Best Puma Shoes Reviewed & Rated for Quality

Getting in shape doesn’t have to be a drag. Sure, we have to drag ourselves out of bed, drag ourselves to the gym, and drag ourselves away from the vending machines or free doughnuts at work. We shouldn’t necessarily have to drag our feet though! Getting in shape starts from the bottom up. Our feet are the basis for all of our weight loss efforts. You need to take care of them in order to fully get the benefits of your work out efforts. Strapping on a good pair of shoes will make exercising less of a drag, and will make it easier to embrace your newfound healthy lifestyle.

Featured Recommendations

  • Fierce
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • High, Padded Tongue
  • Price: See Here
Ignite Evoknit
  • Ignite Evoknit
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Tighter Fit
  • Price: See Here
Enzo NF
  • Enzo NF
  • 4.1 out of 5
    Our rating
  • No Tongue
  • Price: See Here

Running shoes should fit well, but shouldn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to buy them. A pair of shoes should feel like walking on clouds, air, or some other soft substance. The beauty of runners is also that they’re versatile. You don’t have to waste time trying to make a sky-high pair of heels work. Runners are surprisingly easy to style and will feel amazing on your next night out. If anyone says anything, just call it “athleisure”. We don’t think you’ll get called out, though. After all, Puma is one of the best brands. Their runners are sleek, stylish, and incredibly high quality. All you need to do is decide which pair to get!

We’ve found ten of the best options for Puma shoes. These runners will support you in every way. From going out and dancing your socks off at 90s night to hitting the gym. Even all that training for your upcoming marathon will be supported by your choice of Puma Runners.

We’ve gone through and plucked the top ten choices. Not everyone can handle the power of the Puma, but if you’re reading this article you’ve probably got a pretty good idea on how to work with it. The power of the Puma is partially within you; it’s determination, strength, and willpower. These shoes will help you unlock the highest level of Puma passion.


10 Best Puma Shoes


1. Fierce

1. Fierce
This is an actual Puma shoe, and we’re not surprised that people are going absolutely wild over this product. Puma is a well-respected brand that has been making shoes and general other sportswear since 1948. With all those decades behind them it’s no surprise that they’ve got some great tips and tricks on creating the best running shoes ever. Comfy, supporting, and all around well-fit, this is a cross-training shoe that’s going to be versatile enough to suit your needs… No matter what they might be.
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No Laces
Laces are tricky and annoying. While we might have been proud of tying them up as kids, we’ve basically lost all interest in tying them up now. These shoes don’t have any laces on them, making them easy to slide on and off. We know we’re the kind of people who don’t like to re-tie their shoes every day. We prefer to leave them done up and slide them on and off, which can ultimately stretch out the integrity of the shoe. This shoe keeps the laces out of the picture, making it an excellent choice for those that prefer to slide.

High, Padded Tongue
That’s not the name of some strange disease. This is actually a big benefit when it comes to creating a versatile shoe. A high tongue is great, but only if it’s soft enough to not chafe the skin. By adding padding and flexibility, this tongue is not only a comfortable addition, but a practical one too! Cross-trainers need to be suitable for a variety of activities, which this tongue supports. For example, the extra padding works as a protective piece for kick-boxing as well as for extra support when running.

Cost and Value
With such a wide price range for the same kind of shoe, it’s really up to your personal size and color preference as to how much you’re going to spend. We personally love this style of shoe and think that the cost is well worth the investment; it really is an investment in your feet, and you want to be able to keep those puppies happy for a very long time. With great manufacturing quality, true sizing, and cross-training excellence, this is an amazing shoe.

No laces

Lots of color options

Fair and affordable price

Fantastic manufacturing

True sizing


Unable to adjust tightness

Inside sole is not overly cushioned

2. Ignite Evoknit

2. Ignite Evoknit
Don’t worry guys, we haven’t forgotten you. While the first cross-training shoe was focused on for all our fabulous women out there, this is the men’s equivalent. The sizing also runs true to men’s typical size, and the qualities are almost exactly the same. The color options are a little different, though, and the price point is a bit higher. What other differences are there? Not much. This shoe is just as good as our number one top spot, but just crafted for a slightly different foot!
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Not a Snugee for your foot, but definitely close to it; these shoes have a tighter fit than other cross-trainers, making them the perfect addition for anyone who likes to feel secure in their outerwear. While the snug fit isn’t ideal for some, this shoe is still a little on the forgiving side. The top part of the shoe is a knit fabric, making it more forgiving than a leather or plastic top. That makes it easy to fit snugly, and will still keep the breath-ability!

Workout Wonder
While we’re not too concerned with whether or not we can work out in a pair of runners (running? What’s that?) we recognize that other people do like to exercise and need the shoes to support it. With tons of built-in support on the base and a snug-but-breathable top, these shoes are some of the best for working out. They’ll keep your foot in place while you’re doing pivots, lunges, and other exercise moves. Plus, they won’t result in those nasty plastic-top-blisters that sometimes happen with cheaper shoes.

Cost and Value
Comparable to our first choice, this shoe is a great option for those looking for some solid workout wear. Puma has been doing this for so long that it’s no surprise they’re doing great work. Manufacturing qualities are high and the design elements are amazing. Visually this is a great shoe, and all the reviews say so as well! We believe it’s definitely worth the cost.

Variety of styles

High, knit top.

Excellent price

Great support

High quality


Weaker ankle support due to knit high-top

Very snug (some said too tight)

3. Enzo NF

3.  Enzo NF
This option is made specifically for the needs of women’s feet. While we’re not entirely sure what the big difference is between this set of sneakers and the men’s equivalent, we believe that the product is a good one. While the color options are limited, the comfort certainly isn’t. With a wide base and a tight top, this is the hottest set of sneakers you’ll find on our list. But not, like, temperature hot. We swear these things are breathable as well.
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Wide base
Are you all about this base? We certainly are. The soft foaminess is well accompanied by the build of this shoe, which features a wide and stable sole to keep your feet firmly situated on the floor. We’re less concerned about the look of this shoe than we are with the actual success of the structure. When looking for crossfit options, this is the best choice: a wide base means a stable leg, which means proper form. And that leads to better results.

No Tongue
Get your minds out of the gutter and back onto our feet! The lack of tongue is a design feature that lends itself well to sports shoes. No tongue means better grip for the laces and a tighter fit, giving you the utmost support for all of your workouts. The laces themselves are able to be tied in a variety of ways now, which means there’s no chance that you’re going to get an awkward tight spot on a weak part of the tongue. It’s all even-Steven on this shoe.

Cost and Value
The cost is worth the value for this shoe, which is balanced in all regards: style is balanced with function, and quality is balanced with cost. If you’re looking for a perfect middle-of-the-road shoe and aren’t worried too much about getting a color that you love, this is a great option. The style is standard and the color options are limited, but your happiness will definitely be satisfied.

Easy to slip on and off

Variety of lace tying patterns


Good price

Excellent material quality


Some reports of damage upon arrival

Few color options

4. Ignite Limitless

4. Ignite Limitless
These shoes just get better and better, right? Yes and no. This shoe is different from our other options in the sheer amount of hardware there is attached to it. The shoe is dramatic and has a whole lot of positives, but it’s also a lot of talk with not as much action. While some of the adjustments and additions they’ve put on have been excellent and make a huge different, we’re not sure others are necessary. However, this is still a fantastic shoe, and will be a standout to anyone who takes their sneaker game seriously.
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Ever wonder why you can put on the brand name version of a shoe and the off brand version of a shoe and want to purchase one more than another? The answer is probably cushioning. The cushioning is what goes inside of the shoe to make it more comfortable for the wearer. It’s strong, solid, while still being moldable and malleable to your foot’s action. We love the cushioning aspect, and love even more the fact that it’s so strong in this shoe.

Support overlay
Support on the inside isn’t the only thing you’re getting with this shoe. All that cushioning needs a little strength to keep things from getting too squished. This shoe features a cage on the front that provides a ton of support and strength for those who put the shoe on. While the cage might look a little clunky, this support overlay has a huge benefit. We believe that it’s a great addition to this shoe, and will help to stabilize your foot as you workout, run, or pick up next week’s groceries from the local farmer’s market.

Cost and Value
With a higher price point again, this is definitely an investment shoe. This is a product that you’re going to put on and not want to take off, which means you’re definitely going to get enough bang for your buck. While the style isn’t to our taste, many people like the look of a shoe that has a ton of things going on. We believe that this cost and worth the value, and that the product itself is worth its price.

Sole Made Of Rubber

Support overlay

Excellent cushioning


Sturdy slip-on pull tab


A little more expensive

Some reports of tight/small-running sizing

5. Tazon 6

5. Tazon 6
One of the standouts for Puma on this list is their men’s Tazon Running Shoes. This is a style that’s comfortable and readily available for almost all runners. Whether you’re a treadmill lover or a cement trooper, this is a pair of shoes that are going to withstand anything you put them through. Looking for a pair of Pumas that will give you the powerful stride you want? This is the set of shoes for you.
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Arch Support
Not only is there arch support in this shoe, there’s also heel support. The plastic insides are set to support your natural foot shape when you’re running, walking, or moving and grooving. Arch support and heel support are going to ensure that you’re able to keep proper form when working on whatever your choice of exercise is. The plastic form also means that there’s less of a chance of warping or shifting.

When looking at an exercise shoe it’s important to keep in mind the fact that you’re going to be moving your body weight from one end of a track or circuit to another. Adding more weight to that body can make it harder. Sure, there are definitely benefits, but the more weight you have on, the more likely you are add more time. The lighter-weight the shoes are the more you’ll be able to rock and roll to your full potential. You won’t have to worry about picking up your feet more or struggling to move more weight. The lighter the shoe, the better it is for you.

Cost and Value
Again, this price is about average. While it’s not the cheapest or the most expensive option, it’s a fair and decent price for the product. The quality of the shoes is very high, and the manufacturing is strong enough that you’re going to wish that you had twelve more pairs. We personally love these shoes, and think that they’re a great option. While they’re not the most outstanding or extravagant option compared to some of the other Puma shoes we’re looking at, they’re definitely a good choice.

Great support

Good sole grip (rubber)

Sock-liner for comfort

Great quality

Affordable Price


No color options

Basic running shoe style

6. Cell Riaze

6. Cell Riaze
This shoe has come into our list at one of the middle spots, but don’t think that it’s any worse than the other shoes we’ve compiled. This is one of the top cross-trainer shoes for women that Puma has created, and your feet will be pleased that you’ve gifted them with this amazing product. The style is gorgeous and the color is soft, making it easily wearable in any situation. Plus, do we even need to mention the design elements? Practical and practically flawless.
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If you’ve never considered gray to be a positive, it’s time to rethink your life. Gray is great, and not just because the words sound similar. Gray is a versatile, easy to wear color. Everyone looks good in gray. Gray can match that houndstooth pantsuit you own, as well as your dark wash jeans. Outfit possibilities are limitless when it comes to gray. The hints of soft blue also add a fun element, and allows you to be a little more seen when running in low light.

Soft-but-hard top
The soft-but-hard top sounds weird to say, but it’s actually a really popular choice some shoe manufacturers make. People love having soft top shoes, either with knit or mesh accents. The breath-ability is a huge benefit when working out, and the soft top is comfortable for long wear. The one thing it’s lacking? Structure and support. You need those harder features to firm everything up and keep your support stable. This shoe has a combination of both a soft top and a hard top, making it comfortable in the streets and supported in the… Arch area.

Cost and Value
This shoe again varies its price by the sizing, but generally runs a little more expensive than some of our other options. If we went by just the manufacturing specs, we’d consider this a great shoe and would be willing to pay the extra cost. As it stands now, though, some of the reviews aren’t wholly flattering. The shoe runs narrow and some padding could be squishier, making this a very particular shoe that might not be worth the cost for some people.

Combination top for comfort and support

Strong laces

Fashionable color

Well manufactured

Great support


Runs narrow, rather than small

Some reports of lack of padding

7. Tsugi

7. Tsugi
There’s always another pair of shoes to buy, and it looks like this one might just be next on our hit list. This pair is built to primarily accommodate men’s feet and sizes, making it incredibly comfortable for those big-footed folks out there. This is a shoe that has a variety of styles and colors, which is an amazing feature for a man’s shoe. It’s also incredibly well made, making it a perfect fit for anything your busy life includes.
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The Variety
Typically men’s shoes only feature a handful of colors or designs. The variety of the colors that this shoe has is amazing, making it one of the most variety-filled options on our list. Men don’t need to be stuck deciding between white, gray, or black. With the Tsugi Netfit sneaker we can now choose between colors like pink, aqua, tan, red, and blue!

Multiple Laces
Adaptable style is becoming more and more desired in the world of consumer fashion. We want to be able to change our clothes and accessories to make them unique even though we might have bought them from the same outlet our friends bought theirs from. These shoes come with multiple pairs of laces, making it easy to switch out a set when you’re bored (or the ends start to look a little ratty).

Cost and Value
Yes, this shoe is one of the most expensive ones on the list. Yes, there are a few reviews that discuss how the “netfit” feature (the soft top being made of a mesh or net-like structure) wears through quickly. However, we believe that this product is still worth the price. If you have the money to spend, spend it on this shoe. The quality is good, the structure is strong, and this lightweight shoe will soon become one of your day-to-day favorites for support and style as you’re running around town.


Multiple laces

Very light weight

Variety of styles and colors

Extremely comfortable


Might be too slim-fitting for some wider feet

Some reports of defects upon delivery

8. Tazon 6 WN's

8.  Tazon 6 WN's
This cross-trainer is another great choice for those that are looking to add a new set of shoes to their closet. The style is strong and the feel of them on your feet is similar to walking on a cloud. There’s nothing much wrong with these shoes, despite some reviews about sizing. Overall these shoes will support and accentuate the curves and arches of your foot, making it a great choice for those that have foot pain or need a little extra help.
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The Toe-Box
Seriously, it is a proper phrase that refers to the end of the shoe that houses the toes and ball of your foot. The toe box, as people lovingly call it, can make or break a set of shoes; especially for athletes. One CrossFit enthusiast posted a review about these shoes and she mentioned that the toe box is great. The roominess means there’s enough space to move your foot, while the base stays stable and firmly planted on the floor. This means there’s less of a chance of rolling your foot, making injury counts go down.

Crossfit Queens
If a shoe says it’s meant for CrossFit, you need to be able to use it for CrossFit. Some shoes call themselves cross-trainers but are actually better built for running, standing, and walking for long periods of time. These shoes are excellent for HIIT, CrossFit, and working out in general. Whether you’re doing a home program like Insanity or going to a gym class, this product will be able to support you as you achieve your fitness goals.

Cost and Value
While the manufacturing is just as good as any of the other ones, the shoe itself has a totally different feel. This is a slick cross-trainer, with more of a solid look than a mesh style. The cost is on the cheap end of average, making it an affordable and effective choice for people who are looking to improve their workout wardrobe.

Great support

Roomy toe box

Great quality

Light and easy to slip on and off

Wide, stable sole


Runs a little narrow

Not breathable

9. Carson 2

9. Carson 2
We’re coming to the end of our list but still have two different Puma styles to share. This is the Carson 2 shoe, which is a popular style that’s recently come into the fashion world. This is a runner that looks as cool as it feels, and it’s all thanks to that stretchy knit top. The soft top is a beautiful invention, and one that will caress your toes until the run is over.
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The Style
Cool kids, take note: this is the best way to get style points when heading back to school. A new semester often means a new you, which is why we had to put these babies on here. While they’re not the greatest for running or other high-impact, crossfit style activities, they certainly look neat. At the end of the day, sometimes that’s all we want in a shoe: some super cool kid style.

Very Breathable
The material speaks for itself on this product. We’ve discussed the breath-ability before on a few other Puma shoes, but this one really takes the cake. We love this shoe simply because of the fact that it’s a great summer shoe. While Converse can keep feet cool, there’s nothing that can beat a knit-top shoe with great ventilation. For those with sweaty feet, this is going to be a treat.

Cost and Value
The cost is about the same as some of the other options, but the reviews leave us scratching our heads about this shoe. Not only is the material on the cheaper side, but the soles apparently wear down quickly. That’s not fair for the price of these puppies! We think that they could be a good deal for those looking for a quick and stylish option to bolster their summer wardrobe, but they’re definitely not suitable for the rainy weather that’s coming.

Many Color options

Extremely cool style

Very breathable


Reputable brand name


Not suitable for running

Cheaper materials

10. Pacer Next Cage

10. Pacer Next Cage
This is a different sneaker only because it’s not built with a specific purpose, necessarily, in mind. While the first two cross-training runners were built to last when doing cross-training and other exercises, this is a sneaker that’s all around great. The style, the size, the design; everything about it screams “I care about my feet”. When feet are the basis for all of our walks, runs, and together times, it’s important to treat them well.
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Easily Cleanable
Just because we don’t clean our sneakers doesn’t mean other people shouldn’t. Some folks love to have clean sneakers because it adds to the overall look or style they’re going for. Taking care of their shoes is just as important as taking care of their teeth, as both can represent power, confidence, and personal style. These shoes are easily cleanable, which is something we appreciate. Plus, the darker colored quarter-inch line on the sole of the shoe makes it easily to hide normal, everyday dirt accumulation, protecting the higher up white part from total destruction.

Well Styled
One of the top reviews said that they just looked cool. At the end of the day, that’s a great thing to want in a shoe. Shoes can make or break an outfit, and we think that it’s totally fair to purchase a shoe based on how it looks. The bonus here is that the shoe is not only handsome to look at, but also well-made. Quality and style? Yes, it is possible to get both. Just take a look at this shoe here!

Cost and Value
Again, most of the prices change depending on your size and style. We’re not entirely sure why different sizes are priced differently, but that’s just how the cookie crumbles (or how the sneaker ties). This Puma shoe cost range is about on par with the last one we looked at, but we feel that the quality is a little bit different. This is more of a classic sneaker, while the cross-trainers have a more unique style. The level of manufacturing is still high, though, as Puma’s quality doesn’t tend to slip from product to product.


Easy to clean

Perfect, true fit

Adjustable tightness

Forgiving fabric (not too tight)


Not a huge variety of colors

No unique style points

Staying active and healthy should be a priority in your life. We all want to feel good, and looking good is a nice bonus. Part of that priority should be giving your feet the attention they deserve. By supporting yourself from the base you’re setting your body up for proper form and function. Without a doubt this is the best choice for your future workout endeavors. Shaping your form with the help of proper shoes is an integral part of many workouts, but is something many people overlook.

The cost shouldn’t be an issue when it comes down to prioritizing your health. The littlest investment of any of these shoes could be the change that keeps you from having years of back pain. We love Puma, and hope that it’s clear why. Many of these shoes have the power of the Puma built right in, making them an excellent choice for any and all athletes out there. Puma powers… Activate.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Puma Shoes


The durability of a shoe is an important thing to consider when picking it up. Choosing your new footwear is an important step in the right direction, as it means that you’re able to work out without the fear of shin splints, back pain, sore feet, and poor form. The benefits to having good shoes are many, and Puma knows that. Their manufacturing quality is generally very high. When paired with their excellent quality control standards and their commitment to customer satisfaction, their mantra is likely something along the lines of “the more durable the better”.

Durability of materials will go a long in keeping customers happy, which the Puma brand knows. They respect their consumers and seem to understand that a sport shoe is meant to take a beating. From CrossFit to running, there are many different ways that a shoe can get trod on, rolled over, wiggled in, and slipped on and off. The shoes themselves are an important part of the workout, even if they don’t directly cause any calorie burn. Having good quality materials will make a difference in that the shoes won’t fall apart. You’ll be able to trust the support and standard of them, and that, in turn, will ensure that the shoe doesn’t come apart. Nor will your workout regimen suffer from faulty manufacturing!

We went through and looked at these shoes through the lenses of different sports to figure out exactly how durable the materials are. We trusted the Amazon reviewers’ lived experiences of rocking their CrossFit sessions in a pair of Pumas as much as we trusted their experience of a long-distance run that ended with cramps and poor form. The shoes are meant to have a purpose, and that should be taken into consideration when choosing manufacturing materials.

All of these shoes perform very well in their chosen athletic field. The materials are more than functional; they’re incredibly durable, and hold up well in a variety of situations. These are materials that don’t quit… Just like you!


Style is arguably the most important part for many shoe buyers. While these sport shoes should be judged with an athletic bend, the styles themselves need to be considered just as much. Not only do the cross-trainers need to be practical, but those wide bases need to look cool. Cushy and open toe boxes need to have some support, but nobody wants it to look like they’re bulging out the front of a pair of shoes!

Puma’s designers certainly have their work cut out for them. With a variety of athletes out there it’s important to consider what form each shoe will most often be taking. While casual wear can be a little more relaxed, that’s not the mood that many people are going for. They’re buying Pumas because they want to know that their sports-loving feet will be able to run and play safely. The catch? No one wants an ugly or boring pair of shoes! Style goes a long way in convincing us to buy a pair of shoes. Whether it’s the creative color combinations that always sucker us in or the pattern the mesh makes when it stretches, there’s a product out there for you.

We chose a variety of styles. Some are more industrial looking, while some are openly very practical. Others are a little more casual. The variety makes it easy for everyone to find a style that they need. They might want a piece that accentuates their ankles while supporting their arches, which also match their new pair of jeans. It’s all possible with Puma. We looked at the versatility of the styles as well as the options found within the styles themselves. Not only did we try and find the perfect casual styles, but we also found the best and brightest sports styles as well. In addition to this, we also judged based on color options and lace setups. The more options, the more likely we were to love it!

Price Range

Many shoes on Amazon are priced differently depending on the size, style, or color that we’re looking to order. Specialty sizes (ones that are quite large or quite wide) will likely end up being a higher price than the smaller ones. While we’re not a big fan of that kind of pricing, we are happy to find a healthy range within those ranges.

These shoes bounce back and forth between being on the high end of our budget and the low end of our budget. We’re able to find a pair of shoes to fit on all levels, without the fear of running over our budget. While we recognize that everyone has a different opinion on what makes for a reasonably priced pair of shoes, we think the range we found was quite fair.

Price is an important thing to consider when ordering shoes. Investing in footwear is a good idea, but you don’t want to waste you money on a pair of shoes that are only meant to take a beating. Ultimately we don’t even know how or when they’re going to fall apart. While the quality is certainly high, some people are harder on their shoes than others; and with an intense workout regimen, it’s not fair to expect them to last forever. We believe that these shoes are fairly priced for their quality, which is one of the top things we’re looking for when trying to find a pair of shoes. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter if the shoe is expensive or inexpensive; you just need something that’s going to keep you on your toes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the sizes?  

A: As with any shoes, the sizes are whatever you need them to be. These Pumas range from small to extremely large, and can even accommodate more out-of-the-ordinary sizes like 15 or 16 men’s. The fit range of Pumas is quite good, especially when it comes to the shoes with the mesh tops or knit tops. The soft top shoes are much more forgiving than the harder ones, making it possible to fit wider feet inside them. On the whole, Pumas tend to run a little narrow. They’re not small, but you might want to consider sizing a half size up if your feet are incredibly wide. Otherwise, stick with the knit tops and don’t be afraid to stretch them out a little. Plus, Puma’s got a pretty decent return policy. Ultimately the size choice to buy is totally up to you!

Q: What can I use them for?  

A: Presumably you’ll be using them for walking around in, but who are we to judge; you could use them as flower holders as well. Just kidding! These shoes are way too nice to waste on flowers. If you’re asking which sport they’re to be used for, that’s very much dependent on the shoe itself. Cross trainers are a little better for things like HIIT, crossfit, and other lower-impact bouncy activities that don’t stay too long on one thing. Other Puma shoe options are better for weightlifting. Still, others are good for running. Our best advice when buying shoes is to first assess what you need out of the shoes. What size do you need? Which activity will you be using them for? What’s your favorite way to work out? Answer these questions, and then that will lead you towards the style of shoe to purchase. That’s better than asking what you can use them for, as then you can assure that you’re getting the product you need.

Q: Are they supportive?

A: Depends on the shoe! On the whole Pumas have a great emphasis on supporting the foot. People love Pumas solely because of their ability to keep high arches happy. Plastic inserts can keep mesh tops firm, making it possible to have a breathable and supportive shoe; we don’t believe we’d ever seen that before Puma embraced it! The supportive arches and heels are matched by either padded tongues, tight laces, or other features that make sliding into your new shoes a pleasure. You’re definitely going to be happy with these, as well as with the support– Though just how much support you’re getting is up to the shoe.

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