An in-depth review of coon hunting.
Everything You Wanted to Know About Coon Hunting
The humble raccoon happens to be one of North America’s most iconic critters. It features a bandit style mask that ...
An in-depth review of Colorado elk hunting.
Colorado Elk Hunting: Everything to Know Beforehand
With public lands that include 20 million acres of open, pristine, prime land, Colorado has long been known as the place ...
An in-depth review of guided elk hunts.
Everything You Should Know About Guided Elk Hunts
There's no way around it, to a lot of us elk hunting is just exhilarating and it's something we wait all year for. The hi...
An in-depth review of scoring a deer.
Scoring a Deer: Important Info You Need to Know
While most deer hunters aren't in it to score that trophy deer, it's always a rush if it happens to be you that bags one,...
An in-depth review of duck hunting boats.
How to Find the Perfect Duck Hunting Boat
When the air starts to cool and the smell of burning leaves starts to fill the air, most people's thoughts turn to bonfir...
An in-depth review of removing porcupine quills.
Survival Skills: How to Effectively Remove Porcupine Quills
Porcupine quills...just the words are enough to make most of us cringe. If you have ever been attacked by a porcupine or ...
An in-depth review of how to protect yourself during the magpie swooping season in Australia.
Swooping Season: What Australian Tourists Need to Know
If you are traveling to Australia on vacation from late August to early to mid October, you need not worry about the kang...
An in-depth review of different types of raccoon deterrents for your home and property.
Raccoon Deterrent: How to Keep These Critters Away
Though they are adorable with their furry little bodies and their cute little faces that look like they are wearing a mas...
An in-depth guide on everything you need to know about raising sheep.
Raising Sheep: Everything You Need to Know
Are you aware that when it comes to livestock, no type has more breeds than sheep except for chickens? You might never ha...
An in-depth guide on coyote hunting for beginners.
Coyote Hunting: 11 Tips for Beginners
Coyote hunting has become extremely popular over the last few years and more and more hunters are out there during season...
An in-depth guide on how to survive a shark attack.
Survival Skills: How to Survive a Shark Attack
We have all seen the movies, whether it was Jaws on the silver screen in the 1970's or the shark marathons Sci-Fi runs du...
An in-depth guide to trapping skunks.
Trapping Skunks: Everything You Need to Know
No one wants to have to deal with skunks on their property, getting into the garbage cans and leaving their stink behind....
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