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Skechers Skech Air Review Facts

Running shoes require certain levels of support and stability in order to both protect the runner as well as offer optimal performance capability. Support comes from the midsole of runners. The midsole is usually ergonomically designed in order to hug and contour the foot. This means that the bottom of the foot is supported especially in the areas that require it (like the arch of the foot). There are also different levels of support depending on the runner when considering the arch of the foot. The majority of runners on the market offer neutral support which is supposed to accommodate most arches. While others will offer high and low arch support. Though low arch support sounds something to steer clear of, some have lower arches and require lower support to feel comfortable and to stop pain through the arch due to too high of support. The stability does also go hand-in-hand with the support offered by the midsole. If the bottom of the foot is contoured with strong material, this offers stability through the bottom of the foot. The other areas that give stability are the sides of the runners. If the upper of the runner is made exclusively of a soft and weak material then this may mean that the shoe lacks stability and this does open up the possibility of injury especially if performing vigorous activity. Stability is usually at its peak when a runner offers side panels or overlays that will connect to the lacing system of the shoe. This way the runner can tighten the shoe to their desired level of security to offer the ideal stability to them, their foot and their activity level.

This article is a review of the Skechers Skech Air. This runner is a self-described as a fashion statement, this article focuses in on the Sketchers Sketch Air. This is a lightweight shoe that is sleek in design and offers a 100% synthetic body. We looked at what buyers thought of this runner via its breathability, stability, and support. We looked at the most common positive feedback on the shoe and also the most common negative feedback on the shoe. We also looked at the shoe quality in order to determine how strong it is and how well it stays together after extended periods of time. It is our review of the Skechers Skech Air. We hope that this review assists you in your next trainer purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • These runners are regularly reviewed as being quite attractive in design
  • This runner offers a decent ventilation system thereby making them quite breathable 
  • This runner is made of decent materials making it quite durable 
  • It also offers a decent level of stability despite its lack of support through its midsole
  • The midsole of these runners is quite stiff making movement (specifically lateral) unideal 
  • Some also found these runners to be a little bulky despite its narrow design 


The outsole of this running shoe offers flexible traction that allows the runner to move a little more freely and with better control. Unfortunately, the midsole of this product has been proven to be a little stiff which takes away from the benefit of the flexible outsole. This is discussed more below but without that flexibility, it is hard to move in all directions especially lateral.


The midsole of this shoe offers Skechers Skech-Air dual density shock-absorbing design. This means that it offers support as well as protection from the shock that is associated with vigorous movement. This would more hand-in-hand with this shoe's air-cooled memory foam insole. Memory foam tends to offer a high level of impact reduction and shock absorption for the body. Though this is regarded as being superior to alternatives on the market, there does seem to be some issues with this runners stiffness through the midsole. Though it does offer stability, the support is also an issue as a result. Those who bought this shoe found the midsole of the shoe to be quite stiff and therefore lacked the natural feel that alternative products offer. This is an issue for those who require more natural and free movements.


The upper of this runner offers a knit mesh fabric one-piece design. This makes the runner look more fashionable and aesthetically pleasing. In addition to this, the mesh upper allows for better breathability throughout. This is discussed in more detail below. The upper of this shoe also offers an interwoven stripe and grid design which reviewers really liked. Skechers have been targeted towards a younger crowd over the years but this design has helped really bring this brand in higher regard with older generations. The design of these shoes is accompanied by the classic side S logo as well.


As mentioned earlier, the upper of this product offers an ultra-light mesh interwoven design. This tends to hurt the stability of certain runners, however, it also helps with the weight of the runner. This runner also offers memory foam throughout the insole of this runner. Memory foam is known for being soft and contouring to the body but is historically quite heavy in weight. Those who wore these runners were happy with the weight of these runners, noting that despite the insole offering memory foam, they are still quite lightweight and narrow in design. One issue that reviewers did mention, though, is that the bottom of the shoe is generally quite clunky. The combination of the insole, midsole, and outsole make the shoe quite thick at the base which some didn't particularly like. This, fortunately, did not affect the weight of the shoe, though, which is positive.


As mentioned earlier, this runner offers a lightweight, mesh upper. Mesh is commonly used for the uppers of runners due to its superior ventilation properties. Air is able to enter the shoe and exit with ease when in motion. As a result, feet are kept cool and dry throughout activities like running and sports. This runner is no exception to that benefit. This runner offers a high level of ventilation and breathability to the foot. Those who bought these runners were very happy with the breathability of the shoe. This is especially beneficial in keeping the runner safe. Excess heat build-up can lead to sweat which can lead to slipping. It is very important that a runner offers a proper ventilation system in order to keep the runner safe, which this shoe does.


This runner offers several comfort features including the previously mentioned lightweight memory foam insole. This contours the foot well and offers a nice level of impact reduction. In addition to the insole of this runner, the heel of this runner offers an air-cushioned heel design to help with both energy return as well as impact reduction. Impact reduction helps protect the bones and joints from wear and tear when performing high impact sports like running and basketball. Those who bought this runner did find the runner to be quite comfortable and were surprised by how well the runner fit. They found that though the shoe does lack some support requirements it does offer a decent level of stability which helped them when in motion.


These runners do seem to satisfy those looking for a more fashion-forward shoe. They offer the interwoven material throughout its upper which is quite trendy right now. In addition to this, it is offered in numerous color choices which helps suit individual styles and personalities. Though this shoe is narrow it does offer a slightly bulky outsole. This, some found to be, quite annoying and hurt the aesthetic of the shoe. Otherwise, though, those who bought this shoe were very impressed with its style and felt they could wear it in situations that didn't involve cardio which is positive.


This runner offers an interwoven upper which tends to lack stability and durability sadly, but this is not the case with these runners. The uppers of this runner offer overlays which helps offer stability as well as adds a level of durability to the shoe. The back of this shoe offers a pull tab to easily get the runners off and on. This also protects the fabric on the back of the shoe from wear and tear. The outsole of these runners is also flexibility which gives the outsole a slight 'elasticity' which helps keep the outsole of the runner in better shape and luckily doesn't breakdown the structural integrity of the shoe. Overall, these shoes are quite durable and offer a long shelf life, this is very positive.


This runner offers a padded collar and tongue in order to offer stability and protection to the ankle of the foot. It also offers several shock-absorbing features in order to protect the legs and feet from the issues associated with impact. It also offers a toe bumper to protect the runner from obstacles along the way. The upper of this shoe does offer overlay support but still offers a mesh and interwoven design which would not protect the runner from objects falling on top of the foot. This is why this runner may be better suited for indoor activities or urban runs rather than trail and mountain ones.


Though this runner does offer proper stability throughout it does lack the support along the bottom of the foot that some require. It also is a little stiff throughout its midsole. Those who wore this shoe felt that this issue did impact the responsiveness of the shoe. It is unfortunate that this is the case, as well, because the outsole does offer a decent level of flexibility. Those who bought this shoe did find that it also lacked lateral movement capabilities as a result.


The website does mention several support features like the memory foam insole and its air-cushioned heel design. Though these features do have their advantages, there were several complaints about the support system of these runners. Runners felt that they did not receive the level of support they required from these runners. The midsole and insole do contour the foot, but this is not enough for many reviewers who found that their arches hurt after long runs. This can be a real problem especially for those who require additional support throughout the midsole of their runners.


The outsoles of these runners offer flexible traction that works well on flat surfaces. These runners are meant for urban street running or inside workouts/sport. This runner does not offer the traction necessary for trail runs.


The price point of these runners is midrange albeit a little high for Skechers considering the brand. Those who bought these runners were not unhappy with the price of these runners though. This product offers a high level of durability as well as versatility due to their aesthetically pleasing design. They offer decent longevity and shelf life which definitely helps justify the price of these runners. They don't seem to wear down very quickly either from a purely aesthetical standpoint. Overall, these runners seem to be justified when considering the cost value comparison.


As mentioned earlier in this article, the outsole of these runners has a flexible design which allows the runner to move and stretch a bit when in motion. This typically allows for a more natural movement. The outsole is regularly regarded as offering a decent level of 'stickiness' to the ground being walked on. Though this is the case these runners are intended for indoor activities or city streets. They are only so-so in areas of high moisture and would not offer the right traction for trail running or mountain climbing. They also don't offer the right protection for those activities.


These runners offer a pretty decent level of stability considering its lack of support. These runners offer an interwoven upper which allows the runner to tighten nicely around the upper of the foot by the lacing system of the runner. Though the upper is interwoven, it still offers overlays which connect to the lacing system. This is less common in lighter and softer uppers. Those who wore these shoes were very impressed by its support throughout the upper and heel of these shoes which is really positive.


-Woven flat knit mesh upper for both stability and ventilation throughout the shoe
-Interwoven design and multi-color options for individual styles
-Overlays and woven side panels for additional stability and support
-Heel fabric tab for easy pull-on and take-off
-Padded collar and tongue for comfort and protection of the heel of the foot
-Skech-Air dual density shock absorbing midsole for protection of the bones and joints of the body
-Air cushion heel for energy return and even further protection
-Flexible traction throughout the outsole for a more natural step


To recap, these runners offer high levels of stability and comfort. They lack in support and have a stiff midsole. They are ideal for those looking for a long term investment as they do offer a high level of durability and protection to the foot. They are a highly praised shoe with some minor issues but nothing big enough to deter someone from buying these shoes. They are definitely worth a try!