Merrell Moab 2 Mid GTX Womens Walking Boots

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Merrell Moab 2 Mid GTX Womens Walking Boots Review Facts

Ready to head out and enjoy nature? As warmer weather approaches, many of us have the itch to go out and travel the less used nature trails. This means running into places where there is likely to be water and less sturdy ground and other area’s where jogging and running are not what we are looking to do, and thus such apparel is inadequate for our journey. We are going to want the proper gear from head to foot, and today’s glimpse is on the Moab Hiking Boots. The particular version of this line that we are checking out is the mid-high boots which cover enough to offer protection without becoming too restrictive should you find yourself on a slope. Low cuts may protect the foot, but really don’t go for the level of protection you need for a good deep hike where your ankles need to be aided both against nature’s less savory branches and plants, but also need support when pushing to go up a good incline. These boots are perfect for such a trek, and they look good too! While we want to tell you all the great stuff about these boots, we also want to make sure that you aren’t going for something you don’t want. In that mindset, we cover all sides from the good to the bad and give you the information we find as well as thoughts to consider. Feel free to check out other links as well if these don’t fit your needs, we are sure you will find something, but we feel these are worth your time to check out. So please, read on and we hope what we found on these give you a good idea as to how these should sit on your list of possibilities.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Durable
  • Good traction
  • Good ventilation
  • Affordable
  • Not exactly waterproof
  • Hard to clean

Sole Composition

Using rubber for flexibility as well as protection has proven to be a good choice for these boots. They not only have the typical cover for the bottom of the shoe, but the rubber extends up and over the toe box a short way so that your toes are even protected against rougher terrain that you are likely to find on some trails and definitely in the more wild areas. The design for the tread allows for a better grip without sacrificing flexibility and comfort. With the specially designed rubber from the company, you get traction both on wet and dry terrain and don’t have to worry that you will lose anything switching between the two. You can know your ability to avoid falls based on the grip of your shoe doesn’t tend to change- and as we would desire it to be, that grip does help on the less sturdy inclines.


These are made for hiking, so of course, the design is better on terrains where the requirements don’t often involve actual climbing. However, they can help you get through most terrains with little issue. They protect against fallen debris so that you don’t have to worry that a stray branch or thick underbrush is going to cause harm to your feet. You will have the safety of both the rubber sole and the mid-high rise of the shoes over your ankles. They also are built to handle the rough and wild terrain for both wet and dry surfaces without having issues. They are not too terrible on the ice, but the recommendation is to stick to spring summer and fall when using them. They are more designed for terrains during these seasons than they are for winter.


These have great traction. The special design implemented in both the material and how the tread itself is grooved allows for you to have good grip whether the place your headed is wet or dry. They grip on the wilder forested areas than flat ones, such as smooth rock, however. These are built for hiking in dirt areas over being used as climbing boots. That is why they are in the hiking line of boots. While you may run into rocky terrain on a hike, the traction needed between a forest trail or wooded area and a climbing area is quite different. These will still give you some protection and traction in such, they provide their best when used as intended- and their best is impressive for all those who have gotten the chance to test and try them out. Even better is knowing that they do not wear out in traction very quickly either, instead, you can bet they will last you several years if cared for.

Upper Build

These shoes have quite a unique tri-blend of material to give you the best it can in several areas at once. The description for them can be a little misleading however if you aren’t careful. The leather on the upper build is indeed waterproof, however, this boot has ventilation mesh as well on the top of the foot- and this is going to cut on the waterproofing. Of course, if you know what mesh is, and the fact that this is supposed to provide more ventilation, so your feet don’t overheat, you should be able to guess water can get in through this area. It is because of this that we have to point out that these may work on wet areas for traction, but you may still want to avoid getting in water that will go over that tip part of your foot if you don’t want to get your feet wet. You also have the rubber protection over the toe box, which extends up from the bottom of the shoe. This provides protection against debris and some protection against something falling. Again, it is not going to offer the same protection as a steel tow, but it definitely gives more than your average running shoe or sneaker.

Size & Weight

For a hiking boot, these are considered a lighter boot than most of its competitors. It weighs right around 1lb15oz, which is slightly under average for mid-cut hiking boots. This can benefit you by not allowing you to tire out as quickly or wear down on your leg muscles and joints as badly. They seem to size appropriately, and no one has had any issue with simply following the standard chart to get an appropriate fit, but when you are dealing with a company that has such a well-known rep as Merrell, it is to be expected that you won’t have to go second guessing yourself when buying their gear.

Airflow & Waterproofing

The design of the shoe seems to have been intended to keep the leather free of getting water stained, but in the end, this creates a boot that is far from waterproof due to its ventilation set up. Chances are, if you plan to use these to go hiking, you will want to go more for areas where the water won’t go above the bottom most part of your shoe. Then vents make this shoe breath very well and will keep you from overheating, but those same vents simply allow water to get into the boot top easily for the waterproof leather to do any good at keeping you dry. So, you have the traction for the wet surfaces, but you don’t want to go jumping and dancing in the nearest puddle.

Comfort & Cushioning

The cushioning in these boots seems to be given high praise by those who are taking a less serious hiking trip, but those who are planning something over days, the cushion simply isn’t enough. The way this shoe makes your feet feel all depends on how you plan your trip to be.


When it comes to appearance, these boots have it covered. They are gorgeous and the leather has that high priced feel feeling to it while the mesh is placed in a pattern throughout that actually looks good. Many meshed shoes we have seen and reviewed have these huge side section cut out designs to them, which although not entirely unappealing, they do not come off as stylish either. This pair has smaller mesh sections in stylishly set patterns which look good. The only issue we find with this cool looking design is that you are sacrificing waterproofing for appearance. So if looking good is important, then you have to plan on drier weather and ground when hiking in these.

Longevity & Overall Quality

Overall these shoes do offer a great deal of quality in their materials. If kept maintained properly, these boots can last you for years without falling apart. Some customers have even commented that they will sooner lose the clean leather appearance than they will in actually falling apart. In other words, they are harder to clean, but in use, they will last seemingly forever in use. They may get worn down in the padding from heavy usage, but for the most part, they hold up. One comment we did come across though is that if you are going for endurance hiking, they don’t tend to be great for the activity. They won’t lose their padding, but rather it simply just isn’t enough to start with to cover extreme hiking lengths.

Safety Features

There are two types of safety features built into this shoe, though they aren’t built in to resist more than branches and other low-level plant life. The toe box is covered with the same rubber build as the bottom of the shoe to help prevent some of the terrains from causing harm. The mid rise of the boot actually covers your ankles from cuts or being struck/cut by unseen debris as well. Beyond that, however, there does not appear to be any additional or advanced protection.


The hikers who chose this boot for their trek have all commented that these are great for short ventures into the wild. They are flexible enough to make a few hours in and out comfortably and safely. The longer treks may not do so well because the level of flexibility does not quite have enough give to allow a more natural feel. The bend is designed to help give grip, so it doesn’t allow you to rely on a full bend on the front of your feet. This lack will catch up on longer journeys, or if you have to climb a lot, but it does mean your grip is more supported for climbs up loose ground or soil inclines over flat smooth surfaces like rock or concrete.

Support & Balance

There is a lot of support built into the making of this shoe, arch, and heel especially. This is done through the materials used to give comfort without sacrificing the strength of the shoe itself. The inside has air cushioning which provides shock resistance on the foot, as well as strong arch support so that all the pressure is not placed on your foot. Thanks to this you are given quite a bit of balance from within, and the durable rubber outer sole grip will help you maintain it outside. The boot gives a snug enough fit, as well, so that your foot isn’t sliding and rubbing inside your shoe either, which can shift you off balance. Add in the mid-rise of the upper and you will find your ankle is supported in your steps along with your foot, giving you some of the best support throughout that you can find in a hiking boot.

Lacing System

Nothing fancy was truly implemented into these boots. You have your typical shoe laces which cross the whole way up over the top of the foot and have the support hooks for that final fit at the top near the ankles. The lacing allows you to easily adjust to slide the boots on and off and find that right amount of pressure so your foot fits snuggly and comfortably in your boot- rather than relying on elastic to leave enough room without too much pressure. This is good for those who may have an issue with getting the newer fashioned footwear. If you’ve had surgery on your feet or have medical issues where you need it to be looser at a certain spot on top, traditional laces are likely to serve better, since elastic can’t truly be adjusted, and many strap shoes don’t offer enough hold to handle rougher trails.

Cost & Value

This is something everyone agreed on, for the quality, these hiking boots outdo themselves. They are affordable and last the test of time. Several of those who spoke on these boots aid theirs were several years old and still going. They had not had to replace them, and they were still going the same as they were the day they were bought. This says a lot for any product being sold today, especially footwear. Most boots and shoes don’t tend to last unless you are breaking the bank, and even then, they still may not be intended for heavy use. These can handle it all and still only cost about $139, which is more than worth noting when looking for your next pair of hiking boots!

Key Features

-Waterproof Dura leather upper
-Stylish mesh on the upper
-Vibram Multi-sport outsole design
-Air cushion heel
-Laced boots
-Mid rise (ankles protected)
-Nylon arch shanks

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for boots that will last, and that have a reliable grip on the wet, soft or dry ground, these are trophy winners. They do not do well in areas where the water comes up more than a few centimeters to a half inch, but the fact is, if you are not looking to trek a marsh or swamp, you probably will find yourself highly satisfied with these boots. They look good, feel good and truly last! It is a hard find for footwear when you have a pair of boots that can last more than a couple of months of wear when it comes to something like hiking and wilderness travel for this price.