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Adidas Bermuda Review Facts

Running shoe fashion has been popular for many years. It offers the wearer a more comfortable and casual look without giving an unpolished appearance. Adidas is a company that has been around for many years and has become a name in fashionable footwear. The classic three striped logo is easily identifiable and represents a mountain in order to encourage those wearing the product to push themselves to new limits. The company once referred to itself as the "three stripe company" if that is any indication of how important the logo was to them. Nowadays Adidas can be found in any home on a wide variety of sporting equipment including backpacks, socks, and clothing. In addition to its fashionable nature, Adidas is well-known for their reliability when it comes to sporting equipment. They are easily one of the largest companies today providing superior equipment to the consumer and sponsored athletes.

This article focuses on a specific Adidas runner- the Bermuda. We looked at this popular runner in order to determine its best usage, its quality, and its durability. We looked at consumer reviews in order to see what those who bought this product thought of it. We also looked at its construction and materials used in order to construct the shoe in order to determine different aspects of the shoe including its uppers durability, its outsoles traction, its midsoles support, and its overall stability. This is our comprehensive review of the Adidas Bermuda running shoe. We hope that this single product review helps you with your next fashionable runner purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • This shoe offers an attractive design 
  • This shoe is also quite durable in design 
  • This shoe is reasonably priced according to reviewers 
  • This shoe is also easy to clean 
  • This shoe is not true to size and may require sizing up
  • The tongue/collar of this runner bothered some reviewers 
  • This shoe requires time to break in 


This shoe is designed more for everyday purposes. It isn't necessarily intended for training or running purposes. There weren't many comments in regards to the outsole of the shoe. The outsole of this product is made of a gum rubber material. Gum rubber is a natural rubber that is commonly used for basketball, soccer and football footwear. It is elastic and therefore able to stretch and absorb force better. It also has a cushioning property which helps with the comfort of the shoe, as well as impact reduction.


Similar to the outsole, this area wasn't considered as in-depth as it would be if this was a running shoe. The majority of comments and reviews were based around the aesthetic nature of the shoe. The website also does not offer the specifications around the midsole of this product. Again, this shoe is a fashionable one and more meant for walking around than it is for running in.


The upper is made of a nice and soft suede material. It offers a lace closure system in order to tighten the shoe to the foot. Those who bought this product liked the upper due to its feel and because of how attractive it is. They liked the sporty and yet casual appearance as well. They also liked that Adidas offered the retro (now back in fashion) look of this shoe. They also liked the color options available with this product. Suede is a durable material that is weather resistant which helps with the durability of the shoe. One issue with suede, though, is small moisture spots can stain the material who would affect the aesthetic longevity of the shoe.


This shoe is lightweight in nature. Leather can weigh a little bit but because the leather of this shoe is so thin it doesn't weigh down the shoe at all. The gum rubber material used for the outsole is also commonly known for its lightweight features which helps with the lightweight nature of these shoes. Though weight isn't necessarily a primary consideration when looking at everyday shoes, this will help with the overall comfort of the shoe and allow the wearer to stand in them longer which is positive.


This shoe does not offer mesh uppers which is usually what helps with the ventilation and breathability of running shoes. Leather uppers tend to hold heat in a bit which causes some discomfort of the foot. Luckily, there weren't complaints about consumers feet getting overheated in this product. Again, breathability is a feature usually considered when this type of shoe is being used for running. Because this shoe is used for walking around, this is less of a concern for consumers.


This shoe offers a lace-up upper which tightens the shoe to the foot easily. It also offers a suede upper which is a material with a natural stretch to it, this also helps keep the shoe closer to the foot in order to offer a more natural step. The insole of this shoe offers a synthetic leather lining as well. Those who wore this product did find that the shoe was comfortable, however, a few reviewers did find that the shoe takes some time to break in. Some also had an issue with the insole of the shoe, saying that it was weirdly shaped. Another issue some found is that the collar of the shoe sat a little low on the heel and ankle which caused some irritation in both of those areas. Outside of these issues, reviewers were impressed with the comfort level of these shoes which is positive.


The primary selling point of these shoes is their style. They are attractive in appearance, offering a more retro look. The suede of these shoes is attractive and soft to the touch as well. One issue found with suede, as mentioned above, is that suede does discolor relatively easily with water exposure. This can usually be avoided with properly sealing the shoes by the manufacturer (as well as regular upkeep by the consumer), however, it is a common issue if not taken care of. An issue that some found is that though there were interesting and fun color options, some of the colors were a little too bright to pull off well. And they also mentioned that the colors look a little different online than they do in person. This should be taken into consideration before buying them online.


There weren't many reviews of this product breaking down easily but there also weren't many reviews of them staying together well either. This product is relatively new and this could be why. Though this is the primary concern with runners and this would be noted by reviewers if it were the case. The suede material offered throughout the upper is a strong and durable material that is weather resistant. This is why leather in different forms are used for this type of product- it's longevity and durability. The outsole of this shoe is made with a gum rubber material which is strong and helps protect the foot from sharp objects on the road. Again, these runners are meant for everyday use and not for running. There is less force being applied to these shoes as a result. They should stay attractive while maintaining their attractive appearance.


This shoe is meant for walking around the city in. They are not meant to run in. The terrain would be more focused on malls, sidewalks and for work. They would not be ideal for running or walking on trails with as they do not provide the proper support, stability or traction that a proper pair of running shoes would require.


This shoe is actually quite inexpensive in price. We usually look at two factors when considering the cost/value of a product. These factors are durability and versatility. Firstly, this product seems to be durable in design. Though, again, they are not being used in areas of higher abrasion or higher impact, they are made of quality materials like rubber and leather. They would likely last the consumer longer as a result. There were also not many comments about the shoe's construction so it does seem that the shoe is constructed well. Common issues with shoes are that the upper disconnects from the outsole easily, this has not been an issue with this shoe. This is positive. The second factor is versatility. Versatility basically indicates whether or not a shoe can be worn for different activities. The shoe lacks a little here as the shoe is really only meant for everyday use and not gym or running. That said, the shoe can be worn more frequently because it is an everyday shoe. With the low price tag, the shoe definitely meets the cost/value evaluation.


This shoe offers gum rubber throughout its outsole which offers a stretchy grip to the ground when in movement. The gum rubber is also great for impact reduction which is positive. The traction is good for urban living, less so for trails and hikes though.


Properties of gum leather are elasticity and therefore flexibility. The outsole of this shoe is quite flexible which means the consumer will have a more natural step. The upper of this shoe is also made of leather which is a flexible and yet durable material. This shoe also fits tight to the foot. This is where part of those who found the shoe comfortable found the greatest level of comfort. This shoe is great for everyday use.


The leather uppers of this shoe and the lacing system help with the shoes overall stability in that it helps tighten the shoe to the top of the foot offering a more natural step. The insole of this shoe is made of a synthetic leather material which cups the lower half of the foot better. One issue that some reviewers reported is that the insole seems to be shaped a little funny which would impact the stability of the shoe. This should be considered before buying. Not all consumers had an issue with this though and walking around in the shoes for a minute may help indicate whether or not it is a factor for readers.


Lace closure system for a closure and more secure fit to the top of the foot
Suede leather upper for comfort and also a closer, more secure fit to the foot
Synthetic leather insole for better impact reduction and comfort
Gum rubber outsole for a more flexible grip on concrete and pavement
Stylish, retro design
In some countries shoes are customizable to the buyer
Inexpensive in price


Overall, this is a fairly good product. Keeping in mind that this shoe is not a running shoe but more of a commuter one- it is comfortable and easy on the eyes. Some reviewers did find that the shoe takes some time to break in but once broken in, is easy to wear. Others found that no matter how broken in the shoe is, the insole is shaped oddly. One other issue that some reviewers found is that the collar of the shoe sits a little low on the ankle and heel which caused some irritation in those areas. This was particularly a concern for those with flatter feet. Some minor complaints about the shoe are that the color options are nice but can be a little bright for those who like a more toned down product. They also look different online than they do in person. Overall, though, those who bought this product were pleased with how comfortable the shoe is and liked the attractive design of the shoe. They also liked the suede material used across the upper because it looks attractive and is soft to the touch. It seems that this shoe is made of quality materials and offers solid construction which means that they are quite durable. They also will live longer from an aesthetic standpoint which is really positive and helps justify the cost/value of the shoe. One item to consider is that because suede can easily become stained when faced with water, these shoes should be regularly sprayed with a protective sealer in order to avoid this. Overall, a good shoe meant for commuter travel and definitely worth consideration.