What You Must Have in Your Hunting Safety Kit

What You Must Have in Your Hunting Safety Kit What You Must Have in Your Hunting Safety Kit thegearhunt.com

Hunting safety kit necessities

There’s a lot that goes into ensuring you have the most successful hunt possible. Picking your location, picking your firearm, wearing the right scent blocking gear. But there’s a lot more that can go into packing and preparing for a hunt. There’s a lot of gear you probably don’t think about when it comes to packing. And that’s okay, a lot of people miss steps or miss essentials when they pack their kit to head out into the wilderness to bag some game.

It’s also, all about safety. A lot of things go into making sure you’re having a safe and productive hunt, not just for you, but for those with you and those who live in the area you’re hunting in. Some are more obvious than others, and some indirectly ensure you’re having a safe and happy hunt. But all are essentially to make sure everyone is safe while you’re out in the wilderness hunting. So help curb some less than helpful packing practices, here’s the ultimate guide to what you should have in your bag at all times while out hunting:



You should also pack first and foremost, your hunting licenses. Getting caught out hunting without your license on you can result in some hefty consequences and all good and honest hunters are going to have it with them and ready to furnish when asked.



This goes along with your license. You need your tags with you at all times to ensure you’re hunting correctly and legally for the right animal. There’s no reason not to bring them and not reason not to have them ready to show if anyone asks. Always make sure you’re paying attention to your tags and tracking the correct animal. Some pretty sizable fines are waiting for anyone hunting an animal they don’t have a tag for.

First Aid Kit


This is another no-brainer that should be the second things you reach for when packing. It’s unavoidable that you’re going to get hurt at least once, even the most careful hunters are going to hit a snag once in a while. All good hunting kits will come with bandages, disinfectant, some kind of instant freeze pack, and some kind of wrapping. More intense ones might come with scissors and stitching gear. So don’t get caught unprepared and risk making your injury worse with lack of care or infection.

Survival Kit


This goes along with first aid kit and isn’t always essential but something that can certainly ensure your safety if you need it to. Survival kits should include some form of food, usually high calorie protein bars, devices to help start a fire, emergency blankets, signal flares, and flashlights. Even if you’re going out for a few hours on a weekday afternoon, there’s no harm in making sure you’re safe and prepared.



Always pack water. Even the coldest days can see you dehydrated if you don’t keep up with making sure you’re getting increments of water in your system while out. You can pack it in cases, in bottles, or in a hydration bladder that some hunting vests and wearable gear come with. Water can save your life whether you’re drinking it in a pinch while lost in the woods or simply hydrating yourself while moving through the woods. Don’t underestimate the power of water and don’t get caught without it.


Catenary Sys

You need to know where you are and where you’re going. Even if you think you know the area like the back of your hand, there’s no harm or shame in bringing along items such as a GPS to help you find your way throughout the woods and ensure you’re staying on course. This also is a safety measure when hunting near residential areas to ensure you stay the legal limit away from all dwellings and not in danger of getting to close to a home where someone may be out and about, unsuspecting.



You’ll want some kind of knife with you at all times, it’s the miracle tool while out in the field. Whether you need to cut a snag, working on field dressing, or need it for some first aid help, a knife always comes in handy while you’re out in the wilderness. Make sure it’s freshly sharpened or it’ll be no use to you.



If you’re hunting deer or any kind of larger game, you’re going to want to make sure you have a gambrel handy on your hunt. Game is heavy and despite how strong you may think you are, it’s very easy to hurt yourself trying to lift and secure game on your own. This is especially important if you’re a solo hunter without the help of several hands to get your game into storage or someone new to hunting with your first game. Gambrels will relieve you of a lot of the heavy work that comes after you bag your animal and need to get it home and dressed.

Wet Wipes


Blood will get everywhere, especially if you’re field dressing your kill. If you don’t want you or your gear covered in blood and want to cut down on the scent you’re putting out for other animals, bring some wipes to keep everything clean. You can get scentless wipes or you can spring for some with disinfectant qualities to make sure you’re clear of any pathogens or risk for infection, which should be at least used at the end of a hunt to make sure everything is clean.

There’s a lot more that could go into an essential safety list. But the big ones are there. There’s a lot of ways to hurt yourself and others while hunting. So pack the above items to make sure when the unexpected inevitably does happen, you’re prepared and ready to deal with it. And on top of everything, always make sure your gear is as current as possible, your firearm is cleaned and inspected for use, and you’re mindful of everything you’re doing.

Hunting is a lot of fun and relaxing, but only if you take the precautions to make sure it’s safe. Have a great time!