Deerhunter Clothing: The Essentials You’ll Need

An in-depth guide to the essential deerhunter clothing you need for your next hunt. Deerhunter Clothing: The Essentials You’ll Need

When it comes to hunting, especially during deer season, the temperatures can get quite low. If you are a veteran hunter, you know the gear you need to stay warm and comfortable. If you are just starting out for your first season, then you will want to be prepared with the right gear. So what will you need? Well, to obtain proper Deerhunter clothing, you will need to be familiar with the terrain and temperatures you will be hunting in.

After you are familiar with the terrain you will be hunting in, you can start to customize your gear. Deer hunting gear comes to you from a variety of brands and in many styles. But there are some essentials that you will need to make sure you have a great time and bring home a big buck. So stay warm, gear up, and bring back a couple of bucks this season.

Deer Hunting Season

The first thing you need to know is when is deer hunting season is. Deer hunting season in Canada starts at the beginning of November and goes until two weeks into December.

In the U.S, deer season ranges depending on your state but is usually from September until the end of December. You should, depending on your location, always check and know when deer season starts and ends. This way, you are following your state or province law and can enjoy hunting without issue.

You should also know the rules and regulations depending on the firearm you are planning on using. Your choice of firearm is dependent on the person, but you can use a bow or gun. The bottom line is to be educated before you hit the woods.   

What Are The Essentials?

So you are all ready to get out there and get your first buck this season, eh? Your only problem is trying to put together some gear that will keep you protected and warm.

Well, this guide will lay out precisely what essentials you will need and what to wear deer hunting. The essentials that every hunter should have on them is a base layer, mid-layer, jacket, pants, hat, rain gear, boots, and socks.

These essential gear will ensure that you stay warm and can focus on the task at hand. So make sure you check off each one of these essentials from your list and hit the road. 

Base Layer

Why would you need a base layer? The answer is that this clothing will be against your skin and will help maintain body heat. It is the main factor that allows your body heat to stay within your clothing and keep you warm. If you do not wear a base layer, your body heat will escape, and you will find yourself colder quicker. Which means less time waiting for that prize buck and more time at the cottage drinking hot chocolate. 

Another benefit of wearing a base layer is that if you are sweating in a hotter climate, it will absorb the sweat and have you feeling comfortable so you can hunt longer.

Base layers come in a variety of material, but the best material is Merino wool. Overall, a base layer is your first line of defense against enjoying a long weekend out in the woods with your pals. If you are looking for some base layer options, one of the top-rated brands on the market is Hanes.


The mid-layer is an optional option depending on the temperature you will find yourself hunting in. When we mention the mid-layer, we are discussing sweaters, long sleeve shirts, or anything that can go over your base layer. If you are hunting in warmer weather, you may want to opt-out of using a mid-layer.

If you are in colder temperatures, the purpose of a mid-layer will be to contain any body heat that escapes your base layer. It will insulate you and ensure you stay warm. Overall, if you live in the southern states, a mid-layer will not be necessary. But if you live in the northern states or Canada, you should have a mid-layer as part of your gear.   


The outer layer usually consists of a jacket. The purpose of a coat is to be the last line of defense at keeping your body heat maintained. It is also the first line of defense against any outside elements or cold temperatures from penetrating your body.

Now you may be thinking, “If I live in a warmer climate, I do not need a jacket.” You may be right, but remember that during the early mornings or late evenings when the sun goes down, the temperatures can drop. So you may not need a jacket but perhaps look at investing in a vest. This way, you will be able to keep your body warm, even if the temperatures drop.

Overall, it is an excellent idea for every hunter to have some outer layer as part of their arsenal of hunting clothing.   


Protecting your legs and lower body is just as important as protecting your upper body. This is why you should not look to wear just any ordinary pair of pants. Instead, look to invest in a pair that is insulated to ensure your legs stay warm and will get you to where you need to go.

Now, what makes a great pair of pants? The answer is a pair that will keep your lower body warm and also give you the flexibility to move around without discomfort. Any veteran hunter will tell you that you will need to get low on a moment’s notice to ensure you do not scare any prey off. You also want the flexibility to ensure you can crawl, climb, and crouch if needed. 

Rain Gear

This piece of hunting clothing is necessary if you live in colder climates or warmer climates. Since you will be spending quite some time outdoors waiting for that prize buck. It can rain on a moment’s notice, and you want to be prepared. If your not, the only thing you will be catching is a cold and an uncomfortable time.

Rain gear should be the main priority as part of your deer hunting clothes. So don’t cheap out. It’s worth it to invest in proper protection. If you can find pants and an out layer that not only will maintain your body heat but also is waterproof, that is a bonus.   


Another essential piece of clothing that makes a great addition to your deer hunting clothing is a quality hat. A deer hunter hat means that it will offer you excellent head protection. But also will keep the sun out of your eyes if your hunting during a sunny day. A great hat is recommended and is usually not an expensive investment.

Boots & Socks

A piece of deer hunting gear that is often overlooked is your boots and socks. The fact of the matter is that a quality pair of boots will keep your feet protected from the cold and also from water seeping in. If you have a poor quality boot and water seeps in or the cold, this can end your hunting adventure quite quick. If you are going to invest in anything, make sure you spend a little extra on your boots.

Socks are another essential piece of gear when you are headed out deer hunting. Socks help insulate your feet and maintain your body heat, which will keep your feet warm and you hunting longer. It is also a great tip to bring a couple of extra pairs of socks as some pairs are guaranteed to get wet. Stay prepared and stay comfortable.    

It Starts With Your Clothing

Your first priority when getting ready to head out with your family or friends on a deer hunting trip will be your firearm. After you have decided which weapon will help you lock down that prize buck. The next step will be to choose the proper clothing that will have your comfortable and stylish. This way, you will not be bothered by the outside elements and can hunt longer.

Make sure to research the terrain you will be hunting in to ensure you are following all the laws and guidelines. Also, examine the terrain to figure out what it will be like and what clothing you will need to have a great time. If you make sure you have a majority of clothing that we have discussed above, we are confident you will have a great weekend hunting for deer.