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Nike Club Hoodie Review Facts

Nike is a company that was founded 54 years ago. Initially known as Blue Ribbon Sports, the company changed names in 1971 after the Greek goddess Nike, the goddess of victory. Blue Ribbon Sports started out of the back of a car selling shoes at track meets. Today Nike is arguably one of the largest companies in sporting apparel. Listed on the stock exchange under the symbol NKE and is included in both the S&P 100 and 500 indexes. The company also brings in roughly 23 billion a year. They are well-known for their durable and performance enhancing sporting equipment. They are, however, also known for their fashionable attire. Sports fashion has become popular over the years in that it can be worn for more than just in the gym or as a material that can be worn during activities that require free movement (household duties, etc.) Athletic attire has become popular with individuals and fashion icons alike as a means of expressing themselves with more comfortable clothing. Looking at what fashion icons are wearing today, there are a fair amount of individuals that are known for their style that sport popular brands like Adidas and Nike when out on the town and to fashion shows. This is why so many athletic brands are now offering more stylish alternatives that are both performance enhancing and comfortable. This article focuses on their Club hoodie which is a slim fitted and attractive in design.

This is a single product review on the hoodie. We looked at what consumers who have purchased this sweater had to say, both positively and negatively. We also looked at the construction of the hoodie, as well as its materials in order to determine its durability and longevity. Finally, we looked at its functionality in order to determine if the hoodie does what it claims to do. We hope that this article serves you in your next athletic hoodie.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Reviewers liked that it comes in different colors
  • Many found the sweater shirt to be very comfortable
  • This sweatshirt holds its shape very well even after numerous washes
  • Easy to clean
  • Some found the material of this sweatshirt to be a little thin
  • Some also found that even after multiple washes it sheds 


Nike is a well-known brand that makes sporting apparel. They are also known for their great customer service team. They are also known for their great live work balance offered by their employees. They encourage positive collaboration between coworkers. They also encourage fitness in the workplace which helps keep a healthy and positive workplace. They also are known for their high service standards and their reasonable warranties. They offer a wide range of sporting equipment including clothing, outerwear, sporting equipment, and fashionable wear. They have managed to withstand several successions making the company reliable and able to stand by their returns and warranties which is positive.


The body is made of cotton and polyester. Cotton is well-known as being a highly breathable material which continues to offer higher levels of breathability even after being washed. Cotton is also highly durable which means that the shirt will stay breathable and durable throughout its lifetime. Polyester is also breathable (not as breathable as cotton but still offers breathability). The hoodie is 80/20 cotton to polyester. It allows the wearer to workout without overheating. This does offer fleece on the inside, though, which means that it will offer higher levels of heat retention. This should be considered if this hoodie is meant to be used when working out. Though the breathability is there, this hoodie is meant for warm and not so much meant for working out in.


This shirt is now made of a loopback fleece material in order to offer better comfort than previous models. Loopback fleece is a fabric that is warp knitted with a flat face and loops which helps the material offer superior softness. Those who purchased this sweater found it to be extremely comfortable and warm, however, this material also seems to lose quite a bit of lint. This is both when worn and washed. It doesn't last forever, however, it does go away after a couple washes which is positive. Those who bought this product found that after the first couple washes they needed to empty the lint trap more frequently as a result. This product also offers an 80/20 cotton/polyester blend as well which allows the sweater the breath as well which means the sweater offers both warmth and breathability which is positive.


Both cotton and polyester are durable materials which are also weather resistant. The sweater also offers a classic embroidered Nike Futura logo on left chest which represents the popular brand but also durability. Those who purchased this product did find the sweater to offer a decent level of durability. There were very few complaints about the logo breaking down which is positive. Consumers also found that this sweater offered a soft fabric but also found that this sweater offered a thinner material which some found to be a little frustrating. Though the material is thin, it does seem to offer durability and retains its shape even after long wear and washing which is positive. Overall, this sweater is durable and weather resistant which helped with our overall rating.


This sweater offers updated saddle stitching which helps with performance but also offers better structure throughout the sides and arms. It also offers a longer torso which allows those who are taller to fit into this hoodie better. Those who purchased this product did find that it fits well and maintained its structure well even after several washes. It fits true to size as well which is positive. It is offered in 7 sizes including 3XL which means that it can fit those with a higher size requirement. It is also made of a cotton and polyester blend which also means that it offers a little bit of stretch and form fitting too which helps fit the body better. It also offers a drawstring which allows adjustable comfort throughout the hood of this product.


This hoodie is an athletic hoodie which means its use is meant for more athletic purposes. It offers a fleece lined inside which allows those wearing the sweater to stay warm even when running outdoors. It also offers a three-panel hood with an adjustable drawstring which means that not only is it warm but also tightens and loosens in order to provide more airflow as well as less to provide warmth. The front of the sweater also offers a kangaroo pouch to hold items when in motion.


The combo between polyester and cotton does offer a decent level of flexibility. It allows those wearing it to move around a fair bit making it great for common tasks like housework and building furniture. It also offers flexibility for those looking to use this hoodie for workouts and running. Despite the hoodies soft material and it's updated saddle stitching it still moves well without losing its shape. Those who bought this hoodie bought it in numerous colors as well as numerous times due to its comfort due to its flexibility which is positive. Overall, this product offers flexibility and durability which is positive.


This product can be used during physical activity which means that those wearing this sweater will more than likely be sweating in. It is also comfortable enough to wear when requiring free movement which means that is likely to also get dirtier faster. This is why this sweater requires more frequent washing and should, therefore, be easier to clean. It can be washed with a washing machine which is positive. It should be air dried, however, can be dried on low heat. It maintains its shape after it is washed which sometimes is an issue with some fabrics that offer cotton. This is not the case with this sweater. Overall, this product is easy to clean and stays in shape after its washed which is positive.


Nike is known for its style. This sweater does not let down the brand. It is minimal in design, offering a fleece lining, cotton and polyester front, and back. It also offers a three lined hoodie and drawstrings. It also offers saddle stitching in order to offer long-lasting performance and shape. Because this product maintains its shape long term this means that the hoodie will not lose its aesthetic quickly. One issue that some reviewers found, as mentioned earlier in this article, is that this product does shed initially. This can affect the nice aesthetic of the hoodie, however, this issue only lasts for the first few washes. It is offered in three different colors and 7 different sizes as well which means it allows all personal preferences and sizes an attractive hoodie to sport both out and about and at the gym which is positive. It also offers a reduced hem and cuff height in order to offer a more modern fit which is positive.


This hoodie is not waterproof. It does not offer any water resistance and should be covered with a water-resistant shell before going out into the rain or areas of high moisture.


This sweater also doesn't offer material that offers wind protection. Though this is the case, the sweater does offer a fleece lining which means that it does keep those wearing it warm. It may not protect those wearing it in areas of high wind.


This product is very reasonably priced which is positive. Those who bought this product were happy with the fact that is was very reasonably priced. It is durable and is offered in numerous colors and sizes making it versatile and easy to wear for all sizes, shapes and style preferences. It is also cheap enough to buy the product in numerous colors which is positive. This product is very affordable and can be bought on almost any budget which is positive.


Saddle stitching for long-lasting durability
80% cotton and 20% polyester body which means a more comfortable fit
Reduced hem and cuff height which offers a more stylish look
Embroidered Nike Futura logo which is durable
Back neck tape which also features the classic Nike branding
A kangaroo pouch which offers easy storage when in motion
Adjustable triple lined hood for adjustable airflow and warmth for the head


The bottom line is that this is a good hoodie. It is very soft to the touch and is still constructed well. Those who wore this hoodie found that the softness was nice and the fact that it is flexible allowed the hoodie to form better to their bodies. It offers a pull-string, adjustable 3-layered hood which allows those who wear it to stay warm or to get better airflow when hot. The front of the hoodie also offers a pouch which is also constructed well and double stitched meaning that whatever is being held in the pouch will be protected. The hoodie is also offered in 7 different sizes all the way up to 3 XL which means that it will fit a variety of sizes of people. It is also offered in different colors in order to suit individual styles. It is longer in the torso for those who are taller as well. Those who wore this hoodie were happy with the sizing of it, the softness of its material, the flexibility of the body, the washability of the material and the fact that it keeps its shape over long periods of time, as well as washes. Those who had issues with this hoodie found that the material is quite thin which could affect its warmth in really cold temperatures and that it also loses a fair bit of lint before a few washes. Other than those minor issues, this hoodie is very popular with reviewers and should definitely be taken into consideration when looking for a new athletic hoodie.