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Nike Air Zoom Pegasus Review Facts

Out of all the brands that provide running shoes, athletes worldwide trust Nike the most to provide them with some of the highest-quality running shoes on the market. The Air Zoom Pegasus line has been providing athletes with such shoes for over 34 years now. Nike’s shoes have great ventilation, a unique fit, and proper cushioning to keep your feet comfortable. Every year, Nike releases a new version of the Pegasus that features improvements and extreme comfort. Not to mention, these running shoes are also rather affordable, especially when taking into consideration their quality.

What makes the 34th installment of these running shoes unique is that there is more breathing room for the toes, more spaced-out Flywire shoelaces to give the feet maximum comfort, and finally, a special system in the front part of the shoe to allow maximal propulsion when running. While it's true that each individual runner has their own unique goals, its also equally true the three of the most important qualities in any running shoe are maximum breathability and optimal breathability in a shoe that is as comfortable as possible.

Many runners have claimed that these shoes are some of the best-fitting ones out there, and they do not even need special time to break in before wearing them out. Now, finding the most comfortable running shoes to suit all of your activities has become easier than ever. Join us as we cover the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus running shoes in a comprehensive review of all the pros, cons, and specifications that you need to know before making your purchase!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • The shoe is durable, but it is also lightweight
  • These running shoes are very comfortable, according to most runners
  • The breathability in these shoes is better than ever before
  • Many claim that this shoe does not even need to be broken in
  • Some runners said that the top of the shoe (around the feet) was uncomfortable
  • Some runners said that the shoe is not true to size and runs a little smaller than expected


The biggest changes in the newer release of the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus took place in the upper part of the shoe. It features a more flexible design, meaning that the upper part of the foot is meant to get the most comfort as possible.

This particular shoe has Flywire cords, which will essentially help to make the shoe’s lacing system a lot stronger. This means that not only will it conform to the wearer’s foot to provide maximum comfort, but these also give the shoe a nicer look, because the laces are placed underneath the mesh.

Since the laces are also evenly spaced apart, the wearer will also have more structured shoes to make their work more efficient.

The upper part of this running shoe is not too structured, however, which is meant to make the runner feel like they are only wearing socks, and not a high-quality running shoe.


One of the things that wearers have noticed and particularly liked about this shoe is that it has excellent breathability.

As part of the improvements made to the shoe, Nike also included many more mesh holes in the upper part of the shoe so that the wearer’s feet would get more ventilation. This prevents over-sweating and discomfort, which are both undesirable especially if the wearer is an athlete.

Many runners have claimed that this is one of the most breathable out of Nike’s shoes, and is more breathable than the previous version of the Air Zoom Pegasus.

Besides there being more in quantity, the vents in the newer model are also larger in size, providing maximum ventilation for the wearer’s feet. This is an important aspect of any running shoe. Not only does the shoe provide ventilation, but it is also water repellent, so runners do not have to worry about not performing their best due to sweat or water.


Comfort has to have the right balance in running shoes. If the shoe is too soft and plush, then the runner won’t be able to perform their best. If the shoe is too hard, then it will be uncomfortable. Nike Air Zoom running shoes tend to find the right balance between these two, according to many customers over the years.

The comfort of this shoe has been debated by runners. There are some runners who claim that the top part of their feet were uncomfortable, as the top part of the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 is a little bit narrower than in the past. The biggest problem that people noticed in terms of comfort is that the shoe size does run a little small, so if runners have wider feet, they might not have such an easy time finding their right size.

However, most runners say that the shoe is very comfortable. Some people said that the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 is exactly true to size, and other say that, due to the more structured fit of the laces, it feels much more focused and supportive.

There is also an orthotic insole on the inside of the shoe, which will provide comfort for those who may have injuries.

To prevent getting a shoe that is too small, it is best to go to a store to buy these shoes to have the opportunity to try on multiple different sizes.


One thing that many runners agree upon when it comes to the design and style of their running shoes is that shoes tend to be rather boring, and difficult to match with the rest of their attire.

However, one of the most commendable things about the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 is that it features many different colors, including gray, black, light blue, dark blue, various shades of green, red, orange, as well as white and multicolored.

It also comes in a sleek design. The shoe itself is not too bulky or large, and does complement the wearer nicely. Many people were pleased with the design of the shoe and the fact that Nike offers this shoe in several different color patterns. The sleek and fashionable design allows the shoe to serve as something that one can wear daily, whether it be running on errands, going to shop, or visiting the neighbors.

Another important element of these running shoes is that there are reflective pieces on the sides of the shoes to provide safety for those who like to run in darker areas.


Nike is one of the most trusted brands by athletes, and it is no wonder. Nike shoes rarely fall apart, nor is it necessary to replace a Nike running shoe every few months. Shoes tend to last runners about 300 miles, as long as the wearer takes good care of the shoes and runs in appropriate places.

Of course, many runners have commended the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 on its high quality and durability. The midsole of the shoe is said to be long-lasting, as well as the outsole and the shoe’s synthetic material.

Since the shoe is water repellent, it will protect the shoe against possible damage made when accidentally running in puddles or the rain.

The immense breathability provided by the shoe is also a factor that plays into its durability. This is due to the fact that the wearer is less likely to sweat as much in the shoe, so the inside part of the shoe will not wear down as quickly.

It also has special materials to protect the shoe in areas that have high impact.


Many claim that this particular shoe does not offer too much support. It is said to not be the best shoe for people who have injuries or who are more likely to get injuries due to running.

However, for example, one user mentioned that they have plantar fasciitis and high arches, and the shoes were highly comfortable for them as soon as they took the shoes out of the box. They claimed that they did not need any extra support. So, it seems that this issue is dealt with on a more case-by-case basis.

Typically, though, Nike shoes are not suited for people who need a lot of arch support. The shoes have standard support for wearers, and are intended for people who do not have a lot of issues with their legs and feet.

Despite the fact that this shoe is not too supportive, many runners will find that while wearing the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34, they will not run into many problems.


The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 is not particularly intended for harsh environments, and instead was made with regular roads and designated running tracks in mind. Therefore, these are perfect for typical runners, or for athletes who will not be competing in extraordinary circumstances.

These shoes are not meant for hiking trails or for harsher areas. These shoes should not be worn in areas that are not hard and flat.

It is also important to mention that the shoes do provide stability and traction for wearers, so a runner is unlikely to slip. Therefore, these shoes do easily accommodate for the environment. They also are water-repellent, so if a runner finds themselves somewhere where there is a lot of moisture, they will be protected.

In order to get the most wear out of the shoe and to keep it in tip-top condition for as long as possible, runners are not recommended to wear this particular model on harsh terrain.

Version Updates

A few of the updates have already been discussed. Many people claim that this shoe in particular did not differ much from its previous model.

However, the shoe is most notable for its breathability. Nike put in a lot more ventilation holes in the upper part of the shoe to allow for maximal ventilation and breathability. This has been commended by many wearers.

The shoe also was made with the runner in mind. Its midsole was made specifically so that it could provide the right amount of energy for a runner. These shoes are great for people who like higher-speed workouts.

They also have a new system that is water repellent, meaning that water will no longer be a huge obstacle for runners. Many running shoes are either well-ventilated or water repellent, but this Nike running shoe does both.

The Flywire cords in the upper part of the shoe also make the shoe fit like a glove. The pressure placed on a runner’s foot is evenly distributed with this shoe, and many find that their feet are more secure while wearing this running shoe.

Key Features

• These shoes have great breathability, providing your feet with maximum comfort.
• There are many different colors to choose from, making these shoes stylish too.
• A new and innovative lacing system, which will conform to the foot to provide the best fit possible.
• Highly durable shoes that will last for a long time, coming from a reputable brand.

Bottom Line

Overall, the newer version of the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus has stepped up its game. Most runners are pleased with the shoe’s comfort and breathability.

There are not major differences between the previous Pegasus running shoes and the new release, besides the fact that the upper part of the new shoe has been suited to help people run better and so that the shoe can fit more comfortably on one’s foot. Compared to other high-quality and name brand running shoes, these are also rather affordable and do not need to be replaced as often.

If someone is looking for a comfortable running shoe that is not only durable, but also available in many different colors to suit one’s tastes, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 is a great option. Whether someone is an experienced athlete or someone simply looking for great support for their feet during their daily activities, these shoes are bound to be a good match.