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Merrell All Out Blaze Review Facts

If you are a hiker, you know that finding shoes comfortable enough to hike in is an adventure in and of itself. You have probably ended lots of hiking trips due to extreme pain and discomfort in your feet. It is important to have a shoe that provides enough support, cushioning, and flexibility in order to make your hiking trip a great one. 

A brand that provides good quality hiking shoes is Merrell. Getting to know the needs of hikers and catering to all of them is one of the brand’s specialties. Not only that, but their shoes are fashionable in comparison to many other hiking shoes on the market.

These shoes also feature breathable mesh to allow your feet to stay comfortable and fresh for as long as possible. If you are looking for a hiking shoe that will not be ruining your trip due to its discomfort, you have come to the right place.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • The shoe is lightweight, according to a lot of hikers
  • The shoes have a lot of cushioning, particularly in the outsole and in the midsole
  • The shoes have a strong grip, preventing any slipping
  • These shoes are comfortable and supportive, according to many customers
  • Some people believed that the shoe was too stiff in some areas
  • Some said that the shoe was half a size larger than they expected it to be

Sole Composition

One of the biggest things that people noticed about the Merrell All Out Blaze hiking shoes was that there was a great amount of cushioning in the soles of the shoes.

The outsole of the shoe needs to be able to provide a hiker with the right amount of grip so that they can avoid falling down in potentially slippery areas of the trail they are on. According to many, this hiking shoe has got that down pat. The shoes are created with a material called Vibram, which makes the shoes able to withstand any type of weather or problems on the trail. These shoes also allow for there to be traction coming from all sides.

The midsole of these hiking shoes are made from Air Cushion VIZ foam and EVA midsole material. This means that those who wear the shoes will be comfortable all day because of the extra padding. If the wearer is an individual who has grown more used to running on sidewalks, these shoes are perfect for being able to adapt to running on trails.


One of the absolute most important parts of any hiking shoe is what kind of terrain it can uphold in.

It is safe to say that the Merrell hiking shoes live up to the expectations. They are able to withstand both wet and dry environments, as well as the unexpected and rough paths that hikers are likely to go on, where there are lots of rocks, mud, dirt, branches, and more.

The shoes are also durable enough to last a long time despite such conditions.


These shoes have a very strong grip, which is essential for any hiking shoe. A hiker needs to be confident in their shoes to be able to withstand potentially slippery environments- or else, they could get seriously injured.

Luckily, the outsoles of these shoes were created to withstand any weather conditions and to provide enough grip for the person wearing them. They also provide traction from all sides, unlike typical running shoes, which only provide enough traction that will allow the runner to not slip, but run very fast.


One of the most unique parts of the upper of the Merrell hiking shoes is that they have both leather and mesh to provide a unique balance for a hiker's feet.

The leather that is on these shoes provides extra durability to the shoe so that it can be able to handle any types of weather conditions. It is necessary for the shoe to have this feature because a hiker can encounter anything while out on the trail.

The shoes also have a mesh material in between these leather parts, which allows for the hiker's feet to get enough airflow, which is key to prevent oversweating. This will provide extra comfort.

Size and Weight

Considering the fact that these are indeed hiking shoes, it is to be expected that they will be a bit heavier than the average shoe. Weighing at over one pound (about 2 kilograms), these shoes do carry a bit of weight, but they are lighter than other hiking shoes, so hikers will have a better experience with these.

Regarding size, some people have said that their Merrell hiking shoes were true to size. Others say that it took them a day or two in order to be able to break in. Meanwhile, other people say that the shoe was either too big or too small on them. It is recommended that you go to a store where these hiking shoes are sold to try them on yourself instead of purchasing them online to avoid any similar issues.

Airflow and Waterproofing

Hiking shoes are not going to be as breathable as your typical running shoes. However, many people have said that these shoes, especially in comparison to other hiking shoes, have enough airflow in them.

There is mesh along with leather in these shoes in order to allow there to be enough airflow for the hiker’s feet. Again, these shoes are not comparable in breathability to typical running shoes, but they also will provide enough airflow to anyone hiking on a trail.

These particular shoes are not necessarily waterproof (there is, however, a waterproof version of the Merrell All Out Blaze hiking shoes), but they are made to withstand wet conditions, so a hiker should be fine if the weather becomes drizzly while they are out on the trail.

Comfort and Cushioning

Since these are hiking shoes, it should not be expected that these will be the most comfortable shoes of all. But many people did say that they are lightweight, and that the shoes were comfortable enough to allow them to be worn for hours on end. One review even said that an individual used to wear a different pair of shoes to work, which caused them a lot of pain, and now that they have the Merrell All Out Blaze hiking shoes, they can wear the shoes for long periods of time with no issue.

According to many consumers, the shoes have a lot of room in the toe area, which is important especially if they are intended to be worn for long periods of time.

The shoe also has a lot of cushioning, particularly in the midsole. The extra padding available in the heel is perfect for people who are just starting to go out hiking on trails. However, this might not be as great for people who have been running on trails forever.


Most people do not go for hiking shoes due to the fact that they are particularly fashionable or will go with their clothes. But, many people who purchased the Merrell All Out Blaze shoes were pleased with the way they looked, and said that the shoes were aesthetically pleasing enough to be able to wear out and about in casual environments.

For men, the shoes are available in a light brown color with orange details, olive with pink details, black with gray details, and gray with light blue details.

The women’s version of the shoe seems to be available in a gray-green color with light green details, and a light brown color with light blue details.

So, while the color range is not very wide, it should be expected considering the fact that these shoes were intended to hike in, where they will inevitably become dirty and muddy.

Longevity and Quality

Good news is, these bad boys can take a good beating and still be in tip-top shape. These shoes are highly durable and are made to last a long time. This is because they are made to withstand the extraordinary conditions that come with hiking on trails, especially in the mountains or in places that are known for their wild terrain.

The upper part of the shoe is made with leather, which means that the shoe is durable and will handle all kinds of conditions, including getting scraped and scratched by branches, mud, dirt, and water damage. And, the outsole of the shoe is made to withstand the many, many different elements of the terrain that any hiker is bound to come into contact with.

It is worth mentioning, however, that as with any shoe, one should care for these well in order to ensure their longevity. Taking care of any pair of shoes and cleaning them when they get unbearably dirty is the key to making sure that shoes will last as long as possible. But overall, these shoes were made to last a hiker for many years and many miles to come.

Safety Features

These shoes were made to protect one’s feet adequately during a hiking trip. It should be expected from any hiker that they will encounter wild conditions while out on the trail. As mentioned above, the shoes are made with leather that will resist all kinds of weather conditions, and same with the outsole of the shoe- it is made to be walked on any kind of terrain. It also will prevent the hiker from slipping while on the trail.

The shoes are also very supportive, so if a hiker particularly has problems with injuries such as shin splints, these injuries will be prevented thanks to the Merrell hiking shoes, because the constant impact that comes with hitting the feet on the ground is absorbed by the midsole.


The biggest downside of these shoes is that they are not very flexible. This is due to the fact that the shoe has a lot of leather in the upper part and because they do have a lot of padding in the midsole. This will mean that the shoes are a little bit more difficult to be able to bend than average shoes. So, it is recommended that the wearer try to break the shoes in a little bit before they wear the Merrell hiking shoes out on the real trail.

Support and Balance

The shoe is extremely supportive thanks to the material that makes up its midsole, which is the Air Cushion VIZ EVA foam pad. Many people have claimed that these shoes are supportive and make their experience on the trail much more comfortable. They said that they were provided with more support in these as opposed to with other hiking shoes and that they were able to wear these shoes for hours on end.

It is also important to note that the shoe was especially made with new hikers in mind. People who are more used to running on flat surfaces such as roads and sidewalks strike their heel on the ground first, which will be very painful if they are on a hiking trail. Here, the support is in the heel of the shoe, which will allow people who do this to be more comfortable and to adapt to the differences between running on hiking trails and running on sidewalks.

Key Features

-The shoes are made with mesh and leather in the upper, providing both breathability and durability.
-The midsole of the Merrell All Out Blaze hiking shoes is made with enough cushioning and foaming to provide comfort to the wearer.
-The outsole of these shoes has is made with Vibram material, which provides a lot of traction on tough terrain.
-The shoes are made to withstand many types of weather conditions and tough terrain.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Merrell All Out Blaze hiking shoes are perfect for someone who is just starting out on the hiking trail, because they have a lot of cushioning in the heel area, which will allow people transitioning from running on streets to running on trails to have an easier time.

They do provide a lot of support and features that prove that these are highly durable shoes that will last for a long time.

There are great points about these hiking shoes, but there are some negative points which anyone who is thinking about purchasing these shoes needs to consider.