Nike Downshifter 7

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Nike Downshifter 7 Review Facts

The Nike Downshifter 7 follows the popular Nike Downshifter 6. The improved, updated model is a popular choice due to its comfortable, versatile design. The lightweight configuration is complemented by the full-length rubber outsole. This combination means the shoe can endure tough surfaces whilst simultaneously providing comfort.

The minimalist yet stylish design allows for versatility as it can be worn for exercise, and day to day activities. Improved technology such as the rubber crash rail on the lateral outsole serves to soften the impact, providing a smoother transition. At an affordable price, Nike has made a reliable, and durable shoe with a stylish flair.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable
  • Versatile
  • Responsive
  • Lightweight
  • Measures narrow


The Nike Downshifter 7 embodies all of the necessary and desired features of an outsole. The rubber sole is full-length, providing durability even when in consistent contact with tough surfaces. Serving a dual purpose, the rubber not only provides traction in damp conditions, but it also protects the midsole from wear and tear.

The safety element of reliable surface grip is ensured through traction nodes which are shaped as a pentagon. Nike have implemented a crash rail also made of rubber, which can be located on the lateral outsole. This innovative feature breaks the impact of surface contact, delivering a transition that is smooth and comfortable. The improved technology, and added quantity of the flex grooves found of the Nike Downshifter 6, means the range of motion from heel to toe feels more natural.


The hidden midsole is working hard to make sure you are safe and comfortable. It is comprised of two key parts. The first component is the primary platform which is made of a material called Phylon, also known as Twice Foam EVA. This specifically selected material was chosen for its lightweight, flexible quality, which additionally provides a cushioned sensation adding an extra bounce to your step.

It is also very resilient, and can withstand the impacts of different terrain, and elements. It is accompanied by a removable insole which supports the arch, and it gives an extra layer of protection to the foot. The entire midsole is protected by the rubber outsole so you do not have to be concerned about wear and tear.


The upper portion of the Nike Downshifter 7 is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also has practical components such as flexibility, and ventilation. The mesh provides breathability through its woven design, and is extremely lightweight. In addition, it allows for flexibility which provides comfort as the mesh can adapt to accommodate different shapes of feet. This results in a hassle-free transition of removing, and putting on the shoe. The mesh is connected to a no-sew saddle. Flat shoelaces and a padded tongue mean the shoe can be adjusted according to the needs of the user. Once adjusted to the custom measurement, physical support is enforced serving as a safety feature.


Multiple forms of technology have been strategically infused into the careful design of the shoe to create a lightweight, highly functional product. At only 10oz, Nike have achieved a weightless sensation that is heavy in detail. Being lightweight is not only an expectation of a running shoe, but also a necessary feature. Running is challenging enough without lugging extra, unwanted weight. In addition, a shoe which can be easily thrown in a backpack, and leisurely transported is essential. From the lightweight rubber outsole, to the intricately constructed feather-light mesh overlay, it is evident that no unnecessary weight is added.


Breathability is a highly important feature of a running shoe. Ventilation is vital when exercise is involved, and the Nike Downshifter 7 makes sure this need is met. The upper portion of the shoe consists of a lightly weighted mesh, which is constructed with an interlocked weave. The fabric weave design means internal moisture can easily penetrate through the breathable mesh and leave the shoe, not allowing it to accumulate inside.

This improves the durability of the shoe, and helps maintain a neutral odor. The overlays which are seamless, ensure outside water does not enter the shoe, resulting in dry feet at all times. Your exercise will not be prohibited because of damp conditions, broadening the window of opportunity to be outside.


Many factors contribute to the high level of comfort that comes with wearing this shoe. The padded tongue and laces accommodate this through custom fit and support. The overlay means not only are the feet in a flexible environment, they are also kept dry, and able to maintain a comfortable temperature. The synthetic leather which is the fabric of the upper, allows internal heat to exit, and stops cold external air from entering, maintain a happy equilibrium. The sturdy yet light rubber outsole, enhanced with flex grooves and a crash rail accommodate a smooth, soft running motion.

This gives the runner the opportunity to maximize their potential. A padded collar means added comfort across the lower ankle area. Some users noted the shoe is narrower than expected. Overall, these lightweight shoes provide a comfortable wear whether they are used for running down the street or running errands.


Sometimes there is no time to change attire between exercise, and the rest of your to-do list. Luckily, the Nike Downshifter 7 allows you to transition seamlessly between activities, blending in to each new environment. The minimalist, yet stylish design, exerts the classic Nike look as the logo tick is visible on the outer side. The versatility of the simple design means the shoe can be worn on the racetrack, and also as part of a uniform for careers that permit a casual attire. The simplistic, fashionable look of the shoe satisfied consumers and they often received compliments.


Features such as the padded tongue and flat shoelaces, protect your foot through custom support. Additionally, the no-sew saddle keeps the mid portion of the foot safe, as it is secure and provides stability. The woven mesh, protects the foot from external elements, and from overheating due to heat from inside the shoe. The padded collar and shaft provide ankle and heel support, helping to prevent overpronation. These features combined provide an overall protection whilst running or during day to day use.


The rubber outsole which is full-length, contributes to the durability of this running shoe. It is designed for running so if used often for other activities it may wear faster due to frequent use. Abrasion from surface contact should remain at a minimum as the rubber used is tough and sturdy. The resilient nature of Phylon midsole contributes to the durability of the shoe as it is a reliable core. It can endure and withstand friction from both the insole and the outsole.


The lightweight stance of this running shoe automatically provides an active response, fusing effortlessly with your natural range of motion. The weightless feeling means the shoe moves in sync with the runner. The material of the midsole, Phylon, is a responsive foam material, which moves in accordance with the range of motion of the foot. When exercising, and making sudden changes of pace or direction, the foam will react to increase or decrease in pressure.

The woven overlay responds to movement in the toe area, adapting to sudden movements, whilst still providing support. Additionally, the flex grooves in the outsole accommodate your pronation, leaving your range of motion unrestricted from its natural stance.


The Nike Downshifter 7 distributes support across the foot and ankle from multiple allocated areas in the shoe. The front portion of the foot is surrounded by the woven textile overlay, this area was redesigned from the Downshifter 6, specifically to provide more support. The middle of the foot has wrap-around support from the no-sew saddle. It is further enhanced by the flat laces and padded tongue. The lower ankle circumference is protected with a padded collar. The shaft also provides comfortable padding that makes sure your foot remains sturdy, and resistant from strain due to long periods on your feet or uneven surfaces. Overall, the entire foot is adequately supported ensuring safety and comfort.


We never quite know where our day may take us, therefore, it is important to have a shoe that can withstand a range of surfaces. This running shoe functions best when in contact with its intended terrain of either paved roads, a running track, or inside at the gym. Using it on more challenging terrain such as during hiking, is likely to decrease the shoes durability, and increase the wear and tear from contact with abrasive surfaces. In addition, the shoe is designed to withstand external moisture, however, overly wet surfaces should be avoided. In order to utilize the true functions of the shoe, the wearer should adhere to the recommended terrain.


How a running shoe interacts with a surface is crucial. The traction and grip will make or break your run. Every runner should have peace of mind when conducting exercise, and worries about slipping or sliding should not occur. In light of this, the Nike Downshifter 7 has a full-length outsole made of rubber, a material specifically chosen for its decent traction. Expanding on the rubber, traction nodes, pentagonal in shape, are spread out in a condensed, intentional, pattern, which is designed to maximize grip during surface contact. This shoe is not designed to maintain a high level of grip on very wet, or uneven surfaces.


From top to bottom, this running shoe guarantees maximum flexibility, allowing you to utilize your mobility, and run with ease. Starting at the bottom, the double flex grooves, spread out on the outsole allow for a seamless tread motion. They assist the follow through from heel to toe making sure the motion has a smooth finish, and easy transition. At the top, the light in weight mesh is flexible which gives both a practical, and pleasurable purpose. Not only does nature of the fabric provide a custom fit, maximizing comfort, it also expands when needed during the process of taking-off and putting-on the shoe.


Stability in a running shoe is important to prevent injury from overpronation. The sturdy, yet plush padding of the collar and shaft mean you will be comfortable whilst remaining sturdy on your feet. The rubber outsole is a sturdy, solid base allowing you to feel stable and secure. The laces and padded tongue contribute as they can be adjusted to fit the foot. Stability is enhanced with the saddle which is not sewn, keeping the middle portion of the foot locked in place even when practicing rapid, fast-paced movements.


The affordable price tag of the shoe, set at approximately $60, is one of the main reasons why this shoe is flying off the shelves. Nothing has been sacrificed in order to keep the price tag down, the shoe is not only stylish as ever, it is also versatile and most importantly, a great buy for its intended purpose of running. There are other similarly priced running shoes on the market such as the Adidas Duramo 7 or the Gel Excite from Asics, however, both lack the subtle style of the Nike Downshifter 7, making them less versatile. Nike is a very reputable brand and you cannot go wrong with this value for money shoe.

Key Features

• Lightly weighted mesh upper
• Minimalist, stylish design
• Pentagon shaped traction nodes
• Rubber crash rail
• Padded collar and tongue
• Midsole made of phylon
• Full-length outsole made of rubber
• Flex grooves on outsole

Bottom Line

The Nike Downshifter 7 has been flying off the shelves at a rapid pace due to a high volume of satisfied buyers. Not only is the running shoe set at a very affordable price, making it accessible to a wide consumer market, it is also a high-quality product. With innovative technological features such as the Pentagon-shaped Traction Nodes and the Flex Grooves on the outsole, it is no wonder this shoe is a favorite of so many runners.

Majority of buyers agree it fits to size, however, a few felt it measured narrow. That being said the high level of comfort is met with a stylist minimalist design has left the majority highly satisfied. This versatile shoe is another great example of why so many people continually return to Nike for their purchases.