Best Waterproof Sprays Reviewed and Rated for Quality

Waterproof sprays have always been a vital tool in any outdoors enthusiast’s arsenal. This precious liquid is usually fluoropolymer based that works hard to prevent any fabric from becoming saturated with water.

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Featured Recommendations:

303 Fabric Guardimg
  • 303 Fabric Guard
  • 4.4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Restores Lost Water & Stain Repellency
  • Price: See Here
Star Brite with PTEF
  • Star Brite with PTEF
  • 4.1 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Waterproofing + UV & Stain Protection
  • Price: See Here
Atsko Silicone Water-Guardimg
  • Atsko Silicone Water-Guard
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Restores Factory Waterproofing
  • Price: See Here

The spray is generally applied as an external coating on a variety of materials such as shoes, coats, boots, and even outdoors items such as tents. The coating creates a seal around the material to protect it from becoming soaked with water.

Thanks to these products becoming readily more available on the shelves in-store as well as online, this spray is no longer a cult product reserved for outdoors junkies. Even the average Joe can readily use them to protect their shoes or coats from rainy weather.

Over the years, these sprays have evolved to eliminate any harsh or hazardous chemicals such as perfluorinated acids. This has greatly enhanced the utility of these products since it remained an effective water repellent without compromising the integrity of the material that it is applied to.

They can be readily applied to almost any surface or fabric to add an extra layer of protection against the elements. You can apply them to anything from running shoes to leather boots to protect your shoes when walking around in rainy or damp environments. Their utility stretches much further than this. Apply it to outerwear to protect it against rain, to any outdoor or camping equipment, or simply anything that needs some protection against the weather.

Our list of top rated products is bound to have a product to perfectly suit your needs and budget.


10 Best Waterproof Sprays


1. 303 Fabric Guard

1. 303 Fabric Guard
303 Fabric Guard is one of the most unique products available on the market. Not only does this powerful spray protect a wide variety of textiles and fabrics against water saturation, but it also works to restore vibrancy to the fabric itself. Thanks to its excellent performance, this is one of the only products that is actively recommended to customers by the trusted manufacturer, Sunbrella.
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Restores Vibrancy
Anything object or fabric left in rainy conditions for an extended period of time loses some of its shine or vibrancy in the process. This leaves you with a dull and damaged garment. 303 Fabric Guard not only works to protect your garments, but it also restores vibrancy and color back to damaged garments.

Increases Water and Oil Resistance
Due to its unique chemical composition, 303 Fabric Guard manages to work on various levels to protect your fabric against a multitude of water and oil-based liquids. This spray can successfully repel a huge variety of liquids, giving you more protection against the elements and everyday spills.

Cost and Value
This product may be somewhat higher priced than other similar products currently available. However, considering its incredible performance and trusted brand name it still offers incredible value for money. A single bottle lasts for a long time and a single garment does not require frequent coatings.

This product protects garments against water saturation while restoring its vibrancy.

Can be used on a wide variety of fabrics and textiles, including all natural or synthetic fibers.

The spray itself is entirely unscented and won't leave any pungent smells or visible marks on your garment.

This product does not alter the look or feel of a textile and will not increase flammability after use.

This spray can protect fabrics against either water or oil-based liquids.


Needs to dry for 6-12 hours after application before the fabric can be used.

2. Star Brite with PTEF

2. Star Brite with PTEF
Enhance your outdoors textiles' water repelling capabilities with this powerful water repellant that includes UV protection. Star Brite increases a textile's water repellency as well adding protection against a wide variety of stains and UV rays. Keep your outdoors textiles looking brand new with this powerful protective spray that protects it against any dullness that could be caused by harsh weather conditions.
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UV Ray Protection
Star Brite is a truly unique product in that it also protects any textile against any harmful UV ray exposure. Frequent exposure to the sun manages to dull any fabric over time. However, Star Brite operates by protecting a fabric against it while also restoring some vibrancy to the fabric itself.

Ideal for Outdoors Use
Thanks to its powerful performance and dedication to making any fabric weatherproof, Star Brite is the ideal solution for outdoors junkies. A single coating can help you protect a wide variety of outdoors materials such as tents, sail covers, backpacks, patio covers, etc.

Cost and Value
Star Brite enjoys a moderate price that is definitely in line with market expectations. Despite its low price, this liquid works well to create a powerful protective barrier. What's more, it lasts longer than the average spray. One gallon of Star Brite can cover up to 465 feet of fabric.

This spray protects fabrics against water saturation, stains, and gives protection against UV rays.

Product works on multiple levels to protect fabrics while restoring its color vibrancy.

This spray does not alter the fabric's look, feel breathability, or flammability in any way.

Ideal to use on outdoor fabrics and is safe to use on Sunbrella products.

A single bottle lasts a long time and can provide up to 465 feet of coverage.


This product is not suitable to use on all fabrics and may be too aggressive to use on natural fibers.

3. Atsko Silicone Water-Guard

3. Atsko Silicone Water-Guard
Atsko Water-Guard is perhaps one of the most versatile water repelling products currently on the market. Its unique formula can successfully create a protective barrier around a wide variety of items including footwear, outerwear, camping gear, and sports equipment. Water simply beads on the coated surface and glides off, which prevents any water saturation. Due to its versatility, this product works ideally in almost any circumstances.
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This silicone formula is unique since it can be safely used on a wide variety of garments and products. It can protect footwear, outerwear, backpacks, camping equipment, sporting gear, etc.

Protects Material
Unlike other similar products, Atsko Water-Guard can be applied to any garment or object without it compromising the integrity of the garment or object itself. Your clothes or equipment will not be altered in any way following an application and can be used frequently.

Cost and Value
This is perhaps one of the most cost-effective solutions to waterproofing currently available on the market. This formula's low price, versatility, and powerful performance has made it staple in any outdoors junkie's toolkit.

This product is more cost-effective than several other products currently available.

Can be applied to a wide variety of fabrics and objects and almost any material that requires waterproofing.

Does not alter the structural integrity of the garment or object in any way.

This product is easy to apply and a single coat can last for months depending on usage circumstances.

Restores old damaged objects back to their former factory water repellency and vibrancy.


A single coat takes up to 48 hours to dry and up to 72 hours to be fully cured.

4. Rust-Oleum 280886

4. Rust-Oleum 280886
This product is more geared towards protecting shoes and boots against water. Thanks to its unique superhydrophobic technology, Rust-Oleum's NeverWet is ideal to apply on any kind of shoe or boot to repel water and prevent water saturation. The formula itself is free of all silicones and any other harmful substances to protect the integrity of your shoes' material. It can be safely applied to a variety of textiles such as suede, leather, canvas, etc.
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Preserves Footwear
This product was specifically designed with shoes in mind. It can be safely applied to any kind of shoe to protect it against water, mud, ice, and general everyday stains. A regular coat of NeverWet can greatly extend the life of your footwear.

Invisible Formula
The actual formula of this product has a crystal clear look and is completely free of silicones or any other harmful chemicals. The liquid is scent free and will not alter the look or feel of your shoes in any way after application.

Cost and Value
This product is very competitively priced compared to most other water repelling products currently available. The lower price can perhaps be attributed to the fact that this product is specifically geared towards protecting footwear.

Specifically designed to protect footwear made out of any textile including leather, suede, canvas, etc.

Crystal clear formula is completely scent-free and free of harmful chemicals such as silicone.

The formula does not alter the look, feel breathability, or flammability of your footwear in any way.

This liquid repels a wide variety of liquids, including water, mud, ice, and other stains.

Greatly enhances the longevity of your footwear and keeps it looking good for longer.


Footwear can take between 24-48 hours to dry properly after application.

5. Scotchguard

5. Scotchguard
Never miss out on an adventure again with Scotchguard's Heavy Duty Shield. This powerful liquid is effective enough to be used on a wide variety of outdoor gear and equipment to give it that added layer of protection against the elements. The improved formula has been enhanced to be used on a wider variety of materials and to make a single coat last for longer. This versatile spray can be used on whatever fabric to help it brave the elements.
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Thanks to the gentle nature of this formula, this product is suited to be used on a wide variety of garments and equipment. From footwear, outerwear, luggage, or camping and sports gear, this formula can be safely applied to several materials including suede, polyester, leather, nylon, cotton, polypropylene, etc.

Improved Formula
This formula has been recently enhanced to last longer. This means that additional coatings can only be reapplied seasonally. This saves the user a tremendous amount of time and money.

Cost and Value
Scotchguard's Heavy Duty Shield is one of the more cost-effective options when it comes to water repellant sprays. In addition, it has been formulated to last for a long time. A single 10.5-ounce bottle can provide up to 60 feet of coverage and only needs to be re-applied seasonally.

You only need a single coating on an object or garment for it to be effectively protected.

It does not compromise the material's structural integrity in any way and does not cause any colour bleeding.

It effectively repels any water off the protected surface both outside and while in storage.

This liquid is one of the quickest drying formulas currently available on the market.

More cost-effective than other similar products currently available.


A single can provides only 60 feet of coverage, sometimes less if the fabric has a high density.

6. Nikwax TX Direct Spray-On

6. Nikwax TX Direct Spray-On
Specifically directed at outerwear, Nikwax TX Direct Spray-On works to restore your favourite raincoat to its former glory. Over time, it is inevitable that your jacket or coat's Durable Water Repellency (DWR) wear off, especially after washing it. Nikwax helps to restore this capability without compromising the garment's breathability or colour. It's a very versatile product that can be applied both inside and outside of garments.
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Durable Water Repellancy
This formula's unique chemical composure allows it to directly treat every single fibre of your garment with durable water repellancy. This translates into a much more comprehensive protective layer that effectively prevents water from penetrating the fabric itself.

Easy Application
This spray can be easily applied either on the outside or inside of garments for protection. In addition, this product does not require to be tumble dried after application in order to cure. Simply air dry your garment after applying to seal the product.

Cost and Value
Despite its impressive performance and underlying technology, Nikwax's TX Direct Spray-On is very competitively priced. You only need a single application per garment for long-lasting protection which makes the bottle last a long time.

The formula is water-based making it safe and easy to use at home.

This product is more cost-effective than other similar products currently available.

The formula is environmentally friendly: Entirely biodegradable and free from harmful chemicals.

Extends the life of all your outerwear garments by keeping it clean and protected from the elements.

Recommended product for a variety of synthetic waterproof fabrics such as Gore-Tex, Ultrex, Entrant, etc.


The odour of the formula can be somewhat pungent immediately after application.

7. Granger’s Performance Repel

7. Granger’s Performance Repel
Granger's has been a trusted manufacturer of water repellent sprays since 1937 and the company has established itself as a world leader in the field. Their Performance Repel has been specifically designed to protect all outerwear or technical clothing. It effectively waterproofs any outerwear made from either synthetic or natural fabrics. This formula is entirely scent free, water-based and ecologically friendly.
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Recommended By Manufacturers
The world's leading outwear manufacturers all recommend Granger's Performance Repel when it comes to restoring your garment's water repelling capabilities. This formula has been specifically designed to work on a wide variety of synthetic and natural fibres including, fleece, down, Gore-Tex, and soft shell jackets.

Preserves Your Garments
Unlike other products that promise to restore colour or vibrancy, Granger's Performance Repel does not add any scent or optical brighteners to your garments. This is ideal for hunters or anyone who does not want the colour of their garment to be altered.

Cost and Value
For a product with such an impressive reputation, the Performance Repel is very competitively priced and is one of the lowest priced products featured on our list. Bottles are available in 16.9-ounce sizes and will comfortably coat plenty of garments.

This product is recommended by most major outerwear manufacturers and has a trusted reputation.

Ideal for protecting a wide array of outerwear made from either natural or synthetic fibres.

The formula is completely unscented and does not add any optical brighteners to your garments.

Performance Repel is more cost-effective than many other similar products currently available.

The environmentally friendly formula is free from harsh chemicals and is water-based.


The bottle's spraying function does not give an even coating and could lead to a messy application process.

8. Kiwi Camp Dry

8. Kiwi Camp Dry
Kiwi is another trusted manufacturer that specialises in creating products in cleaning, protecting, and enhancing all your outwear garments or shoes. Their Camp Dry water repelling spray is already well known and loved among outdoors enthusiasts. The unique silicone formula makes it ideal to protect a variety of outdoor equipment and outerwear. While it may not be the best option to simply add some protection to an old jacket, it definitely gives some long-lasting and robust protection to heavy outdoors materials.
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Extremely Tough
This formula was designed for heavy-duty use. Thanks to its unique combination of silicone and other ingredients, the formula can bond more effectively with a variety of surfaces. In turn, this creates a much more comprehensive and long-lasting protective layer.

Made for Outdoors Use
Kiwi's Camp Dry has been formulated with the outdoor enthusiasts in mind. Their unique water-repelling formula is tough enough to be used on a variety of outdoors gear such as patio furniture, tents, protective coverings, hunting equipment, etc. This formula provides long lasting protection without compromising any expensive outdoor equipment.

Cost and Value
This product is very competitively priced and is definitely one of the cheaper top rated products for repelling water. You can often by 2, 3, or 6 bottles in a multi-pack at a fraction of the price. While the bottle does not specify how many feet of coverage a single bottle gives, a single coating of Kiwi Camp Dry is significantly longer lasting than most other products.

The formula has a heavy duty silicone base that makes it more suited for heavy duty use and dense materials.

Does not affect the breathability, flammability, or colour of the material.

The aerosol can provides an even spray that makes application easy.

This is a more cost-effective solution to several other water repelling products.

The product is entirely scent-free once it has been properly dried and cured.


The heavy-duty formula makes it unsuited to be used on everyday outerwear or footwear.

9. Bickmore Gard-More

9. Bickmore Gard-More
Bickmore's Gard-More water repelling spray is sure to catch your eye due to its fun, retro packaging as well as for the heavy-duty protection that it offers. This formula has been designed to protect all your most valuable goods and items against a wide variety of water, dirt, and other stains. It can be safely used on an array of fabrics and materials without affecting its look or feel.
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What makes Gard-More stand out from other products is its multi-functional approach to water repelling. This formula can be safely used on any kind of garment, item, or fabric without ruining the integrity of a material.

Heavy-Duty Protection
Gard-More promises to protect your most valued goods against much more than just water. This formula also protects against dirt, mud, and almost any other stain. In turn, this will ensure the longevity of your favourite garments.

Cost and Value
Gard-More is somewhat more expensive than other top-rated products featured on our list. However, the price discrepancy is not significant and can perhaps be attributed to the fact that this product is much more versatile than the majority of water repelling products currently available.

Heavy-duty formula protects your valuable goods against water saturation, dirt, mud, and other stains.

Unique protective layer minimises any scuffs or rub-offs that comes with everyday wear and tear.

Works effectively on a wide variety of fabrics and materials such as leather, suede, nubuck, etc.

The bottle comes with a non-aerosol spray applicator for quick and easy application.

After application, Gard-More does not affect the breathability or colour of an item.


Gard-More is somewhat more expensive than other water repelling products.

10. Texsport

10. Texsport
Texsport's Polyurethane Waterproof Seam Sealer is ideal for anyone that is looking to give their outdoors gear a little extra layer of protection against the elements. It can be used on any synthetic fabric and operates mostly as a seam sealer for outdoors equipment rather than to waterproof an item. The comprehensive formula also offers protection against fading caused by UV rays.
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Seam Sealant
When you purchase a new tent, you'll find that more often than not the seams of the tent are not sealed. This will leave your tent vulnerable to become saturated by water during rain or even in the event of morning dew. A seam sealant enforces any untreated seams and ensures that your entire tent is water repellant.

The majority of seam sealants are notoriously finicky and difficult when it comes to applying and maintaining the protective layer. However, Texsport allows you to wash and use your tent as per usual despite the added seam sealant.

Cost and Value
Despite the fact that a seam sealant is considered a specialised piece of outdoors equipment, it comes at a very affordable price. The aerosol can ensure that you make frugal use of your product and a single coat lasts significantly longer than the average seam sealant.


Ideal for any synthetic outdoors materials such as tents, coverings, or camping outerwear.

Specifically designed to be used as a seam sealant for extra water repelling protection.

Completely odourless once cured and does not affect the breathability of a material.

Includes protection against fading caused by harsh UV-rays. Keeps outdoors gear vibrant for longer.

The formula has been designed using non-toxic ingredients that are safe to use.


Not suitable for any garment containing natural fibres or everyday wear.

No fabric whether it is natural or synthetic is entirely resistant to water. Even waterproof jackets, tents and other pieces of outdoors apparel lose their water-repelling capabilities over extended periods of time.

The unique blend of silicones and added chemical compounds allows the spray to gently cover the tiny pores in almost any materials. This protects the pores, and subsequently the entire item, from becoming completely saturated with water. Any water that comes into contact with the protected item simply beads on the surface and slides down. It is this action that ensures that you stay dry and protected.

A superhydrophobic coating is certainly of the utmost importance for anyone who considers themselves adventure enthusiasts. It helps to keep you and your equipment dry and functioning at an optimal level. However, these sprays are equally important for the average Joe since they go a long way in helping to keep your footwear and outerwear looking great for a longer time.

Continue reading to find out how to select a waterproof spray that suits your needs and budget.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Waterproof Sprays

Protection Level

In the world of waterproofing, there is an array of products available for every kind of protection need. Whether you simply want to keep your feet from getting wet if you get caught in the rain, or whether you intend to go hiking in Patagonia for 2 weeks, it is vital that you select a product that offers adequate protection for your personal needs.

There are a variety of products available that are tailored to giving protection to a certain kind of surface. Some may specialize in protecting footwear, where others would be more aimed towards heavy-duty outerwear or camping gear. These products are certainly not interchangeable and you should select your ideal product with caution.

Experts recommend that you always purchase a product specific for its use as this will give you a much more comprehensive protective layer. Therefore, it is vital that you carefully consider which item you’d like to waterproof and what kind of protection this item requires.

Everyday items such as shoes or jackets that simply require protection for the occasional drizzle of rain will require a product that will not affect the color or breathability of the fabric. However, it will not need a harsh spray.

Conversely, camping gear that is frequently subject to storms or rainy weather will need a much stronger product to ensure that it is adequately protected against the elements.


Waterproofing products have come a long way since their inception. Over the years, research and new scientific techniques have allowed us to eliminate harmful toxic chemicals from these sprays such as perfluorinated acids.

Most modern formulas have a chemical composition that is based on fluoropolymer. This compound in conjunction with several other minerals and substances are combined to provide a protective layer that repels water and dirt while still protecting the integrity of the fabric itself.

However, some ingredients, especially in harsher and more heavy-duty formulas can still cause irritation and allergies among its wearers. This is why the ingredients in your chosen product are such a major consideration.

When selecting your product, always check the list of ingredients to make sure that there are no listed ingredients that you or a family member may be allergic to. If you are applying the product to garments, coat a small section first to see how you react to it to ensure that it does not cause skin irritation.

Experts recommend that you select a product that is biodegradable. Especially if you are coating surfaces that are specifically used in the outdoors. Lastly, always make sure that you use the product in an extremely well-ventilated area. Most products emit a toxic scent that dies down shortly after application. In addition, you should take care to coat your surface away from small pets or children who could become affected by the scent.

Application Process

Applying waterproof products are notoriously difficult. The formula itself is crystal clear making it impossible to detect whether you’ve managed to cover the entire surface. More often than not, you’ll end up finding out whether you’ve missed a spot during an extreme downpour of rain.

Moreover, it can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. Coating an entire tent thoroughly can take up hours of your time. In addition to this most sprays require up to 3 or 4 days before it is fully cured and ready to be used.

This is why it is so important to specifically look for a product that promises an easy application process. Luckily, most products are available in spray bottles which provides a much easier and even application.

Generally speaking, these products are available in either a regular or aerosol spray can. An aerosol can provide a more controlled application process since the product is evenly released in a fine mist. However, a traditional spray bottle releases somewhat more fluid that makes the application process faster.

After applying the product, it will have to dry. Certain products have to tumble dried immediately after application while others can merely be air dried. Denser and larger surfaces may take up to 3 or 4 days to be fully air cured.


Camping and outdoor gear are already notoriously expensive. While a good-quality spray can definitely enhance your product and make it last longer, there is no reason why this product should break the bank.

On face value, these products do not seem expensive, especially not when you compare it to other pieces of outdoors equipment. A couple of dollars for a single can seems reasonable and even like a bargain to some.

What you should bear in mind, however, is that a single bottle of a specific product may not necessarily give you the results you want. In some cases, you may need several bottles before you get the kind of protective layer that you want.

So before you fork out the few dollars needed for a single can, first think about the size of the object that you want to cover and how many coatings you’d ideally like to give. Most bottles provide a handy indication of how many feet of coverage a single can provides. This can easily help you determine how many cans of a specific product you need for this purpose. This quick calculation will be a much more realistic price estimate and will help you to budget your waterproofing needs more accurately.


This will be a huge determining factor in what kind of products will actually work on the item that you intend to waterproof. Not all products work equally well on all fabrics. In fact, in some cases, you could perhaps ruin your favorite coat or jacket because you used the incorrect product.

In the world of textiles, we divide them into two groups: natural and synthetic fibers. Natural fibers refer to textiles sourced from natural origins such as wool, leather, cotton, silk, mohair, etc. Synthetic fibers, on the other hand, refer to any textile that is man-made such as nylon, polyester, acrylic, spandex, etc.

The majority of products currently available are definitely more geared towards synthetic or technical fibers. However, please consult your selected product’s description to determine whether it is suited for the kind of textile that you intend to coat.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this product function as a waterproof sealant and a cleaner?

A: No, this product is only intended to be used as a way to add a protective waterproof layer around the coated object. It is not effective or safe to use as a cleaning liquid for any kind of surface.

Q: Will this product stain the fabric?

A: If you selected the correct product it should not have any adverse effects on your covered area. Before purchasing, please ensure that your selected product is suitable for the kind of fabric that you intend to cover.

If this is a big concern, experts recommend that you perform a swatch test before coating the entire surface. Simply apply the product on a very small part of the larger surface. How the product reacts to the surface will allow you to get an idea of what you can expect as an end result.

A swatch test allows you to test the fabric for color fastness as well as to see how the product and fabric react. In the event of an adverse reaction, simply replace the product with something more suitable. however, once you are satisfied with the end results, you can simply continue with the application process.

Q: What is UV-protection and why do I need it?

A: You may have heard of the term UV-protection from sunscreens or sunblocks. UV-rays are harmful rays emitted by the sun that can cause severe skin damage in humans. However, objects can also be affected by UV-rays. Any object that is frequently outside can be subject to UV-ray damage.

Frequent exposure to UV-rays over a long period of time causes damage to the object itself. Over time, you’ll find that the object, such as patio furniture, boat or swimming pool covers, etc. look dull and brittle. This is all due to the harm inflicted by UV-rays.

Therefore some protective sprays have also included UV-ray protection in their products. This will go a long way in ensuring that your goods and equipment look neat, clean, and vibrant for much longer. In addition, it will ensure general longevity and prevent premature breakages that is frequently caused by too much sun exposure.

Reapply this protective coat to all your outdoor equipment for optimal results.

Q: How long does it take this product to dry and be ready to use?

A: This depends on a number of factors such as the product itself and your immediate surroundings. However, the majority of products do not take longer than 3 to 4 days to be fully dried and cured.

The product’s application instructions will likely clearly state how much time you should allow for drying and curing.

Some products may require to be tumble dried while others can merely be air dried. Simple dry the coated object for the recommended time. However, keep in mind that the drying time may take longer if you live in a significantly wet or humid area.

The difference between drying and curing is that once a product is dry, it is simply dry to the touch on the surface level. However, once it is cured, the product has been properly sealed and is completely ready to be used.

Q: Can I use this product on household fibers such as carpets or curtains?

A: While you can technically use these kinds of products on a variety of fibers that are commonly found in the home, it is important that you select a product that is gentle on those fabrics.

Simply look at your carpets’ or curtains’ label. This will give you a comprehensive overview of what kind of fabric or fabric blend the item consists of. Once you have this information you can carefully select a product that is best suited for the kind of fabric.

Simply apply the product as directed in a well-ventilated area and restore the item to its regular place once it has been fully dried and cured.

Q: What does the product smell like?

A: The majority of good-quality products are completely scent-free once it has been dried and cured. This is important to consider especially for campers and hunters who are afraid that any synthetic smells may deter wildlife or disrupt the natural environment around them.

However, these kinds of products often carry a pungent smell when they are sprayed directly out of the can and onto the surface. This is why you should always take care to apply the product in a well-ventilated area or outside to ensure plenty of air circulation.

Q: Will this product affect the feel or breathability of my garments?

A: No. Any high-quality product worth its salt will not affect any aspect of the fabric that it is applied to other than its water repelling capabilities.

Most products will not add any visible optical brighteners and will not stiffen fabric or garments.

Q: Does this product leave any kind of residue on the fabric?

A: If applied correctly and to the right kind of fabric, the spray will not leave any residual marks, stains, or stickiness. However, stains can sometimes occur if the product is applied too liberally in a single coating.

Make sure to follow the application instructions and to not overwhelm the fabric with too much of the formula at once. This can saturate the fabric and cause unsightly stains or residual stickiness.

Q: How long does a single coating last?

A: This will primarily depend on your specific product as well as how often it is exposed to harsh weather.

Items that remain outside every day all through the year may need additional coatings up to once every month. Meanwhile, items that enjoy frequent use in mild conditions may only require a new coating every season.

Certain items that are not used regularly may require a coating only once a year. This question will be best determined by yourself and the performance of the selected.

Q: How long does a bottle last?

A: This will depend on the size of the surface that you intend to coat as well as the size of the bottle.

Most product description actually states how many feet of coverage you can expect from a single bottle. For a more specific answer, you can consult the product’s description.


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