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Timberland Nellie Review Facts

Whether you are heading outdoors, to work for the day or a casual gathering with some friends the Timberland Nellie Waterproof boots are the foot covering of choice. The Nellie is a Timberland classic boot style created over 45 years ago that still has high customer demand. It offers a soft style, comfortable fit paired with durable waterproof leather that can be worn in every season.

These durable boots are crafted from premium waterproof leather, laces, and linings made of PET, rubber outsoles for traction and anti-fatigue midsole for all day comfort no matter what you are doing. Crafted from leather uppers with the rubber sole and a low ankle shape giving it a softer style than a typical boot making this an all-round favorite with women. It comes in a variety of colors to compliment anything from a casual dress down day wearing jeans to a fun flare with leggings or a skirt that still provides the support and protection you need.

Many owners of the Nellie are repeat purchasers providing testimony for the quality of the boot and the brand.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Comfortable all day wear with good arch supports

Waterproof for year long wear

Variety of Colors


Long lasting boot


Shoes sizes tends to run ½ size small

Some wearers request it come in a steel toe

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  • In Scotland it rains almost everyday and I needed some hiking boots for that trip. Comfort and style is very important to me and these boots were the cutest. it came with a bonus that I can wear them all day right out of the box. I'm very happy with purchase.
  • During a trip to New York City I lived in these boots. they are very comfortable and they fit my feet well. I was able to stand and do the long walks of New York City. I didn't have to worry about my feet getting wet because they stay dry. One tip though, I did have to go a half size up like I do in most boots because I like to add wool socks. I would love to find these and other colors and they clean up well.
  • I'm in love with these Timberland Nellies. They keep my feet dry and I've been using these in the snow. I like that I can wear them all day at work because they're very comfortable. I do wish that the laces were longer but I just went and purchased a longer pair of laces and put them in and it's perfect.
  • The color and the design of these boots along with the fact that they are waterproof makes them great. They do run a bit narrow on the toe box.
  • These boots are super comfortable. I just love these boots and it's great that I can wear them on rainy days.
  • In these shoes you have extra room and when you put on a sock they fit perfectly. I like to spray my boots with a boot protector before wearing them to help them remain looking nice. These are decent pair of Timbs. I wish they were steel toe.
  • These shoes a warm and they fit perfectly.
  • I originally got these boots to wear to work on different sites that I visit but ended up wearing them casually also. For me they do run big.
  • This is an excellent purchase and an excellent boot but unfortunately for me the ankle is too stiff, due to an ankle fracture. But I would definitely recommend them to others.
  • I got these boots for the cold and wet days. I also like the way they look with my jeans. I've been a fan of Timberlands for a long time. I like the way the boot fits and you have plenty of room in the toe box, which means you can add a thick sock.
  • This is a great buy because I love the feel and look of this boot.
  • These boots are comfortable and durable and they look good. I love these boots. I think these are true to size when you put on a thick sock.
  • I got these for my mom who loves them. And since she likes wearing a thicker sock I'm actually glad I did buy a half size larger.
  • I got these boots for a trip that I was taking and I needed a boot that was waterproof and comfortable. I love to look at this boot and that I can wear it or hiking in the rain and in snow. I like them so much I bought another pair that came up the leg much higher. This is a quality boot and worth the price.
  • My girlfriend loves her Timberlands.
  • My Timberlands are comfortable, stylish, warm and sturdy. They are phenomenal. They do run big so take that into consideration.
  • These Boots are comfortable right out of the box. And I love it there waterproof. For me, they run small so I had to go a half size up and now they fit perfectly.
  • If I had to pick one word it would be comfortable. These are my first pair of Timberlands and I've walked in them for hours. My feet felt great. Now I understand the hype.
  • These boots are comfortable, beautiful and great for rainy days. I love them.
  • Some buyers complained about the sizing being too small
  • Other buyers complained about the toe box being too wide
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Shoe Uppers

The appeal of the boot not only comes from the style but also the material used to create the quality and look that ladies prefer. The leather is made from full-grain, premium quality proven to be waterproof yet breathable created in high rated tanneries.

The leather comes in a variety of colors from tan, black to pink and more to offer you the ability to make a statement even in a casual outfit. Part of the Nellie boot that gives it the rugged look is created by the padded collar that is low on the ankle giving some protection from moisture getting in the inside of the boot and providing extra stability. Cleaning the leather if needed can easily be achieved with warm water and a shoe brush for most stains. Benefits of a lace-up boot with rustproof hardware allows for adjustment to secure the boot to your needed comfort.

Boots have a big challenge in terms of meeting the needs for daily use because we rightly assume they can be worn anywhere in all weather conditions.. You want protection from wet weather, wet mud, sharp stones, dust, grit, and dirt, you want boots which will keep out water, dirt, grit, and dust but the boots must also allow a level of breathability, so that your feet do not overheat, sweat and collect pools of sweaty moisture within the boot.

The Nellie boot has proven itself as very popular because the uppers are very well constructed with protective, comfortable, durable materials.


These boots built using rubber lug outsoles with seam-sealed waterproof construction not only make it very durable but also provides maximum traction. Designed with the thicker sole and flat heal of the outsole contribute to the rugged look desired still remaining lightweight and functional. The sole depth keeps the foot raised off the ground to keep your feet dry.
The neutral rubber lug outsole provides a natural resistance to moisture, abrasion, splitting and cracking of the sole making this a boot that will last you for years.

Whenever you choose a boot always look closely at the construction, check how the outsole is attached to the actual boot, good strong stitching is always a good sign. If the sole is glued into place you have to ask yourself if this will hold up under the daily rigors and conditions for which a good boot should perform.

A boot takes a lot of structural strain, wet weather, muddy weather or the opposite, very hot weather and a dry conditions. This does not mean a glued on sole wont work but look closely at the craftsmanship, ask questions about the type of glue and if the makers have used it for many years on previous boot footwear, it is probably safe. The same applies to stitching even-though stitching is more common, look closely at the stitching, inquire and find out if the stitch work is done with a very durable thread/material.

Boots are very stylish and functional footwear, the construction methods used very much dictate the structural durability of the boot, the price is higher than a standard style shoe so buyers look for comfort and durable longevity. The Nellie boot does deliver on these points.


The Nellie boot has proven itself to be a top rated boot for ladies because they are comfortable right out of the box. The high-quality leather along with the exclusive anti-fatigue technology of the midsoles make this boot an easy choice to put on and tackle whatever the day may bring you.

The midsoles are engineered with an exclusive technology built into them and the cone support design help with shock absorption, comfort while standing, return energy for long-wearing days. The flexible components of the boot allow you to have a large range of motion in the foot and ankle without the boot rubbing onto the ankle or cutting into the toes while walking or bending down.

The Nellie boot has a padded lower ankle collar, light yet effective insulation keeping your ankle protected and giving support where you need it. This lace up style gives the flexibility of securing the boot and the ability to adjust to your individual needs for the comfort of everyday, all day wear.


You are assured stability because this boot is made from high quality durable leather with a low cushioned padded ankle that is a single upper construction providing your foot and ankle support needed when wearing the boot for an active day.

The engineered flat heal sole that extends just past the frame of the upper shoe provides even placement of footing with each step regardless of walking on a trail or in a parking lot assuring a supportive, secure feel. The lace up feature of the boot allows you to create a snugger fit if that is what you prefer on the top of the foot or the ankle area.

The boots gives a very impressive level of stability which is intentional through the style of design, an upper construction in a single unit does not have stitched seams which can fray, stretch or even break over time. Keeping the stability of the booth requires regular maintenance of the upper and this is easily achieved through regular shoe polish treatment. These boots give a level of stability which means your foot actions can work naturally without transferring strain onto lower leg muscles or the knee, thoughtful innovative designing has ensured a very good level of consistent stability from these boots.


While keeping your feet dry and warm the Nellie boots are created to be breathable using leather and recycled materials. Leather which is known to have distinct properties that expel the moisture through vapor, giving it the ability to breath. This sets the boot apart from a synthetic material that traps in moisture in many other boots.

The quality made breathable mesh lining is created from recycled PET. PET is a polyethylene therephthalate which is the plastic used in most bottles. The functional mesh linings are stylish and allow the air flow to keep from heat being trapped in the shoe creating moisture. It is suggested if using the boots for a long hike or wearing to work all day in warm environments to have a good quality moisture-wicking sock to help with excessive moisture and increase breathablility.

These high quality boots through providing great shoe tech designed into them to promote breathability do therefore avoid excessive moisture build-up from sweat which in turn can lead to uncomfortable friction, blisters and bad foot odor caused by bacteria which can thrive if a boot lacks breathability.

Protection- Waterproof

The superior protection from all types of elements in the classic style of the Timberland Nellie is part of its high rankings with customers. The combination of full grain waterproof uppers made of premium leather with the seam-sealed, direct-attached waterproof construction make this boot protected from any type of weather. Timberland known for their quality products use impregnated properties which during the tanning process become part of the leather making this boot have the ability to with stand the rain or snow.

Though the boot is made of waterproof leather a suggestion of spraying the leather is still advised for the stain guard aspect to avoid getting water markings from rain or the white salt markings on the boot left from walking in a snow covered area that has been salted like parking lots.

The application of an all purpose protector is for conserving the cosmetic look of the boot to assist in keeping your boot in the original appearance. The lace-up feature of the boot that is over the tongue has both a wide and tall coverage to help protect the top front of your feet from moisture. Once laced up, the boot provides complete protection from all angles so don’t be afraid to step in the snow with them on or tackle errands on a rainy day.


The Timberland rubber lug sole of the Nellie allows for a firm step with a skid proof grip allowing a secure foot placement on any surface. The lug style has deep grooves and indentations to help provide the extra grip to decrease slipping on wet or snowy surfaces. The flexibility built into the boot allows for the toes to still bend which allow for the front of the traction expand and once the foot is placed on the surface the indentations come together to grip the surface.

The rubber lug sole can handle the rough wet terrain of a waterfall tour to a day at work on concrete. The design allows the gripping ability to reduce slipping that some hard concrete surfaces may have.

These boots have serious innovative design built into them in terms of traction, the wearer gets very consistent reliable traction all year around through the seasons, wet surfaces will not see a reduction in traction performance because the makers have included innovative design to ensure safe and continues trust-able traction.

These are designed to not slip in wet or snowy conditions, they also work well on many surfaces while also being highly resistant to abrasion plus wear and tear. The Skid proof grip is reliable in wet or icy conditions and the same design performs to work equally efficiently of dry surfaces which are known to increase wear and tear but not so much with these boots due to the highly durable materials and the design of the sole surface where it makes contact with the ground.

Style and Construction

The quality and reputation of the Timberland brand is know throughout the industry assuring the Nellie boot will meet your expectations and most likely exceed them. The boot is made of premium waterproof leather with a seam-sealed, direct attach construction and a padded collar. The laces are made of 100% recycled PET while the mesh linings are made of 50% PET leaving the boot environmentally conscious at the same time. The hardware of the boot is rustproof so it will withstand the rain, snow or whatever else you may expose the boot to. Removable ¾ length anit-fatigue footbeds allow for ease of inserting an orthopedic if needed for health reasons. All of this with a rubber lug outsole assures a durable boot for long lasting wear. This all sealed with the Timberland emblem stamped into the side heal to complete the detailed design of the boot.

Bottom Line

The appeal that the Timberland Nellie has a rugged style allowing you to be comfortable and stylish is what makes the boot a continual ladies customer favorite. The comfort, durability and versatility of the boot in a classic style that comes in a variety of colors is what makes this boot a great investment to your wardrobe. Using high quality recycled and sustainable materials is consistent with the company values while creating a boot that is functional.
Take on an adventure in the woods, in your yard gardening or going the store, these boots will will give you the protection needed at the same time giving you support needed. The style of the boot can be worn by any age group without looking to trendy, it a true classic style that is proven by its longevity. Forty years after being created the classic boot is still a ladies preferred choice.