Best Hunting Slingshots for Small Game Hunters

Don’t be fooled by that classic string and twig that you carried around as a youngster. Slingshot technology has come a long way since Dennis the Menace. And if you’re wondering about the efficacy of hunting with a slingshot, just ask Goliath if a slung stone can be lethal. Fact is these powerful weapons were created to kill and people have been using them for centuries to hunt and fight. And while they don’t have the range or (necessarily) the accuracy of a bullet, today’s sling shots are highly precise weapons. And just like everything else, composite metals and technology have turned what was a powerful weapon back in the day into an accurate, and we should say totally cool looking device that’s relatively cheap and will allow you to hunt without firearms in a way that is surprisingly efficient.

They say that whether you are facing a short term or long term survival situation you should focus your efforts on food procurement on small game. While this may not yield tons of meat it will be easier to achieve. A slingshot is a great lightweight tool to pack up and have when firearms are either not allowed or too heavy to bring. It’s one of the cheapest, and easy ways to gather food, and we feel comfortable saying that anyone who spends a significant amount of time in the outback needs to have one in their go bag.

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It would seem like something as archaic as the slingshot would be from a time long forgotten. When you look at a slingshot next to a handgun you would think that this invention came from the stone age. In fact it did, but it didn’t look like the slingshots we have today, it looked more like the Biblical slings that you see David using when he goes up against the giant Goliath. What we do know is that the Romans used slings with lead shot to great affect nearly 2-thousand years ago.

But the modern slingshot, the famous Y design with rubber tubes, or straps, wasn’t invented until the late 1800s when vulcanized rubber became a thing. And it’s been getting better ever since.

This weapon is utilized to shoot bbs and or single steel balls at prey from a distance. It can also be easily modded to shoot arrows. The slingshot is very capable in the wild and is by far the most lightweight and easily carried projectile shooters in existence. Of course, it lacks the power and accuracy of many others but it can still be effective from reasonable distances.

Fisherman have also put the slingshot to use through chumming with it. They would take the bait and place it into the pouch of the slingshot. Then launch this chum, often chopped fish, into the area around their boat or pier. This would act like a calling card for fish to come and eat.

Today we don’t see much from the old slingshot and that is one of the reasons we are going to take a look at some of the options on the market today. This may not turn out to be the weapon you take with you on the opening day of firearms season but it could be the perfect options for a day trip with your child to hunt squirrel or rabbit.

A sentiment echoed by all outdoorsman is the fact that it’s just good to get out! Whether we are talking about hunting, fishing or hiking getting out is what it’s all about. This could be with the most efficient compound bow on the market or it could be with a slingshot that you have been messing around with, all the same. A day in the woods is a day in the woods.

This review will take a look at the possibilities of the modern day slingshot. We will look at some of the highlights and features of today’s models while also examining what qualifies as a serious hunters slingshot and more of a toy.


15 Best Hunting Slingshots


1. Bonlex Stainless Steel

1. Bonlex Stainless Steel
We’ll start things off with a mean looking hunting slingshot that definitely means business. This one is made for serious hunters, packing more power, better accuracy, and a very user-friendly design in order to make every one of your shots count for so much more. It comes with enough steel shot to get you started, making this slingshot a solid hunting companion.

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High accuracy
For such a low priced slingshot, this one can greatly improve your accuracy after getting to know it just a bit. Every slingshot takes practice to get familiar with, but this one rewards you more for the effort.

Always at the ready
The strap that goes across the arm has been magnetized, allowing it to hold several rounds of ammo, so you can stop worrying about it and concentrate on bagging your target.

Cost and Value
This is an excellent choice for those starting to take their hunting seriously, and as such, it is very well priced. You get a lot with this slingshot, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a better deal.

  • Magnetized leather arm strap keeps ammo close by
  • Ergonomic grip handle
  • Very accurate
  • Lightweight
  • Doesn’t pack a lot of power
  • Not the sturdiest construction

2. Yusylvia

2. Yusylvia
The Yusylvia is a powerful hunting slingshot designed for the hunt. It has a great design that is based on the recurve framework. It features professional rubber bands made of high-quality rubber. This will take the abuse you expect them to.

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This is another expensive model for those who are pros in the slingshot game. With a shot like this, you won’t need several options. In fact, this model reviewed well by its buyers but many mentioned some craftsmanship issues.

  • Simple high quality slingshot
  • Durable
  • Highly recommended
  • Shotty craftsmanship

3. MoreFarther Superpower

3. MoreFarther Superpower
This is a strange looking slingshot. There is clearly a lot going on here, all of it designed to provide you with a smooth, accurate shot every time you pull the rubber back. It includes a laser sight for targeting and will let you fire arrows, making it incredibly versatile and also upping your game quite a bit at the same time.
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On target
We are going to be seeing a few slingshots on here with the ability to house an optional laser sight, but this one comes with it equipped so you don’t have to mess around with not having one.

For a product that just has so much going on, you’d expect there to be a steep learning curve. However, that just isn’t true in this case, and you can be shooting just minutes after taking it out of the package.

Cost and Value
The MoreFarther Superpower Stainless Hunting Slingshot is a bit pricey, but you just get so much with it, that it’s a great value just based on content alone. It helps that the slingshot is also very well made an extremely versatile too.
  • Laser sight for better targeting
  • Can fire arrows
  • 200 pieces of ammo included
  • Very easy to use
  • A bit clunky because of all the features
  • Rubber bands that are included wear out quickly

4. MoreFarther

4. MoreFarther
The MoreFarther Pro Adjustable is a serious hunting weapon. The weapon is touted as a professional hunting too. Its got a beautiful design that carries well. You can tell this is a pro design that comes from a well thought out schematic.

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The metal body and wrist support frame will increase accuracy. These two features also allow you to launch with greater intensity. This will radically affect your distance and ability to kill at this long range.

This slingshot has some great ideas outside of body, wrist and tubular rubber. The magnet design allows you to have quick access to ammunition. This is unique to this model and I haven’t found anything similar elsewhere. It’s a great idea!

Another marvel of this modern slingshot is the flashlight and laser stents design which will make this weapon highly effective in low light or even night time hunts.

The MoreFarther also comes with some ammo and replacement parts which will allow you to enjoy this weapon long after purchase without looking to warranty or other places for repairs. This is a great hunting slingshot that should be enjoyed by anyone looking to take small game.
  • Professional grade materials
  • Wrist brace
  • Flashlight and laser


5. Daisy 988116-442

5. Daisy 988116-442
The Daisy powerline comes from the premier name in bb and pellet shooting. There is no name more synonymous with the bb gun than Daisy. This is a very simple plastic slingshot made of a wide fork design with plastic handle and surgical tubing.

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The best sticking point with this Daisy model is the price. There is no better slingshot on the market for the price. I would challenge you to find a child's toy for the price of this slingshot. It comes in at under $10 dollars. It’s a great value and maybe the best starter slingshot on the market.

The Daisy lends itself to larger ammo and actually works well with paintballs as well as bbs. The slingshot reviewed well by others and though there were little issues that came up overall. This is a great deal and worth taking advantage of.
  • Great value
  • Top manufacturer
  • It’s a cheap model that is not a long term solution

6. Beeman Laserhawk

6. Beeman Laserhawk
The desire to have a bracing slingshot for extended velocity is important in the realm of hunting. It’s important that you have a killing velocity. With some models pulling the projectile back far enough to get the velocity needed can be taxing without the arm brace. The Beeman Laswerhak is a great value for those looking to try a slingshot that is more than just a handle to hold onto. Its slick, folding model with a powerful wrist brace.

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The yoke and arm support are made with tempered steel and also features a built-in ammo pouch. A finger grooved plastic grip with tapered bands provides an easier way to shoot with a greater velocity.

This model comes with 200 pcs of 30 caliber steel shot. The slingshot can also shot 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch steel shot as well. The ammo pouch is magnetic which is such a cool little feature on these newer model slingshots. I really love this small detail that creates such great convenience.

There were very few reviews on this model by Beeman, barring one scathing review that claimed nothing on the slingshot worked, the model seems to live up to its great value. At under $20 dollars this is decent slingshot with a folding brace.
  • Arm brace
  • Includes ammo
  • Questionable durability

7. Sino Art High Velocity

7. Sino Art High Velocity
The Sino is a solid looking slingshot with its flat black design and adjustable arm brace. Its black matte finish and powerful bands give this weapon the look of something more than just a run of the mill slingshot.

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The selling point of this model is not the shot or the design of the handle or frame. The innovation is the new powerband made of high-quality rubber bands that make this one of the most powerful slingshots available.

Now that doesn’t mean that it is not built with power in the frame. In fact, it comes with a fully adjustable steel frame. The steel frame with extra wide forks gives the power needed for every shot. The frame is incredibly simple to adjust and just needs one big steel screw to be loosened. The ergonomic, molded, non-slip handle makes it easy and comfortable to hold throughout an excursion.

It’s been tested under adverse conditions to assure Sino can guarantee maximum durability. This is a piece of the puzzle that you should not bat your eyes at. When you are in the field it’s important that you have a weapon that will not fail you. If it does your hunting trip is over!

This slingshot sold well and though it didn't have any reviews it comes with a 100% money back guarantee. I didn't see a lot of that in the many slingshots I reviewed. That tells me that Sino has incredible confidence in this weapon. This model will run you just over $20 and with the guarantee you really have nothing to lose.
  • Adjustable
  • High Powered
  • Money Back Guarantee


8. The Scout Hunting Slingshot

8. The Scout Hunting Slingshot
Here we have a more classic looking model without all the high tech features of some of the others. What it lacks in add-ons, however, it more than makes up for it in obviously sturdy construction and reliable performance. It was designed to be accurate and efficient, all while having a clean design. A good no-nonsense slingshot for the purists out there.
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Suits your style
The Scout Hunting Slingshot is made to work the way you like to shoot. It will handle hammer, pinch, and thumb assisted holding styles comfortably and with ease.

All the information you need
This may seem a bit unnecessary, but for a hobby that is as nuanced as this one, having a handy reference guide is invaluable. It helps you easily get the most out of your slingshot.

Cost and Value
In the case of this slingshot, you’re not going to pay for fancy gadgets, because there aren’t any. What you are paying for is reliability and performance, which this one has an abundance of.

  • Complete owner’s manual included for instant reference
  • Can shoot any type of rubber band
  • Very strong resin handle
  • Accommodates all holding styles
  • Edges are a bit sharp
  • Flip clips break too easily

9. Wisdoman Stainless Steel

9. Wisdoman Stainless Steel
This offering looks quite a bit like another product on this list and handles about the same, which isn't to say that it's a bad choice. Rather than being just a cheap imitation, this one ups the game by offering the same features and reliability, while keeping the price very competitive. Similar to the other slingshot, this slingshot is the perfect choice for beginners.
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Well built
This is a strong, sturdy slingshot that is going to hold up well for years to come. The stainless steel is durable, of course, which makes it equally great for target shooting or hunting.

Great for what you get
You`re not going to pay much for this at all, so right away it's ahead of the game. On top of that, you get everything you need to get started, which makes it a no-brainer for first-timers.

Cost and Value
Much like other slingshots of a similar design, the manufacturers manage to keep the cost low and the features and functionality high, appealing to hunters and target shooters everywhere.

  • Elegant wood grain look
  • Good value
  • Solid construction
  • Good grip
  • Cheap rubber bands
  • Triple bands are a bit overkill

10. Trumark Slingshots Folding

10. Trumark Slingshots Folding
Now we’re looking at the style of slingshot that started it all. It has a wrist guard, a grip, and a rubber band, and that’s about it. This is the quintessential flip style slingshot that can be used by experts for beginners alike, and it’s so easy to get into that kids can get their first taste of target shooting with it.
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Bring anywhere
The aluminum frame and folding design will keep this slingshot tucked away nicely until the time comes to shoot it. Add in that it also carries your ammo, and you’ve got an all-in-one piece of equipment that gets the job done.

Bring your ammo
The bottom of the grip has a flip open hatch, so you can bring a good amount of ammo along with you without having to bring an additional carrying case.

Cost and Value
Fewer parts equal less cost, and this one is about as simple as you’re going to get. However, despite its primitive look, it gives plenty of bang for your buck, ranking right up there with the highest end hunting slingshots.
  • Grip holds lots of ammo
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Great value
  • Armrest pops out of place
  • Rubber bands break

11. Trumark Normal Pull

11. Trumark Normal Pull
We’re looking at another Trumark slingshot, this time going all the way back to their original wrist braced model. This classic piece has a light frame and strong rubber bands. The wrist brace offers the stability and comfort that you’ve come to expect from Trumark, which makes a lot of sense, really, because they have really helped set the standard for a high-quality product.
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Great shot
Despite its seemingly simple design and lack of obvious features, this slingshot has incredible velocity and accuracy. Of course, this will take some practice, but with such an easy learning curve, getting that practice will be a breeze.

Comfort grip
Unlike the vast majority of slingshots out there, the grip on the Trumark Slingshots Normal Pull Slingshot is made from a softer vinyl material to give a nice comfortable feel when drawn back and shot.

Cost and Value
Trumark is well known for over fifty years of high-quality slingshots that give great value. What they aren’t known for is charging high prices for their products. In fact, they often fall on the cheaper side of the spectrum.
  • Easy learning curve
  • Non rigid handle is comfortable
  • Great velocity and accuracy
  • Ideal children and beginners
  • Doesn’t offer the greatest distance
  • Awkward to store as it doesn’t fold.

12. Y Shot Wrist Sling Rocket

12. Y Shot Wrist Sling Rocket
The makers of this hunting slingshot want you to have the best chance at hitting your target consistently as possible. Why else would they give you so much stuff to go along with their professional quality construction and design? Most companies just offer a few pieces stainless steel shot to give you something to shoot, whereas this one has steel shot AND hard clay ammo, offering a broad range of choices.
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Very powerful
The Y Shot Wrist Sling Rocket Professional Hunting Slingshot has more than enough power to make it capable of taking out small game quickly and efficiently.

Use it anywhere
Most slingshots are best suites for either competition shooting or hunting, rarely both. This one breaks that mould, being perfect for both purposes, or even just for casual target practice.

Cost and Value
This slingshot is very well-built, and includes a laser sight and two kinds of ammo, yet is priced lower than many competitors that don’t give you nearly as much value.

  • Lots of power
  • Well suited for both hunting and competition shooting
  • Come with tons of accessories
  • Great stability
  • Kind of bulky and cumbersome
  • Weak wrist pad

13. Freehawk High Velocity

13. Freehawk High Velocity
The Freehawk High Velocity Slingshot has a much more novel appearance than its contemporaries, almost comical, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t perform. On the contrary, the simple and unique design has no other purpose than to provide you with the optimum functionality to help make sure that every shot you take is the best one possible.
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Won’t let you down
Underneath the stylish shell sits a strong aluminum alloy frame that let’s the Freehawk High Velocity Slingshot hold up to any type of abuse you choose to put it through.

Interesting look
How can I review this slingshot without at least mentioning the looks? The black handle is wrapped in a fluorescent twining that provides grip while making a definite statement. Not content to look like all the others, it definitely stands out.

Cost and Value
This doesn’t look like a professional slingshot, and it isn’t priced like one. It’s very easy for anyone to pick this one up and start developing a love for slingshots, and the low price just encourages that.
  • Very unique styling
  • Strong aluminum alloy frame
  • Twining strap on the handle gives good grip
  • Promotes accuracy
  • A bit on the small side
  • Looks cheaply made

14. Barnett Outdoors Diablo

14. Barnett Outdoors Diablo
Throughout this buying guide, we’ve looked at a wide range of slingshots, from bare-bones simple models to those with endless add-ons. The Barnett Outdoors Diablo Slingshot with Stabilizers takes the cake compared to any of the others. To its credit though, everything found on this slingshot serves a very specific purpose: Giving you a precise stable shot with the best accuracy you’re ever likely to find.
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Stable shot
The weird antennae looking things protruding from your new slingshot? That’s just the stabilizer system. It’s going to help steady the slingshot, improving your form and therefore your accuracy.

Learn like a pro
With so much going on with his slingshot, the manufacturers decided to include a full shooting guide and training manual, giving you the most out of your new toy right from the start.

Cost and Value
The epitome of a professional slingshot, this is a complex model that will take some skill and experience to master. On the plus side, it’s very easy to get into, especially since it isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg to get started.
  • 3 piece stabilizer for a steady shot
  • Professional grade
  • Soft touch non slip grip
  • Full shooting guide included
  • Forks are a bit too small for the bands included
  • Not the strongest build

15. Adjustable Stainless Hunting Laser

15. Adjustable Stainless Hunting Laser
Even as far as professional slingshots go, this one is absolutely crazy. From the grip to the magnetized strap for ammo, and even the included carrying case, it’s clear that if you buy this slingshot, you take your hobby seriously. It has everything that a dedicated hunter or target shooter will need to get every single ounce out of their shooting experience.
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Easy to transport
Not a lot of slingshots come with a carrying case included. When you have a slingshot such as this, which comes with so much, you need a handy way to get it from place to place. That’s why the inclusion of a case was so brilliant.

Very strong shot
Because of the triple rubber band design, this slingshot packs a wallop of a shot. It helps that the bands are also shorter than typical, lending even more tension to an already huge amount of firing power.

Cost and Value
The Adjustable Stainless Hunting Laser Slingshot comes loaded with a lot of accessories, and each and every one of them is a necessary part of this kit. That being said, you can expect to pay a bit more for this one than you may be used to, but you will be getting your money’s worth.
  • High tension bands equal a very powerful shot
  • Magnetized strap to hold ammo
  • Powerful flashlight/laser sight
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Laser sight mount not the most secure
  • No user manual included

The slingshot is one of those weapons that gets relegated to the toy box. It’s effectiveness is legitimate and you need only look to England to the relevance of hunting with a weapon like this. There is a ton of fun to be had with one of the above mentioned slingshots. You need only spend a little time practicing the technique and suring up your shot.

When you are taking small game the number one goal, beyond the fun, should be how much of the meat can be salvaged. When people head out with a shotgun in pursuit of these small animals they will spend some time removing small shot from their squirrel or rabbit meat. To the contrary, with a slingshot, you are shooting these game animals in the head. This leaves the meat in perfect condition.

You should look to sure up what your goals with this slingshot are. If you are looking to have a long term slingshot companion spend a little more money and tackle one of the top three slingshots. If you want to give this whole slingshot hunting thing a go without a ton of commitment, then look for something like the Daisy, or the  the Beeman with its comfortable wrist brace.

In this list of weapons, you’ll find some great models that carry a heavy price tag for the various features that come along with these slingshots. The echoed notion in these reviews is that the arm brace equals more velocity. This should be a consideration when you are looking for that hunting slingshot. In fact, the arm brace also speaks to a more comfortable shot. For anyone who has carried around a heavy gun or big bow in a small area, you know the importance of comfort.

Slingshot hunting can be an amazing time. Its cheap and easy. Not to mention a great option for kids!


Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Hunting Slingshots



Despite the fact that there are only really two different purposes for having a slingshot, they nevertheless need to be taken into account in order to pick the right one.  There are a few major differences between a hunting slingshot and a competition model, and the wrong choice can seriously affect your overall experience.

The biggest difference between the two styles of the slingshot is the construction.  Even though competition models still need to be able to hold up to all the rigors of continuous shooting, they won’t be exposed to the elements and environment nearly as much as a hunting slingshot is going to be.  The hunting slingshot is going to be constructed from much stronger materials, such as aircraft grade aluminum alloy for the frame, and sturdy yet soft to the touch resins for the grip.

A hunting slingshot is generally going to feature less bells and whistles than a more casual weapon.  While stabilizers and other additions would likely improve shooting, all the extra parts and space they take up make these features impractical.  As far as add-ons go, most hunters are more than content with little more than a mounted laser sight, and maybe a magnetized arm strap for stability and extra ammo capacity.

Finally, and as sort of a side effect of the limited additions, a hunting slingshot is usually going to be a good bit lighter than other options.  This is important because a hunter is going to be moving a lot while on a hunt, so the slingshot needs to be as portable as possible.  Hunting slingshots can be several ounces lighter than competition version, and while this doesn’t seem like it would make much of a difference, after packing it around for hours on end, you’ll most likely notice it.

Velocity and accuracy

To be honest, velocity and accuracy are always going to be factors in choosing a slingshot, no matter what you need it for.  As obvious it is, the reason I’ve listed it as criteria is because every manufacturer goes about it on their own way.

As you’ve noticed while going through the buying guide, there are some very unique, or even strange, slingshot designs on the market.  Even the models that seem as simple and primitive as can be have been made that way intentionally in order to maximize the shot.

A few have stabilizers built into them to steady your shot.  The thought process behind this is that the more process your form is, the more energy can be translated into the velocity of the shoot.  On top of that, a steady arm almost certainly means a straighter, more accurate shot.

Most hunting slingshots opted to simply let you mount a laser sight on the bottom of your slingshot.  While this doesn’t guarantee that your shot will strike true every time. It does provide a guideline, and gives you a good idea of the path your shot will follow.

As for the stripped down models, think about it. With nothing to get in the way, the only thing you and your slingshot will need to focus on is getting the shot to where it needs to go as accurately as possible.  A slingshot of this type does require a skilled shooter, but many find that the absence of any add-ons will improve their shot because it forces them to utilize all their experience and concentration.


Of course, the price is going to be a factor, it always is.  In this case, any type of precision-based sport, such as target shooting or hunting, is going to require a higher level of commitment and dedication than most other sports.  That means that in the end, it just isn’t going to be for everyone.  For those that are considering it but are on the fence about whether to take the plunge, that’s where cost is going come into play.

Not everyone is going to go all in with their hobbies, so they probably aren’t willing to spend any more than absolutely necessary to get started.  Luckily, there is a wide range of price points for slingshots, ensuring anybody can get into it, whether it be for hunting or target shooting.

What determines the price is going to be the add-ons and extras.  The stripped down slingshots that are pretty much just a frame, grip, forks, and bands are going to be very affordable, and if that’s all you feel you need to shoot, then you’re good to go.  Once they get into the flow however, many shooters do opt for a few features that can vastly improve their experience.  This usually means adding a laser sight, and can be mounted for relatively cheap.



Velocity: This is the speed that a shot will travel in a specified direction.  In shooting terms, this is often another term for speed.

Grip: This has two meanings when it comes to slingshots. First, it refers to the way a shooter holds their slingshot. The three main grips are hammer grip, pinch grip, and thumb supported grip.  Each different style of grip is going to affect how you shoot, and is determined by the type of shooter you are.

The second meaning for grip is the part of the frame of the slingshot that is held by the shooter.  This is usually made of a strong, yet somewhat comfortable material, such as vulcanized rubber or a type of resin.  Often, the grips is designed to be ergonomic, with finger grooves to prevent cramping and discomfort.

Catapult: Another name for a slingshot, most often used in European countries.  A typical slingshot is essentially a hand held catapult, allowing the user to launch a projectile a significant distance with a minimal use of force.

Forks:  The prongs that extend from the end of the body of a slingshot that holds the rubber band.  The forks are set apart from each other in a Y shape, creating the right amount of tension to provide adequate velocity.

Dominant hand:   The primary hand used to draw back the rubber bands during a shot.  This is usually the hand that is used the most on a day to day tasks. For a right-handed person, generally, the right hand would be used to pull back the slingshot while the left hand would be on the grip.

Fold up slingshot:  This is a style of slingshot that has a built in arm strap that improves stability.  By itself, this style can be pretty cumbersome, so in most modern versions the arm can fold up parallel with the body, making it much more compact and portable.

FPS:  Feet per second.  It expresses the distance travelled divided by the time that it took to reach the target.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can I hunt with a slingshot?
A: In the past, slingshots were usually relegated to hunting small game such as rabbits, or fowl like pheasant or grouse.  Thanks to advances that now allow some slingshots to fire arrows, turning them into a sort of crossbow, they can one be used to hunt larger game, even including deer in some cases.

Q: Are slingshots dangerous for humans?
A: Any projectile based weapon can be very dangerous for humans if used incorrectly.  This can be more so for slingshots as they don’t tend to come with a lot of safety features meant to reduce harm.

Q: Will the rubber bands ever wear out?  
A: In time, the rubber will degrade to the point that it will start to break.  If rubber bands aren’t taken care of or replaced in a timely fashion, they can snap while in use, potentially causing harm to the shooter or others around them. We always go with plan on replacing your bands regularly. But regularly means different things to different people. If you’re using your shot at long distances and stretching your band out to its limit, then that means you’ll have to replace your bands sooner. But for general use we see a rule of thumb that says you should start thinking about replacing your bands after about 1000 shots.

Q:  Aren’t slingshot just for shooting bottles with?
A: No.  Long before they were ever thought of for simple target practice, slingshots were primarily used as weapons for hunting.  It is likely because of their ease of use that they were later given to children as a means to properly practice target shooting before moving onto more powerful weapons.

Q: How accurate are slingshots?
A: On their own, slingshots can be incredibly accurate, and are really only limited by the abilities of the user.  However, there are many peripherals that can be added on to make them even more accurate.  From laser sights to stabilizers, with these additions slingshots can produce pinpoint accuracy at increasingly greater distances.

Q: How far can a slingshot shoot?

A: Now this is one of those questions that’s both easy and hard to answer. If you want to know why it’s so complicated go check out all the folks who can knock a coke can off a fence post at 300 – 400 feet with a slingshot. Our answer is good for you… but truth be told that’s not the optimal distance, and if you want to shoot things that far away, get a gun. For a regular Joe or Jane the operative distance of a sling shot is going to be about 25 – 50 feet. That will do two things. First, i’ll give you a reasonable chance of making a head shot which is what you want if you’re looking to eat your catch.  Second, your shot will have the speed necessary for a quick kill. So, here’s where we stand on this, if you want to learn to use your slingshot at 400 feet, be our guest, we’re proud. But if you’re actually looking to hunt and get dinner, stick to shorter distances.

Q: Can you carry a slingshot in carry on luggage? 

A: Absolutely not. Check it. Even if you take the bands off of it, there’s no way it’s getting on a plane with you.


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