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Best Handgun Magazines Reviewed and Tested

last updated Mar 12, 2019

The gun is as good as a piece of junk without its ammunition and the magazine that efficiently carries the ammo. Every prospective gun owner carries one for one sole purpose – security. After all, what good is a firearm if it cannot protect its owner in desperate times and make no mistake: a loaded gun is way more effective than the one that’s not. A concealed firearm is probably the best self-defense weapon and it’s sure to put a leash on the bad guys. And magazines are integral to your firearms and stores ammunition. Although often misused when referring to small firearms, the terms magazine and clip are not interchangeable. A magazine feeds ammunition into the firearm’s chamber. Basically, a magazine stores cartridges and move them into the firearm’s chamber. Here's our list of the best on the market!

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Taylor Belmer
By Taylor Belmer:

In this update, we answered so frequently asked questions about handgun magazines. The purpose of this update is to provide you with further information on handgun magazines that are on the market today, hopefully making your purchase decision easier and your experience better.

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  • Tactical Solutions SLAM Tactical Solutions SLAM
  • Product 2 Product 2
  • Product 3 Product 3
  • Product 4 Product 4
  • Product 5 Product 5
  • Product 6 Product 6
  • Product 7 Product 7
  • Product 8 Product 8
  • Product 9 Product 9


1. Tactical Solutions SLAM

Tactical Solutions SLAM

The Tactical Solutions SLAM (Spring Loaded Action Mag) Magazine, which is compatible with any Ruger 22/45 model, including the Lite, boasts an impact-resistant Zytel extended-length base pad which makes sure it’s seated properly each and every time.

2. Product 2

Product 2

3. Product 3

Product 3

4. Product 4

Product 4

5. Product 5

Product 5

6. Product 6

Product 6

7. Product 7

Product 7

8. Product 8

Product 8

9. Product 9

Product 9