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Adidas AX2 Review Facts

When out on trails, hikes and climbs it's always important to take special precautions. The primary issue is that hiking tends to be more secluded due to fewer people being around as well as sometimes lack of cellphone reception. Things to consider are dehydration, this is where camel or hydration packs come in handy.  Natural water isn't always safe to drink and if in situations where staying in place is required, having fresh, clean water will be crucial. Dehydration can also lead to cramping which will stop the hike from continuing. Cramping can also be caused by not stretching properly before heading out on the trails or on runs. Other issues that may come up is insect stings which may not seem like that big of a deal but some bugs can cause some muscle spasms so wearing appropriate emergency materials when out on the trails will also help. Proper hiking equipment will also help the trip go more smoothly as well as safely. Hiking backpacks, boots, and walking sticks can make all the difference. This article focuses on hiking boots, more specifically the Adidas AX2.

Adidas started in Germany in 1924, initially producing spiked running shoes for athletic events. The manufacturer is now the second largest company in the world, second to Nike. Expanding quickly throughout the world, Adidas has become a household name. The company logo is three ascending stripes which symbolize the three main arenas they manufacture - clothing, shoes and sports accessories. Adidas has expanded past athletic gear, today Adidas has become a fashion choice. Today you can find celebrities and models sporting their gear. They focus on offering a more stylish alternative to athletic attire. When thinking about hiking, though, fashion does not come first to mind. But Adidas released the AX2 and despite it being a hiking shoe, this shoe is still quite attractive in design. But does it work well as a hiking boot or is it all aesthetic? We've gone through consumer reviews to see what people have to say about the AX2. We also looked at the materials used and the shoe construction to write a true and comprehensive review. So without further adieu, this is our review on the popular and stylish Adidas AX2 hiking shoe. We hope this helps you in your future hiking boot purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Well-built
  • Great waterproofing
  • Great breathability
  • Wider in the foot-bed (may require sizing down)


This product has a 'breathable Climaproof membrane' which is supposed to keep water out while simultaneously keeping the shoe breathable. The upper of the shoe has some mesh at the toe of the shoe. The upper also has a durable nylon. Nylon absorbs moisture which would help keep water out of the shoe, however, may cause some staining which would only be an issue aesthetically. Typically waterproofing does decrease the breathability of a shoe by nature but those who wore this shoe were quite impressed by how well the shoe breaths. The mesh top and Climaproof membrane performs the job well in that it provides both waterproofing and breathability. Proper ventilation of a shoe makes all the difference, especially when in rougher terrains. Not having proper ventilation will cause discomfort as well as could be dangerous between blisters, calluses and wet (and thus slippery) feet. This product, however, does offer superior breathability which is what assisted in our rating of the shoe.


This product is really lightweight which is an advantage considering hiking boots do tend to be a little heavier. Having a lightweight shoe will help with the distance of the height as foot and leg fatigue will be prolonged. The nylon top helps surround and support the top of the foot better as well as keep the foot in the footbed more securely. Additionally, the ripstop with synthetic overlays helps support the foot even further which helps avoid blisters as well as added better precision with each step. The shoes are completely waterproof as well as breathable which helps keep the feet cool and dry. The footbed of the shoe is a little wider which some consumers had an issue with. This helps with the outsoles traction, however, does cause some moving around in the shoe and therefore less control in movement. This was remedied by sizing down with this product. Other than the footbed being a little wide, those that wore this shoe confirmed that the shoe was quite comfortable and easy to wear for extended periods of time which was a huge plus and added points to our rating.


The lining of this product, as mentioned above, is Adidas's 'Climaproof' membrane which is supposed to not only provide better ventilation and breathability to the shoe but also offer superior waterproofing characteristics. Typically in waterproofing attempts the ventilation of the shoe decreases which makes sense. If water can't get in, then air shouldn't be able to get in. This is commonly seen in GORE-TEX products. However, Adidas Climaproof membrane seems to have figured out how to do both. Those who wore this shoe not only felt that the shoe let their feet breathe and stay cool, but it also kept water out keeping the feet dry as well. So as a result of the superior waterproofing abilities, wearing these shoes in areas of higher humidity and moisture won't be an issue. In addition to its waterproofing abilities, the tread on this shoe (discussed more below) works well on both wet and dry surfaces. This is the make of a better hiking boot, the ability to grip and protect in both wet and dry climates. This also added points to our rating.


The upper of this product is made of nylon and ripstop with synthetic overlays. This is discussed further in other areas throughout this review but essentially the nylon is both durable and weatherproof which helps keep the material strong and in place. It also offers better weather durability in that it won't break down, warp or discolor as easily. Nylon does have some issues with areas of high heat but this shouldn't be too big of an issue when out on trails. The upper also includes a mesh toe which would help with the overall breathability and ventilation of the shoe. It also has a rubber toe bumper which helps protect both the hiker's feet when it comes to moving through rocks and fallen trees, but also protect the shoe in general. The lacing system is close and tight to the shoe offering better and more flexible support across the front of the shoe and the tongue is closer to the ankle which is both better for support of the upper part of the foot but as well as ankle support.


The midsole of this product is made of a durable EVA rubber. The arch support is normal to high making it better for average to higher arched feet. The EVA is also quite lightweight and offers both better support and cushioning for the foot. Those who wore this shoe felt that when the sizing was correct (as the shoe does fit a little bigger) that the feet felt both supported and cushioned. The also stated that going for longer hikes was not an issue in this shoe. The shoe is supportive, cushioned and comfortable which made the hikes more enjoyable.


The outsole is discussed more in the traction section.


The traction on this shoe is created by a 'TRAXION' outsole which is supposed to provide a better and secure grip on slippery trails. The TRAXION grip is supposed to hold true on both wet and dry surfaces. The heel of the shoe has thick rubber grips that look like cleats. The 'cleats' cover both the front and back of the outsole of the shoe. The heel has a separate area that is stripped rubber which holds onto surfaces a little more securely, specifically in sticky areas. The outsole is also a little wider even with how sleek the shoes look. This would provide better surface area and thus better grip throughout the base of the shoe.


The upper on this shoe has a rubber toe bumper which would help not only keep the wearer's toes protected but also protect the upper of the shoe. The upper also includes a durable nylon. Nylon does pleat and crease at high temperatures but this shouldn't be an issue when out on the trails. It is a softer material, however, it does have better weathering properties (like sunlight resistance). Nylon has a better colorfastness than comparable materials which should help keep the shoe looking aesthetically pleasing for longer. Nylon also has a very high level of abrasion resistance.


The appearance of this shoe is quite attractive. It's sleek in design but still looks very much like a hiking boot. Though they are fashionable, they won't look silly on the trails. They are sleek and yet almost industrious looking. They come in a variety of colors however for the most part they are fairly minimal and monochrome. The sides of the runners have the classic tripe stripe but it is quite hidden in the design. The laces are tight to the shoe and keep the tongue closer to the foot. They also have the back fastening strap which would help get the shoes one with less resistance. They are made of numerous materials but the nylon is weather resistance and has some fade-resistance characteristics which would help keep the shoe aesthetically pleasing for longer. If the consumer takes care of this shoe, with regular upkeep, this shoe could look quite nice for a while. Overall, the design is beautiful and fashionable. This is definitely not a fault of the shoe and added points to our review.


This shoe is quite inexpensive. This is one of the least expensive shoes that we have reviewed. On top of the steal of a deal, this shoe is amazing. It is lightweight and comfortable. The shoes are also incredibly durable which makes the cost even better because replacing the shoes will be fewer and further between. The shoes are beautifully designed, offer great support around the upper, mid and outer of the shoe. The traction is very good and the materials of the shoe won't break down or color fade. This shoe is ideal for hikers of all experience levels and is great for those on a budget. We don't know why this shoe is so reasonably priced but we aren't questioning it! Overall, the price is right, the shoes are well built and the quality is there. On top of all this, the customer service team with Adidas has a great reputation for doing everything they can to assist with your return needs. There should be no worry about purchasing this product, it's nothing but ease of mind.


The bottom line is we like this product. It is what shoes are supposed to be, reliable. You don't want to end up in a scary situation without the proper gear. Hiking can be very dangerous but with this shoe that is not only attractive in design but reliable, you can have peace of mind that the product you are buying will keep you safe and secure. The product quality is great, there are very little reviews of the shoes falling apart on consumers. They are made of quality materials including a better waterproofing and yet breathable sock liner. They are incredibly lightweight and supportive of all aspects of the foot. The only real issue that those who purchased this shoe found was that it was a little loose on the foot which can easily be remedied with sizing down or wearing thicker socks (only if in areas that are a little cooler). On top of all these positive qualities, the shoes are quite inexpensive. Overall, this is a quality product at the right price. This one is a no-brainer.