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Savage 64F Review Facts

You would expect nothing less than a well designed long rifle that the design is decades old from the well-known Savage Arms Company. The Savage 64F is a treasure to have in your gun collection. It is easy to use, extremely reliable and accurate while remaining lightweight. The Savage 64F is a 22 caliber long rifle with a 10 round capacity semi-automatic that only weighs 5 pounds. This paired with the accuracy, reliability and price point make this a great small game, target or can be used as beginner’s rifle.

A great rifle to get out in the woods to small game hunt with a synthetic stock that is checkered on the handle and pistol grip and a narrow build helps this to be a comfortable grip not only for younger hunters but also women with smaller hands but not excluding larger hands for an ergonomic hold. The free-floating blued carbon steel barrel is 21 inches long giving the overall length of 40 inches has a dovetail scope rear sight with height adjustments and a front site with adjustment for drifting crafted as an accurate and reliable rifle.

Editor's Pros & Cons





Easy to use


Very limited aftermarket customization options

Magazine clip needs to be upgraded

Primary Use

The primary use of the Savage 64F is for small game hunting but definitely not the only purpose. The 22 LR can be used by an avid hunter to a beginner for multiple purposes. As a beginner rifle, the standard design is great to be used to teach gun fundamentals as well as safety techniques that can be applied to all guns. The reputation for accuracy help to make this rifle a choice for target shooting, tactical shooting, pest control and recreational shooting without the cost of expensive ammunition.

The reliability along with the accuracy make the Savage 64F a top choice for small game hunting. The 10 magazine semi-automatic is not a match for game on the move as there is hardly any kickback and being semi-auto there is very small movement between firing helping to keep you on target and able to move with your game as it moves.


The Savage Arms Co has a long history in the firearm industry starting with its first patent dating back in 1891 and continues to craft rifles with quality and durability in mind. The simple rifle design of the Savage 64F has a 21” blued carbon steel barrel with sights. The barrel is free floating which adds to its accuracy for the life of the gun, other styles can shift over time requiring adjustments to maintain accuracy over time. The steel receiver gives strength needed for scope rings if needed, most other brands are made of aluminum and are not as durable. The rifle has two (2) sling swivels that allow this to be mounted or used with a strap if desired.

The dovetailed rear sight paired with the front open sight work allows for accuracy without the need for a lot of adjustments like additional scopes may require. Some small game and beginner users of the rifle feel the front open site blends in with it being the same blued steel color as the barrel. A suggestion would be to paint the front open sight with a little white paint or a brighter color that will help make quick eye contact for alignment on your target. This inexpensive option might help to help with a quick reaction to a moving target or maybe a beginner using it for target practice.

Stock Options

The stock option on the 64F is made of synthetic materials with sporter style type with a black matte finish. Having a synthetic stock allows the gun to remain lightweight at the same time being durable and stable. Durability that does not require a lot of care and does not react to weather like a wood stock can. The Savage can be used in snow or rain and even without a lot of maintenance it did not show rust spots. The other primary benefit is the lightweight feature which is part what makes this gun so usable by a large age range. Other rifles with a laminated wood stock add considerable weight to a gun as well as require more maintenance to keep them looking in good condition.

The Savage 64F has an ergonomically built stock with checkering allowing for a comfortable and secure grip. The checkered texture on the fore-end along with the slimline build allows for a firm non-slip grip for better control and barrel support.


There is not a lot that you have to do with the rifle but if you wanted to add to it there are some options such as a scope. The design of the barrel in carbon steel makes it strong to secure a scope through the dovetail and open sight are accurate on their own. The two swiveling mounts allow you to secure a strap for carrying or attach to a bi-pod if desired. The current trigger acts as a two-stage trigger with the first stage there is a small take up and then a crisp click. The trigger can be upgraded to an advanced trigger taking it from a pull stock of 5.5 to 3.5.

If you are someone that likes to add a lot of aftermarket support to your firearms this gun is not the rifle to do that with. There are some items but really this rifle is a stand alone great rifle with tested accuracy for the price is hard to compare.

The primary accessory that is highly recommended is the a black magazine compared to the aluminum. The aluminum magazine when inserting tends to have a stick or scrape to it. Those that do use the aluminum solve the problem with applying oil regularly. It is an inexpensive purchase will allow for ease of insert, better wear on the rifle and a more reliable loading of ammunition. The reliability once switched to the black magazine went to 100% even with a high level of rounds up to 500 never getting a misfire.


With all the options available for ammunition testing what works best for you can be fun with this gun. The low velocity, subsonic and standard 22 bullets seem to get the best results with tightest groups when target shooting. Even at different distances the grouping was still considerably tight. You can get impressive results with using cheaper bulk ammunition which is nice when spending a day at the range.

A few more expensive types of ammunition where tested including tactical bullets all with very similar. The tactical bullets used did have a very accurate and a little tighter grouping at further distances but if you are looking for a fun day at the range the less expensive 22 caliber standard bullet will work just fine. An additional note is that if you stay with the aluminum magazine and use a higher grade ammunition it did not have hardly any misfires. If you do upgrade the magazine to the black style there was no misfires with any type of ammunition used.


Using the Savage 64F is common to most other rifles with a few additional features to be aware of. The 22 caliber semi-automatic holds a 10 round magazine and a charging handle that is designed for easy grabbing with a classic forward push lever. The magazine clip is where a larger difference is as it has a magazine lever release most other 22 calibers do not have. If you are someone that uses one hand to inserting your magazine, you would put the side of your index finger on the lever pushing it up and forward just slightly at the same time using the rest of your fingers to guide the magazine up until inserted and releasing the lever it will latch it into place. It will feel natural once you get the feel of it and use it a few times to figure out the best way for you to maneuver it.

Knowing the above will make loading and use of your rifle easier. The first step is to check that your rifles safety is on and the chamber is clear. The next step is to load your magazine with ammunition of your choice and insert the magazine into place (keeping in mind of the magazine release lever). Once the magazine is in place, push the charge lever forward. Be sure to check for your surrounding area and when it is safe and you are ready flip the safety lever. You can now get your grip, aim and shoot. It really is that simple.


The Savage 64F 22 caliber rifle is a safe gun to use by all levels of users. The gun has a standard safety lever that is on the right side of the receiver. This means you have to flip it prior to getting your grip, break your grip to reach under to flip with your thumb or use your index finger. Depending on your hand size may determine how you flip the lever. Some other guns have the safety on the left side of gun or on the top allowing you to see the safety lever without having to rotate the gun to the right side to see the safety lever like you do with this rifle.

The 64F is a safe gun to start a new user to teach basic gun safety such as safe carrying, this gun is lightweight so it gets a new user familiar and comfortable with the movement and feel of handling a gun. The easy forward charger helps to get the user accustomed to clearing and inspecting the chamber. There is not a lot of extras required on this so it is a great training tool for teaching gun fundamentals.

As with any firearm safety is always important not just with the safe handling of the gun such as carrying the gun with no ammunition loaded and with the safety on but also using safety equipment. Protective eye and ear wear should always be worn. The 64F model does have two swivel mounts to attach a shoulder strap which is advised when having to carry a gun through the woods and rough terrain, allowing your hands to be free for balance.


The affordable price of the Savage 64F with the strong history of the company that has created quality firearms for over a century is a treasure to be had. This can be a great starter gun to have in your gun cabinet and many users have kept this in their collection remembering it as their first gun and still take it out to use it. The low price point of the rifle is a third of the cost of some comparable rifles that with the same or better features and performance.

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Bottom Line

With all of the features the rifle offers it is an accurate, reliable, durable gun that at an affordable price is just fun to have and use. Highly recommended and used by a variety of skilled small game hunters to advanced target shooters speaks for itself. The fact that you can use for the first time with ease to using it for years without hardly any care, maintenance or adjustments needed allows the Savage 64F to stay on the top of the market.

The standard features of the 21” steel barrel and synthetic stock for a total gun weight of 5 pounds allow those with a smaller frame to use the rifle easily at the same time someone with a taller frame gets a firm grip that is comfortable. All skill levels from the first time users of firearms to the true marksman can attest this rifle is a true value without the high price tag you would expect.

You will not be disappointed to have this in you your gun collection for whatever you prefer to use it for it will be a dependable choice that will last you through years of use without a lot of care needed.