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Daisy Powerline 340 Review Facts

The Daisy Powerline 340 is not really a firearm or pistol. It is better described as a BB repeater. The terms ‘gun’ and ‘pistol’ are used loosely in this review. To the untrained eye, the Daisy Powerline 340 looks like a Beretta 92.

Why it is called a 340 is a mystery. It shoots 240 feet per second. It is a reliable tool to use to learn basic plinking and practice with a handgun. The word that runs through all reviews by testers is ‘fun.’ It is a spring powered .177 (4.5mm) BB repeater. The gun is as close to a firearm as one can get without being a firearm.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 200-shot BB reservoir
  • Excellent shooting velocity
  • High-capacity magazine
  • Looks and feels real
  • Spring powered
  • Breaks easily
  • Not the most accurate of power packed BB guns

Primary Use

It takes a little time to learn to load the gun. When the process is mastered, the pistol is fun to use. It makes an excellent first BB gun. The beginner does not have to spend a lot of money as he or she learns how to use it and the generals about a BB pistol.

It is perfect, not only for the beginner but any skill level as long as instructions in the manual are followed. One of the testers referenced in this review said he killed a couple of squirrels using the gun.

Fans of the Beretta 92 or Taurus PT92 may enjoy practicing with the Daisy Powerline 340 in the middle of winter, in the garage, or teaching a kid to shoot for the first time. As for firing the gun, shooters have a great time.

They return to their childhood when first BB repeater or BB gun was a spring powered handgun similar to a 1911 style. There is a safety lever to use if needed to teach the basics of safe gun handling. It is a fun way to introduce some sort of firearm or a BB gun to a kid or someone who is recoil sensitive that refuses to touch a gun. After being acclimated to the pistol, it is easy to cock.

When the gun is racked, the hammer comes back. There is no CO₂ or pumping required. It is not very powerful. It has a drop magazine with some cool features. The BBs are loaded into it. Click it back in after loading. The excellent shooting velocity and high-capacity magazine are great for beginners.

The trigger requires six pounds of pull, similar to weapons not intended for fun only. The shooter hits the wall then there is a break. It feels as though there is a latching trigger, but the shot cannot be repeated.

With a spring powered pistol, the shooter can be slow and lazy if they choose. The cock and slike are very simple. Give it a little tug one time and cock the hammer. The cock is slid back for every shot taken.

Shooting or firing at a row cannot be done without pulling back on the slide every time. Those short few seconds allow the shooter to focus on aim and accuracy.

There are those who are not fond of this type of weapon. The time lost pulling back on the slide is too slow for them, and they fear losing aim because of the constant slide pulling. The Powerline 30 is a relatively quiet gun. The Powerline 340 offers coverage of approximately 100 yards, Those familiar with weaponry know the spring air pistol is not a powerful BB gun.


The BBs are fired from a .177 or 4.5 mm caliber barrel. The barrel is made of metal. It is a black and smooth bore steel barrel with a maximum velocity of 240 feet per second.

Stock Options

The handle is about 1½ inches wide, which makes reaching the safety and magazine release difficult. The grips of the Powerline 340 are different enough from the Beretta 92 so that they are not interchangeable.

The handle is chunkier than the Beretta 92. It is incredibly blocky. The gun does not fit well in the hand. Both hands can be wrapped across the handle to manipulate the firearm. Using two fingers is dangerous and unwise. It is not particularly comfortable to shoot for any length of time.

It feels like a toy. There are lines on the back and front of the handle which provide a bit of grip and traction. One tester took a dremel and ground out one side and plans to undercut the trigger guard.


Unloaded, the Daisy Powerline 340 weighs one pound. It doesn’t feel like 16 ounces, especially for someone who is used to firing a Beretta 92 which feels so much more.


There is no ramp for any kind of tactical light or red dot. There is not much that can be done as far as accessories on the Daisy Powerline 340. No real gun parts can be added. There is one magazine included with the purchase. The gun has no BBs included in the purchase package.


The shot has a bit of hop and fires upward. The small BBs are vulnerable in the wind. When shooting at aluminum cans, the BBs do not penetrate the cans. The Daisy Powerline 340 has a 200-round capacity magazine with a speed loader that allows 13 BBs to be speed reloaded into the front.

BBs are small pellets that fire from the barrel. They are the bullets of the airsoft world. BBs determine the quality of the experience. The BBs used in the Daisy Powerline 340 offer a shooting velocity of 240 feet per second (fps).

There are about five different types of BBs available for purchase. The testers referenced in this review used either copperhead, 17 calibers steel BBs, or the Daisy Precision Max that comes in a tube hold 350 BBs like those available years ago.


The magazine is innovative which is interesting to see in an inexpensive BB gun. BBs can be loaded one by one at the front of the magazine. Each BB clicks into place followed by the person loading the BBs pulling the BB down with a slider on the magazine.

The speed load clip is located on the grip. A tab at the bottom of the magazine opens a compartment to pour in the BBs to be shot. Another tab is pulled until it clicks to line up 13 BBs to be shot, followed by tilting or shaking the magazine.

Push that tab back down until it clicks when the BBs are loaded. The speed load clip reloads without removing the magazine. Quick loads are not particularly useful for the BB pistol.

They are of more importance for hunting weapons. ns-reviewed/">air pistol is all black and has a buffed and rugged look. The dimensions are 11” x 2” x 8”. The weight and ideally sized body of the 340 BB pistol offers a real experience. Spring-powered guns have the least breakable parts and are very durable.

Spring powered pistols are more durable than most other-powered airsoft pistol. The Daisy Powerline 340 has quality construction that promises a long life. The body is made of imported and synthetic hard plastic. Its appearance looks like it is a real firearm.


It is 8.5 inches in length. It has a semi-functional metal hammer which is not found on all guns. There is a crossbow trigger lock safety. The best features of the pistol are the working parts. They are the hammer, safety, and magazine that fits in the gun by pressing a side button.

There are issues with a gun that is so cheap. It is plastic in a lot of different parts. It does not seem as sturdy as it possibly should. It has an all-metal slide. The clip is plastic. It is easy to insert and remove.

The hammer is fake and cannot be released every time it is used. The side release is also for show because the side does not lock back. It is an airsoft gun. Airsoft pistols often lack the realism and hand feel.

The Daisy air pistol has a 200-shot reservoir with a speed loading clip that holds 13 BBs. The sights are blade and ramp front with a fixed open rear. There is a crossbolt trigger.

The Daisy air pistol is all black and has a buffed and rugged look. The dimensions are 11” x 2” x 8”. The weight and ideally sized body of the 340 BB pistol offers a real experience. Spring-powered guns have the least breakable parts and are very durable.

Spring powered pistols are more durable than most other-powered airsoft pistol. The Daisy Powerline 340 has quality construction that promises a long life. The body is made of imported and synthetic hard plastic. Its appearance looks like it is a real firearm.

The gun is very realistic and similar to the Beretta 92. There are differences in the design between a Daisy Powerline 340 and a Beretta 92. The construction aside from the barrel and some of the internals is lightweight plastic. From the top, some serrations are very similar to a Beretta 92 series firearm.

It has molded parts that are not moveable. The takedown lever is very similar to the Beretta 92 design where the shooter pushes down on the button on the right-hand side and pulls down on the takedown lever.

The hammer is a design element. The gun is not hammer-driven. It goes off with some kind of internal mechanism. The trigger and grips are thick, thicker than a Beretta 92. A positive feature of the trigger is that there is a little bit of dead travel, a little under a ½ inch.

The top of the slide does not have the same cutout that appears on the Beretta. The shooter can see the barrel and the plastic guide rod. The spring mechanism is either in the rear or at the bottom like a traditional guide rod on a Beretta 92. There is about a ⅛ of the cutout found on the Beretta 92 pistol.

It has a decent iron sight that lines up well. These attributes make a spring powered pistol appealing and perfect for inexperienced users. Experts can indulge in the benefits as well. There is a limited one-year warranty included. There have been a few complaints about the gun breaking soon after using.


Because they must be cocked each time, spring powered guns are the safest of BB guns. What is interesting is the actual safety is what would be the slide stop or slide release. The safety is engaged by tilting it. When the safety is on, nothing happens when the trigger is pulled. When red is seen the gun is not on safety.

When shooting the gun, wear a pair of goggles to fire. The ricochet or getting shot in the eye could cause severe damage or blindness. The pistol is not meant for anyone under the age of 16. It has the capability of poking out an eye. Be cautious about clearing the chamber by dry firing in a safe direction. It is not a toy. The safety of the gun disengages if the gun is racked too hard.


It is a $15 pistol, so expectations are low. Amazon sells it for $14. For $14, it is not bad regarding power. It can be found at a lower price. One tester $9.97 for the gun. Based on the price and functionality, the reviewer rated the gun as five out of five stars.

He shot 200 rounds through the pistol, and it jammed only twice. His comment was the Daisy Powerline 340 is the best cheap BB gun available. Though the Daisy Powerline 340 is low priced, it is quite accurate and reliable. It is a commendable pistol for the price.

Key Features

* .177 caliber BB pistol
* 8.5 inches in length
* 100-yard shooting distance
* 200 BB reservoir capacity
* Blade and ramp front
* Blade front sight and fixed rear sight
* Crossbolt trigger block safety
* Fixed open rear sights
* Maximum velocity is 240 fps
* Molded blocked stock, grip, and forearm give the pistol a realistic appearance
* Quick reload holds 13 shots in the speedloader clip
* Single action
* Weighs one pound

Bottom Line

The Daisy Powerline is a great airsoft weapon. It is not ideal, but nothing is. Flaws are inevitable with airsoft weapons. The Powerline 340 BB gun is likely the best BB pistol available for the price.

It is reliable, affordable, safe, and easy to use. Testers recommend it. Someone looking for the perfect starter gun may want to consider the Daisy Powerline 340. It is an excellent pistol for a first-time gun holder. It is fun to fire and is available at an affordable price.