Best Pop Up Tents Reviewed & Rated For Quality and Usability

Have you always wanted to go on one of those long hunting trips but don’t have the shelter gear to make it a reality? Or maybe you’ve gone on several long hunting trips and need a new tent to call your home away from home while you’re in the wilderness.

Either way, you’re going to want something sturdy, with wind breaking material, that’s easy to put together and take apart, as well as transport across the terrain during your hike. You’ll need something that’s reliable, holds up well, and won’t break the bank on you.

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To ensure you have the latest information, we regularly update our list and content. Today, we updated the list by removing and adding 2 tents, added tent accessories to bring, and defined key tent features. Come back regularly to check for changes.

Featured Recommendations

Quechua 2 Second Pop Up
  • Quechua 2 Second Pop Up
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Dark Interior
  • Price: See Here
Bookishbunny Outdoors Instant Tent
  • Bookishbunny Outdoors Instant Tent
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Comfortable
  • Price: See Here
Wnnideo Instant Family Tent
  • Wnnideo Instant Family Tent
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Spacious
  • Price: See Here


10 Best Pop Up Tents


Quechua 2 Second Pop Up Camping Tent

Quechua 2 Second Pop Up Camping Tent
Quechua 2 Second Pop Up Camping Tent sets up easily and features an Easy Guide System that makes taking it down fast and simple. Storing this pop-up tent in most vehicles is simple as it folds down to a disc shape when taken down.
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Blackout Interior
One of the features that make this tent popular is the darkness inside. The blackout coating can help to keep the inside of the tent cooler during the hot summer days. It can also encourage children to sleep longer in the morning, providing parents with some quiet time before starting their long day.
Inside Storage
The Quechua 2 has several small pockets available for storing small items such as toothbrush, glasses, or iPad. You are also able to hang a light or torch in the middle above the head area.
Quick Set-Up
Set up may take a touch longer than the name suggests, but it is still quite fast. There are instructions imprinted on the tent which can come in handy if you tend to lose written manuals.
Features and Specifications
This pop-up tent is designed for three people and weighs 7.30 lb. It is waterproof and made of durable material. It is also wind resistant up to 50 km/h. Inner fly screens let air flow well.
The quality of materials used makes the price reasonable for the Quechua 2. This would be great for camping or hunting trips where only limited space is needed.
Decision Time
If you are in the market for a smaller sized tent, the Quechua is an ideal choice for someone that takes short trips. It can also be great as a child tent while on longer trips.

Very dark interior





2. Bookishbunny Outdoors

2. Bookishbunny Outdoors
This tent features one of the most unique visual designs of any of the tents on this list and has a lot of amenities to boot. It’s got waterproof and weatherproof polyester material with most material for ventilation and a waterproof floor. The poles aren’t flimsy fiberglass but sturdy steel and it’s got two large entrances with double zippers.

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Take on the Elements

It has two types of waterproof material on both the base and the outer shell of the tent. It’s got great ventilation, however, if you need to use it in the summer months or warmer times of the year. The tarp can hold up against wind and snow and repel water as well.

Easy to Use

The tent is a one step setup that pops into place from its round carrying container. There’s no need for difficult or confusing pitching. It folds back into its carrying case just as easy.


This sits at 7.5’ x 4.8’ x 3.1’ for some great space and room for several sleepers. The carrying size is only 30 inches across and less than 2 inches thick so it’s easy to transport. It features a 190T polyester 2000mm waterproof material with a B3 mesh screen and 210D Oxford material at the base. It features a unique dome shape, weighs 5.4 lbs all together and can hold up to 3 adults.


It is an averagely priced tent for quite a bit of bang for your buck. It’s very waterproof, even if it doesn’t come with “luxury” items like extra storage or hooks for lanterns. It’s great for anything that needs to stand up to the elements.

Decision Time

It is a great tent for anyone who needs something easy to assemble in harsh conditions.
  • Comfortable shape
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to transport
  • Highly waterproof
  • Must be repacked correctly or could cause damage.

3. Wnnideo Instant

3. Wnnideo Instant
If you need space, this is where you’re going to want to look. If you’re going out in a big hunting party but want to carry as little gear as possible, this tent can hold up to 6 people easily with its massive area. And it still boasts an easy set up and waterproof features.

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Spacious Size

4-6 people can fit easily in this tent which measures 6 x 6.2 x 323.2 inches all the way around. It’s great for sleeping several members of your hunting party without anyone getting lugged down with carrying gear.

Take on the Weather

For warmer climates, this features 6 mesh panels that allow for breathability while keeping bugs out. That being said, there’s also rain-resistant polyester coating along the outer shell to keep out the rain and any other precipitation.


This is a large tent and it weighs just under 9 lbs altogether. It’s gray in color and features removable panels and shields against rain and sun exposure. It comes with an easy to use bag for storage and features a quick setup and breakdown procedure. It also features UV-resistant material.


For the size of this tent, the price and value are pretty great. While it’s heavy, it does feature a lot and can hold a lot for only a little bit more than what you’d pay for some of the other tents on this list.

Decision Time

If you need a tent for a family hunting trip or want something that can hold as many members of your party as possible, this is a great option for you.
  • Very spacious
  • Easy to use
  • UV-protection
  • Weather resistant
  • Heavier

4. Tent by TSWA

4. Tent by TSWA
This is another tent that boasts itself as a pop-up that you can toss into the air and call it a day on. It’s meant to set up quick and easy and features interior pockets and double door entrances as well as insect screens on the windows to keep out pesky intruders but let in some air.

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The tent is made of a lightweight polyester material. However, don’t let that fool you. It’s waterproof and anti-UV. It can also comfortably hold 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children with leftover room for storage purposes.

Easy to Use

This tent “pops up” when you toss it into the air and let it rise. It comes with a convenient carrying case for the easiest portability and storage options. It’s easy to move around and lightweight to carry.


The tent, made of a lightweight 180T polyester, weighs 3.65 lbs and measures 2.8” x 26” x 26.5” to hold up to 2 adults and 2 children. It’s got a waterproof index of 1000-1500mm and comes with fiberglass poles and a winding rope.


This is right in the middle of our price spectrum for tents so far. And while it does come with some nice amenities, it’s not really a good option for anyone looking for something highly durable to last long periods at a time.

Decision Time

This is the choice for you if you want a daily tent to call home base while out in the wilderness but isn’t the best option if you need something for long-term weathering.
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Ventilation
  • Fairly spacious
  • Can be difficult to repackage

Coleman 2-Person Pop Up Tent

Coleman 2-Person Pop Up Tent
Set up of the Coleman 2-person pop up tent is easy and can be done in less than a minute. Among many of the outdoor brands, this pop-up tent is lightweight and very durable.
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Quick and Easy Set-Up
No poles to put together, just toss it in the air and it is done. Take down is easy as well after you get used to it. There is a bag with a strap included to store the tent and can be thrown over the shoulder to transport.
Features and Specifications
When set up this tent is 7 feet 6 inches x 4 feet 5 inches, with a center height of 2 feet 11 inches. There is room enough for 2 sleep pads. The top of the tent is removable to allow for more ventilation or star gazing.
When compared to most tents of this size it is affordable. It would be more affordable if was a little bit bigger.
Decision Time
This tent is ideal for those looking to solo, an adult with one child or for a child tent.


Portable design

Easy setup





Difficult to fit 2 adults

Not easily brought on a hiking trip with round pack shape when folded down

6. FiveJoy Instant

6. FiveJoy Instant
This is a tent designed to be your home away from home when you really need one out in the wilderness. It sets up in seconds and folds up just as easy while offering you storage areas within the tent and even places to hang extra bags or items of clothing. The windows and doors offer multi-season and multi-purpose use and is even approved for heavy backpacking in extreme conditions.

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Extreme Durability

This is a tent designed for some extreme winter conditions for any type of hunt you could throw at it. It’s waterproof and durability of the material is rated for some extreme terrain and heavy backpacking.

Home Away From Home

Not only does this tent offer you shelter from the elements on cold or extreme weather nights, it also is convenient for getting what luxury you can out of a camping trip in the wilderness. It has storage pockets to help stow away food, extra clothes, or blankets. There are also hanging loops that can hold lanterns, bags for storage, and other provisions.


This is a 4 person tent with a floor area of 80.7” x 78.7”, a vestibule area of 5.9” x 78.7” and a peak height of 47”. The floor materials are PU-coated waterproof rated Oxford while the outer material is PU-coated 190T waterproof rated polyester. It comes with a carrying bag and 8 pegs made of galvanized iron to help stabilize the tent after pop up.


It is an expensive tent but it also has some of the best materials and amenities of any of the ones on this list. It’s got the usual waterproofing and sizing with some added in storage for you and weather options.

Decision Time

If you plan on using this tent in extreme weather conditions and want to be able to come home to a warm shelter after a long hunt, this might be a good buy for you, especially if you want something that will last you a few years.
  • Rated for extreme weather conditions
  • Large area
  • Can hold up to 4 adults
  • Extra storage
  • Some seams can let water in


This is a sturdy and spacious tent option for your hiking needs and it can hold up to 4 adults comfortably within its area. It’s lightweight, takes less than 5 seconds to fold up, and features durable and water resistant fabric. This is a tent truly made for the elements.

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Taking on the Elements

This tent is made out of Oxford fabric. This means that not only does it feature UV coating to protect you from the sun’s rays when it’s beating down in the summer or reflecting off the snow during the winter. It’s also got a nice water resistant feature to keep out snow or rain.

Easy Use

This tent is lightweight at 5lbs and has a fold up time of 3.1 seconds, making it very easy to use and transport during your outdoorsing hikes or hunting.


The tent measures 95” x 71” x 39” with a fold done size of 34”. It weighs under 6lbs. It features two side windows, one top window, and two doors with mesh layer for ventilation and bug control. It can hold up to four adults comfortably.


This tent is a little bit up there but it is spacious and has a lot of durability in the material. Even for the slightly higher price, this tent’s price-value ratio is still in your favor.

Decision Time

If you want something that has a great durability and can hold a large number of people, this is it. It’s designed more for warmer weather, but will work well in the colder days of fall and early spring.
  • Spacious
  • Durable material for weather
  • Can hold a good number of people
  • Better for warm weather  

8. Keumer Automatic

8. Keumer Automatic
First of all, this is made out of K-Oxford waterproof fabric across the tent, which is a great way to start out this review. It’s got 4 doors for maximum space to move around and ventilation. It holds up to 4 people comfortably which could be your entire hiking party if you need it. The inner structure is made of durable fiberglass poles and the tent has one over top window for stargazing or sunbathing.

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Maximum Space

Not only does this tent hold as many as 4 adults, it also has the option of having anywhere between 1 and 4 doors to create the most mobility within the tent and as much ventilation as you could need. It can be used as a spacious sleeping tent or a place to escape the sun and get some cool air during the day.


Instead of having vent holes throughout, this tent can open from all four sides and even has a window overhead. This means maximum air flow depending on your needs nd prevents any sort of claustrophobia within the tent while being used.


This tent measures at an impressive 95” x 71” x 39” with a fold down size of 31” x 2.7”. It’s made of durable fiberglass poles as the inner structure and features a durable waterproof fabric on the outside. It has a 1 second fold up guarantee for as much ease as you could need for clean up.


You get a lot out of this tent and a lot of ways to use it. The price is fair and matches well so just know your money is going to a good place when you buy this tent.

Decision Time

If you want something that can double both as a shelter for the night and a place to use as a headquarters for the day, this is a great choice for you. It’ll protect you from weather, sun, and anything else you can think of.
  • Incredibly spacious
  • Maximum ventilation options
  • Quick fold up
  • Good carrying size
  • Durable fabric and materials
  • Best for daily use as oppose to overnight

9. BATTOP Camping

9. BATTOP Camping
This is a tent that can hold your entire camping and hunting party, depending on how many of you there are. It suggests a capacity of 4, which is a pretty spacious tent. To accommodate this, it actually has two entrances to make coming and going as easy as possible. It’s lightweight, designed for perfect ventilation and even comes with a small pavilion set up.

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As far as outdoor shelters go, this just might be the lap of luxury. This is a spacious tent that can comfortably hold up to 4 adults and has two entrances to give you plenty of room to move around. The tent also comes with a pavilion that can be used outside as a picnic area if you so desire.


This tent is rated waterproof with quick dry aspects and UV protection. It can protect you from the sun’s rays in the summer while keeping you dry in the rain or snow. It also has the option of mesh walls for optimal ventilation during hot and stuffy days.

Features and Specifications

It measures at 78” x 78” x 59” for some great space and is rated for use in three seasons. It’s got two doors in and out for mobility while inside. The inner tent is waterproof, UV ray resistant, and features quick dry material. Setup is automatic and quick with an easy to use opening structure.


You’re getting a huge tent with a lot of pluses for a great price. This tent can hold an entire hunting party and keep you safe from the elements for a great price. So the price to value ratio certainly helps you on this purchase.

Decision Time

If you want something that can hold as many people as you need, create a luxury space, and keep you safe from elements, this is a great choice. It can be used across three seasons and serves as a nice home base for any outdoorsing.
  • Incredibly spacious
  • Waterproof
  • Maximum ventilation
  • UV protection
  • Is susceptible to tearing from use

10. theNORTHblu

10. theNORTHblu
This is a two-person mobile shelter with collapsibility and easy carrying in a storage bag. It folds up in seconds and opens just as easy to create a great space for you to lay your head at night without having to worry about a long clean up in the morning when you need to move camp. It also comes with room for two sleeping pads for comfort from the rough ground.

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Quick Setup

This tent is designed to open and close as quickly as possible while also being as transportable as you could imagine. It comes in a custom traveling bag that keeps it compact and easy to manage during the day. When you decide to rest for the night, it opens within seconds for a comfortable mobile shelter and closes just as easy when you want to clean up camp.

Tons of Comfort

The tent is designed for two sleepers and, as such, has room for two padded sleepers to put some nice, comfy distance between you and the hard ground. On top of that it also has three ventilation holes so you don’t have to worry about waking up too hot or stuffy.

Features and Specifications

The pop up dimensions on this are 87” x 60” x 43” making it wide enough to sleep two with pads. It’s got up to 3 ventilation holes and a mosquito net is able to be deployed at the entrance to keep out pesky bugs. It includes a carrying bag to make travel with it easy and has a seconds guarantee when it comes to set up and collapsibility.


For a tent that holds two with as much amenities as it comes with, this is a well priced mobile shelter for your hunting trips. It can be used both in the hotter months and when the air gets chillier which makes it excellent for any time of year.

Decision Time

If you want a tent large enough to hold two or enough room for you to sprawl out on your own, this is a great choice. It can be used in several different climates and is easy to put together and take apart, making it a great first tent.
  • Room for two
  • Ventilation
  • Quick set up and clean up
  • Carrying case included
  • Does not come with any padded sleepers

Criteria Used in Evaluating Pop Up Tents

So, we have now selected the ten pop up tents that we are prepared to put our head on the block for and we recommend them without fear of contradicting ourselves, but you ask; what criteria did you use to select these ten? We used a number of elements such as the reviews others have given to the tents, the price against the features you can find in the tent, how easy it is to erect, availability, and the tents pros against its cons. Another important factor we considered was the construction of the tent and the type of materials used.

User Reviews

user reviews

Anyone who has ever typed, “best pop up tents in the market” would already know that the competition is tough out there. You also probably have an idea that different sites have different lists when it comes to what the best tent is. Our selection process is a long one. We certainly look at what those in the know are saying; so, we start by visiting the sites of the well-known manufacturers to see what they are saying about their products.

Once we have taken the notes from the sites, we go and look at the user reviews on the sites of big retailers. We read the reviews of users with the aim of determining if what they are saying about the pop-up tents they have bought is in sync with what the manufacturers are saying about the product. If the majority of reviews indicate that the manufacturer is keeping their word, the tent goes on our list.

As you would guess, we start off with huge lists from which we eventually select the best ten. Sometimes we have to whittle down from over 50 products. We then use the elements discussed below to remove certain products until we have ten of the best.

Price and Value

We do not necessarily remove products from our lists because they are either expensive or cheap; otherwise, the list ends up with either cheap or expensive products only. Tents are grouped into their classes according to their cost. Once we have done this, we then look at how the tent compares to others in its own class.

If the tent is really good, but still too expensive for its class, we remove it from the list. Also, if the tent is cheap, but provides better value for the price you pay, it easily gets into our list. Affordable tents that come with lots of accessories and features will always be high on our lists.


We understand that even though pop up tents have a similar setup, they are certainly not the same. What sets the good ones from the rest is the materials from which they are made. This is also what separates the durable ones from the ones that are not so strong. We know that for a tent to be good, it has to combine the right materials. For instance, we think that tents made from a material that offers UV protection are better.

sentting up a pop up tent

Most people who buy pop up tents want them to be lightweight because they would want to travel with them. When a tent is lightweight, it also means that setting it up is easier. We love tents that set up easily because we think that the days of working hard are well behind us. This is the reason why we prefer aluminum for camping tents.

Pros and Cons

As you can see from all our reviews, we always look at the pros and cons of each tent. Tents with more cons than pros are not good, we take them off our list. This is the reason why you will not find any products with more cons than pros on our lists.


No matter how great a pop-up tent is if it is not available on retailers such as Amazon, we think that the manufacturer is struggling to meet demand. It would be futile to recommend a product that customers will struggle to get. Of course, it is possible that a product may run out of stock after we have recommended it and included it on our list. There is very little we can do there.

Customer Service and Warranties

Warranties and a great product support is the hallmark of a good product. When we evaluate these products, we listen carefully when buyers talk about their experiences when something goes wrong with the products. If the manufacturer wants nothing to do with the customer once the product is in the hand of the customer, we do not think this reflects well on the product, so we take it off our list.

Another evaluation criteria we use is the length of warranty given by the manufacturer of the tent. Our belief is that it reflects the confidence that the manufacturer has on the product. Apart from that, it ensures that the customer knows that if something goes wrong there is recourse.

Best Tips and Tricks When Using Pop Up Tents

If you already own a pop-up tent, you probably know by now its various advantages. If you are reading this article because you’re planning to buy one, we can tell you that the decision you’re about to make is a good one. There are a number of advantages that come with owning this type of tent such as the fact that it will provide you with cheap accommodation for a number of years while hunting or camping, the modern ones set up quickly, and they can be set up almost anywhere. To help you get the best from your pop up accommodation, we have listed some of the best pop-up tent tricks and tips.

Size Matters

about pop up tents

Your experience starts with buying the right tent for your needs. The first thing you want to consider when buying a pop-up tent is its size. This should start with determining the number of people you want to fit inside the tent. Of course, this number will change from time to time but you should have an idea of the average number of people that will use the tent. Even though an average tent can accommodate about 4 people, you can get tents that accommodate between 1 and 6 people.

Consider the Design

With regards to the design, consider the tent windows. They will bring in light and ensure proper ventilation. Mash windows are the best as they can help you get air into the tent while preventing mosquitoes and bugs invading your space. Remember, when camping, you are in the natural habitat of such creatures.

Tricks to Protect Yourself from the Elements

The reason why you need a pop-up tent is to ensure you are protected from the elements. Good tents come with Ultraviolet protection and are also water resistant. But what do I do when camping or hunting and the ground is wet? You ask. Get a good floor mate. It will help you keep both moisture and bugs away.

tent mat

You can also make the floor of your pop up tent more comfortable by using foam floor tiles. The disadvantage of this is that you will have to carry a little more luggage, but once you have set them up, you will be glad you did. Apart from making you feel comfortable, this trick will also help you keep dirt and mud out.

Take care when selecting from the cheaper pop-up tents, they usually come with single skin and this is not always effective at keeping out moisture. Tents that have a double skin are usually more expensive and could also require more effort and time to set up. However, in the long run, they are worth the trouble.

Lighting Tips and Tricks

When you set up camp, you are usually in areas you are not used to; you do not want to add peach darkness into the equation. Ensure that your tent has enough openings to bring in the light during the day. At night make sure you have adequate lighting. By enough lighting, we do not mean having one good light. Rather bring different types so that if one fails, you have something else to turn to.

If you are in an area that has lots of sunshine, you may want to consider using solar as a source of energy. Of course, this will mean carrying batteries to store the energy but it will also ensure that you can charge your other gadgets like the camera and phone. You can also use tent pegs that also double as solar lights. This will keep the area around your tent well-lit and minimize those common accidents that happen in the middle of the night as you try to go out; for instance, to use the toilet. If you do not have the solar tent pegs, you can always use pool noodles.

Another great idea is to create a makeshift light using a headlamp tied to a gallon jug. Fill the gallon with water and strap the light into the gallon with the bulb facing the water. It will light up the whole pop up tent.

Rub Wax Candle on Tent Zippers

We all hate it when the pop-up tent zippers get stuck. To mitigate this problem, rub the zippers with wax candle. You don’t need to buy the candles specifically for this; just use the ones you will use for lighting up the tent.

Another trick you can use to zip your tent easily, especially on those cold days when it’s difficult to hold anything, is to put a key ring on the zips. You can also do this with the zips of jackets you will use while camping. Then you just get your finger inside the keyring and pull up the zipper.

Use an Emergency Blanket to Keep Away the Heat

Sometimes you will find yourself camping in an area that does not have shade. If you feel that there is too much heat coming into the tent, just throw a reflective blanket on top of the pop-up tent. This should deflect the heat while also providing shade.

Keep the Tent from Flying Away

When setting up your pop up tent, take extra care to ensure that there is a windshield to reduce the power of the wind before it gets to your tent. This windshield could be trees or rocks. Steer clear of open spaces. Always travel with someone when you go out camping. Apart from helping you set up the tent, they will also provide the extra weight you need to keep the tent in place no matter how powerful the winds are.

pop up tents placement

Pop up tents come with a number of advantages including the fact that they are affordable, easy to carry around and assemble stress-free. This is what makes this kind of tent an important piece of hunting equipment. If you follow some of the tricks and tips we offer above, you can turn every camping or hunting trip, on this type of tent, on an occasion that no one will forget.

Key Tent Features

Rainfly: A separate waterproof cover made to fit on side windows and/or the roof of the tent. There are two common rainflies. One is roof-only and the other is full-coverage where maximum protection from both the wind and rain is provided.

Tent Materials: Rainflies and the higher-denier fabric are more rugged than ones that have lower-denier. Also, the chance of leakage is reduced with high-denier fabric or seam tape is used on tent floors.

Ventilation: For ventilation, mesh panels are frequently used in the windows, doors, and ceiling of tents. The mesh panels allow for enhanced cross-ventilation and views. If using a tent in a humid climate, consider using one with large mesh panels.

Interior Pockets or Loops: Interior pockets allow for better organization of your tent. Loops at the top-center of the tent are to hang a light or lantern.

Tent Accessories

While out in the woods at a state campsite, you may come across needing a certain item to make your trip easier. Consider the following:

  • Utility Cord
  • Broom and dustpan
  • Tent repair kit
  • Seam Sealer
  • Battery operated ventilation fan


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the most important consideration that I need to make when buying a pop-up tent?

A: The short answer is that when you buy a pop-up tent, you need to determine your needs. Answering the question about the reason why you need a pop-up tent will answer a lot of other questions such as the size you need. When we talk about needs we are asking whether you are going to use the tent when you are out on a hunting excursion, a weekend barbeque, or at the market to display products that you are selling. Once this question has been answered, then you can look at the rest of the questions that follow.

Q: How do I determine the size that is right for me?

A: Decide the number of people that will be using the tent you want to buy. Also, ask yourself how much additional space you will need for your gear and pets if you camp with them. However, you will need to remember that there is no standard measure regarding tent dimension per person. The manufacturers are able to give you an idea of the approximate number of people that can fit comfortably into a tent.

Q: What other important features do I need to consider?

A: It’s called a pop-up tent. For that reason, we believe that it should be easy to set up. You are not on a camping trip to spend the day trying to figure out how to set up a tent.

If there are many of you camping, you may want to consider whether the tent offers you some form of privacy. Some bigger tents can be divided into rooms where people can get some privacy when they need it. Remember, even when you are camping, you will still need to change clothes.

Consider the fabric from which your pop up tent is made. If you notice that it is cheap and the material is of a low quality, it will not last. Even though you will be advised not to set up a pop-up tent if you know that there will be a downpour, ask yourself whether the tent is water-resistant. It could start raining while you are out camping.

Q: Are there any safety considerations I should observe when using a pop-up tent in the rain?

A: The main reason why we advise against setting up a pop-up tent in the rain is that occupants are exposed to the dangers of lightning. Lightning strikes can be fatal. Even if lightning does not leave you dead, you could suffer memory loss, chronic pain, and sleep disorders. This is why it is advisable for campers to find a safe place to hide during a storm. If there is nowhere to hide, your car could be a better alternative; that is if it’s properly earthed.

So before planning a camping trip in a pop-up tent, ensure that you have checked the weather forecast. A weather radio that can be purchased from big retailers like Amazon can be quite helpful for campers who use pop up tents.

Lightning usually strikes isolated objects. So, when you have to camp in the rain, ensure that you camp in a depression where something else is taller than your tent. Lightning usually strikes the tallest objects.

If you are camping in the rain, also ensure that you stay away from the tallest trees. While the storm is in progress, stay away from any good conductors of electricity such as metal poles and bodies of water. However, you need to remember that the tips we give here will only reduce your risk. The best way to keep yourself safe in a storm is to heed the signs and find a more stable place to hide while the storm is raging.

With our in-depth reviews of the best pop up tents for 2017, we are confident you can now find and purchase a quality pop up tend which will last in time.


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