Why You Need to Wear Hunter Orange When You Go Hunting (and Other Hunting Safety Measures)

An in-depth guide on the importance of hunter orange. Why You Need to Wear Hunter Orange When You Go Hunting (and Other Hunting Safety Measures) thegearhunt.com

Hunter orange is not only a popular color worn by hunters, but in many states, it is required by law. Why is this? The main reason is due to orange being highly visible to other hunters. Another bonus to wearing the color orange is that animals can not see it, which helps you to blend into the background. Any way you slice it, it all comes down to safety, and when it comes to hunting, safety should be your main priority. 

Now when you think about being safe while hunting. The first thing that comes to mind for clothing is hunter orange. It may not be the most stylish, but the benefits of wearing this color outweigh you being fashionable when it comes to being safe while being out in the woods with friends or family looking for a big buck to bring home. Clothing is not the only factor to consider. Below we will take a look at why the color orange will keep you safe and give you an edge, but also other gear that will keep you safe.   

Hunter Orange as a Color

When looking at purchasing clothing for your next hunting trip. You may be confused as to what exactly you should be looking for. If you have decided that you would like to stay safe and visible while you hunt, but are confused as to what color hunter orange is. Then we will clear it up here and now for you.

Hunter orange is a highly visible orange color that resembles the color you would find on a safety vest. You will see a variety of options available on the market for orange hunting clothing. They may come in solid print, pattern mix (camo), or a variety of other styles. Your main concern is finding a style that will have a majority of it being orange. This way, you can be visible and avoid accidents among other hunters.

Hunter Orange as a Color

Reasons Why You Should Choose Hunter Orange Clothing

As we discussed above, there are a couple of reasons why you would want to choose clothing that includes hunter orange. These reasons all provide a valid reason as to why you would want to have this clothing equipped. 

It’s the Law

One of the main reasons you will want to ensure that you have hunter orange clothing is because the law requires you to. Now, this is dependent on what you are hunting, but for a majority of situations, you must wear it. The law requires you to wear hunter orange during deer, moose, bear, and small game. This is because many other hunters that are hunting for the same animal have high powered firearms. So you want to be visible at all times to other hunters, and the law helps you to remember this. The seasons that you are not required by law to wear hunter orange, but it is still recommended is turkey and migrating birds.  

It’s Safe

Another huge reason that you want to make sure you have hunter orange is safety. Even if the law does not require you to wear it, it is still a good idea to be visible to other hunters. Hunting is all about stealth and distance, so you do not want to be mistaken for an animal if you are blended into the woods. Be smart and safe while on your next hunting trip, and try to have some orange mixed within your hunting attire! 

Animals Can’t See It

This reason is more of a bonus if you decide to be safe and follow the law.  Animals such as deer, bears, elk, and moose can not visibly see the color orange. This is great because not only can you be safe and visible to other hunters, but are also achieving the ability to be camouflaged at the same time. So don’t believe for a second that wearing hunter orange will give you a way to your prey because that isn’t the case. So next time you are headed out hunting, don’t forget that hunter orange vest

Reasons Why You Should Choose Hunter Orange Clothing

Hunting Safety 101

Safety is the primary concern to keep in mind when going hunting with your buddies. When you are dealing with a sport where you use firearms, you have to be sharp and prepare for anything. Wearing the proper clothing is the first step, but there are also some other safety tips you should keep in mind. So don’t think by grabbing a hunter orange hat, you are going to be safe and are ready to go. Below we have listed some things to keep in mind when you are planning your next hunting trip this season.


Only hunt if your state or province permits you to. Every citizen must complete a course that outlines the basics and safety measures when it comes to hunting in that state. Only if you have a valid license to hunt, should you. This is important because not only can you be fined if you are not licensed, but you also have not gone through the proper training. If you are not licensed or permitted, don’t hunt just yet. First, go through the proper channels.


Location is also critical. Only hunt in permitted zones. If you are not allowed to be in a particular area, then do not be there. The reason that you may not be allowed to hunt is due to surrounding areas that could be highly populated. If you are in a permitted location, never shoot unless you can see your target. This is important because you do not know what lies beyond your vision, and you do not want to be liable for an accident.  


Let’s be honest, when you are thinking of going fishing or hunting with the boys. The beers are probably packed before your gear. When hunting, you should never be drinking as your judgment is impaired and accidents could happen. Try and save the drinking for afterward, when firearms are not around as this can avoid accidents. Overall when dealing and handling any guns, you should be attentive and cautious. If you’re responsible enough to own a gun, you should be competent enough to use it. 

Prepare Before You Go

Before you go hunting with your pals, you should prepare. This means letting friends or family know where you will be shooting. The last thing you want is for an accident to happen, and you be stranded without anyone knowing where you are. You should also have a first aid kit you are planning on bringing with you. This will come in handy if an accident happens and you need medical gear to tend to a wound. 

Prepare Before You Go

It’s Hunting Season, So Prepare Accordingly

Hunting season is upon us, and it is an exciting time for family and friends to bond and get in touch with their ancestors. Prepare accordingly and make sure you are safe. This is again so important as hunting is quite different from other sports as it includes the use of firearms. If you do not keep safety in mind during your next hunting venture, people can become badly hurt.

Prepare in advance and wear the appropriate clothing that will not only have you prepared but avoid injury. You also want to be visible as possible to your fellow hunters. So grab a pair of hunter orange boots, favorite firearm and go have some fun in the woods!