Best Camping Axes Reviewed and Tested for Quality

Gearing up for your next big adventure in the great outdoors? No matter if you’re into survival camping in the wilderness away from the convenience of a modern campsite or just enjoying a great campfire with your friends; don’t forget to bring an ax. No camping trip is complete without a campfire, and building a good fire means cutting wood, splitting logs, and carving tools. Whether you are roughing in the deep backcountry, cutting down trees and hacking apart logs, or sleeping in a luxury RV and breaking up sticks, having one of the best camping axes available today could aid you in building the perfect fire, no matter where you go.

Featured Recommendations

Gerber Hatchet
  • Gerber Hatchet
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Durable
  • Price: See Here
Icetek Steel Axe
  • Icetek Steel Axe
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Light Weight
  • Price: See Here
Mtech Axe
  • Mtech Axe
  • 5 out of 5
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  • Sharpened Spike
  • Price: See Here

When you go camping or hunting, you could often find yourself in desperate circumstances where a freak summer storm blows in and you obviously don’t want a snowstorm to interrupt your trip you’ve been planning for so long. But because you have a good camping ax at your disposal it could come in handy to help you survive your trip rather than struggling to chop wood with a knife or hammer. You would realize the importance of a camping ax the moment the temperature starts dropping and you’d find yourself in a desperate need for a warming fire. So this is where a camping ax turns out to be your best camping companion.


10 Best Camping Axes 


1. Gerber Bear Grylls

1. Gerber Bear Grylls
Don’t let its sheer size and streamlined profile fool you. With its robust features and double duty head, it’s a tool that performs way beyond its class, Weighing less than a liter of water, this compact survival hatchet is an ideal size for surviving the wilderness. It’s a handy survival tool that aids in improvising your outdoor game.
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It’s an all-purpose survival hatchet that stands up to the toughest tasks while giving you a precise control over your camping and hunting tasks.

Superior Grip
The rubber padding on the handle conforms to your hand providing a superior grip even in the harshest of conditions. It ensures a secure hold without slipping even when wet. Plus, the military-grade durable nylon sheath helps keep the razor sharp blade safe when not in use.

Cost and Value
When it comes to cost, this product is considered quite cost-friendly. Now, when you consider the value, you can understand why this product is so popular. As rough as it gets in the woods, the more you’ like to appreciate this little monster’s ability to splitting logs or stacking kindling. It’s built to last a lifetime of punishment whatever nature throws its way.

Easy-to-carry design

3.5-inch razor sharp blade

Provides superior grip

Double duty head

Built to perform in the toughest weather conditions


Slim profile


2. Icetek Sports HF075

2. Icetek Sports HF075
The Icetek Sports HF075 is a critical piece of survival gear which is far more efficient and useful in the wilderness. This portable hunting axe comes in handy when it comes to hammer in tent pegs, splitting wood, using as a weapon or a breaching tool, and maybe even to build a shelter. At around 1.5 lbs, it is nicely weighed and has a heavy-duty cover over the blade that can be strapped on your belt or backpack. It’s extremely lightweight which means it’s easy to use and maneuver. The axe itself has a cover that snaps to hold it in place. Plus the heavy-duty material protects the blade from the wear of tear of time.
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This really is a great addition to any tactical gear and is ideal for camping, cutting logs, hunting, or hiking. The blade is very sharp which makes light work of small trees and limbs for a campfire a breeze.

This axe is just perfect for any outdoor enthusiast who needs an axe but doesn’t want something huge and bulk to carry around in their backpack.

Cost and Value
Out of the many products we are sharing with you today, this one is probably the most valuable, especially when you consider it's lightweight features. However, this may turn to be a downside for some hunters who are looking for a traditional, heavy-duty ax.

Portable hunting axe 

Efficient and useful in the wilderness

Nicely weighed and has a heavy-duty cover over the blade


Extremely lightweight

3. MTech USA MT-AXE8

3. MTech USA MT-AXE8
Made out of heavy-duty stainless steel and state-of-the-art features, the MTech Camping Axe is built to perform in the great outdoors. A versatile defensive weapon always comes in handy and makes a perfect go-to survival gear for your outdoor activities like hunting, camping, hiking, and more. It mimics the feel of a throwing tomahawk while providing optimal balance and heft. The 2 ½-inch spiked design with a drilled hole which makes it a great fit for your hands.
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Travel Companion
It’s a perfect travel companion for the avid outdoorsmen who could use one in the wilderness, plus it helps speed up their hunting game and survive the wilderness.

The Handle
The handle is wrapped in a cord to provide an optimal grip in even the harshest of conditions whether you’re out camping, hunting, fishing, or testing your survival skills. It conforms to your hands without slipping even in high humidity conditions making it an ideal go-to survivalist gear.

Cost and Value
What impressed us the most about this product was its great grip and comfortable handle. This value is unprecedented! Partner this with a great price tag and you have one ax worth your consideration!

Portable full-tang axe

Perfect grip for balance

Features a comfortable cord-wrapped handle

Sharpened spike with drilled hole

Slot cut-out design


Extremely lightweight

4. Rogue River Tactical

4. Rogue River Tactical
Made of 440 stainless steel, the Rogue River Tactical Tomahawk Throwing Axe is a very compact and reliable camping tool that is small enough fit into most glove boxes or tool boxes. Not only it feels great on the hands but it’s terribly well balanced. The grip is very comfortable to hold onto and the blade itself is pretty sharp, plus it comes equipped with a black sheath with a belt loop, making it easy to carry along when camping. The cord around the handle is very high quality and makes it easy and comfortable to hold.
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Snap Button
The snap button holds the handle locks just fine so that you don’t have to worry about it falling out of the sheath while you’re walking around in the wild.

Perfect Camping Tool
This really is a perfect camping tool if you’re going in for hiking or camping with a tall brush, and this handy tool here will have no problem clearing your way out. It will also make a great addition to your camping gear.

Cost and Value
As far as cost and value is concerned, consumers can be assured that this product is priced at a reasonable price, given the amount of value embedded in the product. This is a compact ax, with a strong and sharp blade, making it a perfect companion for those looking for a night in the woods.

Very compact and reliable camping tool

Pretty sharp blade

Extra safe and perfect for camping


Might be too small

5. Z Hunter ZB-027 Axe

5. Z Hunter ZB-027 Axe
This zombie-themed small, easy-to-carry camp axe is surprisingly lightweight and thin but works perfectly well when chopping a few limbs and branches out of trees. It continues to hold its edge even under heavy use, plus the thick wrinkle-finish coating seems to hold up pretty well and adds functionality. Measuring 9.5" overall, this Z Hunter tomahawk axe has a 3mm thick. 2.8" black wrinkle-finished blade with a bright neon zombie green cord wrapped handle for a superior grip. It can also be unwrapped and used in a variety of survival situations making this handy axe a reliable sidekick when in the woods.
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Easy and Safe Transport
The bright green cording makes this axe pretty attractive plus it comes completely with a nylon sheath that has the biohazard on it for easy and safe transport.

Durable and Sharp
It is truly full-tang which means it can practically last forever regardless of the conditions you use it in for. It is razor sharp and perfect for attaching it to the shoulder strap of your bug-out-bag. It’s perfect for kindling and removing small limbs and branches on trails and for fires.

Cost and Value
Overall, it’s an excellent purchase of a great camping tool at a great price.


Amazing design

Has a 3mm thick. 2.8" black wrinkle-finished blade


Can be only used to chop branches

6. Compadre Camp

6. Compadre Camp
Whether you’re prepping your next big game or pounding in stakes for your campsite, this is just the right tool for the avid outdoorsmen who’re heading off into the wilderness. Its compact size makes it a great fit for your survival gear and it fits quite well in backpacks for easy carry. No camping obstacles will come your way until you have the Compadre Camp Axe in your possession. Now say goodbye to your chopping and hacking woes in the wilderness.
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The Compadre Camp Axe is specifically designed as an all-round camp axe for anything and everything that has to do with chopping, dicing or slicing. Precision engineered and beautifully crafted with an avid outdoorsman in mind, it’s a solid all-purpose axe with a convenient black leather sheath and a striking red powdercoat finish on the blades making it a unique survival tool for the great outdoors.

Adding a depth to its appeal is the walnut handle that provides a superior grip to ensure a precision control over your tasks.

Cost and Value
If there is one ax that can make camping easier - it's this one. Built from some of the best materials and offering some of the best value on our list today - this is a deal you can't pass up.

Heavy-duty 5160 steel construction

Features a durable black leather sheath

Red powder-coated handle

Rugged and corrosion resistant

Easy and comfortable carry


Might feel too light

7. Kershaw 1071BWX

7. Kershaw 1071BWX
A very versatile axe in an easy-to-pack size, the Kershaw 1071BWX has some pretty good talents under its sleeves – the sharp edge makes quick work of smaller branches to create a great supply of tinder perfect for getting your campfire going. This handy camping tool lives up to the brilliant craftsmanship you’d expect from a heavy-duty camping axe. It feels solid on hands and has a nice grip. It’s a good compromise of weight, size, and durability. With just over 10-inches in length and 15 ounces in weight, it can fit just perfectly in your gear pack.
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Multiple Tools
The back of the tool is a hammer, which is just perfect for pounding in tent stakes. Plus, there’s a built-in pry point, a nail remover, and a bottle opener along with a set of four hex tools. Even with so many tools on board, the Tinder is easy to take along.

Blackwash Finish
A Blackwash finish helps protect the steel against harsh conditions and hides scratches. And the sturdy, all-weather glass-filled nylon handle makes for extra-secure grip.

Cost and Value
If you are in the market for a small, durable, and heavy-duty ax, this may just be the product for you. The best part is, and many consumers are taken by surprise, the price tag! It's cost-friendly and boasting in value!

Easy-to-pack size

Brilliant craftsmanship

The back of the tool is a hammer


Might be too small depending on your needs

8. Schrade SCAXE10

8. Schrade SCAXE10
The Schrade SCAXE10 Full Tang Hatchet is a small, lightweight, multi-purpose camping hatchet/axe made of heavy-duty stainless steel which feels equally comfortable on your hands. Whether you’re looking to carry an axe to carry on for your daily jobs as first responders, or just to keep around for emergencies, the Schrade SCAXE10 is just the thing for you. This is a rugged one-piece packable hatchet made from a slab of 3Cr13 Stainless Steel with a large polished brushed-finish bevel, and a powder-coated head with a Hammer Pommel, black TPR rubber-wrapped handle for added protection. The TPR is basically a Thermoplastic Elastomer similar to that of TPE which makes it a perfect choice for handle grip.
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The 3Cr13 is a terrific stainless steel alloy for an axe head because it is relatively easy to sharpen and holds the edge pretty well.

Thermoplastic Belt Sheath
It also comes protected by a thermoplastic belt sheath, and a snap on the front secures the axe firmly in place. It’s terribly well-balanced for single-handed operation and there’s plenty of weight behind each swing, yet it is light enough to wield without undue fatigue.

Cost and Value
Overall, it’s an ideal tool for budget-strapped campers and survivalists who need a small, handy hatchet for processing wood.

Multi-purpose camping hatchet/axe

Heavy-duty stainless steel

Relatively easy to sharpen


Generally small axe

9. Engraved Hunting

9. Engraved Hunting
This brilliantly personalized camping axe with a beautifully engraved handle, custom made for any avid adventurer or hunter who loves the outdoors. It’s an original, handcrafted fun gift for groomsmen, fathers, brothers and that special outdoorsman in your life who love the thrill of the wild.
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Stylish and Handy
Build your favorite memories of the wild outdoors, your little camping trips or your thrill-seeking hunting expeditions, with this stylish and very handy engraved hunting camping axe. The axe comes with a sheath that has a belt loop on it.

Custom Engravings
This personalized camping tool will not only aid you building a perfect fire in the woods but with the custom engravings, it will also keep your loved ones close.

Cost and Value
There is no other product on today's list that is quite like this one. What caught us by surprise was the unique ability to custom engrave this ax. With such value, this product is evidently worth the pennies.

Custom made

Stylish and very handy engraved axe

Comes with a sheath that has a belt loop on it


Can be used for basic chopping only

10. Morakniv Boron Steel

10. Morakniv Boron Steel
This sturdy camping axe is a robust yet economical camping tool with a strong reputation. It’s made by Morakniv of Sweden and is created from Boron steel coated with an attractive black epoxy finish and affixed to a reinforced polymer handle for increased durability. It is extremely lightweight which makes it ideal to carry in and around in a backpack when on camping trips. This is a perfect accessory for the avid outdoorsman, plus the simplistic approach offers reliable functionality in a modern, sleek design. And the gorgeous sheath leather is a bonus for added security.
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Grip and Handle
This is a versatile, heavy-duty tool with traditional lines and functionality, and is shaped for a good grip even if you’re wearing gloves or mitts. The polymer handle will also resist vibrations throughout the axe and actually allows the 12.6-inch camp axe to weigh only 17.5 oz, making it ideal for medium hunting game or hiking where carrying a heavy axe doesn’t seem feasible.

The handle is ergonomically shaped and is available in two colors: military green and fluorescent orange.

Cost and Value
As the last product on our list, you might be shocked to hear that this one can easily compete with the very best that we shared above. This ax is built from durable Boron steel, has a comfortable and lightweight build, and comes in two different colors. What do you think?

Made of Boron steel

Extremely lightweight

Reliably functional

Has a polymer handle which resists vibrations 


The hatchet might be too light

Why Do You Need a Camping Axe?

When camping in the deep backcountry away from the hustle and bustle of the city life you left behind, having a tool to aid you is a must. Cutting wood, splitting logs, and even animal butchery can be aided by the use of a proper camping ax. They also come in handy when sharpening sticks for roasting food over the fire, or to hunt. Axes or hatchets are far more efficient and useful in the wilderness. Studies suggest that prehistoric humanoids who used axes and hatchets were more advanced and had better hunting skills than those who used knives only.

After all, no matter if you’re an active survivalist or a professional hunter, you need to be aware that axes and hatchets can bring you far ahead of your enemies and gives you a heads-up to speed up your game when it comes to hunting. Some axes are designed for only one job, but some of the best camping axes for an all-around camper are designed to do many things. They can help you in an emergency situation when you need to break some wooden pieces after a freak storm, or in extreme situations, self-defense. They have a whole host of survival uses and are a perfect camping tool to have around.

Choosing the Best Camping Axes

Having the right ax can make a huge difference in your whole camping experience, but how odd you decide which one is right for you? The best camping axes can be used for more than just chopping a few logs during your journey into the wild. Whatever the situation is, an ax will be an invaluable item in your inventory. The ax you choose depends largely on how you plan to use it. If you’re looking for a hand ax for the family cabin, you might want to have one that’s great for chopping wood, while a hatchet or a surviving ax for an alpine hike should be lightweight and replace as many tools as possible.

Understanding the Parts

Knowing about the parts of a camping axe or a survival axe and what makes for good or bad quality with these parts help you with the selection of your axe.

Handle – This is the most crucial part of any survival or camping axe and is made from a straight-grained piece of wood, usually hickory. With technological advancements, camping axes have come a long way. Today, many axes have handles made of fiberglass or metal. An axe handle directs the force on the axe head and takes all the hard beating so you need a great handle for your surviving tool. Take a note of the grain before choosing a wooden handle axe. The grain of the wood should be directed towards the blade as this is the strongest orientation of the grain to withstand force. The horizontal grain, on the other hand, is more likely to break under severe force.

Head – This is the part of the axe which bites into the wood. The best quality axes are those made out of forged steel with a high carbon cutting edge. Just so you know, the entire blade of the axe doesn’t have to be high carbon steel, in fact, the head is better off being low carbon steel to give the blade more flex. The Vikings used to make their axes the similar way – low carbon steel head with a high carbon steel cutting edge.

Criteria Used to Evaluate Camping Axes

Now you have an idea of what camping axes we consider to be the best in the market; it’s time for us to explain ourselves. Putting together a group of products and naming them the best ten is the easy part. However, if this list is to be taken seriously by anyone, we need to explain a little bit more about the process of selecting the options above. Otherwise, we are just another website with an opinion.

Importance of Research

Any good review starts with an understanding of what the important elements of a particular product are. The reason why we consider ourselves an authority when it comes to all things hunting and outdoors is that we love researching this area. We accept that there are other people who may have knowledge we do not have, so, we go out to see what they are saying about what is important when it comes to a particular product.

When we check our facts, we always ensure that we do so from the best sources. We know them, we have been doing this kind of stuff for some time. We compare the knowledge we get from the experts with what we already know to ensure that we are not unfairly evaluating a given product.

We do not just stop researching these products just because we have found the first ten we like. Most of the times we start off with over 50 products which we then whittled down to the ten we end up with. The separation process is rigorous. It looks at features such as how durable the product is, what other reviewers are saying about the product, the price and value after sales support, durability and other such issues.

Is it for camping?

In the buying guide, we are looking specifically for axes that would be great for camping. So how exactly do we tell that the axe we are looking at will be great for a camping trip?

We take into consideration the size. Since you are not going to be using the axe at home, we expect it to be lightweight. This will help you get a range of movement which is greater when you are using the axe. On the camping trip, you are not going to be cutting large trees but rather small bushes as you clear the space to lay your tent. Even though you could benefit from a sharp axe, we do not think it is as important as it would be when you are cutting wood.

Camping axes should do more than just cut stuff. It should be able to do several other things. For instance, we love axes whose another side can be used as a hammer. You could use this when setting up your tent and driving in the stakes. An example of a camping axe that will do more than one thing is the Icetek Sports HF075 Outdoor Camping axe which made it into the number two slot on this list.

We know that there is no single axe that will handle all your needs as a camper. However, we highly rate those axes that are multipurpose. We believe that there is no need for one to carry both an axe and hammer on a hunting trip. Your hunting axe should act as a hammer too.


Once we have decided that a product will make it into our top ten list, we always attempt to test the product. There is no way we can pretend that we are able to test all the products we review but we can promise that we try. Sometimes we are lucky to know a person who has purchased the product we are reviewing; we ask questions. If there is a possibility that the product has been tested on YouTube or another online channel, we look at the videos.

Reviews from Users

As we have already indicated, there is no way we can pretend to have used all the products we review. We use the reviews of verified users who have purchased the products we feature.  When we look at these reviews, we always try to ensure that we look at products that are consistently getting good reviews from many users. We believe that an axe that scores 5 stars just from a single user has not been adequately tested.

When reading these reviews we also to ensure that the reviewer gave good enough reasons why the product is great or not great. When we see consistent reasons supporting the rating users give to a particular hunting axe, we start to consider that reason more seriously.

Price and Value

We believe that your axe should last you a lifetime. So, no matter how much your axe costs, it should still give you a good service. When we look at value, we consider the strength of the two parts of your axe: the head and the handle. Even in cheaper axes, both these parts should be of high quality.

We also look at the material used in the manufacture of the axe. The way the wood that makes the axe is treated has an impact on how strong the axe will be. When we look at the handle and notice that the wood has a continuous grain, we know that it is strong.

Features and Specifications

While there are not many features and specifications when it comes to axes, we noticed that some manufacturers try to make the product as comfortable to use as possible. For instance, we rate camping axes that are lightweight highly. We also look at those axes that come with belt loops that make it easier to carry around on a camping trip.

Other Factors to Consider

Choosing the best camping axe or hatchet is an essential part of a great outdoor and camping experience, whether it’s a fun camping trip just a short drive outside of town or a serious hunting trip out in the middle of nowhere. Below are some features and qualities to look for when looking out for the best camping axe for your outdoor experience.

Size – This includes weight as well as physical dimensions. The biggest difference between a full-fledged tree chopper and a camping axe is the size. If you’re out in the wild on a camping trip, you certainly don’t need to carry a big lumberjack axe that’s originally designed for chopping down trees. As it needs to be carried around, a good camping axe or hatchet should be between 12-inch and 24-inch. Some axe heads detach from the handle which makes them easier to carry. A longer handle, on the other hand, can reduce effort by increasing the momentum of your swing and are harder to carry around.

Weight – Knowing the weight of your axe is extremely important, especially when you’re on a camping trip. Having a few extra weights in your backpack is fine, but unnecessary weight can be exhausting when walking those extra miles in the wild. How the camping hatchet feels on your hands should be a top priority because you don’t want your camping pack to be too heavy, especially when you’re planning on carrying it with you all the time.

Agility – Camp axes or hatchets are usually smaller and lighter than those heavy-duty surviving axes, so you get a pretty good range of movement. They can be very helpful when you need to clear small amounts of bush or dead limbs or at times, removing rocks from the campsite. Sharpness isn’t as important as with other chores, such as chopping wood or splitting logs.

Strength – A standard camping axe has two parts – head and the handle. In a decent utility axe, both should be strong and the joint should be firm. You can find those new-age one-piece solid axes on the market as well, in which the handle and the head are forged from the same piece of metal. These one-piece axes are usually lighter than the standard two-piece axes and are less likely to break, even under difficult circumstances.

Penetration – There’s nothing worse than chopping logs with a dull axe in the wild. Penetration is an important feature which affects the quality and durability of your axe. Penetration is a combination of sharpness, the grind of the bit, and balance. It’s important to have a good penetration ability in your axe, especially when you plan to use it for chopping firewood, shaving tinder, hacking logs, and splitting limbs. You’ll need an axe with a narrower grind, so that it will sink into the wood firmly and easily.

Durability – Knowing how your camping axe or hatchet will hold up against dire circumstances is an equally important factor worth considering before buying one. Remember camping axes are not just meant for chopping wood; they can be used for anything from landscaping to construction or even demolition. If you want a good hatchet or axe for your little camping trips, you’d probably need one that won’t rot when left out in the rain or the one that can stand up to long-term use without having to worry about the handle breaking or the blade wearing down too quickly. Always look for durable materials because not every tool is designed for all-weather conditions.

Handle Grip – The grip on the handle is important for safety as well as for fast and effective swings. It’s always a good idea to use leather gloves when handling a camping hatchet or axe, but in an emergency when the weather is rough, let’s say when it rains, you would want an axe with a good handle that you can hang onto while chopping, even with wet hands.

Sheaths – A good and reliable sheath protects both the axe and the handler, so it would be wise to choose a durable sheath of strong leather or ballistic nylon. Some have clips to attach them to a backpack, the inside of a boat, or to your belt.

Price – Last but not the least, the price, after all, you get what you pay for. As with every other outdoor equipment, you get exactly the quality you paid for. You want to go for an axe that’s the most bang for your buck while also reliable enough to perform all the functions that you need it for. If you’re an avid camper or someone who takes hunting trips often, it might be great to invest a little more money on a well-built axe. On the other hand, if you aren’t much of an outdoorsman and the quality of the axe doesn’t mean a lot, it makes sense to go with a cheaper option.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any safety tips I should observe when using a camping axe?

A: Like any tool, failing to observe safety instructions could lead to serious injury or even death. In most cases, the manufacturer will stick the safety tips on the handle of the axe. Ensure that you read them carefully.

Axes are designed to cut and if they are not handled with care, can accidentally cause injury. When you are moving around with your camping axe, it is advisable that you sheath it so that the cutting edge is not exposed.

Always remember to beware of what is happening around you when you are using an axe. A child could come behind you without you noticing. Also, ensure that there is no one in front of you as you use the axe. If it slips off your hand, the force could injure someone.

Q: What is the safest way to hand the axe to someone?

A: The safest way of handling an axe to someone else is to put it down and have them pick it up from the ground. In case you are in a situation where putting the axe on the ground is not possible, then you should execute the handover process with the utmost care. Ask the person you are handing the axe to whether you can now let go of the axe before you do. It could also be helpful that when you hand over the axe, the cutting edge is facing upwards.

Q: How should I store my camping axe while on a camping trip?

A: Whether you are on a camping trip or not, it is always important to ensure that you do not keep the axe in such a position that it may cause injury. If not properly stored someone may step on the sharp edge of the axe and trip over it and get injured. Also, you do not want children to access the axe and cause injury to themselves.

Always ensure that you keep the axe inside its sheath. If this is not possible, you can sink the axe into a log. Of course, this will not be a good method for the storage of a double bit axe. If the axe has a double bit, then you need to ensure that both the cutting edges are covered. If you are storing the axe at home, use common sense and place it in such a way that it is away from places where people walk or where children can access it without permission.

Q: What are some maintenance tips?

A: The maintenance of your axe starts with understanding the number of parts it has. The most important parts of your axe are the head and the handle. Sometimes the two are made from metal but at certain times the handle is made from wood while the head is made from metal. A coat of oil on both these parts is one of the most common ways of maintaining the tool in a great condition. You can use special oils such as gun oil for the head and boiled linseed on the handle. However, we will let you in on a secret, even your everyday oil you use in your garage will do the trick and eliminate the need for any special oils. Even the oil you use in the kitchen or Vaseline will do the trick.

Always remember that the biggest enemy to your camping axes head is moisture. Moisture makes it easy for the rusting process to happen. A coat of oil on the head will keep away moisture. Remember to always wipe off the oil or grease you use to coat the parts of your camping axe. If there is too much oil on the handle, it can become slippery and dangerous to use.

You also need to ensure that the handle stays dry. If it is excessively exposed to moisture, it will start to rot. This rotting happens more rapidly in the area where the handle sits inside the eye of the head. You also need to ensure that the handle does not become too dry. If it does, it tends to shrink and then allow the head to become loose.

Q: Why are fiberglass axe handles becoming popular?

A: Indeed if you look at axes made in the last five or so years, you will notice that fiberglass axe handles are becoming more common. We believe that the reason behind this is the advantages of these handles when compared to wood and metal. For instance, fiberglass does not rust and neither does it rot when exposed to moisture. This makes fiberglass durable.

Q: Which is the best material for an axe handle?

A: All the materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you are looking for a handle that will be lightweight, then you will probably go with wood. However, wood can shrink when it dries and leave the head loose. While fiberglass can withstand the elements, it is heavier. The advantage of a metal handle is that it is secured to the head and there is a very little risk of it getting loose. Whatever choice you make will depend on your preferences and how you can tolerate the disadvantages of each type of material.

Q: What safety equipment is recommended when using an axe?

A: The following safety equipment is recommended when using any type of axe or hatchet:

  • Safety glasses
  • Gloves
  • Steel-toed work boots

Q: What are the different types of axes?

A: There are five common types of axes and they include felling axes, Hudson Bay axes, splitting mauls, broadaxes, and carpenter’s axes. Felling axes are used for chopping down (felling) trees. This type of axe typically has a handle that is between 70cm and 90cm in length and a head that weighs between 1kg to 2 kg. These types of axes are suitable for camping but because of their heavier weight and larger size, they are less suitable for backpacking.

Hudson Bay axes and felling axes are similar, but the head of the Hudson Bay is smaller, the handle is shorter, and they weigh less. These axes are excellent for chopping smaller logs and trees. Splitting mauls are also referred to as a splitter with a wedge-shaped head. These axes are used for splitting logs along the grain, while axes chop across the grain.

Broadaxes are full sized axes and are exceptional carpentry tools that are suitable for shaping logs and planks. Carpenter’s axes and broadaxes are similar, but the carpenter’s axe is smaller and is not used for chopping firewood or tree.

Decision Time

Modern heavy-duty materials and incredible design have transformed the camping axes from a simple blade to a multi-purpose tool that’s easy and comfortable to carry even on a challenging hunting trip. The axe you choose largely depends on how you plan to use it. With a little research and a knowledge of your budget, your needs and requirements, your expertise level, and the conditions in which you’re planning to use this axe, you should be well on your way to finding the best camping axes for your needs.


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  2. Art of Manliness: A Primer on the Ax: How to Choose the Right Ax for You
  3. Gizmodo: All the Neat Stuff You Can Do With a Hatchet, Safely
  4. Survival Sherpa: Camping Axes
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