Desktop Scouting: Is It a Good Hunting Strategy?

desktop scouting Desktop Scouting: Is It a Good Hunting Strategy?

The persuasion behind desktop scouting is grounded on the realities of the advantages that technology confers on every facet of modern life. While a few persons might be skeptical about how well thought-out this approach might be, the facts provided here will be useful for your consideration.  Many hunters are aware that depending on the prey you are hunting, the strategy to adopt will have to be one that suits your purpose. Hunting rabbits, pheasants, ruffled grouses or squirrels cannot be equated with hunting the big bucks. Same goes for snowshoe hares, doves or quails, which are largely grouped under the class of small game hunting.

Hunting strategies have basic components that you cannot ignore, irrespective of the animal you are targeting. When you are able to get a good grip on what to do and how to do it, you are equipped to have better results.

Cutting through wandering in the wild

A seasoned hunter can tell you that an expedition can turn out to be an entire day of wandering in the wild. An otherwise promising foray to hunt can turn out to be a depressing adventure when you have to turn from one point to the other without any sign of the buck. To cut to the wild goose chase, desktop scouting will maximize aerial mapping techniques so that marked hunting grounds can be identified for you. This way, you will be able to spot proven hunting locations where the chances of making a good kill is assured.

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The approach to getting the best of desktop scouting is such that will reduce having to pore over the huge landmass shown on hunting maps. Trained hunters know the benefit of using the maps, but not everyone might have the patience of doing just that.  Map reading might seem easy but it is quite a tedious process that technology can make easier for you. Google Earth and similar pathfinders have a wealth of details that can be put to use in this regard.

Spot the hunting ground

The use of tools that incorporate satellite imagery can be considered to be worth the time used to get accustomed to it. This can cut off the time wasted on wandering endlessly with no positive result. What the use of desktop hunting exposes you to is to learn firsthand, where the proven hunting spaces are located. Many hunting guides will tell you about public lands that are open to all and sundry as you go in search of the kill that can make a difference. The large area you need to cover on foot as you hunt on public lands can be daunting without the aid of desktop scouting. While some hunters can describe the wild stomping as therapeutic, it does not translate to results.

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In other to get the best results and the desired outcome, you need to have accurate details about the prey’s habitat and the outlook of the terrain. There is need to highlight the landmarks that are present in the hunting ground. What are the rivers, caves, mountains or valleys that are out there? These landmarks help you to gauge the kind of animals that you are likely to find in such places. When the details are now available to you, what’s next is to go for physical confirmation and ascertain if the prey you want is out there. Since every habitat retains the sign of life, and tell tales of the inhabitants, this is not a difficult step to verify.

Boots on the ground

Hitting the ground will help you confirm what you have analyzed based on desktop scouting. No one can make up his mind entirely on what is unconfirmed. When you step into the wild, you want to see the landmarks you have identified, and confirm if they really exist.  You might also want to be sure whether they have been significantly altered by human activity. The presence of extensive developments or new earthworks nearby can imperil hunting, and put the prey to flight. When stepping out to take a look at the hunting ground you are evaluating, you need to have your maps printed along with you markings and spotlights. As you step out, the needed accessories to make your work easier should be available.

Some Smartphone models can be equipped with mapping software, and this can be of use as you locate your hunting ground. The advantage of location gadgets will help you avoid getting lost or missing out on spots you have identified through desktop scouting.  What desktop scouting offers you as you step out is the benefit of having a sneak preview of what to expect. This is a hunting strategy that clearly cuts out lots of the shade associated with stepping out blindly without technical assistance. You should not expect that what you will see on the ground will be same as you envisaged while on your desktop. Things might be largely different, and if this is the case, move on to the next option. What has to be done if the hunting ground turns out as you envisaged is to identify where your stand can be located. It might also be a chance to see something else or identify other factors that you need to take into consideration.

Eliminate signs of your intrusion

Never forget that animals can spot the signs of an intrusion into their living space. Having navigated your desired hunting ground, you need to take the needed steps to cover up your tracks. Make sure you are not leaving litter as you move along the trail of your prey.

If you have positively identified the bedding location or feeding space of your prey, then you have taken a huge leap forward in your hunting foray. Watch the wind flow pattern and be sure to take due notice of this when eventually you are putting up your hunting stand. If you do all of these, then your desktop scouting would turn out to be worth the while.