 Compression Socks will keep your feet and legs healed in a stylish form. With so many added benefits, this compression sock is a go-to for several athletes!
  • Padded Sole
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Moisture Wick Material
  • Excellent Circulation
  • Rolls at Times

8. MudGear Compression

8. MudGear Compression
The MudGear Compression Socks were built tough for the athletic runners. Keeping water out, these moisture-wicking socks will help maintain a healthy climate while circulation properties help maintain a healing property. Versatile and made for daily wear, the MudGear Compression Socks help boost circulation and reduce fatigue in your muscles.
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Speeds Recovery

The MudGear Compression Socks are a tight fitting sock that is made to extend from the toe to the knee. The MudGear Compression Socks were designed for maximum circulation which boosts recovery speed by sending additional oxygen to extremities furthest from the heart, and removing that bad lactic acid! Be pain-free with speedy recovery!

Blister Prevention

Blister prevention is incredibly important to those that consistently run or those that run marathons. Made with friction free material, the MudGear Compression Socks have added protection where you need it most.

Cost and Value

These compression socks speak for themselves! Offering true blister protection, the MudGear Compression Socks are also made to boost recovery speeds using a true circulation method but to also wick away moisture for the longest run of the year! Having the MudGear Compression Socks, you know that your feet will maintain their original state!
  • Blister Prevention
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Padded Sole
  • Versatile Style
  • Made for Wear and Tear
  • Seems Rub
  • Fits Small

9. WanderLust Air Travel

9. WanderLust Air Travel
You hit it big with the WanderLust Air Travel Compression Socks! These compression socks have been made with serious thought into recovery. Having such great circulation, these socks are known to send oxygen to lower extremities, away from the heart, to maintain restoration of damaged tissue. Seamless and padded, maximum comfort is put into place for long marathons.
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The WanderLust Air Travel Compression Socks are seamless. With a no seam feature, the WanderLust Air Travel Compression Socks are comfortable and you will not have to worry about extra irritation in the seam.

Extra Soft Padding

Extra soft padding is added into the sole of the WanderLust Air Travel Compression Socks. Having this extra padding, your feet will remain pain free from your everyday pressure points. This extra padding is extra special to those who already suffer from damaged tissues within the foot. Offset that horrible pain with the WanderLust Air Travel Compression Socks.

Cost and Value

At an affordable rate, the WanderLust Air Travel Compression Socks are socks that will promise you comfort and circulation. Assisting in the fastest recovery, the circulation brought to you by these socks is a great feel and sense of heal. Being seamless, you can say goodbye to those added irritations and feel at ease with constant comfort. With a compression sock this good, you'd be silly to pass it up.
  • Seamless
  • Padded Sole
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Extra Breathability
  • Outstanding Circulation
  • Can be Constrictive


10. CompressionZ Socks

10. CompressionZ Socks
The CompressionZ Compression Socks puts fun and fashion into compression and circulation. With a variety of options, the CompressionZ Compression Socks are versatile and friendly to almost any outfit. Great support is built into this compression sock and you will feel at ease knowing you are recovering in style. Made with your comfort in mind, the CompressionZ Compression Socks have a lot of added benefits to help maintain pain.
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Reduce Muscle Fatigue

The CompressionZ Compression Socks are made to help assist in keeping a positive flow of oxygen to your extremities while preventing the build up of lactic acids. These compression socks are designed to assist in recovery and help fight muscle fatigue.


The CompressionZ Compression Socks are made to be worn all day and all night. Added benefits in this compression sock will help you fight odors and wick away moisture for many hours of work or play. The anti-microbial compression socks keep a healthy atmosphere for your feet and keep disease away, too!

Cost and Value

Fun and exciting styles come with the CompressionZ Compression Socks. Choose your personality while maintain a healthy foot climate, all at an affordable price! The CompressionZ Compression Socks feature a padded sole to help reduce pressure points and assist in reducing muscle fatigue for hours on your feet. Constant circulation never felt or looked this good!
  • Variety of Options
  • Padded Soles
  • Anti-Microbiral
  • Helps Reduce Muscle 
  • Tight Squeeze
  • Difficult to Put On

11. Run Forever Sports

11. Run Forever Sports
These nylon compression socks are a must-have for any serious runner. They apply pressure exactly where you need it so that your feet, ankles, and calfs are fully supported during your run. The socks will provide you with superior pain relief and recovery after a run by reducing swelling and cramps that you may experience after a run. The nylon fabric has a silk-like feel so that the socks feel great against your skin.
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Graduated Compression

These socks compress the most around your ankle and then compress less as they move towards your knees. This graduated compression helps provide the proper support without you having to experience injuries that can be caused by uniform compression.


These socks are constructed out of a high-quality blend of cotton and nylon fabric. They have 3X stitching so that they are less likely to rip, tear, or wear out. You should expect these compression socks to last for a long time.

Cost and Value

You should expect to see these socks sold at a price that is higher than the average for compression socks. They are an excellent value because they offer graduated compression and are constructed to last longer than most compression socks.
  • These socks are designed to be easy to put on and have a silk-like feel.
  • The compression is highest at your ankle and then gets less towards your calfs.
  • These socks have 3X stitching so that they last longer and are less likely to tear.
  • You can purchase these socks in different colors so they match with your clothes and wardrobe.
  • Your feet, ankles, and legs will feel better because the socks promote blood flow and remove lactic acid.
  • Some reviewers have experienced issues with holes forming in the socks sooner than they expected.
  • Other reviewers have reported that the socks are too tight around the calfs.

12. Sockwell

12. Sockwell
These socks are made out of a blend of Merino wool and are therefore ideal for cooler weather. They are well suited for people who plan on jogging in the cool mornings or in the fall, winter, or spring. Runners will appreciate the fact that these socks have four compression zones so that the compression is strongest where you need it and more relaxed in areas where you need less compression.
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Accu-fit Technology

The socks are designed to fit tightly throughout your day. The Accu-fit technology used to make these socks prevents them from stretching and feeling loose while you wear the socks. That way you can wear them from the morning all the way to the evening.

Merino Wool Blend

These socks are made from a blend of Merino wool, nylon, rayon, and spandex. The merino wool is beneficial because it is a natural insulator that can retain more heat with moisture. This makes it perfect for running since socks will feel warmer as you sweat.

Cost and Value

You should expect to pay a price that is higher than average for these socks. They get their value by being made out of high-quality materials which include merino wool. The socks also have multiple compression zones and feel tight all day.
  • The socks have a moderate compression rating (15-20 mmHg) which makes them ideal for running and general usage.
  • They are made from a blend of fabrics that includes merino wool for warmth and comfort.
  • The socks include Accu-fit technology which keeps the socks from stitching and feeling loose as you wear them.
  • There are four different compression zones so that the socks are strongest around your ankles and relaxed up your leg.
  • You can purchase these socks in seventeen different colors so that they match with your clothing.
  • Some reviewers have reported that the socks feel too loose around their calves.
  • Other reviewers have experienced the socks developing holes in them sooner than they expected.

13. Newzill

13. Newzill
These socks by Newzill are specifically designed to inhibit the growth of bacteria so that they continue to smell fresh as you wear the socks. This makes them ideal for runners because your sweat will often promote the growth of odor-causing bacteria. The graduated compression design of the socks also helps promote blood flow and oxygen to your legs which helps reduce injury from fatigued muscles and lactic acid.
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The socks are designed to stop bacteria and fungus from growing in the socks. Many runners struggle with smelly socks because sweat from their body can promote the growth of bacteria and fungus. These socks help address the problem.


The manufacturer has taken steps to address a common complaint about compression socks being hard to put on. These socks are designed in a way that you can put them on easily while still taking advantage of a compression fit.

Cost and Value

You should expect to find these socks sold a price that is average for compression socks. They justify much of their value by offering plenty of technology-based features such as Clima-Pro and by being designed to put on and take off easily.
  • The socks have a reinforced toe so that you don't have to worry about them forming holes.
  • There is support in your foot's arch which helps reduce pain and swelling from walking and running.
  • The Clima-Pro system helps reduce odor-causing fungus and bacteria which helps the sock smell good.
  • The compression is graduated so that the compression is highest around the ankles and lowest around the calves.
  • The cuff on the top of the socks is designed to be non-slipping so that the socks stay put.
  • Some reviewers have reported that the socks are too tight around their toes and are uncomfortable.
  • Other reviewers have mentioned that the socks do not offer enough compression around their calves.

14. Danish Endurance

14. Danish Endurance
This brand of socks was designed by a runner for runners. The company partnered with Danish Olympic Runner Stina Troest to help make sure that the socks meet the needs of the best runners in the world. You can count on these compression socks to deliver the maximum joint and muscle support so that you do not need to worry about sores, cramps, or swelling after running.
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Moisture Wicking

The socks are designed to quickly wick away moisture caused by sweating. This is important for many runners since excess moisture from sweat can lead to issues such as odors, fungus, chaffing, or skin rash. The socks address the problem by quickly removing moisture.

Made in Europe

These socks are manufactured in Europe and are made out of high-quality materials with high-quality manufacturing. The company makes the socks out of anti-bacterial yarns and they use high-quality stitching to make sure that the socks are long lasting.

Cost and Value

You should expect to see these sock sold at an average price for compression socks. They are an excellent value because these socks are specifically designed for runners. They include features such as athletic grade compression, anti-bacterial yarn, and moisture wicking.
  • These socks are made from anti-bacterial yarn which helps keep odor-causing bacteria from growing in the socks.
  • The socks have been tested by the Swiss MST IV to make sure that you have maximum blood circulation.
  • They are made from highly breathable and moisture wicking material so that you do not feel sweaty.
  • These socks use graduated compression so that they have the highest compression where needed and lower compression elsewhere.
  • The socks are completely made in Europe and are guaranteed to be 100% sweatshop free.
  • Many reviewers have reported that the sizing for the socks is not accurate making them hard to buy.
  • Other reviewers have reported that the socks are not as durable as they expected.


No matter what you choose to wear for a run, bad equipment can ruin anything. Socks that do not fit will allow a massive decline and performance and an increased pain due too constantly sliding down or chaffing, adding blisters to feet that are well needed in this sport. Socks that have poor material can cause several issues and lead to an unhealthy environment as well. Layering compression materials is also frowned upon and is known to not have any added benefits to healing, so layering these socks is not an option.

Compression socks are always made with the same basic materials that will help increase recovery in any work out situation. Having the added benefit of recovery, you can also consider the moisture wicking materials, Coolmax, and spandex. Compression socks are designed to keep your feet dry and your run flexible, while initiating healing properties. To ensure a good fit, pay close attention to size charts, as one size does not fit all. Make life on your feet easier with a brand new set of compression socks that you can review and buy here. There is no need to turn away from a healthy run anymore. Pick out a set of compression socks and let them carry you for several, healthy miles. You know that the best are listed here!

Criteria for Choosing Running Compression Socks

Compression Level

Compression socks offer different kinds of compression levels and it is important that you find a pair of compression socks that are appropriate for your needs. The three main levels of compression are 15-20 mmHg, 20-30 mmHg, and 30-40 mmHg. You will also find that many compression socks have a graduated compression. Picking the best compression level will make sure that the socks perform at a level that is correct for your situation.

Runners should look for compression socks that have a 15-20 mmHg or a 20-30 mmHg compression rating. The lower rating is intended for daily usage. They will help improve your blood circulation and muscle recovery without feeling way too tight on your legs. These socks should be your first choice when picking out compression socks for running because they offer many of the benefits that you need in compression socks but generally feel more comfortable than the higher level 20-30 mmHg compression socks. They are also much easier to put on and take off because they are not as tight as higher level compression socks.

The 20-30 mmHg socks are intended to be worn by people who have a medical condition or need additional support. People who have swelling, varicose veins, or spider veins should consider wearing these socks since they are designed to help with those medical issues. 20-30 mmHg socks are also beneficial to people who are recovering from injuries. Runners who are recovering from an ankle sprain or feel shin splints might feel better relief by wearing higher compression socks. You can also wear these socks if you do not feel like you are getting enough support from 15-20 mmHg compression socks.

The final compression level, 30-40 mmHg is not intended for runners. This is the highest level of compression and it is intended to manage severe medical conditions such as blood clots, severe swelling, lymphedema, or severe varicose veins. People also wear these socks after surgery as well. Runners who try to run with these socks may have trouble running since the socks are likely to feel too constricting and will make it hard to move. You should only run with these socks when it is absolutely necessary.

Compression socks for runners also have graduated compression as opposed to a uniform compression. Graduated compression means that the socks have the highest level of compression around your feet and your ankles and they are less restricted as they move up your leg. The graduated compression serves two main purposes. One purpose is to make it easier for you to put the socks on and take them off. This is because the socks do not fit as tight where your leg is wider so it becomes much easier to slide them up and down your leg.

The other reason the socks are graduated is medical. Your body needs more support around areas such as your foot arch, toes, heels, and your ankles. This is because these parts of your body tend to feel the most impact from running. However, your calf muscles do not need as much support as your feet. If the socks had the same level of compression around your calves, then you may start to feel constricted and could have difficulty running. By relaxing the compression further up your legs, you will still feel the benefits of compression socks without having the socks impact your ability to run.

Graduated compression socks still promote blood flow, oxygen, and blood circulation. Many people feel better wearing graduated compression socks because they help reduce injuries from fatigued muscles. The promoted blood and oxygen flow helps your body remove lactic acid from your leg muscles which help with muscle recovery after running or jogging. They also help reduce swelling that can be caused by running. However, having the compression targeted at the bottom of your legs brings additional support where it is needed. You will still feel the socks compress around your calves but they won’t feel overly constricting or be hard to put on and take off.

When you are purchasing compression socks, it is important to look at the level of compression and if the socks have graduated compression. Runners should consider purchasing socks with the lowest level of compression first and only purchase a medium level of compression if there is a need to do so. It is recommended that runners avoid the highest level of compression since that is meant for addressing medical conditions rather than providing support. Runners should also make sure that the compression socks have graduated compression zones. Graduated compression makes it easy to put the sock on and take them off. They also provide additional support around your feet which can help reduce injuries from running. When you take the time to purchase the correct compression socks for your needs, you will find them to be more beneficial and enjoyable to wear.


Compression socks generally fall into three different style categories. There are fabrics that resemble leggings or dress socks. You will also find sheer fabrics and there are also socks made out of high tech blends of materials. The type of material matters because it is directly connected to how the socks look, perform, and how long they will last. If you purchase socks that are made out of a material that is not suited for running, then you will be disappointed as well the compression socks perform when you use them.

The compression socks that are made out of opaque fabrics are considered a “middle of the road” kind of compression socks. These socks are generally made for everyday use and tend to made to last. For this reason, many runners may choose to use these kinds of socks because they are widely available and can be used for running and general wear. The dress style compression socks tend to be comfortable, strong, and they are easy to wear. This is different than socks that are made out of sheer fabric.

Compression socks that are made out of sheer fabrics should not be worn for running. This kind of sock is made to be fashionable, lightweight, and transparent. Compression socks made out of sheer fabrics are intended for women to pair with their wardrobes. The socks are built to provide compression while looking good with a skirt, dress, or pants. Since these socks are lightweight, they do not tend to be durable enough to withstand the stress of running or jogging. This type of sock is meant for non-athletic uses.

The final type of compression socks tends to be made out of high tech fabric blends that are designed with athletes in mind. This type of sock is the best choice for runners. They are designed to be durable enough that they will last under the high demands that athletes expect out of their clothing. In most cases, these socks are specifically engineered to maintain a tight fit while you are moving your legs a lot. The materials used help control moisture and heat which helps athletes remain comfortable.

Athletic compression socks also offer other features that are designed for athletes. Many athletes need clothing that helps control odors caused by sweat. Sweat from your body gets trapped in your clothing and it becomes the perfect breeding ground for both bacteria and fungus. As bacteria and fungus grow, they can cause the clothing to smell. In even worse cases, bacteria and fungus can cause skin rashes or develop into nasty conditions such as athlete’s foot. For this reason, it is important for athletic clothing to control the growth of bacteria.

Many of the compression socks that are designed for runners help control fungus and bacteria. One way they are engineered to handle the problem is to highly breathable and moisture wicking. Bacteria and fungus are much less likely to grow in dry conditions. However, you will also notice that many athletic compression socks are made out of antibacterial yarns and fabrics. Using such materials helps reduce the chance that bacteria and fungus will grow in the compression socks. Not only does this help control odors, but it also helps prevent you from getting a skin disease.

Colors and patterns are another way that compression socks are geared towards athletes. Many athletes prefer to wear athletic shorts which leave their socks exposed. Rather than making socks in only one or two colors or patterns, many athletic compression socks are made with multiple colors and patterns. This allows the user to pick the socks that look best with their clothing. The socks are designed to be exposed to the world and offer people plenty of choices about how they look. This allows an athlete to wear compression socks that compliment their clothing and look their best.

You may also find athletic compression socks that are warmer for running outdoors. Some of these socks may be made from a blend of Merino wool for additional insulation. This allows a runner to protect their legs while they are running on a crispy or cool day without having to wear a bunch of extra clothing. Fabrics such as wool become warmer as they get wet so they will trap more body heat as the runner starts to sweat. This helps a runner stay warm in such conditions.

You should always pick the proper type of athletic sock when you are running. Although many people choose to wear compression socks that are meant for general use, there are also plenty of compression socks that are specifically designed with athletes in mind. Such socks help address athletic needs such as durability, moisture wicking, and bacteria control. When you wear the correct socks for running, you will find that the socks perform much better and are more comfortable to wear.


Compression socks that are uncomfortable are not enjoyable to wear. You should always look for compression socks that are easy to put on and take off, provide you with the best relief and support, and provide the proper amount of breathability. If the socks are deficient in any of the above categories, then you may start to dislike the socks are less likely to wear them. No one wants to go running while they are wearing socks that they can’t stand so it is extremely important that you find the socks to be comfortable prior to purchasing them.

To start with, you should make sure that you are able to put the socks on and take them off without too much trouble. Many online reviewers complain about how they are unable to wear their compression socks because they are too tight. While it is important for running compression socks to be tight, they should not be so tight that you can’t wear them. Compression socks that are too tight will feel constricting and it will make it hard for you to run or jog in them. Most athletes should purchase compression socks that have the least amount of pressure and only go to socks with higher compression if needed. Likewise, you should also make sure that the socks aren’t hard to take off when you are done with them. You should be able to slide the socks on and off as needed.

The socks also need to provide the proper amount of relief and support. Many athletic compression socks are designed to offer additional support around your ankles, arches, toes, and heals. These areas of your body often feel the highest amount of impact while you are running. Supporting your feet and ankles is important while running because it helps to reduce injuries from running. Anyone who has felt their arches collapsing will definitely understand how painful the condition can feel. Compression socks that offer foot and ankle support will feel much more comfortable as opposed to running compression socks that do not support these areas.

You should also make sure that the socks breathe well and are moisture wicking. Many runners and athletes feel sweaty when they have finished running. The last thing we want from any athletic clothing, but especially our socks, is to have them trap our body sweat. Our bodies sweat to regulate body temperature. When our clothing interferes with that process, we can end up feeling extremely uncomfortable because we will feel as if we are trapped in an oven.

If our clothing traps out sweat, we can end up with skin conditions such as chafing or rashes. Both skin conditions aren’t comfortable at all and you will be less likely to wear your compression socks if they irritate your skin. Furthermore, trapping sweat around our feet can lead to conditions such as athlete’s foot or other kinds of foot fungus. Nobody wants to feel their feet burning which is another reason why you will want socks that help remove sweat from your feet. The better your compression socks breath, the happier you and your skin will be.

Most running compression socks are made out a blend of nylon and spandex. You should try and find this material since it is highly breathable. Both fabrics are excellent and dispelling body heat that you generate from running. They are also highly moisture wicking which means that body sweat will get removed quickly from your skin and reduce issues such as chafing or athlete’s foot. You will also notice that your clothes will smell less when they quickly remove your body sweat which is another important benefit.

The final area to check for comfort is your toes. Sometimes compression socks fit too tightly around your toes and feel constricting in this area. It is important that your toes do not feel squashed or smashed against the end of the compression socks. Instead, they should feel normal and you should be able to wiggle them freely. It is highly unlikely that you will find your compression socks to be comfortable if they are too tight around your toes.

Making sure that your compression socks are comfortable is an important part of purchasing the best compression socks for running. You should always make sure that the socks are not so tight that you can’t put them on or take them off when you are finished with them. Socks that are too tight will feel constricting and will not feel comfortable. You should also check that the socks offer support in critical areas such as your ankles and feet since that will help reduce injuries from running and speed recovery. The socks should also breathe extremely well and have moisture wicking so that you don’t develop skin conditions or foot fungus. Checking these areas will make sure that the socks have the best comfort.


Compression socks come in different length and you should consider the length of the socks when you are picking out compression socks. Some compression socks are only ankle high while other compression socks can go all of the way up to your thighs. The length of the compression socks will determine where you will see benefits and relief from wearing the socks. You should always make a determination about the length of your compression socks so that you can find the socks that will fit best with your running style and needs.

Socks that support up to your ankle are the shortest and will be the least noticeable. These socks are intended to provide you with compression around your foot and your ankle. You may find these socks to be beneficial if you are feeling pain in your foot from collapsing arches or if you feel pain in your ankle when you are running or after running. These socks are beneficial because they will support the high impact areas of your legs which can help reduce injury and help promote recovery after running.

If you find that your legs and calves feel stiff after running, then you may want to consider purchasing socks that are longer. Most running compression socks provide the same benefits that are offered in ankle length socks so you will not be losing any benefits if you need socks that are longer. However, the longer socks provide you with additional benefits that you would not get with ankle high socks. For example, the compression you get from longer socks will help promote blood flow to your legs and feet. The extra blood flow helps move more oxygen to your legs and it helps reduce injury by removing lactic acid.

You may also find that longer socks are useful in cooler weather as well. Running compression socks keep your legs warm by covering your skin and by promoting blood flow. Covering your skin helps keep your body heat from dissipating as fast which is beneficial in cooler weather. It also keeps your skin healthy by not exposing your skin to direct sunlight, cold air, or wind. This can help reduce conditions such as dry skin, sunburns, or windburns that you may experience if you are not protecting your skin.

The increased blood flow also helps to keep your legs warm. The compression from the socks increases circulation to your legs. More circulation will naturally mean that your body will pump more warm blood to your legs. The result is that your legs will feel warmer and you will be more comfortable as a result. The warmth and skin protection that you get from long-running socks can be really beneficial if you are running in cold weather.

You may also want to consider longer running socks if you have a medical condition. For example, runners who are experiencing shin splints may feel relief from the condition by wearing knee-high compression running socks. If you someone who is at risk for developing blood clots, then you should also consider wearing longer compression socks. Blood clots can form when blood doesn’t circulate around your legs. Since knee-high compression socks promote blood flow, you are less likely to develop and experience blood clots while you are wearing compression socks.

You can also purchase compression socks that are longer than your knees in special cases. These socks offer many of the same features as knee high socks but they are longer and go above your knee. These socks are uncommon and are much harder to find. Most people will not need compression socks that are longer than knee length, but longer socks are available if you happen to be someone who needs the additional length. Most runners will only need ankle high or knee-length compression socks.

When you are purchasing compression socks, you should always take a look at the length of the socks. Most forms of running compression socks come in either ankle length or knee length. Both kinds of socks will usually offer you additional support around the arch of your foot and your ankle. This can be beneficial because you are less likely to experience injuries to your ankles and feet while you are wearing these socks thanks to the additional support. Socks that are knee high also help promote additional blood flow to your legs. This will keep your legs warm while you are running. It can also protect your skin from the sun and cold weather. You are also less likely to experience injury from blood clots and lactic acid thanks to the additional blood flow to your legs.

Length matters when you are purchasing compression socks. It is always important for a runner to pick the socks that are right for them. Many runners tend to wear knee high socks since they can be worn year round. There are also compression socks that are shorter or longer if you wear someone who needs a different length. People who wear compression socks will see the most benefits when the socks are of the proper length.


Running socks can be expensive so it matters that they are long-lasting and that you don’t have to throw them away after only a few uses. Therefore, you should always make sure that your running socks are durable and are made out of high-quality materials. That socks should always have strong stitching in critical areas. They should not be too thin or too thick and they should resist abrasion. You should also expect that the socks maintain their levels of compression and continue to conform around your feet and legs. If the socks have to cushion on the bottom of the feet, then the cushion should also last.

When you are purchasing running compression socks, you should check to make sure they are made out of the proper materials. It is highly recommended that you purchase compression socks that are specifically designed for running or sports. These socks are generally made out of high-quality materials such as nylon or spandex that are designed to withstand the stress caused by running. You should make sure that the material is thick enough that the socks do not start to develop holes around the toes, ankles, or your calves. Although the material should not be so thin that the socks wear out, you should also make sure the socks are not so thick that you end up trapping sweat either. The material of the socks should have the proper thickness.

If the socks have stitching, then you should make sure the stitching is reinforced and has a high quality. You should expect that the threads on the stitching do not come loose or start to pull. Loose threads can get caught and cause the entire stitching to come undone after enough time. The stitching should also be reinforced for this reason as well. When compression socks have inferior stitching, you can start experience issues such as tears, holes, or have areas such as the toes come off of the socks. Inferior stitching will almost certainly impact how long the running compression socks last, so it is important that you check the quality of the stitching.

Since compression is the reason for purchasing the compression socks in the first place, you should also make sure that the socks maintain their compression. The socks should also mold to your feet and feel tight around your feet and your calves. As socks start to wear out, they will naturally lose their ability to compress your legs over time. Eventually, you will need to replace your compression socks when they are no longer able to offer the protection that they were intended to provide. How soon you end up throwing away your compression socks matters because if your socks lose their ability to compress your legs quickly, they will almost certainly want to switch brands when you replace them. You should expect your compression socks to hold their compression for a long time after you first buy them.

Finally, if your running compression socks have padding on the bottom of the feet, then you will want to make sure that the padding is made out of high-quality material. You should continue to feel the padding after using the socks for a while. It should not develop holes or tears. The padding should continue to provide you with the cushion and support that it was designed to provide. If you find that the padding wears out quickly, then it is an indication that the socks are not very durable. Once again, you should consider switching to a different kind of socks if they wear out quickly.

Durability matters a lot when purchasing compression socks for running. Many compression socks tend to be higher priced so you should expect the socks to last you for a while when you purchase them. You should always check that the socks are made out of high-quality materials that resist tearing and abrasions. The material should be thin enough to allow the socks to breathe, but it also should not be so thin that the socks wear out prematurely. You should expect the stitching to last as well. There should not be any loose threads that can pull or get caught. You should also make sure that the stitching is reinforced.

One of the most important indicators of how durable the socks are is how long they maintain their compression. If you find that the socks lose their compression quickly, then it is likely that the socks are low quality and you should switch brands. Although all socks will eventually lose their compression, you should expect the compression to last for a while even after frequent use. If the socks have padding on the bottom of the feet, then you should plan on the cushion lasting for a while. Checking all of these features are a way to make sure that you will get the best life from your compression socks.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do running compression socks do?

A: Running compression socks have a few different benefits that are helpful for runners. They can help reduce tension in your leg muscles that you may feel after a long run. The compression helps to increase blood circulation which also has benefits such as reducing lactic acid that could build up in your muscles. Finally, compression socks can help reduce swelling in your muscles that you can experience after you run for a while or if you run frequently.

Q: Will compression socks help with shin splints?

A: If you have shin splints, then you may find relief from the symptoms by wearing compression socks. Compression socks can also help prevent shin splints. Compression socks help reduce inflammation from running by increasing blood flow to your legs. More blood flow can help decrease inflammation in your muscles which can help reduce the pain that you feel from shin splints. So for many people, wearing compression socks can be beneficial for shin splints.

Q: What are running compression socks made out of?

A: Running compression socks are made from a variety of material. You will see compression socks made out of materials such as nylon, cotton, rubber, or spandex. Generally speaking, running compression socks are made out of nylon because the material is highly breathable and is moisture wicking. This helps you stay comfortable while you are wearing the socks because you won’t feel hot and sweaty while you are wearing the compression socks.

Q: What are graduated compression socks?

A: Graduated compression socks are socks that compress tighter around your feet and ankles and compress less around your calves. Graduated compression is beneficial because you get the compress right where you need it rather than having uniform compression throughout your legs. It also has the benefit of making it easier to put the socks on and take them off when you are not using them since the compression is less around your calves.

Q: What is the best way to clean compression socks?

A: You should only use your running socks for running since they will wear out as you launder them. Generally speaking, running socks can be washed in the washing machine as long as you turn them inside out and do not bleach them. It is generally a good idea to let the socks hang dry whenever it is possible. If you do need to dry them in the dryer, then you should always tumble dry them on low heat.

Q: Is there any danger to wearing compression socks?

A: Actually there are a few things to think about. Compression socks are tight. They’re meant to fit snugly but they’re not meant to fit too snugly. The risk of course is that if you’re compression socks are too tight it’ll cut off the blood flow to your legs like a tourniquet. This is not what you want in a compression sock. Snug, not tight. So be careful, while we know compression socks can be expensive start with socks that have the lowest tightness and try them out, (keep the receipt) and if they’re too loose add some snug until you hit that three bears perfection that everyone is looking for.


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