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Nike Roshe One Running Shoe Review Facts

Staying active has benefits beyond being physically fit. Physical activity helps with heart function, decreases risks associated with cancer, helps keep depression at bay and helps clear skin of toxins. There is no feeling the one felt after a good workout session and the sleep that follows. Running specifically is one of the best workouts one can do today as it can consistently keep the heart rate up longer periods of time. Running is also a fairly inexpensive and accessible activity to anyone of all ages. Running is instinctual in human beings, it is deep within us from prehistoric times. Hunting required running for long distances and is very much present in our fight or flight responses. With running comes physical impact which occurs when our feet hit the ground with higher velocity. This can be managed with some supplements as well as a good set of shoes. Shoes don't have to be expensive but they do require certain features like breathability, proper cushioning and good support.

This article looks a little deeper into running shoes, one shoe specifically which is from the very popular brand Nike. The shoe we are reviewing is the Roshe One Running shoe. Nike has been around for over 50 years and is very well known as both an athletic attire and a fashion company. It is a household name that nearly everyone has heard of. It is sold all over the world and has over 75 thousand employees. Nike is known for its reliable gear and its fashion-forward designs. The Roshe is a particularly fashionable shoe, sold both online and through sports equipment stores, but also smaller boutiques. But does the shoe live up to its name, a running shoe? We looked into this. We reviewed consumer reviews, found the likes and dislikes of the product and also looked at the materials used to make the shoe, its construction, and its overall durability. Without further adieu, this is our comprehensive review of Nike's very popular, very fashion-forward running shoe- the Nike Rosche One. We hope that this article helped you in your search for the perfect running shoe.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Fashionable
  • Comfortable
  • Durable 
  • Good traction
  • Not a good trainer 
  • Fit a little big


The upper of this product has a mesh and suede textile. This would provide better breathability as well as some waterproofing. The textile allows better ventilation in order to promote airflow throughout the shoe. When airflow is not available in running shoes the heat and air stay trapped within the shoe. This would cause some heat to generate and therefore some excess moisture build-up due to sweat. This is why breathability is so important. When moisture build-up happens this could lead to some slippage which would cause some blisters as well as less precision in step for the runner. This runner does have the proper ventilation system to promote better airflow throughout the shoe. The mesh also allows the shoe to weigh in a little lighter due to the lightweight nature of mesh. Those who tested the shoes said that they are quite breathable and that their feet stayed cool and dry which is a huge perk.


This product has a full-length Phylon foam midsole which offers better cushioning and support. It also has overlays which help provide better stability and support with each step. The upper is made of suede and mesh, as mentioned above, which helps keep the feet cool and dry but also surrounds the foot better for a more natural feel when on. The flex groove in the outsole also offers a more natural feel when stepping down in this runner whether walking or running. And the insole has proper cushioning to help keep the feet feeling comfortable but also to reduce impact which helps with both distance and time, but wear on the bones and joints. Those who wore these shoes were fairly unanimous in that these shoes are quite comfortable. The shoes are labeled as being comfortable, lightweight and breathable. Based on some customer reviews, though, they are also labeled as running a little large which may require a .5 size down for a proper fit. Overall, the shoes are reviewed as being comfortable and supportive which, again, is a huge plus and aided in our rating.


This product, like most running shoes, have no waterproofing features. Two items that would help with any moisture build-up in the shoe, though are the mesh which unfortunately also creates even less of a barrier than a solid material would. However, the mesh also offers better ventilation and therefore the feet and socks would dry faster. The other item is the suede. Suede itself is a porous material which means it will absorb liquids rather than repel them which means the suede would absorb liquid before it rolled into the shoe which is helpful in keeping feet dry. The only disadvantage to suede is that though it is porous, water absorption can cause some staining which would only really affect the aesthetic of the shoe. Those who wore the shoe did say that it was hard to keep the product clean and new looking, this is discussed later in this article. So, the shoes are not waterproof but do have some helpful add-ons which would help keep feet drier than other shoes that are also not waterproof on the market today which is an advantage.


The durability of this shoe seems to be in question. There are quite a few consumers who bought this product had found holes in the shoe within a couple of months, unfortunately. With "ultra-light" labels also comes with the risk that the materials are too light to withstand pokes from sharp objects that the shoes may be subject to during walks and runs. The outsole of the shoe is waffle lug which is supposed to offer both durability and traction. Some customers also found that the soles of the shoes almost break in too much which makes the soles of the shoe feel too lose when used for running. Because the shoes already fit a little large it may make sense to downsize even further, maybe even by a full size until the shoe is broken in. A couple of reviewers also found that the glue that connects the upper with the outsole came loose over time. It seems that the majority of reviewers that purchase this shoe wore the shoe for fashion and not for running. Those who wore it as a fashion accessory had no issue with the shoe's durability. It seems to be the runners that had an issue with it. This may mean that the shoe works better as an everyday shoe than it does as an actual running shoe or trainer.


The upper of this shoe has been mentioned a couple times in this article. It is made of both lightweight mesh and suede. The lightweight mesh offers better ventilation and therefore aids in the shoes overall breathability. The mesh also surrounds the foot better for better and more natural support around the foot which helps with precision in each step. The suede of the upper adds to the overall attractive aesthetic of the shoe and also helps with the waterproofing abilities. Those who wore the shoe found that the shoe fits snug to the foot and gave a more narrow and sleek fit. The lacing system of the shoe is a very classic one with a more cylindrical lace. The overall design of the upper is quite minimal and fashionable.


The insole of this shoe is shaped to fit the foot more naturally. The arch support is mid to high support. The cushioning in the heel offers good heel support and impact reduction. The only issue that reviewers found with the shoe is that the insole does stretch out a bit more than comparable products and therefore sizing up may be required even though the shoe is already quite narrow. Those who wore the shoe felt that they were quite comfortable and cushioned, and they found they could wear them all day long. The insoles are not quite sturdy enough to withstand too much velocity and don't seem to be durable enough to be used as an actual runner. They may be suitable for light workouts or walking around town though.


The outsole of this product offers flex grooves which would give the wearer a more natural range of motion. It also has a waffle lug design which offers better traction and durability. A natural range of motion helps the runner step more intuitively and can, therefore, offer a better run without the impact caused by running in bare feet. Though those who wore this shoe found it to be comfortable and easy to wear, those who actually wore these as a runner did not find that it worked well as a trainer, unfortunately. The shoe does offer a decent impact reduction but not necessarily in more high impact movements. The outsoles are durable to a point, that point, again, seems to be aggressive movements.


This shoe has a waffle lug design which offers better traction. The waffle design creates a better 'stick' in order to grip the ground better. Unfortunately, these are not great for running in and the traction would only really benefit those who are standing on slippier surfaces. Customers did say that they felt more secure in these runners and that walking around in them felt quite natural and sturdy.


The highlight of these runners is their design. This runner is an attractive one. It is quite stylish by today's standards. After looking around a bit, we found this runner in several smaller boutiques, being sold as more of a fashion accessory than an athletic one. The shoe is very minimalist in design, each design being only one or two colors. The shoe is usually one color with the Nike swipe across its side. The back of the shoe runs a little higher and a pull strap. The lacing system is a standard one with cylindrical laces. Those who wore these shoes usually wore them for the purpose of fashion and less so physical activity. A small complaint about the shoe is that it is not offered in enough colors and that the colors online did not match the actual product. Outside of these minor issues the shoe is quite fashionable and attractive in design. They are easily transferable between workouts and a night on the town which helps justify the price.


This runner is quite inexpensive in comparison to other products on the market today. The shoes themselves are durable to an extent and sound like should be used more as a fashionable shoe than an actual running shoe or trainer. They are very stylish in design which seems to be their biggest advantage. Those who wore the shoe for everyday usage found the shoes quite comfortable and breathable. Because the shoe can easily be transitioned between a light workout shoe and a fashion accessory these shoes are worth their low cost. They are also ideal for those on a budget,


These shoes are definitely a steal of a deal. They are both inexpensive and versatile. They are durable as long as worn as an everyday or workout shoe but not as a trainer. The shoes are quite comfortable but do run a little bit even though they are quite narrow, this is more than likely because the shoes break in a little too well and will end up a little loose. This is easily remedied by buying a smaller size. The shoes are also extremely fashionable- being both narrow and therefore sleek, as well as minimalist in design. The shoes are fairly highly rated all over the internet and are praised for being both comfortable and natural feeling. Overall, we like this runner. It needs to be stressed that this is not a good trainer. This shoe will not get you through marathons but will last a while if maintenance is kept up as an everyday walking shoe. And at this price and with a good customer service team, this shoe is worth a try.