The 5 Most Common Mistakes When Setting Up Your Tent

common mistakes when setting up tent The 5 Most Common Mistakes When Setting Up Your Tent

Camping can be an exciting outdoor experience, especially when you know how to get your camping items together.

One of the things that people find difficult to assemble when camping out is setting up a tent. But, with these tips on common mistakes to avoid when setting up a tent, you can hardly go wrong when it comes to setting up a tent.

#1: Not Looking up to Spot Dead and Rotten Tree Branches

Often, when people go camping and are getting ready to set up a tent, they scan the surroundings for possible dangers such as beehives or other disruptive items. But, they forget to look upward in order to identify deadlier things like rotten, loose hanging tree branches that may fall any moment and destroy the tent or even cause death.

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Therefore, before ever setting up your tent, make sure you check the surrounding trees for rotten and about-to-fall branches in addition to spotting and getting rid of every other thing that may pose danger.

#2: Not Being Mindful of the Direction of Sunlight

Also, a lot of campers just set up their tents without considering the direction of sunlight. This is also a grievous mistake to make when setting up a tent, especially during summer.

The reason is that your tent can be overheated when it is positioned directly under the sun. Of course you can tell what intense heat and discomfort this will result in. So, you should choose a spot or location that will not expose your tent to direct sunlight.

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In the same manner, you should watch out for the direction of the sun even when you camp out during winter. Campers could be exposed to more cold if the tent is set up away from where it can get sufficient sunlight to provide additional warmth. So, whichever way, ensure you consider the direction of the sun when setting up your camping tent.

#3: Not Choosing a Suitable Ground for Setting Up the Tent

While it is good to look out for a ground that is devoid of roots and rocks, that is not that is required when it comes to choosing a suitable ground for your tent. It is also very important to look out for a higher ground. Are you wondering why? The reason is obvious of course; once it rains on a low level ground, you can bet that inside your tent will be completely flooded.

Putting this and other factors into consideration when setting up a tent can make a huge difference between having a good and a bad camping experience. Well, no one knows it all, especially if you are a first time camper. This is why helpful camping tips like these ones have been put together to guide you.

#4: Rushing the Setting Up of Your Tent

The truth is, it takes time to set up a tent properly. Even the savviest camper can encounter challenges trying to set up a tent. So, you should give yourself an ample of time so that you can set up your camp tent the best it can be.

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The best bait is to always start setting up your tent on time. You need all the natural light you can get so that you can see properly to set up your tent. Once it’s nightfall, you won’t be able to do much and that means sleeping out in the dark.

Therefore, your first port of call once you arrive the camp ground should be the spot where you want to set your tent. As soon as you’re done cleaning the ground and making sure there is no possible danger as noted earlier, get to work immediately to set up the tent.

#5: Not Practicing Setting up Your Tent

As mentioned earlier, setting up a tent can get tricky, even for the savviest camper. However, practicing how to accomplish this task earlier can help make things easier when it’s time to set it up at the camp ground. Practice indeed helps to hone up tent setting ability.

Besides, in the course of practicing tent setting at home, you can ask questions when you get stuck. You can also get assistance or guide from a pro.

Additional Tips

Take It One Step After the Other

It has already been said that you shouldn’t rush the task of setting up your camping tent. So, do the first things first.  For instance, sort the various parts of your tent first to be sure everything has been included. Sort and keep the tent stakes, poles, rain-fly and other parts of the tent aside. This way, you will not stop half way to search for any tent piece when you start setting up.

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Next, unfold the tent and lay it out. It’s also at this point that you start making decision about where you want the entrance to face. For instance, if your target is to get sufficient sunlight as the sun rises, especially if you’re camping out in winter, open your tent’s entrance eastward.

Ensure that all items you need for your camping are ready

Especially for your tent setting, ensure that the following are ready;

  • Tent pegs
  • The main structure, which is the tent body
  • Tent fly
  • Tent poles
  • Tarpaulin

Also, you should not forget to invest in other helpful tools that will enable you set up your tent in a hitch-free manner. Typical examples of such tools include tent peg mallet and a peg remover for dismantling the tent. Also, a hand-held brush is great for brushing down the tent’s tarp and base, as well as cleaning out inside of the tent.

Finally, in order to avoid those mistakes, pay heed to these helpful tips. Additionally, you should leverage the experience of savvy campers, especially if you are just getting started with this rugged outdoor adventure. Ask people who know better than you and learn the best way to experience a fulfilled camping time, not just in the aspect of setting up a tent but every other aspect of camping as well.