Best Running Armbands Reviewed & Rated for Quality

Running armbands are a must have for anyone who spends time running, jogging, or walking. Many armbands come with places for all your important things like cell phone, keys, credit cards etc… and many come with the added benefit of being reflective which make them the perfect running accessory. So you can rest assured that all your important, personal items are safely tucked away while you enjoy your run, jog or walk.

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Featured Recommendations

  • Tribe
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Water Resistant
  • Price: See Here
  • Trianium
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Universal Sizing
  • Price: See Here
i2 Gear Armband
  • i2 Gear Armband
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Reflective Border
  • Price: See Here

Many people want or need their keys and credit cards with them when they are out being active, and since these items are small, it’s easy enough for them to wiggle out of your pocket and get lost on a jog. And that is why it is important to get an armband specially designed with pockets that securely tuck these items into place and help prevent their loss. The last thing anyone wants after a jog is to find out they can’t open their front door because their keys got lost.

Safety is another benefit to wearing a running armband, especially in low light. Many drivers and motorists have trouble seeing someone at dusk or after dark, which can lead to accidents. So if you plan on running at night or in bad weather, pick an armband that is reflective or that has an LED light which will help improve your visibility in such situations.

Out top pick armbands have features such as pockets to hold valuables, reflective material or lights to keep you safe when running, jogging or walking in low light and will help keep your time out enjoyable.


15 Best Running Armbands


1. Tribe

1. Tribe
The Tribe Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband is a must have for any serious runner. It comes bundled with an iPhone screen protector and offers a headphone port for listening to must while running. The armband fits just about any size arm, offers a key holder, and is lightweight. The material is breathable to help maintain the runner's comfort.
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Fits Many Phone Models

The Tribe armband is compatible with all current iPhone models and a number of Android phones. It features a scratch-resistant screen protector and securely holds the phone in place. Runners need not worry about dropping their phone on a jog.

Lightweight and Comfortable

The armband is made from highly breathable material. It weighs about 1.5oz and fits arm sizes from 8” to 16” in circumference. The armband is fully adjustable to help make a secure fit.

Cost and Value

The Tribe armband is a mid-priced armband when compared to the other armbands on the list. Its value comes from its secure fit of a variety of smartphones and providing runner comfort.
  • Armband fits a wide variety of smartphones.
  • Comes with a secure key holder.
  • The entire armband only weighs 1.5oz.
  • The case has a screen protector.
  • There is also a headphone jack port.
  • Users with small arms had trouble making a secure fit.
  • Some users couldn’t press phone side buttons.

3. Trianium

3. Trianium
The Trianium armband has a phone case that is big enough to allow users to keep their phones in protective cases such as Otterboxes. It has a lifetime warranty and fits a large variety of smartphones. The armband itself features a multi-slot adjustable velcro allowing to fit securely on many different arm sizes. The armband material is resistant to stretching making this a long lasting armband.
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Protective Case Compatible

According to the manufacturer’s description, the phone case on the Trianium armband fits Otterbox and Lifeproof cases. That means users do not have to remove their phones from these cases to use this armband.

Multislot Adjustable Armband

The Velcro armband has multiple slots, allowing users to adjust the armband to secure a more secure fit. The armband can fit any arm up to 14 inches.

Cost and Value

This armband is in the average price range when compared to other armbands. Its value comes from the multislot armband and compatibility with phone cases. Many customers will also have peace of mind from the lifetime warranty.
  • The armband has multiple slots for more secure fit.
  • The phone case is large enough to accommodate phone protectors.
  • The phone case is touchscreen compatible.
  • The armband has a lifetime warranty.
  • The product features a key pocket for secure key storage.
  • Some users feel the armband is too bulky.
  • It’s easy to push the volume button on accident.

2. i2 Gear

2. i2 Gear
The i2 Gear Armband provides a low-cost alternative to other armbands on the list. It securely holds smartphones and offers screen protection and headphone jack. The armband itself is fully adjustable, is soft to the touch, and is reflective for nighttime safety. It’s low-cost price tag make it an excellent value for its price.
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Large Case

The armband has a large phone case, which allows for large phones or even placing items such as credit cards and phone together in the case. It has a keyholder also which allows for storage of house or car keys.

Soft and Durable

The armband is fully adjustable for arms from 9” all the way to 15”. The fabric is soft yet highly durable. The armband has night time reflectors for increased night safety.

Cost and Value

This armband provides excellent bang for the buck. It has many of the same features as other armbands on the list, but it is the lowest priced item out of any of them.
  • The phone case has a screen protector.
  • Its phone case allows for storing a large phone or even credit cards with a phone.
  • This armband has a low price point making it an excellent value.
  • The armband has a secure key holder.
  • Armband features reflective striping for low-light safety.
  • The armband doesn’t always stay tight.
  • The product’s materials are lower quality when compared to other armbands.

4. Grantwood

4. Grantwood
One of the main features of the TuneBand is its detachable phone case. The silicone phone case may be used as an everyday phone case and then attached to the TuneBand as needed. It’s sold with two elastic Velcro straps to use for different size arms. Finally the green and yellow version of the product support charities.
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Detachable Phone Case

The phone case is detachable and may function as an everyday phone case. It has screen protectors and durable silicone skin for drop protection. It may be added or removed from the armband as needed.

Multiple Armbands

The TuneBand is sold with two different armbands made from elastic Velcro. There is a large armband for large arms and a small band for smaller arms. Users may choose the armband that best fits their arm.

Cost andItsue

The TuneBand has an average price. It’s value comes from the fully silicone detachable armband that serves as an everyday phone case. The cases are specific to phone models allowing for a perfect fit.
  • Silicone case made for specific phones.
  • Detachable phone case allowing for everyday use.
  • The product is sold with two sizes of armbands allowing for a perfect fit.
  • Certain color cases qualify for charitable donation.
  • You must order the specific TuneBand for make and model phone.
  • The silicone phone case collects sweat.

5. Tune Belt

5. Tune Belt
The Tune Belt Armband is a premium workout armband that provides exceptional comfort. It has features such as sweat resistant wicking fabric, a flap to wrap cords, and maintains a secure grip on the phone. The phone case is large enough to fit cases such as Otterbox and Lifeproof cases. The armband is snug enough to keep the phone from bouncing or slipping without feeling too tight on the arm.
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Wicking Fabric

This armband boasts wicking fabric that provides exceptional comfort by wicking sweat away. There are no openings exposed directly to the skin either to provide additional protection against sweat.

Large Phone Case

The phone case is large enough to fit brands such as Otterbox, Lifeproof, or other similar phone cases. Users of such cases do not need to endure the hassle of removing their phone from their phone case first to use the armband.

Cost and Value

The Tune Belt is the highest priced item on the list, but it boasts the highest quality. The armband wicking features and is highly sweat resistant. It has fine details such as flaps to hold cords in place.
  • The armband wicks away sweat for additional comfort.
  • There is a flap to hold cords in place.
  • The armband keeps the phone from bouncing or slipping without feeling too tight.
  • The phone case is compatible with Otterbox or other similar cases.
  • The armband has no direct skin openings.
  • Some users feel that it’s hard to use the phone’s touchscreen.
  • Other users have felt that it’s too bulky.

6. B.Seen LED

6. B.Seen LED
The B.Seen LED armband is meant for use in low light or after dark. It uses powerful LED lights to help a running stay visible and is sold in a two pack. Users can wear the armbands on each arm, ankles, or combination. The LED light has three different light modes and has exceptionally long battery life.
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Bright LED Lights

The LED lights can run up to 70 hours before changing the battery. The lights have three modes: on, off, or flashing. The lights are very bright to help people stay visible in low light.

Multiple Functions

Each pack comes with two braces. The braces are highly adjustable and can be worn on arms, legs, or combination. Some people even put the armbands on bicycles or pets.


The B.Seen LED armband has a medium high price. However, each pack comes with two armband which brings down the cost per armband. They are long lasting and work for a long time on a single battery.
  • LED armbands promote nighttime safety by maintaining visibility.
  • Each pack comes with two armbands.
  • The armbands are highly adjustable and fit arms, legs, children, or even pets.
  • The light has three modes.
  • LED lights have low power consumption, making batteries last longer.
  • The seller does not accept returns.
  • The bands are not 360°, meaning there is a dark spot.

7. MiNE

7. MiNE
The MiNE armband features a waterproof screen protector and protects the phone’s touchscreen from scratches. The material is very lightweight and can twist and bend without stretching out of shape. It has a key slot that securely holds keys and a cord flap to tuck in cords from headphones. The MiNE armband has multiple slots to allow for easy adjusting and secure fit.
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Touch Screen Protector

The phone case has a clear waterproof touch screen protector that also protects against scratching. This allows for easy use of the touchscreen during a workout and keeps the phone protected from sweat.

Neoprene Material

The armband is made from neoprene material which is very lightweight and comfortable. The armband is made to twist and bend without stretching out of shape helping to maintain a snug fit.

Cost and Value

The MiNE armband is medium priced. It has high-end features such as a key slot and headphones flap, but without the high price tag, which makes it a great value.
  • The case has a headphones flap to tuck in cords.
  • The phone case has a waterproof screen protector.
  • Comes in multiple colors.
  • Multi-slot armband allows for adjusting to different arm sizes.
  • The armband is lightweight and highly durable.
  • Some users have complained of stitching coming loose.
  • Other users have had trouble getting the armband to fit snuggly.

8. Portholic

8. Portholic
The Portholic fits large phones and is compatible with phone cases such as Otterbox. It also lets users make use of modern phone features such as fingerprint unlocking. The Portholic fits a large variety of iPhone and Android phones, making it widely compatible. The manufacturer backs up the product with a lifetime warranty. It also has key and credit card holders.
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Fingerprint Unlocking

Many modern phones have fingerprint sensors for unlocking the phone. The Portholic is unique in that it provides a way to unlock the phone using a fingerprint.

Skin Friendly Materials

The armband itself is made out of Lycra and Neoprene, which makes it resistant to sweat. The Portholic is lightweight, stays odorless, and maintains a shake-free fit.

Cost and Value

This product has an average price. It’s unique is that it provides ways for users to use up to date phone technology such as fingerprint unlock. It’s also able to hold phones inside of their own cases such as Otterbox.
  • Phone case is big enough to hold phones in their own protective cases.
  • The Portholic allows for fingerprint unlocking of the phone.
  • The phone case fits a large variety of Android and iPhones.
  • Manufacturer provides lifetime warranty.;The case provides key and card holders.
  • Some users have reported that the phone case is too large.
  • Other uses have said the strap broke too easily.

9. Maxboost

9. Maxboost
Maxboost provides many features found in higher-end armbands. It has a secret key holder that allows people to hide their house or car keys. The armband has a comfort grip to keep it from slipping your arm while working out or running. The phone case is water resistant to help protect the phone from sweat.
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Adjustable Fit

The Maxboost armband has two slots for small (8”-11.5”) and large arms (12”-14”). Users should have no trouble finding the perfect fit when wearing the Maxboost.

Multiple Portholes

The phone case has multiple portholes. This allows users to plug in headphones or even charge the phone itself. The portholes make it easy to charge the phone without removing it from the case.

Cost and Value

Maxboost is averagely priced and has many of the features found in other armbands. The armband offers convenience in that it is easy to plug in headphones or even charge the phone without removing it from the armband.
  • The phone case has multiple ports for headphones or charger.
  • The armband has multiple slots allowing for a snug fit.
  • Maxboost has a comfort grip to prevent it from sliding around on your arm.
  • There is a key slot in the armband.
  • Manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty.
  • Some users have said the Velcro did not last.
  • The armband doesn’t work will with long sleeve shirts.

10. LovPhone

10. LovPhone
The Lovphone has a PVC screen protector which protects the phone from dirt, scratches, and sweat. The phone case features a reflective strip around the phone window which helps keep you visible in low light settings. The velcro straps provide stability to the phone so that you don’t have to worry about the armband slipping or feeling constricting.
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PVC Screen Protector

The phone case features a high-quality PVC screen protector. This not only helps protect the phone from sweat but also from dirt or scratching, helping to keep the phone looking new.


Most armbands have a key slot, but the Lovphone has a full-blown pocket which allows you to store keys, credit cards, or even money in the armband.

Cost and Value

This is an averagely priced armband, but it is packed with features. The PVC protector and large pocket make the Lovphone and excellent value. It also has features found in high-end armbands like reflective stripes.
  • Phone case has PVC screen protector to protect against sweat, dirt, and scratches.
  • The phone case also has a reflective strip for low light visibility.
  • The armband is made from neoprene to provide comfort.
  • Large pocket for storing money, keys, or credit cards.
  • Access ports are provided in the phone case for charging or headphones.
  • Some users had trouble putting the phone in the case.
  • There have been reports of the velcro not lasting.

11. Mediabridge

11. Mediabridge
The screen protectors found on many running armbands can make it difficult to use touchscreen devices. This running armband uses an open face design so that you can easily use your mobile device while you are working out. It has all of the features that you would expect a running armband to have. This armband is fully adjustable and securely holds your mobile device in place so that it doesn't get dropped.
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Open Face Design

This running armband does not have a screen protector which makes it much easier for you to use a touchscreen device. Many running armbands have screen protectors which interfere with the touchscreen's precision when you tap on a device.

Rubber Case

Your device is held securely to this running armband with a rubber case. The rubber case keeps your device firmly in place so that it doesn't wiggle or move around while you are working out. It also protects the device if it gets dropped.

Cost and Value

This device is generally sold at a price that is higher than average. It gets its value by offering features such as a full rubber case for your device and an armband that is securely fastened to your arm.
  • This running armband uses a case that has an open design so that you can use your touchscreen.
  • The case on the armband is made out of rubber so that the device is secured in place.
  • It will fit arms that are all of the way from 9 inches to 21 inches in diameter.
  • The armband is fully elastic so that it will stretch with your arm as you flex.

  • All of the devices features such as headphone jack, power button, and volume control are fully accessible.
  • This armband is not waterproof and it will not protect your device against rain or moisture.
  • Other reviewers have reported that the armband pinches there arm and is uncomfortable.

12. FRiEQ

12. FRiEQ
You will want to take a look at this running armband if you want convenience. This armband has a phone case that attaches and detaches from the armband. This allows you to use the armband when you need it and then remove it when you do not need it. The cell phone case is molded to fit your phone exactly and protect it while you are carrying it around.
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Detachable Phone Case

The phone case for this running armband can be attached and removed from the armband itself. This makes it really to use the phone because you can take off of the armband quickly and then reattach it when you are done.

Screen Protector

This running armband also comes with a screen protector. The screen protector serves the important function of keeping your phone's screen from getting scratched or soiled. It can also protect the phone when it gets dropped on the ground.

Cost and Value

This running armband has an average price when compared to running armband. It gets its value by offering a combination of three different features that work together to protect and support your phone while you are working out.
  • There is a phone case that can be attached and removed from the running armband as needed.
  • The armband and the case are designed to be lightweight so that they don't feel bulky.
  • It has a screen protector that works to protect your phone's screen from scratches and dirt.
  • You can easily access the controls on your phone while it is placed inside the case.
  • The armband has been designed not to slip on your arm while you are using it.
  • Some reviewers have reported that the phone does not attach securely to the armband causing the phone to get dropped.
  • Other reviewers have noticed that it is not possible to use a headphone with this armband.

13. Supcase

13. Supcase
This running armband is designed to offer great protection for your phone while you are working out. It has a silicone skin case that makes it easy for you to insert and remove your phone quickly. The case can also be used on its own as a full-time phone case. The armband is fully washable so that you can clean it between workouts.
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Silicone Skin Case

The case on this phone is made out of silicone so that your phone is held securely by the running armband. The case also helps protect the phone against water from sweat or light rain as an added bonus.

Hand Washable

You can wash this armband by hand when it gets dirty or soiled. This is an excellent feature because armbands tend to get soaked in sweat after a workout or even a walk which can cause them to smell bad.

Cost and Value

This armband has a price that is higher than average for running armbands. It gets its value by fully protecting your phone using the silicone case. You can also keep this armband clean since you can hand wash it in warm water.
  • This armband features a silicone case that protects your phone against sweat and holds it securely.
  • You can access all of the buttons and ports on your phone while it is in the case.
  • You can separate the armband from the case if you want to use the case full time.
  • This armband can be washed by hand in warm water between workouts if you want to clean it.
  • The velcro armband stretches to fit both small and large arms between 9" and 21".
  • Some reviewers have reported that the phone case moves around on their arm while they are using it.

  • There is no screen protector on this armband so your phone's screen isn't protected while it's in the case.

14. Avantree

14. Avantree
Here is a running armband that is well suited for the gym or long hikes. It has a travel pouch where you can store items such as money, credit cards, or even keys. There is a velcro strap that allows you to securely store your headphones while you are not using them. Finally, there is a protective pocket that is made for your phone that securely holds it to your arm.
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Travel Pocket

You won't need to bring your wallet with you while you work out thanks to the travel pocket. This pocket is designed to allow you to place items such as credit cards, money, or keys inside of the pocket.

Headphone Holder

There is a strap on this armband that is specifically designed for your headphones. You can wrap up your headphone wires while you are not using them and then secure them to the armband. The velcro stripping keeps your wires wrapped tightly.

Cost and Value

You will see this armband at a price that is slightly higher than the average for running armbands. It is an excellent value because it is loaded with features such as a full travel poach, a case for your phone, and headphones band.
  • This armband has a full travel pouch that you can use for items such as keys.
  • It has a full phone case with a screen protector that holds your phone tight and securely.
  • You can wrap up your headphones and then store them with the velcro headphone strap.
  • The armband is fully adjustable and it can fit around just about anyone's arm.
  • There is a port for your headphones so that you can plug your headphones into the phone.
  • Some reviewers have reported that the velcro used by the armband is low quality.
  • Other reviewers have pointed out that the screen protector does not fit flush against the phone screen.

15. Minisuit

15. Minisuit
Here is a low cost running armband that provides all of the basic functionality that you would expect. It has a case for your smartphone along with a screen protector. You can insert your keys into the secret key holder so that you don't have to worry about losing your keys while you run. The armband also has reflective strips that help you stay visible in low light or even dark conditions.
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Reflective Stripping

There is reflective stripping that surrounds the area around the phone. This stripping helps you stay visible in low light or dark conditions which helps improve your safety when running after dark.

Key Holder

This armband has a secret key holder which allows you to safely and securely store a house or car key while you are working out. This offers excellent convenience since you won't need to worry about jingling keys.

Cost and Value

This armband has a price that is well below the average for running armbands. It keeps its price low by offering the basic functionality that you expect to find in a running armband. That makes it into an excellent value for the price.
  • This armband is made out of a lightweight neoprene material that is soft and flexible.
  • You can wash this armband by hand when it gets soiled, dirty, or sweaty after a workout.
  • There is a special pocket that allows you to hold your keys securely while you are working out.
  • It has a clear screen protector that allows you to use your touchscreen through the screen.
  • There is a band of reflective striping around the phone so that you are more visible after dark.
  • Some reviewers have reported that the strap is short and scratches their arm.
  • Other reviewers have reported that the reflective band starts detaching from the armband after a few uses.

Great running armbands also offer feathers like a way to listen to your favorite music to help pump you up for your workout. This way you enjoy your workout more and stay motivated to workout longer.

All of the armbands offer comfort and style. Our top picks are high-quality and come in a variety of different colors and are adjustable to fit all arm sizes. High-quality armbands improve comfort by helping to wick away sweat and dirt. After all, what good is an armband that isn’t comfortable?

Many people also want to stay comfortable while our for a run, jog, or walk. So our top picks not just ensure your safety, but also convenience and comfort.



Criteria for Choosing the Best Running Armbands


Some cell phone and MP3 players are large and bulky. This can pose a challenge when you are working out and just want some tunes. If you are dealing with bigger devices or device cases on your run, walk, or jog, then picking the right armband can really be helpful.

In addition to the device case, you should check that you can adjust the armband so that it fits tightly against your arm. If you are unable to make the armband fit tightly, the armband will slide up and down on your arm which can be annoying and make your workout less pleasant.

Device Compatibility

Smartphones and MP3 players come in an array of different shapes and sizes. Some armbands are made to work with one particular device, while others are designed to work with multiple devices. It is important that you pick one that fits your chosen device, or if you use more than one, pick an armband that will work with several devices.

Some are designed specifically for Apple devices and some are designed specifically for other devices such as Samsung. When searching for a running armband, make sure your pick is one that is best for your device needs.

If you plan on using headphones, you will have two options. One option is to use Bluetooth headphones that connect to your device wirelessly. Wireless has an advantage because you will not need to worry about wires or compatibility while you are working out.

Also, make sure to check if the case on the armband allows you to access your volume control and your power buttons. It’s important that the armband is designed to access these button and controls easily, and that the case fits well and is not too tight that it presses against the buttons or the touchscreen on your device.


It is always best to get a running armband that offers waterproof protection for your devices if you plan on running outside. This will keep your device and important items you are carrying with you while you work out safe and dry. While some are not waterproof, there are many to choose from that offer waterproof or water-resistant protection

You should first consider if you plan on using the running armband indoors, outdoors, or both. When you are spending time outdoors, there is always the chance that you could be exposed to rain or other elements. You never have any ability to control the weather and spending a little extra to protect your device may be worth it. It is better to be safe than sorry!

Moreover, if you plan on running indoors it still might be a good investment to have an armband that is waterproof or water resistant to protect your device from sweat, humidity or dirt. While it might be a good option to chose an armband that is fully waterproof, But you may not need something fully waterproof, a water-resistant case will do just fine indoors.

Running armbands have lots of features to chose from. Some of our favorites include pockets for items such as keys and credit cards, reflective material for safety and/or armbands that fits you and your device well.

If you want to listen to music, make sure there is a place for your headphones or a device that is Bluetooth compatible so you don’t have to worry about cords while you exercise.

Cleaning and Care

Running armbands are like any other athletic gear, you have to clean and care for them so there are no issues with bacteria. The better you take care of your armband, the longer it will last. No one wants a stinky armband drenched in sweat, so make sure to take the necessary steps to properly clean your armband.

When you are cleaning your armband, you will need to first determine what parts need to be cleaned. Running armbands that can be removed from the case are the best ones for cleaning. This is because you can remove the device case and then wash the elastic armband part of the running armband.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use my current phone case with a running armband?

A: Running armbands are available to fit many types and brands of phone. Just make sure your case is compatible with your phone.

Q: Are running armbands adjustable?

A: Just about anybody can wear a running armband. Most running armbands use velcro so that you can adjust it to fit you. Just make sure to buy one that fits you well or one that is adjustable.

Q: Can I use my touchscreen with a running armband?

A: Most running armbands are intended to work with a touchscreen device. Well designed running armbands have screen protectors that fit tightly against your device’s touchscreen, which allows you to use the touchscreen with only a mild impact on the touchscreen’s performance.

Q: Will my device fall out of the armband?

A: You should always check to make sure that your device will fit securely inside of the armband. Failing to do so could result in the device falling out and suffering damage or being lost.

Q: How do I use headphones with my armband?

A: You generally have two choices for headphones depending on your device. If your device supports Bluetooth devices, then you are always free to use wireless headphones. If not, choose a running armband that has a place for your headphones.




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