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Arc’teryx Atom LT Review Facts

Hiking can be extremely enjoyable when the weather is nice. But when the weather is poor it can become quite miserable. The weather can't always be counted on to be forecasted correctly and, therefore, having proper weather-resistant clothing is important. The most important piece of equipment needed for hiking are hiking boots and hiking shoes, however, there are other pieces that are handy in keeping the hiker warm including socks, pants, and coats. Coats are important because typically hiking jackets and hoodies offer a means for the hiker to protect their body from rain, wind and the cold. It is important to look at the features offered by hiking jackets. Less expensive alternatives sometimes don't provide waterproofing which can impact the hike considerably as this will cause the hiker to become wet, cold and potentially sick. They also oftentimes don't provide general weatherproofing which means that the jacket won't provide warmth required to keep the hiker comfortable and often times means that the hoodie will break down easier as well after being in more aggressive weather. A proper hoodie or jacket will provide warmth, waterproofing, weatherproofing and protection against the elements. Proper research is crucial when considering a new hiking jacket or hoodie.

This article focuses specifically on the Arc'teryx Atom LT. We have put together a comprehensive review of this product via consumer reviews and an analysis of the construction of the hoodie and materials used. We looked at the positive and negative features of this hoodie and laid out what exactly consumers thought of this product. This is our in-depth review of the Arc'teryx Atom LT. We hope that this article serves you in your next hoodie purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Side panels offer high levels of flexibility
  • Longer in the body in order to provide adequate protection for taller individuals
  • Folds down small enough to fit in a pocket for easier packing 
  • Offers superior water and wind protection
  • Colors don't necessarily match online view 
  • Some found that this does not fit well on those without an athletic build
  • Some questions about the quality of materials used for this product (feels cheap)


Arc'teryx is a Canadian-based company, started in British Columbia. The benefit of being a Canadian based company is the experience offered by those who have dealt with the brutal Canadian winters. The company name is based on a species of the earliest known birds called Archaeopteryx, and this Canadian-based company started their first line of clothing in 1989. Initially, Arc'teryx started their line of clothing around hiking and climbing which also gives them an advantage when it comes to hiking clothing. They used thermolamination (heat) in order to create their harness, the Vapor harness, which quickly became their most popular product and encouraged quick and positive growth for the small BC company. In 2001 they were purchased by the very popular Soloman group and today they employ over 500 employees.


The side panels of this jacket offer a breathable material and slits in order to allow it to breath better and offer better ventilation for the hiker. Reviewers were impressed with how breathable and yet warm this jacket is. The technology used on this hoodies side panels is Polartec Power Stretch which offers both flexibility, stretch and breathability. Those who purchased this jacket were impressed with its fit due to the hoodies Polartec Power Stretch panels. They allow air to enter the hoodie in order to assist with less heat and therefore sweat build up within the jacket while also offering the Coreloft 60 insulation to keep the hiker warm. This jacket was designed for the everyday commuter as well who bike in the winter in Vancouver which is known for its humid and yet bone-chilling winters. Overall, this jacket provides both heat and ventilation which is positive.


This jacket is regularly reviewed as being comfortable, however, the fit of the jacket was a bone of contention with some reviewers. It seems that the dimensions of this jacket weren't really appreciated by some reviewers. It seems that despite the fact that the length of this jacket is good, the arms seem to be too tight when the body fits well while if the body fits well, the arms are too baggy. There seem to be some weird dimensional issues with this product. This becomes a big problem with heat retention, unfortunately. Mentioned later on in this article, there seem to be some rubbing issues as well with the hood of this hoodie when sinched up. It does seem that this jacket fits a bit better for those who are in better athletic shape than it does for the everyday man which may be an issue depending on the wearer.


Another issue that some reviewers found with this particular model is the quality of materials used. Though there weren't many durability specific complaints, many reviewers found that earlier lines of Arc'teryx jackets were made of better materials and offered better construction. Reviewers found that this line seemed cheaper and thinner than earlier models. There were some comments about the manufacturer's locational change, initially being right in Canada and now in China. This is likely due to the buyout that happened in 2001 (Salomon whose factories are in China). Because the price tag of this item is a little on the higher side, those that bought this jacket found the price a little harder to swallow now that the coat seems to be made of less quality materials and doesn't feel as structurally sound as previous models sadly.


One issue that some found with the sizing of this jacket wasn't so much the fit but more the sizing of the pockets of this jacket. The side outer pockets have smallish openings which mean those with larger sized hands might have issues fitting their hands in the pockets of this jacket. Those who wore this jacket also had issues with the sizing of the pockets in general, stating that the pockets are tall but not wide. Meaning that there is not a lot of room width wise in the pockets of this jacket. If the consumer is someone who often relies on their jacket pockets as a means for covering their hands or as a comfort-thing, this jacket may be a bit of an issue for them. The other issue that some found is the hood sinch of this jacket can grate against the ears a bit when the wearer turns or rotates their head. This wasn't necessarily found with all wearers, however, those with larger heads had some issues with this feature of the jacket.


This jacket is ideal for those who are walking around in cooler weather conditions. This hoodie really isn't an everyday hoodie. It works well for just a t-shirt underneath and can also be used for more intensive activities requiring thermal underwear underneath due to its Coreloft 60 insulation. It also offers waterproofing abilities via its DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish and protection from wind via its Tyono 20 face fabric. This jacket is ideal for wearing out on the trails, as well as on a bike during cooler winter months in Canada. And due to the jackets weatherproofing abilities, this jacket will keep the wearer warm, dry and protected from the wind so that they don't end up feeling uncomfortable during the activity they are performing.


This jacket offers a patented Polartec Power Stretch side panels with Hardface Technology. This technology allows the jacket more stretch and flexibility when in motion. Reviewers did find that this jacket offered a really nice stretch as well as ventilation offering because of the Polartec sides. The side panels connect well to the front panel, all of which offer flexibility, breathability, durability, and resistance to poor weather conditions. It also offers an insulated rear-drawcord adjustable StormHood which allows those wearing the jacket the option to tighten and loosen the hood of this jacket and offering flexibility depending on the head shape and size of the wearer. Overall, there were very few complaints about the protects flexibility but rather praise over how easy it is to move around in this hoodie.


One issue that some reviewers found is that online the colors differ a bit from the actual hoodie. The side panels of this hoodie appear to be the same color as the front panel, however, it appears that in person the side panels are darker than the front. Some reviewers were not a fan of this as other similar products offered by the same company did not have this issue. They also found that this contrast did not look very nice, especially in the darker colored jackets. Overall, though, many reviewers found that this jacket was attractive in design.


This jacket is made of a nylon material but is treated and sealed with Tyono 20 and DWR treatment in order to provide superior weatherproofing to this jacket. Their Tyono 20 is patented specifically by Arc'teryx. DWR is a waterproof and repellant treatment that pools water in order for it to roll off the material rather than absorbing as most materials would do naturally. Both Tyono 20 and DWR treatment are also wind repellant as well which means that the wearer stays warm and dry during their travels. Reviewers that bought this product regularly noted that this jacket definitely does its job when it comes to water repelling.. They found that during their entire trip that no water got into the jacket via cracks in its surface or through the shell which is really positive.


As mentioned above, this jacket offers several different features to protect the body from the wind. The same materials that make the jacket water repellent also make the jacket wind protected (DWR). This treatment helps protect the body from both wind and water in order to keep the wearer protected during their travels. In addition to the materials used, the wristbands of this hoodies are made of elastic and hug tightly to the wearer's wrist so that no wind enters the jacket via the openings of the arms. The hood of this jacket is layered and also offers controlled tightness via an adjustable StormHood. This keeps the hood closer to the head and tighter around the neck so that wind doesn't enter in that way either. Overall, this hoodie definitely protects the wearer from getting chilly due to the wind which is positive.


-Coreloft 60 insulation for superior warmth when out on the trails or on a bike
-Stretch-knit sleeve cuffs in order to protect the wearer from wind and the cold
-Insulated adjustable StormHood to also protect the wearer from wind and cold through the collar
-Foldable and packable, small enough to carry in own pocket
-Tyono 20 face fabric in order to protect the body from wind and water
-DWR water-repellent finish in order to repel water away from the body
-Power Stretch side panels in order to offer flexibility and breathability when in motion


Overall, this hoodie is a pretty well-made hoodie. Though there are some issues in regards to the sizing and color of this hoodie, for the most part, it appears that the quality and durability are pretty decent. Those who liked this jacket found it comfortable and offered higher levels of water and wind resistant. There seem to be some concerns about the sizing of this jacket, in that it may be made more so for those who are in better shape as the arms and torso don't fit as comfortably for those with heavier builds. Other than that issue, there were some complaints that the side and front panels aren't one color and some reviewers found that unattractive, however, there were quite a few reviewers that thought the jacket looked quite aesthetically pleasing. This jacket fits tight at the openings in order to keep the wearer warm, so tight that some found when sinched up the hood was a little uncomfortable. Other than that, this jacket seems to be quite popular with reviewers even at its current high-ish price tag. This jacket is definitely worth a try if being used for winter commuting or biking on chilly days.